Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

2023 Trending Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

Have you been stuck while trying to write a lovely birthday wish for your son today or perhaps, in advance?

I know nothing really makes a mother feel guilty for not wishing her son a blissful celebration on or before his birthday.

But don’t worry, I have got you covered!

Below is a list of 100 happy birthday wishes you can choose from and send to your son that will make him feel chuffed all through his birth celebration and beyond.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

As a mother, beholding you child (son) growing bring you unquenchable happiness. It is only good when you extend your happiness to your son by sending him these Best Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Son.

1. My son is plus one today, Hurray!

2. The boy that popped out of me some few months ago, is becoming a year older now! Happy birthday.

3. To the one that looks much like his father, may you age in wisdom and grace.

4. I remember how my parents were chiding me for not having a child, but you turn out to rescue me from their impatience. Happy birthday.

5. I wish a wonderful birthday to the child that changed our family to be a blissful one.

6. This boy here is a year older. Happy birthday to him as he marks another year.

7. The one reading this message had finally made it to the 365th day again!

8. It was a former birthday I will now say because you have added another one.

9. May God crown your efforts with the deserved crown of success as you mark another one full year of toil, my son.

10. Anytime I see you work, it makes me see the potential of being a responsible parent pretty soon, may you be strengthened more and more dear.

11. You can clutch every bit of fun today, it’s your birthday boy!

12. Nature has rolled us back to another stopping point again, happy birthday.

13. Happy birthday to the young man in our house.

14. Daddy has a clone and that’s you, my son.Happy birthday.

15. My child is plus one today, happy birthday to you.

16. What’s the essence of being your mom if not wish you a prosperous new age?

17. Your year has now been added with another, happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

18. A child was born around this time, some years back, happy birthday to him.

19. The boy that will turn a dad one day, is plus one.

20. Hip-hip-hurray! You are now a year older, son.

21. May the comely rhythm of this day shower upon you my son.

22. The bliss of this birthday will be evident in every facet of your life from today.

23. May your new age bring unmerited favour in your life.

24. May this day mark the cradle of your upward leap.

25. This birthday will be another one of a kind like lasts years celebration.

26. The man you are becoming is really awe-mazing me. ha-ha-ha. Happy birthday.

27. I wish a heart mending birthday for the son of mine whose heart recently got broken over a lost friend.

28. May this birthday bring about miracles and endless blessings to you.

29. My husband’s young clone is plus one today! Hahaha.

30. It’s your birth celebration again, son! Happy birthday to you from me.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

31. Enjoy the repetition of your birth some years back as you add more wisdom.

32. I hope that this birthday will bring about unspeakable joy in your life from today henceforth.

33. What’s birth celebration if it’s not meant to add more peace of mind? May that be your portion dear son.

34. To the lovely son of mine, may you be blessed more than you expect as you observe your birthday.

35. I know that your previous birthdays were barely enjoyed but, this year’s will be different and blissful dear.

36. May your weak limps become agile as you turn a year older from the sick bed.

37. If I were given the chance to wish you a single thing, what my choice will be is a grief-free celebration.

38. Your age is now a digit older, may this continue to be your life’s story.

39. This birthday will bring about timeless blessings and abundance to you I pray.

40. At this year’s birth celebration, even your worst enemy will feel chuffed to see you add another year in bliss.

41. If birds alone can fly, I don’t really believe that claim, because knowing that one has a child like you is enough reason for me to fly.

42. You are like a match-stick that lightens my world. Happy birthday to you dear son.

43. I wish that all the best gifts of birthdays fall on your head as you become plus one today.

44. My day has been lit up with the thought of you becoming a year older and better today, son.

45. If one could really fly up in the sky, then I will keep afloat for the kind of joy that will fill my heart as you age more despite your sickle cell.

46. My hope keeps sprouting anytime I know that I have a vigorous mind as a child of mine, happy birthday in advance.

47. To the young boss in this family, may he age with grace.

48. You remember the time I use to say “ta-ta” to you? But now you are grown, so may you live long enough to say such things to your children too.

49. One could have everything in the world but be unhappy when his/her birth celebration turns sour, may yours be a happy tale in the end.

50. May God give you more wisdom and knowledge the more you live on earth from today, son.

51. I feel so pleased when I heard your birth celebration was blissful, son. Happy birthday in arrears.

52. Do you know that in less than 1000 minutes your age will be one value more? Happy birthday!

53. A blissful birthday to the young king that looks like Dad!

54. Compliments of the season to the young man reading this.

55. I only wish you the very best of birthdays and nought.

Birthday Wishes for My Son from Mother

56. This day will turn out to be a splendid celebration, I pray.

57. Everyone feigns that legends are born in their birth-month but, I guess they are just claiming because yours has many great minds like you and may it continually be. Amen.

58. Birthdays are said to be distinct days in people’s lives, so may it be to you today, son.

59. May you be blessed to the utmost of abundance, boy!

60. May the repeat of the day I birth you be a memorable one.

61. May the number of candles you blew this year, be added another by this time around in the upcoming year.

62. One more hearty cheer to the young father in my family.

63. May this day come with many joyful colours.

64. I can have everything I crave for, but not to see you enjoy your birthday will make me feel dejected, may it come with a cause for joy.Amen.

65. I can clearly remember how I murmured out of anger due to your previous birthday’s mishaps; the sickness and dearth, but I hope that this year’s turns out to be different.

66. May you be blessed in everything you do boy! From today henceforth.

67. May this birthday come with heart-mending events.

68. May your day be filled up with everything blissful as you add another year to your age, my son.

69. Let this birthday be a reason for you to chuckle out of hearty joy.

70. I hope that you get the best of all you crave for, as you add one more year.

Birthday Wishes for My Son from Mother

71. The rays of happiness will clearly gleam on you this upcoming birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

72. My prayer is that you wake up daily to smile at how blessed you are as you add more years.

73. This age will live to see your marks on the sands of time, age with grace.

74. You will be a beacon of hope to the broken ones as you become more and older on earth.

75. May your days be filled with serenity every day of your life from this birthday henceforth.

76. I pray that you won’t find a cause to worry and get depressed over it as you become a year older.

77. May you be strengthened more and more as you push hard and work towards achieving your goals in life.

78. May this day be of merry and bliss to you.

79. I can’t even describe my feelings at the moment, your birthday just keeps me feeling amazed at your longevity despite the sickle cell that kept you bed-ridden since your birth.

80. May your heart cravings in life that will bring joy come into reality.

81. May you be wrapped in the blanket of love as you become plus one today, son.

82. Your day will just be the reflection of the suns smile I believe, dear.

83. Your night might have been overwhelmed by horrifying mares but, I believe that this morning will bring you joy.Happy birthday.

84. I wish a fun-filled birth celebration to my young king.

85. May his day be the true meaning of a birth celebration in this family – I mean, the boy reading this short text.

86. May your new age come with gluey tales and events to mend your broken heart.

87. After all the hullabaloo of your birthday, may you become stronger like you have always been.

88. May all the best things that birthdays come with, be experienced by you too.

89. May your day be filled with laughter and merry today! Happy birthday in advance boy.

90. Since life is hard, may your own tale be softened by undeserved merits. Happy birthday.

91. Happy birthday from the one who hatched you some years back. ha-ha-ha.

92. Your father and I are pleased with your endeavours, may you be granted whatever good thing you crave for.

93. Happy birthday in this halcyon season to my one and only son.

94. May you have a splendid new age from now on.

95. For the faith I have that we will celebrate your age this year, next and even more.I have bought and kept you many candles in store.

96. May the cleft in peoples heart be wider and opened to house, love and care for you.

97. You are just like a muse to me, son! Because you more than inspire me, happy birthday.

98. The thought of how you will soon celebrate your birthday has completely turned the way my heart feels – from sad to chuffed.May you experience same too.

99. Let the things you toiled for begin to bring forth fruits you never expected as you age more on earth.

100. If the wish I was asked to say is only one, then may you become better than the height you have attained my son.

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