Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Father to Me

Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Father to Me Wishes

Having someone to look up to as a father is one of the most beautiful privileges life can offer. It happens that some persons are lucky to have even more than one person they can call a father, while some are blessed to have a fatherly replacement when they lose their biological father. Whichever category one falls into, It’s a blessing.

When you are blessed with such a father figure in your life, the least you would want to do is seize every opportunity to make him know how much he is respected, honoured, loved by you, and how special he is to you. And one of the greatest opportunities that should be taken to honour him is his birthday.

A man who comes into your life and takes it upon himself to be responsible for you and wants to see you become your best deserves to be celebrated greatly on his birthday. That man who is just like a father to you deserves countless celebrations given to fathers on their birthdays. A good way to get it all started for him is to begin the day with birthday prayers, wishes and blessings for him.

You don’t need to think twice on how to bless his birthday, just go through these happy birthday to someone like a father to me wishes and give him those wishes and prayers he deserves.
Get it started now!

Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Someone Like a Father to Me

Bless the new age of that man who is like a dad to you with these happy birthday prayer messages for someone like a father to me. They are effective birthday prayers and blessings to usher him into a beautiful new year.

1. May this year and even the years to come be filled with joy unspeakable and peace immeasurable. I also pray that your health is made perfect because I can’t wait to take you on those fun trips with me. Happy birthday to the most amazing father figure ever!

2. For all of your support and care, for believing in me when others including myself gave up on me; I have always prayed that God opens the windows of health, wealth and long life to you and on your birthday today, this prayer is no different. Happy birthday, sir.

3. With you, I experienced fatherly love. You made my safety paramount and you informed everyone around me to do the same. I pray for more years to spend with you. I desire to have you with him till eternity. Happy birthday, dad!

4. May God bless you. May He shine His face upon you. May His steadfast love never depart from you. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday, sir.

5. Knowing you was a very special blessing. A very rare blessing. For this, I am eternally grateful to God and on this day of your celebration, I am asking that He gives you a special and long-lasting blessing just as He gave me. Happy birthday, Daddy!

6. Thank you for being the superman in my life. You always made me feel special with your love and care. Happy birthday to you!

7. I want you to know that I have always considered you as a Father. I will go the extra miles for you. You have been an inspiration to me and my prayers are that our Heavenly Father gifts you with blessings that money can buy and that which money can’t buy and that you continually be a source of joy and inspiration to all.

8. I am truly lucky to have a loving, caring and patient father. May the Almighty shower you with love, care and blessings in multi-dimensions. May you never experience a better yesterday. Happy birthday!

9. Happy birthday to world best Father! You have been a friend, a confidant and a provider. Despite all I did in ignorance to hurt you and get you off my back, you showed me that a father’s love doesn’t have to be biological. You’re blessed by God in all that matters.

10. Happy birthday, dad! I am proud to be associated with you. Thanks for taking me as yours. I pray that the Angels deliver the gifts I have been praying for to you today. You deserve the absolute best for you.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Someone Like a Father to Me

Do you have a father figure in your life that deserves the best on his birthday? Sending him a gift accompanied by these happy birthday wishes and quotes for someone like a father to me is a great way to show how much you cherish and honour him.

11. God is known as the Father of the fatherless. Since the day I was born; I have never experienced what it means to be fatherless talk less of having to cry unto God. However, today I am crying unto God praying that He beautifies your life with splendour and royalty. I pray that He never leaves you alone just as you never left me alone. Happy birthday, Daddy!

12. I see all the sacrifices you make for me, I see how you pray for me. I see how you love me and I can’t wait to pay you back. Or can I ever pay you back? I think not. Let me just knock the doors of heaven so that they can pay you back. You didn’t have to but you chose to. I love you.

13. You showed up as a mentor with unconditional love and even when I reacted rudely a number of times, you were still there. The number of mistakes I have made in life is proportional to the number of times I refused to listen to you. I celebrate you, sir. I celebrate you, Father.

14. After my dad’s death, I thought I didn’t need another dad. How childish of me. You were God’s healing for my pain sir. My dad must be proud of the man I became through your influence. I wish you a long life and prosperity sir.

15. Every day I am grateful for having you in my life but today I am grateful to God for sending you into the world and sparing your life so that someone like me can find purpose. Happy birthday, dad!

16. You are not just my Father in the Lord, you’re the father I never had. Thank you for nurturing me spiritually and physically. I pray that the heavens pour out its dew and your seeds begin to spring forth in Jesus name. Amen. I’m proud to be your son. Happy birthday.

17. Prior to being a part of your life, I had given up on men. Every older man I met couldn’t see the opportunity to be a father to me; they had other ideas. Ever since I met you as an intern, you have taken it upon yourself to see me succeed and even when I feel unmotivated, the desire not to disappoint you motivates me. I am thankful to God for sending you into this world for people like me. Happy birthday, sir.

18. With you, I have experienced life, love, and laughter. This couldn’t have been possible since my father left but you made it possible. Happy birthday to the most lovable dad ever!

19. Without you, I would have been in jail or worst still, homeless as a junkie. You are my world! Thank you, dad! Happy birthday!

20. All my life I have longed for a father, you were the answer to that longing. You are my true hero! Happy birthday!

21. Each Christmas as friends with dads got gifts, I was never left out. You were my secret father Christmas and you were devoted to my joy even after Christmas. Thank you for giving fatherhood a whole different definition. Happy birthday dear father!

22. Happy birthday to the World most caring and supportive father! I want you to reemphasize my love for you. I can’t love you less. Thank you for showing me what love looks like.

23. Happiest birthday to you my pastor, my mentor and my father. You are an example of Christ love for us. How you manage to juggle all spiritual activities with family activities and are still available for your spiritual children makes me marvel. Your love for God is contagious because you’re a role model!

24. Happy birthday, dad! I hope to be as exemplary and impactful in the lives of others as you have been in mine. Thank you for rescuing me. You’re the best. I pray for love and peace into all you do.

25. Dear daddy, it is your birthday today and I have a confession to make. I was the one who took the last meat meant for you that day 13years back. I did it to punish you for making my mummy fall in love with you but I soon realised it was a stupid stupid thing to do. I promised to confess this when I can afford to buy you a cow. You might want to check outside. Happy birthday, dad!

26. As I thought about the best words to choose that will convey my joy on this birthday of yours, I decided that I love you summarises all. Happy birthday Papa! Thanks for being my Papa.

27. I wish I could alter my DNA so I could have a part of you in me. I am grateful for the part of you that you gave to me– kindness, honesty and integrity. I promise to pass it on to my kids. Happy Birthday, Dad!

28. You prayed for me when I don’t know what else to pray. You encouraged our faith in the trying times. You remembered all our hospital appointments and called to follow them up. I couldn’t have asked for a better Father in the Lord. Happy birthday to you!

29. You don’t look older than when I first met you. You are one fine old wine with lots of goodness in you. Happy birthday sir!

30. I don’t know how I would have turned out if you didn’t step into a dad’s shoe for me. I pray that your end shall be greater than your beginning. Amen. Happy birthday!

31. To the man who first told me that I’m funny and motivated me to go into entertainment when everyone else thought it was a bad idea. I’m glad I found you. You’ve made me a fulfilled young man. I owe you an awesome birthday party.

32. Happy birthday, sir, It is a double celebration today. I celebrate your birthday as well as your first grey hair. I sighted it yesterday and since you have been wanting to have one, I got two bottles of wine for the celebration.

33. Hearty cheers to my sage. Your wisdom has helped me navigate murky waters. Congratulations to you and the family!

34. I hope that you will finally give me the chance to baby you and worry about you? You deserve all the attention in the world. May your light never go dim. Happy birthday, Daddy!

35. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. You have stood in the place of a father for me. You have been my trailblazer. You took me as one of your children. can I repay you? I can’t wait to give you a royal treat as a birthday gift soon. You are worth more. Happy birthday.

36. The way people exclaim when they know that I know you increases my respect for your good name. I am glad to be a part of your good works. I celebrate the man you are and the father you have become to me. Happy birthday sir!

37. May He who has begun a good work in you complete it until perfection. In this few years, you have touched enormous lives including mine. Happy birthday sir!

38. As you hit a milestone today, may the Good Lord help you hit several milestones in health and in wealth. Happy birthday sir.

39. Happy birthday to you sir! Without you coming into my life at the time you did, I would be six feet beneath.

40. I really want to see the past years through your stories. You are living an eventful life and I am so envious. Will you take us back in time after the party? Happy birthday PJ!

41. Your story is inscribed in your wrinkles. They are stories of wisdom that I can never lose interest in. Happy birthday sir. You are worth so much. Thank you for being there for me.

42. You are the kind, wise and phenomenal dad in the whole world. You have answers to all our questions. Thank you, Dad, (I can’t call you anything less) for being so caring and available. Happy birthday!

43. I trust you are having a great time with your grandchildren? May the rest of your days be filled with more of children’s paper crafts and less of paper works! Happy 50th birthday to a handsome man with a beautiful heart!

44. You occupy a special place in my heart. The love and care of a father that you showed me made my life beautiful and kept me out of error. Happy 60th birthday!

45. Due to God’s love for me, he blessed you with sound health and eagle’s strength. Even at this age, you are healthy and in charge. He knows I want you around for a long time. Happy 70th birthday sir!

46. May Jesus Christ who you pray to every day make your life blessed beyond your imagination. Wishing you a cheerful 70th birthday sir!

47. God blessed me with your presence in life. He brought you my way when I had given up on finding acceptance. May this God who I knew through you, bring peace to you and make you colourful. Happy birthday!

48. As you’ve dedicated your entire life to raising me as a God-knowing and fearing person, may your life be comfortable and merry by the grace of God. Amen. Happy birthday!

49. Today we raise our wine glasses in honour of a man who has been a father to us.
My siblings and I celebrate the birthday of a great man given to us by God to be a father figure. Today, we don’t identify as fatherless because of him.
Happy birthday, Daddy!

50. I wish I was there with you. I still remember the days we used to spend together. I am raising a toast to old and new memories.
Happy birthday, Big Daddy!

51. Today, I hope you enjoy each and every moment of your life!
You’re receptive, cool and patient. You are special in every way. Happy birthday!

52. I cherish every time and moment that we spend together, thanks for being just as a Father, you are so amazing! Happy birthday!

53. Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life! May your greatest wish today shine in reality and cause great joy for you.

54. May all of your goals and dreams come to pass and may the sun never cease shining on you.
May the lucky stars never disappear from your sky.
Happy birthday to my amazing Godfather!

55. My prayers are that God gives you many more years to spend with me because I need to learn more from you in other to highly spiritual like you. Happy birthday!

56. You have served God. You have served men with sincerity of heart. May the highest reward in heaven be yours. Happy birthday sir!

57. Your devotion to serve God and fulfil purpose are the qualities I strive to possess. You are a great mentor and I wish you the most wonderful birthday!

58. My life was extremely favoured when the Almighty chose you to be my Father in the Gospel. May God bless you and enable you to enjoy a good and healthy life. Happy birthday, Pastor!

59. I am going to spend today praying to God for you, specifically for better health and long life! Happy birthday, sir. Thanks for being my hero. I love you so much.

60. Your unconditional love has helped me to more confident and assured. Thank you for correcting me in love. Happy Birthday, Father!

61. I am favoured and rightly so to find a father that loves me with all of his heart. I don’t deny this favour. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

62. I made it through the bad times because of your amazing love and support. I wish you a very happy birthday sir!

63. You’ve given me so many valuable lessons in life. You’ve been there for me through the good and bad. May your today bring you plenty of wonderful surprises and that’s a subtle hint.

64. You’re one of a kind–uncommon, rare and unique. I remain eternally grateful to you sir for all your goodwill towards me. Happy birthday!

65. Your wisdom is what I likened to Solomon’s. Thank you for never hesitating in sharing them with me when I needed them the most. I wish you a sage day and a wonderful year ahead!

66. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man I have ever met. You are the best boss to work with. I see you as a Father. You’re lifted this year!

67. You are my teacher, my mentor, my pastor and my guardian. Through your care and guidance, I learnt to love life and truly believe in myself.
Happy birthday, Daddy!

68. You’ve always been amazing– an amazing friend, amazing mentor–now an amazing father figure. I hope you have an amazing birthday. Happy birthday!

69. To the man who is not just my godfather, but also one of my best friends! I wish you a very happy birthday.

70. You took on the role of being my Father without any prompting as well as the responsibility that comes with it and for once did you fail in your support. I owe you my all. Happy birthday, Daddy!

71. The most caring and genuine godfather ever. I am forever grateful for all of your efforts and the sacrifices you’ve made for me. Happy birthday to the man with a gold heart!

72. Being a man of few words, it makes sense to describe what a wonderful person you are in precise words. Happy birthday to the frankest, most approachable and loving man ever!

73. You are more than just my godfather. You are a father to me and always will be! Happy birthday to you!

74. You always succeed in making me smile and laugh. You’re a great man who knows how to make me laugh and make me happy! Happy birthday to the man that loves me like his own.

75. Your sense of humour is unrivalled. You are one of its kind godfather and an incredible friend. Thank you for all you do. May laughter never cease in your life. Amen.

76. Just as you have showered me with goodness so will the Lord multiply goodness in your life. Your desires are coming to a reality. Happy birthday sir

77. Many happy returns of the day sir. I wish you long life and prosperity. Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray! Today, I am wishing
you a fantastic birthday celebration.

78. I prayed for a strong and godly male presence in my life. God answered and brought me a Father. You were an answer to a teenager’s prayer. I celebrate you now and always. Happy birthday.

79. You’re the incredible role model, I have always known since I got older. You have been a part of my growth and I am always grateful to you for that. Happy birthday.

80. I’m wishing you a marvellous birthday full of God’s presence and Glory. It is a power-packed birthday. Happy birthday.

81. Happy birthday to an incredible man whose place in my life’s journey can’t be ignored. I am a product of your vision. Greater you, I pray.

82. After God, it is you in my life. I hold you in a special place in my heart. I pray that JAH rains down his blessings over you. Happy birthday!

83. With you by my side, nothing shakes me. I am blessed to have you as my godfather. You’re a rarity. Happy birthday!

84. I bet you have been told repeatedly by your wife that you’re charming. Well, you are one more thing too; you’re Sweet. I can’t but wish you, sweetness, this birthday. Happy birthday.

85. Happy birthday to the man who the Angels sent from heaven to protect and care for me! You’ve done an amazing job.

86. Being the prominent male figure to me while growing up, I had a great childhood. Now, it’s time for me to make ageing as memorable as possible for you. You deserve it, dad. Happy birthday! Make a wish.

87. With the countless invaluable lessons, you offer me, I have navigated life successfully and if there were any other surprises ahead, I’d just borrow more lessons. Happy birthday sir!

88. I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me! Happy birthday to my Angel of help!

89. A godfather cares for his godchild and desires to see them happy. In my case, I think I got an extra topping in my godfather package–I got a father! Happy birthday to my role model!

90. May this Birthday be your best yet! Amen. Happy birthday sir. I celebrate you.

91. You, sir, have helped my memories take a pleasant trend in the last 3 years. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for the opportunities. Cheers to another landmark year!

92. I wish I could gift you nature as a birthday gift this year but since I couldn’t, I promise to make it as happy can mean. Happy birthday!

93. Your birthdays should come more often. Good people like you should have their birthdays celebrated every month.
I celebrate you, sir.

94. Your presence in my life has brought so much light in my life. I think clearly, talk calmly because of your influence. Thanks, man! Happy birthday.

95. You’re the healthy dose of positivity the world needs to heal. Well, you healed me–an unrepentant pessimist. I am grateful for the love. Cheers to a new year!

96. One good decision my parents made was picking you to be my godfather. Despite their other not-so-good decisions, this one trumps it all. I got more than anyone could hope for in a father in you. Happy birthday, mon frere!

97. Have I ever told you that you are the best? Naw, this isn’t a birthday surprise announcement. You’re actually the best. Happy birthday!

98. May God put His hands of warmth around you and shower you with blessings beyond your comprehension. Happy birthday sir.

99. I looked up to you each time I needed some form of reassurance and each of those times, you never failed me. I am super proud of you! Happy birthday, Daddy!

100. I pray that for each time you came to my rescue in life, God should send help in 10 measures to you and members of your household. Amen.

Hope you have copied several birthday wishes you will like to send to someone you love, someone you respect and/or someone who is like a father to you.

With this collection of happy birthday to someone like a father to me wishes, a message schedule with four hours intervals can be set in other to have a total of six birthday messages sent to someone like a father to you in 24hours. I bet he would like that.

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