cute goodmorning texts for her

2023 Cute Goodmorning Texts for Her to Wake up To

The most important part of our personality is our speech, texts, talks because looks can only get people’s attraction but what we say can win their hearts forever. Pick any of these and let her (your girlfriend) feel loved early in the morning!

Cute Good Morning Texts for Her

Best of Cute Good Morning Texts for Her to Make Her Smile

1. Good morning is not just to wake but to remind you to spend the whole day with a heart filled with love.

2. I will always wake up to see your beautiful face baby girl, good morning to you.

3. I am sure you deserve a better day, every time, that’s why I’m the first person to wake you, good morning and have a nice day ahead.

4. How was your night dear, happy morning to you, arise and shine for the day is bright?

5. Wake up baby girl, for it’s been awhile you’ve been sleeping. Have fun and great achievement.

6. Wake up, rise up, dress up and enjoy your day. Good morning!!!

7. I want to always be the one you wake up to see, and it’s a dream that will come true soon. Good morning darling.

8. Be bright as day, be clear as the sun, it’s a new day dear. Good morning baby.

9. Good morning to you baby, how was your night, guess you dreamt of me. Lovely day ahead!

10. A life of meaning is not one filled with riches, popularity but filled with love and people, good morning dear.

Cute Good Morning Texts for Her – Your Girlfriend

Cute Good Morning Texts for Her to wake up to.

11. Good morning dear, today is to be filled with feeling ourselves, loving people and influencing lives.

12. Every day is another beginning of another chance, to do what was supposed to be done yesterday, good morning, be good darling!.

13. Paint your day with delightful and delicious memories, move on from yesterday. Good morning to you darling.

14. You don’t have to dwell on yesterday’s mistakes, life is beyond that, arise and shine baby.

15. Enemies don’t care about the reason you did something, but friends want to know, live your life to the fullest cos it’s a new day.

16. New morning- new day- new hopes- new ambition- new thoughts- new feeling, good morning beautiful.

17. Have a fresh and great day, I know it’s a beautiful day.

18. Hey baby, many people will vex you, will not be satisfied but be forgiving and be loving. Good morning to you.

19. Be loving, be happy, be caring, be humble but above all love yourself. Happy morning to you darling.

20. If no one will tell you, how beautiful you are, I will. Have a beautiful day, my beautiful face.

21. Yesterday will tell memories, tomorrow is about the future but today is the real deal, enjoy your day to the fullest.

22. Each day is important because I get to spend it feeling your love, good morning dear.

23. Sleep still embraces you in a tight hug, but wake up cos I miss your voice.

24. My morning starts with a feeling of yearning cos you are far away. Good morning love.

25. I hope everyone you meet today will be nice to you. Happy morning!

26. Wake up sweetheart, for your morning surprise is in the dining room.

27. I know you love to sleep bit wake up, it’s a new day, much love baby.

28. There’s this feeling I get when you speak to me early, so wake up cos I need to feel.

29. Babe, early to rise, stand cos it’s a new day.

30. I’m sending the cutest gift to you, which is conveyed by the heart, arise so you can have a taste of the present. Morning darling.

31. Good morning, one of my almost dream come true is to rise beside you every day! Wake up for you are loved.

32. I’ve sent your reflection a message to you, move to the bathroom to see for yourself, the most amazing lady, good morning dear.

33. I wanna fill your day with love, money, kisses and lots more. Be upstanding and shine.

34. Wanna inform you that, you are the first thought that comes to my mind every morning, good morning darling.

35. My ears are oozing cos I could feel your yawn, be productive today.

36. The scent of love, the atmosphere of life beckon unto you baby, arise and shine baby girl.

37. Good morning, shine like the sun baby girl.

38. My companion champions wake early, be up dear.

39. Sweetheart, prepare for a new day and have a great achievement today.

40. Once, you are out of your door, the sun brightens your body.

41. Wake up and shine cos it’s been awhile I’ve held you, good morning love.

42. Wake up and smile, because that will make my day. Good morning darling.

43. Honey, it’s a new day and the world is waiting for your appearance, happy morning to you baby.

44. Live your life to the fullest today, life may not encourage you but believe me that I believe in you. Good morning.

45. Good morning to you love, goodies await you today.

46. Be special, be unique, be happy, be joyful, it’s a new day. Good morning.

47. You have a beautiful heart, show the world that you are full of love. Good morning!

48. A strong woman like you is what I’ve been praying for, good morning my angel.

49. Watching you rise is the beauty of the day, I sincerely love you.

50. Being the first person to see, when I wake up is a lifetime gift, good morning baby.

51. You are the only woman, I wanna call mine, wake my lady cos it’s a new day.

52. I wish I could express my feelings to you every day, good morning darling, it’s another day to feel loved.

53. Waking up to the sound of your voice is like a medicine, and it makes me want to wake before you, good morning honey.

54. Loving memories, I have with you and every day, I want to tell the whole world, good morning dear.

55. Looking for love is difficult, but you make loving you easy, thanks for being mine, good morning.

56. Good morning angel, wakey, it’s a new day.

57. Happy morning to the one who makes me happy, great day ahead.

58. Dear, wake up and start your day, it’s going to be fruitful!

59. I think about you in the morning and even before I go to sleep. Good morning darling!

60. My heart beats faster cos it’s your time to wake up, Good morning, darling.

61. Your smile in the morning is the best thing I can wish for, always smile! Good morning.

62. Life gets easier, when I remember you on the other side of the bed, good morning honey.

63. Love in the air because you are there, good morning my love.

64. My greatest want now is for you to wake up and give me a kiss, I need the medicine to take through the day, wake up honey.

65. You are bright as the sun, good morning and let the world see your beautiful face.

66. Every morning, I wish I’m there to wake you up with kisses, all the same, it’s a new day and I love you.

67. I’ve always wanted to be your alarm, but you are always mine! Good morning angel.

68. I wished you sweet dreams yesternight but wake up cos reality is sweeter than dream. Much love baby.

69. I want to be present in every phase of your life, even in your waking up, good morning dear.

70. Life, they say it’s sweet, whenever people are around you, thanks for being the love of my life, good morning.

71. The day comes out lovely so as to welcome you, happy more to you honey!

72. My love for you is the only thing, which is stable in my life every day. I can’t substitute it for anything, good morning love.

73. I can’t wait to kiss and hug you, cos I miss like no other, good morning, see you soon.

74. Good morning honey, when I sleep, you are in my dreams and even when I wake up with the hope of seeing you.

75. Every morning I thank your parent for giving you to me. You are my sweetest person in the world, I can’t live without you.

76. Introducing a new day to you, I’m going to lavish love on you, good morning.

77. I wish I can take you for myself now, because every morning, I don’t spend in your arms, is like an incomplete moment. Good morning!

78. Please, let’s not waste our lives and be together forever. I miss you so much.

79. I guess the reason why stars don’t shine in the morning is that you are brighter, arise and shine honey.

80. I can spend eternity in the magnificent caption of your hands and lips. Good morning honeybee.

81. Angel, I’m so lucky because I get to see you in my dreams and even when I wake up. Good morning love.

82. I’m the luckiest, cos I get to hold you all through the night, good morning my better half.

83. The thoughts of you overwhelm me all day long, and I dream about you all night. Good morning love.

84. Good morning dear, let’s meet today to make my dreams come true.

85. I miss you and I want to see you, good morning baby.

86. Your love is the only motivation I need every day. Good morning!

87. Big girl, I wish you a happy day ahead, go and do well knowing that I love you.

88. Wake up and embrace a new day! It awaits you, morning girlie.

89. Good morning, love! all we have at hand is today, so let’s live it brightly!

90. Every morning is a gift from God, and you also are a gift from God to me, let’s spend it in peace and love.

91. Whether the day is cloudy or windy, once I meet with you, I’m sure it will be clear. Good morning!

92. I am happy to meet you every day because I know that I will experience great love and happiness, good morning!

93. You make my world go round, you make my heart beat wild, good morning honey.

94. Love is all we need, then I could say good morning love.

95. We’ve got to change the world as a couple, wake up honey!

96. You’ve taught me so maybe things arise cos a new day is here. Morning love.

97. I know Monday is hard, but wake up girlie cos it’s a busy day. Remember all through it that I love you!

98. Every new day is another chance to prove how much I love you, good morning my angel.

99. Happiness is in simple and easy things, so let’s enjoy this day together doing almost nothing but worthwhile!

100. I love mornings because they mark another great day with you and a wonderful achievement together, good morning love.

101. Every day without you is like a torment, please create time so we can meet today, have a great day.

102. Yesterday’s gone, but today is at hand, another moment to feel loved and love, good morning baby.

103. Baby girl, a new day is here, build your dynasty of happiness and love. Goody bags await you.

104. A good way to start your day is taking selfie on the bed, good morning love.

105. A nice way to start this day love is to take a glass of water, take a deep breath and pour yourself a tall glass of water. Morning girlie.

106. You are an accomplished designer, do well at work! Morning love.

107. Stay positive all through the day, bypass every negativity, it will get better cos I love you.

108. No matter how sad yesterday was, it’s bygone, what matters now is how you see yourself.Keep smiling and be happy.

109. Make yourself happy, smiling makes one live longer!

110. Trying to make everybody happy is a difficult task but in all, you do be happy, good morning small girl.

111. A perfect day should start not with food but with you, morning love!

112. If yesterday was a good day, believe me, today can be better! Good morning darling.

113. Good morning, baby girl. My prayer for you is that it will bring you smiles and love.

114. Honeybunch, it’s a new day, choose to be happy!

115. Baby, I know it’s hard standing from that bed, but we’ve got to see, good morning.

116. I can’t ignore you, darling, wake up it’s a new day.

117. Bad times don’t last, bleeding heart will heal, good morning love, see a new day.

118. All you have to do is get up and get going, many people look up to you, Good morning, dear!

119. Enjoy the day cos it already told me, it’s full of surprises. Good morning, love.

120. To my sunshine, I wish you happiness on this new day.

121. Sometimes, you just have to create your own timetable, sunshine, look. So take up your bag and enjoy yourself today.

122. Honey, with God all things are considered done, it’s a new day full of blessings.

123. Having the assurance that you are mine, light up my world brighter than the sun. Morning love.

124. Everyone has ups and downs to learn from, learn from today dear.

125. Darling, be a strong woman that you are today and forever. I love you

126. Baby, good morning, when it looks like it’s hard, always remember I will support you till the end.

127. My love for you is great, that it can move mountains, good morning baby.

128. Can it be that you have taken over my heart, cos I dreamt about you all through the night and even now you are on my mind! Good morning love.

129. Baby, you are special to me, so good to have you as mine, good morning and have a nice day!

130. It feels like heaven, every morning, when I wake up with you in my hands, I love the feeling. Good morning love.

131. Rise and shine my queen, cos you radiate such a great light.

132. Into lives, your illumination has come, good morning baby!

133. Looking away from your eyes will be a mistake, cos I love the light and smile in your gaze, good morning.

134. I am always happy and blessed to call you, my love. Good morning, beautiful. Trust your night was great.

135. I’m always glad that our love is a reality and not a dream, good morning love.

136. Every moment that I get to wake up next to you is one that, I will appreciate forever. Good morning!

137. I wish I don’t have to wake you up, cos you look beautiful even in your sleep; stand and enjoy your day.

138. Good morning sweetheart! May the birds sing songs of love for you to hear as you rise.

139. You are really beautiful, when you first awake, I’ve snapped you, so I can look at it all day long.

140. I am sending you my love and kisses through this text, good morning love.

141. I’ve found out, I can’t love you less, great morning to you, my woman.

142. Nothing makes my heart bubble, more than hearing your voice in the morning. Good morning lovely.

143. I’m sending you hugs and kisses, cos I have a feeling that you just woke up. Much love baby.

144. I dreamt of my love, yesternight, and I woke up with you on my mind, good morning love.

145. Your smile is all that I need to start my day, cos it’s brighter than I could think of. Good morning love.

146. I decided to send you a little of what I feel through this text, I miss you so much, baby. Happy morning!

147. I realized that I’ve already met my angel and that angel is you, wake up my angelic being.

148. You are my woman! You were the last thought, yesternight and the first one this morning. Good morning my beau!

149. Good morning darling, please be my sunshine today.

150. At last, I can see you and hold you cos it’s a new day, good morning baby girl.

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