Religious Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom or Dad 1

2023 Religious Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom or Dad

Sons are no doubt a blessing. Some are so unbelievably awesome that we find it difficult to describe them.

All the same, we find words to express how grateful we are for them more so on their birthdays.

Your birthday wishes to your son goes a long way to let him know exactly how you feel about him and so I have written here some wishes that you can text him on his birthday.

Religious Happy Birthday Messages for Son from Parent

Amazing Religious Birthday Wishes you can send to your lovely Son on his Special day.

1. God has been keeping you, guiding you, giving you strength and has brought you to yet another birthday. Happy birthday, God’s favourite, happy birthday, my son.

2. May God’s purpose for you come to pass in your life even as you start the journey of another year today. Happy birthday, son. I love you.

3. You are a work in progress, God’s battle axe and his agenda yet to unfold. As go into another year of your life, may you discover your purpose. Happy birthday, darling. You are loved.

4. May you fulfil your purpose and destiny. I love you and daddy loves you too but God loves you most. Happy birthday, Jesus’ boy.

5. God kept you to see yet another birthday and I know he is not through with you. His purpose for letting you see another birthday shall come to pass in your life in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. It’s a happy birthday to you dear son.

6. As your years increase, so may your knowledge in Christ increase. Happy birthday, my adorable son. I love you.

7. Your life is a miracle that cannot be explained away. You are God’s mystery yet to unfold. Happy birthday, my prince. Happy birthday to my loving son.

8. I celebrate the finger of God in your life. You shall continue to surprise the world. Happy birthday, my son.

9. Happy birthday to my loving son. I pray that God gives something special every day of your life. Happy birthday again son, you are the best.

10. May God’s blessings be your portion every day and even more on this your birthday. Happy birthday, son.

Christian Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom or Dad

Best of all Christian Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom or Dad.

11. Your seeing another birthday is another opportunity given to you by God to make your life better. Make the most of it son, happy birthday.

12. I wish that your soul prospers even as your number in years increase. You are God’s divine project. Happy birthday, my son.

13. May God perfect all that concerns you, my dear son. Happy birthday.

14. Happy birthday, my beloved son. I wish you God’s many loves.

15. God gave you to me and you are the reason I celebrate. May God give you every reason to celebrate on this your birthday and every day. Happy birthday, sweet son.

16. May you find joy as you always give me joy in my life. Happy birthday, my son.

17. Happy birthday, my darling son. May God lead you aright and fill your life with peace and joy unspeakable. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

18. As you make me feel honoured to have you, may God honour you anywhere you find yourself in Jesus’ name. Amen. Happy glorious birthday to a fulfilling son.

19. As my having you and changed my status to ‘mother’ may this birthday bring something to your life that will change your status for good. In Jesus’ mighty name. Happy birthday, my son.

20. On this your birthday, I pray that God’s grace finds you, light your path and lead you to your God-given destination. Happy birthday to my loving son in whom I am well pleased.

Spiritual Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom or Dad

Check out these Spiritual Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom or Dad.

21. In your weakness, may God give your strength, in confusion, direction, in your heart, may he give you peace. Happy glorious birthday my son.

22. I wish you many more of God’s blessings as you begin a new chapter of your life and many other chapters to come. Happy birthday my heritage. Happy birthday my son.

23. May you experience unimaginable heights of God’s love. Happy birthday darling son. I love you.

24. When God deposited you in my womb, he deposited more than a boy child, deposited a man with solutions to the world’s troubles. May you solve every challenge and puzzle you come across in your generation and beyond. Happy birthday, sweet son. You

25. May you be all that God created you to be and more. Happy birthday my beloved son.

26. May you grow in wisdom as you grow in stature and favour with God and man. Happy birthday sweet son.

27. You are God’s work in progress. On this birthday of yours, I pray that he completes his work in your life in Jesus name Amen. Happy birthday my boy.

28. I wish you love, joy, happiness, peace, favour, blessing, money and good health to enjoy these things and more. Happy birthday my lovely son.

29. I wish you a happy birthday my dear loving son. It is an honour to be called your mother.

30. Happy birthday to you my son. Your birth made me realize that I have more love in my heart than I can ever fathom. May you experience unimaginable heights of God’s love on this your birthday and always.

Religious Birthday Greetings for Son from Mom or Dad

Best of all Religious Birthday Greetings for Son from Mom or Dad.

31. Happy birthday, son. You are blessed and highly favoured.

32. I pray that you enjoy your life and remember today for good. Happy supernatural birthday my son.

33. Happy birthday, my son. God’s plan for you is yet to unfold.

34. Only words of my mouth are not enough to bless you. My heart, soul and entire being bless you. May you live your purpose.

35. Happy birthday, my son. You are the most beautiful thing that God gave me. Remain beautiful.

36. My dear son, I pray that as you go through life, you will have all the good things that you desire.

37. May all that you put your hands into be good and may they yield good results. Have a fruitful year ahead. Happy birthday, son.

38. I wish you a bright future full of love, life and good health. Happy birthday my son. You are a prince.

39. Happy birthday my son. You shall be great and fruitful. Dominate your world.

40. I pray that this past year is going to be the least in your life. You shall be victorious and celebrated. Greater years ahead son. Happy birthday.

41. May you be favoured and successful in all you do. Have a happy birthday celebrations, my son. You deserve only the best.

42. May you be prosperous and live in plenty and abundance. Happy birthday, my prince.

43. May you never know lack. Happy birthday my dear son.

44. May your joy be full and your peace passes all understanding in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, son.

45. You shall make it in life. Happy birthday to the child of my dreams. Happy birthday to the strength of my youth.

46. My love for you scares me. Happy birthday my son. Continue to experience the fierce love of God in your life.

47. You shall continue to be a bundle of miracles that you already are. Happy birthday my son.

48. May your love for God increase as your years increase. I love you son. Happy birthday.

49. Happy birthday my son. The earth shall yield her increase to you and any good seed that you sow. Everything good effort that you put on this earth shall yield a thousandfold.

50. People shall serve you. Happy birthday precious son.

51. You shall bring me joy happiness and pride as always and you shall live a joyful and happy life. Happy birthday my son of life.

52. You shall excel in all that you do that people will come to you to know your God. Happy birthday to you my son.

53. You shall be lifted beyond falling. You shall remain above. Happy birthday.

54. You shall always have testimonies. May God fill you up with good things that testimonies will remain in your mouth. Happy birthday my testimony.

55. May God’s love fills your heart and his thoughts fill your head that there will be no space for any evil thoughts. Happy birthday.

56. Happy birthday to you, son! I wish you a long, useful and satisfying life.

57. You have been a source of joy to my life. I pray that God wraps his arms of protection around you and keep you continuously. Happy birthday.

58. May God bless you with all the blessings in the universe such that you won’t have enough room to store in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday my son.

59. As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray that God will favour you and lead you to attain success beyond your imagination. Happy birthday, son. I love u.

60. I pray that God grant you financial blessings such that finance will never be a reason for your not achieving anything you want in life. Happy birthday to you sweet son. You deserve only the best because you are the best.

61. You are blessed, you are handsome, you are intelligent, you can achieve anything you want to achieve. Happy birthday my son. You are an achiever.

62. May God’s face shine upon you. May he be gracious to you and give you peace. Happy birthday my wonderful son.

63. May your life be blessed and more awesome than you are. I love you more than you can ever know. Happy birthday wonderful son. It’s a pleasure to have you.

64. May you abide in God’s presence and may his grace continue to be with you on this your birthday and every day. Happy birthday my joy.

65. Happy birthday to my sweet son who never stops inspiring me to greatness believing so much in me. This is going to be your best birthday ever.

66. May God’s hands lead and guide you wherever you may go. Happy birthday, dear son.

67. On this, your birthday and always, may you experience joy and remain joyful all your life. Happy birthday my beloved son.

68. Every day is worth celebrating but your birthday always reminds me that it was the day that my reason for celebrating was born. Happy birthday.

69. You are so amazing a blessing that I don’t deserve yet God gave you to me. May he bless you with unmerited blessings and unmerited favour all your life. Have a happy birthday my son.

70. May you find your purpose and achieve it in life in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday.

71. I prophesy you shall not struggle through life. You shall have life smooth and peaceful. Happy birthday, son.

72. I pray that you do not make the same mistakes that we, your parents made. You will always make the right decisions and get excellent results. Happy birthday my beloved son.

73. As you are my reason for celebrating, I pray God gives you a reason for celebrating today. Amen. Have a splendid birthday celebration.

74. As God touched my life in the most positive way by giving you to me, I pray that you enjoy your day in a most special way because the best gift you can ever have from God is the gift of life and good health to see another birthday. Happy birthday.

75. God bless you and make you a blessing to everyone, everywhere and every time. Happy birthday to my loving son.

76. Happy birthday, son. I pray that you find as much happiness as your heart can hold. May this be your happiest birthday celebration since you were born.

77. May all the wealth of wisdom and ideas that you were born with being birthed from now on. Happy birthday my son.

78. Happy birthday my son. May the joy of the Lord be your strength all the time.

79. Since you have made God your shepherd, you shall not lack any good thing. Happy Blessed birthday to you, son.

80. I wish abundance of blessings and goodness on this birthday of yours and beyond. Happy birthday my son.

81. Happy birthday, son, I wish you a bright future. Brighter than we can ever envision.

82. Thanks for being the best son ever. You make parenting exciting and I pray that God will make your life more exciting on this your birthday and every day for the rest of your life. Happy birthday.

83. Just as you are a reason for my smile, I pray that God gives you a reason to smile too. Happy birthday my son.

84. I pray that God always be proud of you even as we’re proud of you. Happy birthday to the one who makes us proud.

85. May everything you do be God’s perfect will and plan for your life. Happy perfect birthday celebration.

86. The blessings of God maketh rich and added no sorrow with it. I pray that all that God blesses you with shall not bring you sorrow. Amen. Happy birthday my prince.

87. Just as you are my son, so you are my sun and you bring sunshine into my life. I pray that God will always shine brightly through you. Have a bright birthday.

88. I’m so glad that God chose me to mother a gifted son like you. It is a privilege. Happy birthday my son. You are loaded.

89. How does all that wisdom fit in your tiny body? You are unbelievable just like God. Have the most pleasant birthday celebrations. Happy birthday, my son.

90. Just as I am the only person privileged to have you as a son, I pray for you on this birthday of yours that God will favour you with a rare gift for you and only you in Jesus’name. Happy birthday.

91. I pray that you will be blessed with all that God wants you to be blessed with. Have a happy birthday.

92. God gave you to me years ago and there was a celebration at my house that day so has the day become a day of celebration. May God give you a thing to celebrate today and all your life. Happy birthday.

93. Your presence in our lives has brought in so much joy, happiness and strength. Happy birthday, my heritage.

94. You changed my world for the better with your arrival and I wish you only pleasant changes on this birthday of yours. It’s your birthday, enjoy it.

95. This shall be the first of many more pleasant years to come. It’s your day, own it. Happy birthday, son.

96. Happy birthday to my mighty man of valour. I pray for you that you shall not disappoint me, you shall not disappoint God because God believes in you even more than I do. Happy birthday, son.

97. You are loaded with incomparable wisdom from God. Happy birthday. May God’s will be all that you desire and do.

98. The God that created you and kept you to see yet another birthday has a reason for that. I pray that that reason is fulfilled in your life in Jesus’ name. Amen! Happy birthday, sweet son.

99. God who began a good work in you is able to complete it. He has not finished his work in your life. You are God’s work in progress. Happy birthday, my boy.

100. I wish you wisdom, kindness, love, creativity, success and divine speed in all your endeavours. Happy birthday.

101. I pray that your mental, physical, social and psychological health be in great condition shape. Happy birthday.

102. I wish that you grow up to be the man of integrity that I am raising and that God planned for you. Happy birthday, my man of integrity.

103. Your conception and birth revealed my deepest parts to me. Parts that I would never have known or met if I never had you. You are a version of me that I am proud of you. Happy birthday, my son.

104. May you never have a past that you regret. May your past be full of lessons and smiles and your future with hope, joy, love, hope, faith and grace. Happy birthday to you.

105. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest, sweet, adorable and loveable child. You are a son indeed.

106. May your life be more beautiful than the rainbow and how you ever thought it would be. May whatever you do be beautified by God beyond your wildest dreams. Happy birthday to my beautiful son.

107. Your birth is for a solution to the world’s troubles. May that comes to pass. Happy birthday.

108. You shall happen and the world shall stand in awe. Happy birthday my son.

109. Happy birthday, son. You are yet to unfold. Shine bright like the diamond that you are.

110. Birthdays are special but you my are more special that is why your birthday is the most special day of my life. Happy birthday to you ‘most special’. The greatest gift to have is you. Happy birthday.

111. You awaken gratitude to God in me. More so, your birthday calls for celebration. Happy birthday, son.

112. You don’t understand my gratitude because I was the one who gave birth to you. I only told you that today is your birthday. Happy birthday my beloved son.

113. Only a child like you can be as precious as you are. I’m most grateful to have you. Happy birthday, my son.

114. I feel pity for people who do not have children like you. They don’t know what they are missing. Happy birthday, son, you are incredible.

115. I’m the luckiest person on earth to have you. You are your only version. The only kind of you that there is and I’m grateful to God for giving you to me. Happy birthday my son.

116. You may not be proud to have me as your parents but I want you to know that I’m proudest to have you as my son. I wish you become proud of me more than you have ever been. Happy birthday, son.

117. You have been believing God, working towards some things and hoping that they come to fulfilment. I pray for you on this birthday that all of them shall materialize in this your new year. Happy birthday my son.

118. My life changed for the better when I had you and I wish I had you earlier but I’m glad you came along as soon as you did. Your birth came at the perfect time. Happy birthday my son.

119. I’m filled with delight with you in my life. May you become a delightsome land and succour to all that come across you as well as those you come across. Happy birthday, son.

120. Don’t let anyone make you feel less because you are the best. Happy birthday, son, you are incredible.

121. I asked God for a child and he gave me himself. I see God through you every day. You are amazing and I love you. Happy birthday to the king in you. Happy birthday, my son

122. God has been your stay and he will continue to be with you even in this new year of your life and beyond. Happy birthday, dear son.

123. Happy birthday, son. You are yet to be seen and heard. You shall be great in your lifetime. Excel baby boy. You got no choice.

124. Hello son, I want you to know that your presence in my life beautifies it. May God beauty your life just like you do mine. Happy birthday, son.

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