Creative Birthday Wishes on Whatsapp

2023 Best Creative Birthday Wishes on Whatsapp

It is a beautiful thing to celebrate your birthday or someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. Be it your friend, loved one or family, you want to show that you care and that their thoughts are on your mind even on their big day.

Regardless of how detached people may seem, reading people’s good wishes for them, merely seeing their names or pictures on people’s statuses could create a sense of fulfilment and warmth. This is because it tells them they’ve affected people’s life regardless of how little, and could even spur them to think of more ways to affect lives positively. It also shows that there are people that care about them.

If this happens with people you aren’t so close to, think of how much more the right birthday wishes would mean to your friend, lover and even a member of your family. In essence, your efforts in searching for good birthday captions for WhatsApp show that you care, and it’s one of the ways to leave a lasting impression in the minds of people.

So, I have compiled for you here, the best of all creative birthday wishes on WhatsApp you can use for your birthday or that of your loved ones.

Cute WhatsApp Happy Birthday Wishes for Him or Her

These are cute WhatsApp happy birthday wishes for him or her you can use to celebrate your lover, friends, and family on their birthday. They are birthday messages, prayers, quotes and blessings you can send and also post on WhatsApp.

1. If there’s anyone that deserves a fresh start, considering the battles of the past year, it is you. I’m glad that life affords us opportunities to start afresh. And I’m so hopeful that you’ll have an amazing year. Happy birthday.

2. You deserve all the happiness you feel today, and on every other day. There’s no one more deserving than you. And I can already feel that it will be a beautiful year for you. Happy birthday.

3. May this new year bring you contentment, joy and love in overdose. I’m never going to stop rooting for you. It’s the promise I’m making you. Happy birthday.

4. You’re a constant source of strength and inspiration, with the way you break norms and get things done. Just wait and see, this year will be everything you wished it would be and more. Happy birthday.

5. I have a lot of wishes for you today. But at the top of my list is that you never lose your spark. You’re one of the most beautiful persons I know, and I wish that life be kind to you always. Happy birthday, beautiful.

6. You’ve grown by leaps and bounds in the years I’ve known you. You’ve grown so much, that I’m super proud of you. I’m optimistic that things will definitely be better in your new year. Happy birthday, love.

7. I’m not going to pay heed to the challenges you’ve had to face. If I know you well, I know that you’ll use all of those as building blocks to reach your goals. And I’ll be here cheering for you. Happy birthday, love.

8. If there’s anything I never want you to forget, it is that you are special, strong and beautiful inside out. You carry so much vitality and joy, and I’m so thankful to have known you! Here’s me wishing you an amazing year. Happy birthday.

9. You smash goals on a regular and still find time to slay and live life to the fullest. What else can I wish you? Keep smashing, keep slaying and keep living. Happy birthday.

10. I’ve seen people do life with a lot of reasons. But I’ve never met anyone who lives with as much passion and grit as you. Here’s to a new year of growing, living and enjoying life like never before. Happy birthday!

11. That I got to be friends with you is something I don’t take for granted. I will never take the gift of you for granted. And I definitely owe you a treat whenever you’re in town. Happy birthday.

12. May this new year see you in good and perfect health. You’ve touched more lives than I can count, myself inclusive. Thank you for all you continue to do for us. Happy birthday.

13. My thoughts have been filled with how I never want to lose you and our friendship. How you’ve been a big blessing to me. May this year bring you countless joy, happiness and opportunities. Happy birthday.

14. I was waiting to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. When I was least expecting, sleep came knocking. But it’s not too late to say that I’m so proud of your journey, and of how far you’ve come. Happy birthday. I love you.

15. It’s a decade down, it’s decades more to go. You’re definitely ageing like fine wine and getting better with time. Happy birthday.

16. We never talk about how first impressions can be misleading. If I’d allowed thoughts of staying away after the first meeting, I wouldn’t have gotten to know the beautiful person that you are. Happy birthday, gorgeous.

17. This year will be so worth it. You’ll find opportunities and relationships that are beautiful all the way. What are we still saying? This new year is a beautiful one already. Happy birthday.

18. As cliché as these wishes would sound, they’re still what I’d like for you. Long life, prosperity and good health. Happy birthday, sir.

19. I just want to remind you how valid your dreams are. All of them, down to the minutest. Happy birthday, dear. Have a good one!

20. May God cause His face to shine on you always. May your path be filled with light always. May your life always be filled with joy and laughter. Happy birthday.

Whatsapp Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Indeed, WhatsApp doesn’t allow for long texts as you’d find on apps like Facebook and Instagram. But it is also true that you can make the most out of the text limit when wishing your best friend a happy birthday.

Your best friend is a gift to you and makes going through the motions of life as peaceful, easy and enjoyable as possible. And birthdays are occasions to celebrate and shower him/her with praises and blessings.

While these WhatsApp birthday wishes for best friend will help you convey your feelings of happiness and love to your friend, they will also help you show your world just how thankful you are to be friends with an amazing person.

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21. It’s funny how we haven’t known each other for too long, but we’re so in sync. I got so blessed with you, best friend. I really did. Happy birthday, love.

22. People have been wondering why I’m this excited when it’s not my birthday. They don’t know that this celebration of a new year and beginning is for both of us. I’m coming with my plenty of presents, don’t worry. Happy birthday, boo.

23. My one and true friend in the entire world. I wish you nothing but pure bliss, true happiness and never-ending love. Happy birthday, fine girl. I love you.

24. When they count good friends, I count you a thousand times. This is no surprise because you’ve been nothing short of amazing! I wish you everything beautiful in this life. Happy birthday, my friend.

25. You’re so peaceful and loving, kind and ever willing to help. Your shoulders have been constant rocks to lean on. Really, I could go on and on about how good and true you’ve been. Happy birthday, love. I’m so loving you forever!

26. Your always putting others before you have taught me selflessness. Your always believing in people has taught me about forgiveness and second chances. I so refuse to do this life without you, best friend. So I’m wishing you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday.

27. You’re wrong to think that your moments of shortcomings and mistakes will make me love you less. And you’re so wrong to think I wouldn’t send you gifts and hype you as you deserve. You’re always going to be my best friend and sister. Happy birthday, darling.

28. While I want you to keep growing and improving, I’m still very tempted to tell you to not change. You’re everything beautiful and kind and pure. I’m so proud to be your best friend. Happy birthday, love.

29. On your birthdays, I always make sure to renew my promises to you. Promises to always have your back, to defend you in public and correct you in private, to give you my shoulders and ears when you need them. Happy birthday, sweetie. There’s no doubt at all that I love you.

30. Those of us are in your life are not blind to recognize how lucky we are to have you in ours. I’m so grateful at the spaces in my life that you’ve helped fill. I so want to be your best friend in all the worlds. Happy birthday!

31. Thank you for all of the sunshine and colours you bring to my world. You’re truly a breath of relief and happiness. Happy birthday, darling.

32. I’m so certain that God is not done with you at all, not by a long shot. You’re a good person through and through, and I’m so not surprised at the good things coming to you. Happy birthday, dear.

33. If there’s anybody that has my absolute trust and loyalty, it is definitely you. My best friend, gist buddy, gossip mate and confidante. I love you today and always. Happy birthday.

34. Remember the vacations we haven’t taken together, the ones we’ve planned? Honey, we haven’t scratched the surface of our friendship at all. And I pray that this year brings you closer to your dreams. Happy birthday, sugar.

35. I love how you love without holding back. How you give your all and believe the best of people. You’re beginning to rub off on me, and I think it’s cute. (Rolls eyes). Happy birthday, beautiful.

36. You talk about your dreams with so much fire and passion. This year, I’ll be on your neck to ensure that you pursue these dreams. The world sure needs your ideas! Happy birthday, best friend.

37. I’m proud at how far you’ve come in life, at the beautiful things you’ve achieved. I’m also proud of the days it seemed life beat you. You’ve turned out so beautiful, and I know this year will be a better one for you. Happy birthday.

38. You’ve seen me on my worst days, cried with me whenever my heart broke, and loved me through everything. And you’ve never left. I’ll always do right by you, girlfriend. Always. Happy birthday.

39. This year is your best year yet, sweetheart. Happiness, blessings and love will come to you in plenty folds. Happy birthday.

40. You’ve put in a lot of hard work in the past year. This year, may God crown all of your efforts with resounding success. Happy birthday, dear. I love you.

Whatsapp Birthday Wishes for Lover

Talking about your loved one on social media will always leave feelings of warmth and happiness. And posting on social media is one of the /ways to spice your relationship/ up and to celebrate what you share.

Now, imagine the level of intimacy, the stamp of legitimacy and assurance you’ll be giving to your partner when you use any of these WhatsApp birthday wishes for lover in celebrating his/her special day.

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41. There’s no question of whether you have my heart completely or not. All that I am, all that I have- body, soul and mind are yours forever and completely.

42. It’s been years, but you still got me hot for you. We’ve seen each other at our worst, but I still see only you in a room full of people. I love you so much, my forever. Happy birthday.

43. In a short time, you’ve propelled me to great heights, pushed me out of my comfort zone and ensured that I set my world on fire. You’re indeed my hot stuff, my lover and everything beautiful. Happy birthday.

44. May love and happiness, beauty and light surround you always. Happy birthday, my lover. You’re still the best thing that’s happened to me.

45. It’s not hard expressing my love for you; it has to be the easiest thing ever. You make my life complete and replete with happiness. How hard can it be hard to love you? Happy birthday, dear.

46. For as long as I can breath ensure that the spark in your eyes never dies. I’ll ensure that your dreams and aspirations come to fulfilment. Happy birthday, love of my life.

47. When all this is over, we’re definitely going on a vacation. Just you and me, wrapped in each other’s love and arms. Happy birthday, darling.

48. I could scream my love for you to the world and it still wouldn’t be enough. You’re the reason I’m walking on clouds, the reason my shoulders are raised in pride. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

49. You think I’m spoiling you silly? We haven’t started, baby. We haven’t scratched the surface of our love at all, and I’m just getting started in loving you as you deserve. Happy birthday, beautiful.

50. You’re safe with me. Your dreams are also safe with me. And as long as I live, I’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure there’s never a reason to doubt me. Happy birthday, baby. I love you so much.

51. We may not have much, but we’ve had a good life. One filled with love, laughter and contentment. I’m still going to give you the world. That is one promise I’m not going back on. Happy birthday, babe.

52. A lifetime of love and happiness is what you have given me in the short time I’ve known you. And for as long as I live, I’ll spend my time giving you happiness and love. Happy birthday, caramel.

53. I’m so into you that I cannot envisage an existence without you. My world would so not be complete or the same without you. Happy birthday, baby.

54. The thought of sharing the rest of our lives together, wrapped in each other’s arms and finding pleasure in ourselves, is enough to leave me giddy with joy. Happy birthday, babe. I love you so much.

55. Everything good will come for you all the days of your life. You’ll see all your dreams come to pass, and wealth multiplied in your hands. Happy birthday, love of my life.

56. If anyone asks what is at the top of my list, it would be to see you grow into the successful woman I can see you becoming. Heartbeat, I spend hours thinking of how to make your dreams come through. I just want you to always remember that I’m committed to you and our relationship. Happy birthday, love.

57. Your arms have to be my favourite place to chill and forget about the worries of the world. When I want to lose myself, your lips are my go-to place. You’re a comfort, peace and warmth, baby. And I ain’t trading you for anyone or anything else. Happy birthday.

58. I so can’t wait to shower you with hugs and kisses when we see. I’m so glad at the growth of last year, and can’t wait to see how you’ll evolve this year. Happy birthday, babe.

59. Everything else can go, but you’re one person I don’t want to see out of my life. You give me a sense of direction and purpose, and absolutely nothing can take your place. Happy birthday, sweetie.

60. Get ready for multiple messages from me today. I’m so not relenting in ensuring that you smile, laugh out loud, and you know, even — a lot today. Happy birthday, sugar lips.

Whatsapp Birthday Wishes for Family

Family uphold you when your strength cannot carry you. When you’re feeling inadequate and insecure, family would give you that succour and understanding you need.

Whatever opportunity you get, you shouldn’t hesitate to celebrate them. You may have sent text messages to say ‘happy birthday.’ But you can also celebrate them on WhatsApp using these Whatsapp birthday wishes for family.

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61. When people think of mothers, they mostly think of people that are extremely sacrificial. Although I’ve seen this to be true, you’ve also shown me how to slay and meet goals. You’ve shown me how to balance both sides of life. And for these and many more, you’ll always be my role model. Happy birthday, mum.

62. I remember when we lost our parents. You weren’t so grown up but you took on the reins of running our household, and what a wonderful job you’ve done! I could never have asked for a more loving brother. Happy birthday.

63. I’ve definitely got the coolest and most amazing dad in the entire world. Thank you for the many lessons, for always spoiling me and going out of your way to ensure my happiness. I definitely owe you my life. Happy birthday, dad.

64. You spoil us and caution us in one breath. You take on our battles on like they’re yours. And you’re always shielding us from harm. I dare say you’re the coolest uncle in the entire world. Happy birthday, uncle. I wish you long life and sweetness.

65. You’re my son. Even though I didn’t give birth to you, I love you like my own. Thank you for being such an amazing man, for being the blessing that superseded our prayers. Happy birthday, son.

66. Marriage is definitely a beautiful thing; it has brought me the sons and daughter I never had. From the very first day you came into the family, you’ve been a beautiful addition. Years down the line, you still are. I pray for more blessings, love and laughter in your life. Happy birthday, daughter.

67. Sixty looks good on you, mother. Even though you’ve grown by leaps and bound, you’ve remained an amazing mother, a beautiful woman, and my greatest treasure. Happy 60th birthday, ma.

68. Even though you’re a pain the neck, I still don’t want another sister. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I’m glad that I’ll always be your brother, your family. Happy birthday, beautiful.

69. I’m not surprised whenever people think us siblings. It makes me happy. We started as acquaintances, to friends and now we’re family. You’re my brother for life! Cheers to a new year.

70. Try as much as I can, I could never ask for a more loving and beautiful daughter. You fill our lives with laughter and happiness, and there’s never a dull moment with you. May God continue to bless you, and surround you with his favour and protection. Happy birthday, sweetie.

71. Whenever you tell me that I’ll always be your little girl, I’m taken back to our many trips together. When you call to check in on me, I remember staying up to talk, remember crying on your shoulder, remember you giving me comfort all through. I’m always thankful for you, dad. Always. And you’re the love of my life. Happy birthday, daddy.

72. You, my son, are answered prayers. From the day I birthed you and held you in my arms, you’ve been nothing short of a blessing. May you continue to grow in wisdom. May you celebrate many years in happiness and laughter. Happy birthday, honey.

73. You’re the best mother we could have ever asked for. As much as a lot of people have used this line, it doesn’t change how true it is. Do we talk about the many sacrifices, the training to see us as better individuals? Mum, I could go and on and on. But I just want you to know that we love you and that we’ll continue to make you proud. Happy birthday, mum.

74. I’m glad to be your wife, to be doing this life and marriage journey with you. I’m glad at the man you’re becoming, and the family we’re building together. May this year be your best yet. Happy birthday, love.

75. You’re always stepping in to help, putting our needs before yours, loving us like we are your own children. Scratch that. We are your children, simple. You’ve been there for us, through thick and thin. And my prayer is that you will live long, in good health, peace and prosperity. Happy birthday, aunt.

76. Who is the finest and strongest at 40? It is my uncle! Happy birthday, sir. You’re God’s gift to me, and I cherish you. Just wait, we’re coming to spoil you silly. Lord knows you deserve it. Happy birthday, sir.

77. You can call me greedy for wanting you to live forever. But I do know that I’m not ungrateful for the life you’ve led. It’s been 60 years o growth and experience, and I know there are still many years to go. Happy 60th birthday, aunt. I love you.

78. You’re strength personified, daddy. You’re ever willing to help; always smiling even though you have your own problems. I’ve learnt a lifetime of lessons from you, and I’m so thankful that I’m your daughter. Happy birthday, dad. I love you, sir.

79. You never cease to remind us that everything good will come. It took years, but I have seen the truth in your words. Mother, you’re the greatest gift life gave me, and my world would be so incomplete without you. I love you so much. Happy birthday, mum.

80. I totally refuse to do this life or the next ones without you as my brother. You’ve been strength, peace and a safe haven. Thank you for being my happy place, my safe place. I love you. Happy birthday, brother.

Short Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp Status

There’s something about short messages, especially short birthday wishes for WhatsApp status. You don’t want to sound like you don’t care enough about the person, or like the person hasn’t really impacted your life. You want it short, sincere, warm and straight to the point. These short birthday wishes for WhatsApp status below will get the job done.

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81. May you never be stranded or caught in a helpless situation. May light continuously shine on your path. Happy birthday.

82. You are always lifting people up with your words and action. May this year be a really beautiful one for you. Happy birthday.

83. My worry lines are inexistent whenever I’m with you. Thank you for the relief and laughter you bring always. Happy birthday.

84. May you experience joy in extents you’ve never had it in before. May goodness be your lot always. Happy birthday.

85. I could be having a bad, but hearing from you always leaves me feeling good. Thank you for all you do for me. Happy birthday.

86. With you, there are no greys. Your honesty has really helped me grow so much. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday.

87. You are always setting and smashing goals. Here’s to a new year of doing those more and better. Happy birthday.

88. I’ve never met anyone with a heart so big and loving. Always forgiving and loving. You really inspire. Happy birthday.

89. I’m not surprised at the peace I feel whenever I’m with you. Your presence is calm and soothing. Happy birthday.

90. I can’t count the many ideas I’ve brought to you. You don’t shut me up, and you are always giving perspective. Happy birthday.

91. This is just in case you haven’t picked up how special you are. YOU’RE SPECIAL. Happy birthday.

92. I’ve never met a person as unique and loving as you, that much I know. Happy birthday.

93. You’re so many things in one. You’re kind, honest, loving and so handsome. You’re a full package! Happy birthday, dear.

94. May your new year be filled with an excess dose of sunshine. Just as you bring loads of sunshine to us all. Happy birthday.

95. It’s been a journey getting to know you as a friend. Here’s to many years enjoying life to the fullest. Happy birthday.

96. For the noisy days and silent days, I want to say thank you. You’re a friend indeed. Happy birthday.

97. Even the weather is fully cooperating. I do know it’s going to be a goooood year! Happy birthday.

98. You’ll always be very special to me. And I’ll always have your back. Happy birthday, beautiful.

99. I already see 29 ending on a good note. Can we celebrate 30 already? Happy birthday.

100. You bring perspective to life and plans. Thank you for being such an amazing person. Happy birthday.

I hope you found these birthday wishes for WhatsApp useful. And that you enjoyed reading them as much as I loved writing them with you in mind.

Leave me a message below, I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to also share. You can also tell me what post you’d like to read next.

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