Happy 32nd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 32nd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

It’s your 32nd birthday. That time of the year that bragging won’t bring punishment is one’s birthday. To make your 32nd birthday blissful for yourself, here are happy 32nd birthday to me wishes and quotes you can use.

Do well to remind people by posting it on your statuses, people do not want to forget you but life requests a lot from them. Help them out by using one or more of this happy 32nd birthday to myself quotes and you also will have a lovely birthday.

Best Happy 32nd Birthday to Me Wishes

It is truly astonishing that the day I was born 32 years ago, was indeed an important one. It’s not because of my age or anything else, but because all I do in my life is for the greater good. I wish myself more strength. Happy birthday to me!

1. Today is my birthday, and it’s wonderful to celebrate it. I am turning 32 today, and although I know that I’m not getting any younger, I’m still young at heart. Happy birthday to me!

2. I spend quite a lot of time thanking God for making me the person I am today. Today, I want to thank myself also! I can’t believe that I have turned 32 already. It makes me wonder if the same could be said for any other 32-year-old man. Here’s to hoping that my best years are still in front of me.

3. The world turns on its axis today, and it also turns for me. I am a year older and a lot wiser. I do hope you will understand, that I have taken time out to celebrate the fact that my life is only going to get greater from here on in. Best wishes to myself this day. Happy birthday to myself.

4. I never dared to dream of this day. I am sure you are thinking the same way right now. I always felt that my world ended at twenty-one, but today it is a new beginning. I am sure this will be the best birthday ever! Happy 32nd birthday to myself.

5. Today is one of my favourite days of the year. It is the day that I grew into a better person, and became ‘me’. I will always love you for giving birth to me and raising me like your very own child. Happy birthday to me!

6. Happy Birthday to me! I am throwing a party for myself on my 32nd birthday. Yes, it is my wish, so let’s make it happen! It will be a blast and lots of fun and merriment. We can dance and sing to the music and indulge in the food and drink. Let’s make this one to remember. Have a great day and hope to see you there.

7. 32! The number is a tribute to none other than my precious self. I have been living in the shadows of immaturity for far too long. It’s about time to grow up and be a self-assured individual, the kind that doesn’t get intimidated by anything or anyone! Today should be about doing just that! I should finally stand up for who I am unto the world, and not care whether it pleases other people or not!! Happy birthday to me.

8. To my wonderful self on this happy birthday. I am grateful for all the things I have planned for myself. It takes real courage to sell off the devil that is trying to hold you back or stop you from achieving your goals. You got to break free of his chains and move on! God bless me.

9. My life is about to change on the day of my birthday! I will finally be of age. I am excited but am not quite sure what to expect. It’ll be an amazing feeling, though, of course. Happy 32nd birthday to me!

10. How can a person explain being in love with oneself, I have spent years looking for happiness, and I have realised that it’s not in a man or a woman that’s going to make me happy. So, for my 32nd birthday, I’d rather spend it with a person who’s just as crazy as I am about themselves.

11. Wow! I am 32! This is my second decade in life. I hope it turns out to be the best for me. May all my dreams come true. Happy birthday to myself!

12. Happy birthday to me, and many more to come after this one. I appreciate you for everything you have done for me. I love you to the moon and back! If I could live my life again, it would be in your arms.

13. It’s my 32nd birthday and I’ll eat ice cream whenever I like! (Yes, I am a little childish and proud of it!) I want to tell you that no one deserves this day more than me. It’s been a challenging year, but I have been working hard to get there. So far, it has been a worthwhile journey that has made me grow as a person.

14. Congratulations, I made it to another year. I wish myself a very happy birthday. Since there’s no gift, I could give myself that can match my worth. Happy 32nd birthday to me.

15. Today, I woke up a very happy person. For what, you might ask? It’s because today’s a special day for me. I have been waiting for this day for a long time, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

16. Yes, it’s my birthday. I am 32. Not that old, but it is the age when I need to start taking care of myself instead of always relying on someone else. To be honest, I don’t really mind, but today is the day I start walking on my own!

17. Happy birthday to myself! This is a very important date to remember. Today, I have taken the first step towards a bright future. More beautiful things will come into my life.

18. As I hit my 32nd year, all I can say is, wow! I wish today was a day off and we could celebrate it over a nice brunch. I wish myself the best years ahead.

19. Wishing myself a very happy day! Today, I joined the double-digit age club, and I am so happy! This day is about celebrating me and my achievements.

20. Today is my birthday and I am celebrating it with all my closest friends. Good friends like you, whom I can trust and talk to, are few and far between! I wish you luck in all that you do, and hope we never lose touch! Keep in mind that we are always there for each other. I love you so much.

21. Today is a new beginning, a chance to enjoy my life fully. I am going to explore new possibilities and step into a world of new opportunities. I have experienced a lot of bitter moments in my life, but I have become stronger with time. My heart is quite bruised and I have been hurt by many people. But I am sure that everything will get better from today. Wish me happiness!

22. Oh wow, I am one year older! But it seems like only yesterday I was 12 years old. This is the perfect year to get everything done. I am finally on track with my life, my friends are all fully grown up, my parents are doing well, and of course, nothing can stop me from fulfilling my lifelong desire – climbing Mount Everest! Good luck to me!

23. Oh man, I can’t even believe that today is the day that I will be turning 32! This has been such a long journey and I am glad that there were people like you to support me every step of the way. I wish myself every good thing in life.

24. Your friends celebrate with you on this special day. In this magnificent moment, I wish you success, prosperity, joy and happiness each day of your life. I love you with all my heart; wife! Remember, no matter how old I grow up to be, always remember how adorable I am.

25. On this special day, I wish myself every happiness! I hope my birthday will be filled with lots of good things. I will enjoy my day to the fullest. Thank you for all you have done for me. I love you.

26. I believe you I will succeed any time; it is in my blood. I am simply fantastic! Happy birthday to me and many happy returns!

27. Living a life is a great accomplishment, but turning 32 is a life milestone. I am very proud to be celebrating another year of living on this planet Earth. I wish myself greater heights.

28. I am on cloud nine! It is my birthday today and I am turning 32. I feel like the luckiest person in the world; I wish myself a wonderful year ahead.

29. Happy birthday to me! I can’t thank God enough for gifting to me so handsome, wonderful and dashing me. This year I have felt old far too often, mostly due to my greying hair. My only wish is to become younger every day, maybe then I won’t know where each day has gone.

30. Hey! Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for understanding me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for everything!!! Happy birthday again and again.

Happy 32nd Birthday to Me Quotes

Happy 32nd birthday to me! I know it is a bit egotistical of me to say that, but you will agree that I deserve a pat on my back for this. My friends have been waiting to see if I would do something spectacular on my 32nd birthday and I have not disappointed them.

1. “Oh! Indeed, a great day is the I was born, heaven notes it and the earth rejoiced. Happy 32nd birthday to me.”

2. “Today is great because it’s my 32nd birthday! I am +1.”

3. “Happy birthday to the most troublesome girl I know, don’t guess wrong. That’s me!!! I will make sure I enjoy my day.”

4. “It’s that time of the year, that messages won’t cease, it’s my 32nd birthday, happy birthday to me.”

5. “Party at my house, it’s not for a wedding but today is my birthday. Come, wish me well and eat to full.”

6. “I love my life, I can for myself, I appreciate my build! Thanks, mama for giving me the opportunity to live.”

7. “Happy birthday to the lovely me, I wish myself a long life and prosperity.”

8. “You are wondering, what’s special about today, it’s because I was born on a day like this. Happy birthday to me.”

9. “Cake is available, rice is also available! Yes, it’s my birthday.”

10. “Against all odds, here I am in a new year. Happy birthday to me.”

11. “Momma, I’m forever indebted to you cos of my birth. Happy birthday to me.”

12. “Friends and family, don’t be jealous of the messages I’m receiving, it’s my birthday, not yours!”

13. “Time to celebrate is, here again, join me as I celebrate a new year of goodness.”

14. “Another time of the year to celebrate and jubilate, yay it’s my 32nd birthday.”

15. “I’m wishing myself a happy new year, long life and prosperity.”

16. “It’s time to celebrate the end of 365 days and the start of a new 365 days. Happy birthday to me!”

17. “Let the wishes keep on rolling in, you know why? It’s this baby’s birthday.”

18. “Cheers to a brand new year pretty lady, you are wondering who’s celebrating what! Well, it’s my birthday peeps.”

19. “It’s my own day, my one and only birthday in this year, happy Honorable birthday to me.”

20. “Let the gifts and wishes keep coming, happy birthday to me.”

21. “Happy 32nd birthday to the only person that’s me, I’m happy it’s just my day and not our day.”

22. “She’s pretty, she’s honourable, she’s lovely, she’s beautiful! Happy birth love, Don’t look far, it’s me.”

23. “It’s my favourite day, the cake will be surplus, drinks will be available for a bath! HBD to me.”

24. “Enjoy your day, as I celebrate the best day in the year. Happy 32nd birthday to me.”

25. “I can’t believe last year is gone and a new started a few minutes ago. Happy birthday to the best girl you could ever meet.”

26. “Nothing o changing the time and day, I’ve got to enjoy myself! Best wishes to me.”

27. “I’m grateful for another year of success, gorgeous living, healthy life, goodness. Happy birthday to me.”

28. “I am thrilled and excited about today, happy birthday to me.”

29. “A year older today, it’s gonna be a happy year. Happy birthday to me!!!”

30. “I love my birthday because I become older and better!”

31. “I had a great birthday last year, I’m having a fabulous birthday right now! Happy birthday to me.”

32. “I’m gonna stuff my face with chocolate and cake because it’s my day, happy birthday to me.”

33. “I am listening to the radio and I heard my alarm rang that I’m a year older. Happy 32nd birthday to me.”

34. “To everyone on planet Earth, be calm ’cause it’s my birthday.”

35. “To everyone, who has been waiting for a moment to appreciate God’s gift to men, the time is now. Happy birthday to me!”

36. “The best time of the year is now, cos I could say with joy in my heart, I’m a year older.”

37. “I’m calm and cool because it’s my birthday!”

38. “I’m painting everywhere in red because it’s my birthday, life has been great.”

39. “Today I could reminiscence, God has been good to me and the year has been great! Cheers to a brand new year.”

40. “The year no one has seen before, that’s where I am, happy birthday to me.”

41. “A fabulous day spent with friends and family is worth it, thanks for making my 32nd birthday a happy one.”

42. “I am really blessed to have a great family and crazy friends; it’s getting cooler here cos my family and friends are celebrating me. Happy birthday to me.”

43. “I’m grateful to everyone who took their time to appreciate me in a way or the other, remember I love you guys. Let’s do this again next year!”

44. “God’s greatest gift to me, is people around me. I must say I’m overwhelmed by your love, thanks for making my birthday fabulous.”

45. “It’s the Queen’s birthday, yes it’s my birthday.”

46. “Happy new year to me, I wish myself all the best in the new year!”

47. “Do you hear sparkling sparkles joined with bubbling water, it’s because it is my birthday! Happy birthday to me.”

48. “As I am growing older, I’m getting wiser. Happy birthday to me!”

49. “The things that are sure about my new year include, becoming, wiser, prettier, more honourable, beautiful….. Happy birthday to me.”

50. “Happy 32nd birthday to gentlest of all, that’s me! Happy born to me.”

51. “Don’t look too far, the wonder is here! Happy birthday to God’s wonder.”

52. “Momma is happy because I made her happy years ago, and I’m happy cos she’s making me happy today. Happy 32nd birthday to me.”

53. “There are so many changes that come with ageing but listen to me, I am still me, happy birthday baby girl.”

54. “Best wishes for myself by myself to me, on my birthday.”

55. “Happy birthday to me, I just forgot about last year now!”

56. “I am grateful, for last year because I had wonderful times and this year promises wonder! Hurray, it’s my birthday.”

57. “What more can I wish for than you, yes you that celebrated with me today! Thanks for happy birthday wishes.”

58. “Here comes my special day, and it brought a lot of signals for promises and surprises for a new year! Happy 32nd birthday to me.”

59. “I plan to keep my age a secret for as long as I can, not permitted to ask cos it’s my birthday.”

60. “I can’t believe I look younger than, though I am the oldest today cos it’s my birthday!”

61. “This is not one of those birthdays, it’s different and dope!”

62. “Much thanks to my parents for the opportunity, I’m forever indebted to you….. Still, I wish myself the best in the new 365 days!”

63. “Dear me, look around and see God’s goodness, happy birthday ma’am me.”

64. “I looked all over but found out the day is normal for them but special for me. Happy 32nd birthday to me.”

65. “Now that I’m official, a year older! I’ve got to party, who’s up for the business.”

66. “In last year’s memory, I say thanks to everyone who made it bubble! Now, to this year I’m happy to announce to you that I’m a year older.”

67. “Respect your elder, it’s my birthday.”

68. “As I celebrate another year, I pray for greater achievement, love and influence. Happy birthday to me.”

69. “Do you have it in mind to enjoy yourself, come over to my place, it’s my birth anniversary?”

70. “To myself, from myself, for me, long life and prosperity.”

71. “Hip! hip!! hip!!! hooray. Yay, it’s my birthday.”

72. “No one dares steal my show, it’s my 32nd birthday.”

73. “Today is extraordinary because it’s my birthday.”

74. “I join the world to celebrate this exclusive me today, wonderful birthday to me.”

75. “I’ve been to the moon and back today, cos I allow the flight, happy birthday to me.”

76. “I need to swim to and to a spa, to wear off last year’s stress. Happy birthday to me.”

77. “When I came to this world, I knew my mama and papa but, now I know you and you! Again, I’m a year older.”

78. “Through the good and bad times of the year, God has been good. I introduce my new year to you. Wonderful birthday to me.”

79. “I’m gonna enjoy myself today cos it’s my day. Happy 32nd birthday to I, me and myself!”

80. “A party will be cool, but a party blast will be better. Happy birthday to me.”

81. “Introducing the oldest baby today, cheers to a new year, myself.”

82. “Thanks, momma, for giving birth to this priceless jewel on a day like this, I’m grateful ma. Happy birthday to me.”

83. “It’s your business, whether to agree or not, I’m the most amazing and talented girl you know. Happy birthday to me.”

84. “Today has proven, that I’m loved. Thanks, everyone, let’s do it together next year.”

85. “On this day, I wish myself happy memories in the new year. Happy birthday to me.”

86. “Lovely me is so happy that I’m indeed full of joy… It’s my birthday peeps.”

87. “I think the saying ” the older, the better” is right. I’m better than yesterday, happy birthday to me.”

88. “Happy 32nd birthday from me to myself, and long life and prosperity.”

89. “Happiness is sweet, and today has always marked the beginning of a new year, so I’m happy.”

90. “Yes, don’t think far, I’m celebrating myself because it’s my birth anniversary.”

91. “Sometimes, I wish I am supermen, then changing the world would have been easy, but there can only be one version of me! Happy 32nd birthday to me, make sure to cherish me.”

92. “They’ve always said good boy, fine boy but I’m saying kudos to that good boy for keeping it up for another year. Happy birthday to me.”

93. “Life is easy when it’s on a countdown, I’m a year older today, in strength, love, peace, wealth and lots more.”

94. “With the greatest joy in my heart, I announce my birthday to you peeps! Hooray, your babe is a year older.”

95. “It’s my 32nd birthday, and I plan on having crazy trips all over the place. Cheers to me in a new year.”

96. “Age is not just a number, I could say it anywhere so I’m older than you. Friends, it’s my day.”

97. “Happy birthday to me, my ageing is alongside the grace. I’m so happy!”

98. “I am so lucky that today is my birthday, cos I got to do what I couldn’t do yesterday, fabulous birthday to me.”

99. “You could join me, as I celebrate myself, on my day, in my new year. Happy birthday to me.”

100. “Thanks for the birthday wishes peeps, mehn, it’s great having you as family and friends. Happy 32nd birthday to me.”

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