Awesome Christian Birthday Wishes for Son from Parents

2023 Awesome Christian Birthday Wishes for Son from Parents

Do you want birthday wishes for your son? And you have been thinking and racking your brain.

We all know how delicate and adorable our son is. Sending birthday wishes to them made a great delight of them, and gives them the assurance of parent’s love.

Here are a lot of Christian birthday wishes, compose with prayers, you couldn’t afford to send it.

Christian Birthday Quotes and Messages for Son

Best collection of  awesome Christian Birthday Wishes for Son, Christian Birthday Messages for Son and Christian Birthday Quotes for Son from Parents.

1. Hurrah! It is my boy birthday, let the balloons and the streamers keep rolling and moving. Happy birthday my lovely son!

2. You are special to me jewel, I pray as you celebrate your day may you increase in wisdom and favour. Ecstatic birthday dear.

3. I’m lucky to have you as my son, and I wish you all the good things you ever desire in your life. Have a great and enthusiastic birthday. Great you in Jesus name.

4. May God cause his face to continually shine on you as you mark and celebrate your day son. May sure you enjoy your day and don’t forget mom loves you.

5. You are welcome to another year, know that you are no more a small boy. May sure you always make mom happy. Joyous birthday to you dear.

6. As God made David to be king among his kindred, God shall make you great and rule in your own generation. Happy birthday my beautiful son!

7. Today is an awesome day for my lovely son, I wish you, great dear, in all your endeavours. Blissful birthday!

8. A wonderful birthday to my one and only great son! Greater height you will go in Jesus name.

9. It comes once in a year, make it a great day dear, wish you all the good things the world has in stock. Happy birthday, dear.

10. Do you mom loves and care for you? that is why she is the first person wishing you today. May God grants you long life and prosperity dear, happy birthday!

11. My dearest, I wish you all the best in life. Stop throwing tantrums. Enjoy your day, darling. Happy birthday!

12. Don’t get fussy, it is day enjoy it to the fulness. Wish you joy, happiness, long life and all the good things life holds.

13. I know you will be blushing by now, mom is wishing you happy many returns of the day. Happy birthday, dear.

14. You are the cutest guy and son. You have been a good son since I wish you a greater height in life. Happy birthday!

15. Joy that knows no bounds, height that has no limit, shall be your portion. Happy birthday my beautiful son.

16. Mom is wishing you; success, excellence, upliftment, as you celebrate your day today. Blissful birthday dear. Mom loves you.

17. Please make way, my sweet son is celebrating today. Enjoy your day dear, may you live long to enjoy the blessings of God for your life.

18. Don’t of the candle on the cake, I love to see the light burning until I’ve wished you. You shall be a burning light to your generation dear. Joyous birthday to you.

19. You are more preferred than millions of sons. I love you, my baby. Happy birthday!

20. Don’t lose that wrapped gifts now, I will come and help you with that. Happy birthday, you shall be great!

21. I’m happy you are a year older now, no more a kid. God will enrich your life with all the substance to live maturely. Happy birthday, son!

22. I do not regret giving birth to you, may you continue to give your joy. Happy birthday!

23. You are indeed a precious son to me, I wish all the best in life. Higher you shall go, son. Enjoy your day.

24. You shall be the head always and not the tail, you shall go stronger in the Lord. Happy birthday my dearest son.

25. Sometimes you behave silly, but nevertheless, you are still a good son. God bless your new age, dear.

26. God give you wisdom as you are clocking another age, remain to bless son!

27. Happy anniversary to you dear, God bless and multiply you. Can’t stop loving you.

28. Happy womb escapes to my lovely son, you shall outlive your parents.

29. At this your age now, I know you will no more be arrogant, God gives you an obedient spirit. Happy birthday!

30. It is a day for you to rejoice and celebrate, and to know how mom has been caring for you. Your joy shall grow, happy birthday!

31. Today make me to always remember how through me you came to this world, and always give me joy that you are still living, God will continue to keep you son. Happy birthday!

32. Make sure you don’t soil your cloth with cake. Happy birthday, son! Keep shining!

33. As you increase in age, God will increase all the goodies in your life, I will also increase your stipends. Happy birthday!

34. You shall flourish and excel, you shall rule in your generation. Happy birthday, son!

35. Much love from me to you son, as you celebrate your day. And may the Lord God bless your years.

36. I’m so blessed to have a precocious son like you, keep up to your kind acts dear. Happy birthday to you.

37. The birthday of yours give me an Eldorado, son and also make me to always remember that special day I gave birth to you. God will lift you high in life. Happy birthday!

38. As you are a source of joy to be me and your father, you will never be the opposite. Happy birthday my Joy.

39. I have known you to be my adorable son, may the Lord Almighty lift you higher than your expectation. Happy birthday my dear!

40. I’ve been waiting for this day to express my unflinching wishes for you, as a mother. May the Lord grant you your longing desire. Blissful birthday dear!

41. Happy birthday, son! Just take a moment to realize you are the best. God bless you, dear!

42. It’s a special day that only comes once a year….your birthday, may sure you enjoy it. God will replenish you!

43. I hope all your dreams come true today, happy birthday son!

44. You are smart, obedient, caring and handsome. I’m lucky to have you. Joy shall always be your portion. Happy birthday!

45. No amount of emoji can tell how much you mean to me. God bless your new age son.

46. You’ve only gotten more handsome and wiser every day. You will continue to do good in Jesus name. Ecstatic birthday!

47. With great age comes great responsibility. God will make you be more responsible. Happy birthday!

48. Today is your day enjoy it to the fullest, keep on shining, keep on growing. Happy birthday!

49. Son, my wishes are good health, prosperity, and long life for you. Happy birthday!

50. Happy birthday my dearest son, God prospers your days.

51. Exhilarating birthday to you son, I pray to see you growing bigger and wiser.

52. Wow! Today is just about my wonderful son, I wish you all the best in life.

53. You are now a year older, just want you to know you are no more a small boy. Age with matchless grace, dear.

54. It’s my son day, glad that you are alive today. God grace upon you more.

55. All the rest of your days on earth shall be fruitful. Glorious birthday to you son.

56. You will live to celebrate another year in peace and not in a piece. Happy birthday!

57. Twenty years is one year for you, happy birthday!

58. Happy birthday my adorable son, wish you a prosperous life. Hip! hip! hip! hurray!!

59. I pray to you son that God bless your day and each moment of your life be lightened. Blissful birthday!

60. I hope your days are blessed with happiness and joy sunshine and success. Happy birthday!

61. I want you to know that you are loved by your mother. God will shower more of his love on you. Happy birthday!

62. May all your dreams and wishes come true. ecstatic birthday!

63. I’m here wishing you great happiness, and joy that never ends. Happy birthday!

64. A birthday is an opportunity, holding a promise of fulfilment of your dreams. May you fulfil all your desired goals.

65. Keep on shining and never stop believing that mom cares and love you. Happy birthday!

66. Swim in the joy of the Lord, for joy is your portion. Happy birthday my dear son.

67. Happy birthday to you son, more grace, more mercy and more blessing.

68. Happy birthday my lovely son, continue to bask and grow in grace.

69. Happy birthday, you are a priceless jewel to me, grace upon your life every day.

70. Happy birthday to you son, you shall always remember this day as a wonderful day and you shall celebrate more and more of it.

71. To a rare gem, wishing you happy birthday, more days to your days, more years to your years and you shall celebrate more and more.

72. Rejoice for the day has finally arrived, happy birthday my sweet son. God bless your new age.

73. As I celebrate with you this year, God shall grant us another opportunity next year. Happy birthday dear!

74. The sun that shineth today will continue to shine light into your darkness. Glorious birthday to you son!

75. I pray your happiness to grow with each passing day. Wonderful birthday!

76. May your future be glorious and hitch free. Happy birthday!

77. It will not be the last birthday celebration, more I will celebrate with you. Happy birthday!

78. I pray for everything that brings you happiness today and forever. Blissful birthday!

79. As you start another journey of growth, may your days be filled with happiness and endless joy, live with peace.

80. May all your memories be all filled with sweetness. Happy birthday!

81. Pray that a rays of light your path throughout your days on earth. Happy birthday!

82. May God bless my son with a lot of blessings and achievements. Happy birthday!

83. May the good God always protect you and cause his face to shine on you. Blissful birthday!

84. Want to wish you a happy birthday, more wins dear.

85. Joy shall not depart from, you shall live long to inherit from your parents. Happy birthday, dear.

86. More wisdom and understanding I pray for, for you son. Happy birthday!

87. God and succeed, no more failure. Happy birthday, dear.

88. Today shall always be a memorable day for you. Happy birthday, son!

89. You already know that I love you, I pray that you will live long and surpass your parents. Joyous birthday!

90. More grace and wisdom to live another year successfully. Happy birthday, son.

91. Remember the son of whom you are. As you celebrate your day today, God will surprise you with loads of blessings.

92. Wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday, son!

93. I wish you, well son, Go and succeed and prosper. Happy birthday!

94. Your desire days you will fulfil, and your heart shall always be filled with joy. Happy birthday!

95. You shall always lead and not follow, may the Lord increase you all the good things in life. Happy birthday!

96. Halleluyah! It’s another year, new hope, new life, new joy, shall God grants you. Happy birthday!

97. I wish an amazing and a lot of accomplishments to the son I adore a lot. Happy birthday!

98. I promise to always stand by you. Happy birthday!

99. Grow in wisdom, knowledge, and in understanding. Your new age shall favour you. Happy birthday!

100. All the best to you dear, wish you a delightsome and fulfilled year ahead. Happy birthday!

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