Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother (2023)

Having an elder brother is one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone. They automatically serve as teachers, protectors, guides, role models, and superheroes to us.

If you’re a guy, realising someone was there before you and has gone through all you’re going to pass through, makes you more confident and strong, knowing you automatically have a teacher, custom made for you.

For the ladies, an elder brother’s love is like no other. He knows just the best way to pamper you. And while growing up, he is the one always there to shield you from bullies, and teach you how to defend yourself.

It’s even more amazing if your elder brother is also your best friend. It means you can totally be yourself around him, and joke and laugh about anything. And this, in fact, is the best type of relationship amongst older and younger siblings.

Even if your elder brother isn’t so cool and wonderful, that’s the more reason why you should send funny wishes to him on his birthday, rather than overly serious wishes. Because his birthday is a day you can easily get away with this.

That is why, rather than the conventional birthday’s wishes, I have come up with very Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Elder Brother, that will help to put an extra smile on his face, on his special day.

Feel free to send any of these messages to let him know how much you love him and cherish having him as not just an elder brother, but also as a friend.

Most Hilarious Happy Birthday Quotes for Your Brother

Most Hilarious and Funniest Birthday Quotes Wishes to send to your Elder Brother on his birthday. Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother.

1. Happy Birthday dearest brother. The candles on your cake are exactly the number of your real age. I already called 911 too, just in case you collapse after blowing them out. Have fun.

2. Happy birthday to my elder brother who doesn’t need to worry about getting old, since he is already old. You’re not my ELDER brother for nothing, right?

3. Dearest brother, I know you probably can’t remember how old you are today, so I helped out by putting the number of candles your last age was, on your cake. All you need to do is add 1, that shouldn’t be hard for you to do, right?

4. I really wanted to buy you a birthday cake, but I realised you’ll need a very big one to contain candles the number of your age, so, I changed my mind. Happy birthday, elder brother.

5. It’s your birthday, bro. I wish you a very happy and blessed one. Eat and enjoy your cake while you still have your teeth intact.

6. Happy birthday to my loving and supportive elder brother, who is literarily and officially now an elder. Have a blast, old man.

7. Happy birthday, elder brother. Now that it’s obvious you’re old, I hope you’ll finally agree I’m more handsome than you are.

8. Dear big brother, on your special day today, I sincerely want to wish you a Happy Birthday from the depth of my heart, but, I think Happy Old Age will be more appropriate.

9. Growing up, you used to make it very clear that you are older than me. Now that you are actually old, I hope you enjoy yourself. Happy birthday, brother.

10. People do say that age is just a number. I wonder if that applies when the age is a very big number. Happy birthday, bro, many more years in health and wealth.

11. Happy birthday, big brother. I pray you lots of joy, peace and happiness, and extra strength for your bones and teeth too.

12. As you turn a year older today, may your hair follicles, and teeth remain ever young. Happy birthday, brother.

13. Happy birthday to my amazing big brother. Let’s go celebrate and have fun today, while you still can move your body easily.

14. Happy birthday, big brother. I know you like to party hard, so I thought to remind you to reserve some energy for the years to come.

15. Happy birthday, darling big brother. May today be filled with a lot of joy and laughter. At least, while your teeth are still intact.

16. Happy birthday to my very handsome big brother. Just a reminder that it’s only a matter of time before the most handsome title in the family comes to me. Blame old age, not me.

17. A very happy birthday to you, dearest brother. May your life be full of awesome blessings, and may you never grow old. You’re already old anyways.

18. Growing up, it felt really great having a big brother to protect and shield me from bullies. Now that you’re old, I’m not sure I feel the same. I’ll simply just stay out of trouble now. Happy birthday, old man.

19. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate an amazing man born on this day. You taught me to be a strong woman and were my source of strength. It’s good to know I now get to be same for you, now that you’re old.

20. Happy birthday to you, darling brother. I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but, yea, you’re officially now an old man. Enjoy your new age.

21. Happy birthday, big brother. I remember I used to love flaunting you to my friends. That was then though, but don’t worry, I’m always proud to be your younger sister.

22. Happy birthday to you, big brother. I love you to the moon and back, with a love that will never grow old nor die. Don’t worry, my love is not like you.

23. Happy birthday to the world’s best brother. I want you to know that just like me, my love and respect for you are ever young. I wish I could say the same for you too.

24. Happy birthday, big brother. It’s your special day, but the drinks and food are still on you. That’s why you’re the elder brother.

25. Happy birthday, dear brother. I know you’re scared of getting old, but don’t worry, I’ll always be proud of you, no matter how old you get. Even when all your teeth are out.

26. It’s your birthday, big brother, and I am prepared to eat as many slices of cake as possible, from the numerous cakes you’ll get from your secret admirers, as usual. Enjoy it while it lasts bro.

27. Dear old age, please be extremely nice to my older brother. You can start taking part of his teeth and turning his hair grey, but please, leave his handsome face for now. Happy birthday to you, bro.

28. This is the only day of the year when I’m always happy you’re my older brother. At least you’re closer to old age than I am. Happy birthday to you, my dearest big brother.

29. You’ve been an amazing brother, friend, and teacher, to me. I’m glad you’re entering old age before me too, so I can learn even more from you. Happy birthday to you, big brother.

30. Happy birthday to you, bro. No need to worry, you still have 15 more years before the big 50. I’m proud of you.

31. Happy birthday to you, big brother. Don’t worry, I promise to not remind you about how old you now are. I’ll be nice to you, but, just today, cos you just clocked 35.

32. I wish you a new year full of bliss, and a face free of wrinkles. Happy birthday to you, dearest brother.

33. I heard the tradition on birthdays is, the smaller the age, the bigger the cake. You’re definitely getting a cupcake today. Happy birthday, brother.

34. You used to eat the biggest share of my birthday cakes, cos you were bigger than me. I’m just glad I get to eat the biggest share of yours too, now. Happy birthday, big brother.

35. A very special happy birthday to my big brother, today. You’re the strongest man I know, both in and out, and I can only hope old age keeps it that way.

36. I still quite remember what your birthdays used to be like. Lots of food, drinks, booze, and girls too. But in the past few years, it’s been just you and your family. That’s part of what old age does to people right?

37. The older you become, the fewer people at your birthday party. It’s just you and I today, big brother. We’re still gonna have fun, watching your favourite sport together. Happy birthday, brother.

38. I was waiting for 12 am, to be the first to wish my darling big brother a happy birthday, as usual. Then it dawned on me that I should have passed this responsibility to someone else by now. Get yourself a wife this year, bro, you’re getting old.

39. Happy birthday to you, bro. I hope you at least, still have the strength? Cos you’re going to be blowing out lots of candles today. Long life and prosperity.

40. I’m still yet to understand why we throw such big parties, just to celebrate the fact that we are a year closer to our end. Happy birthday, big brother, many more years. Have much fun today.

41. Dear big brother, please make sure you give yourself a treat and have fun today, while you still can. Happy birthday to you.

42. If I had one wish, it will be that you never grow old, so you can remain ever young and handsome. But then, that’s no good wish. So, start enjoying old age, big brother. Happy birthday to you.

43. I wanted to buy you a really nice cake for your consumption alone, then I remembered your age. Sugar doesn’t treat old men too well, brother. Just have a very happy birthday.

44. Happy birthday to you, bro. I now always look forward to your birthdays, but only cos of those special dishes your wife puts together only on your birthday. See you soon.

45. Happy birthday to my amazing brother, the pacesetter of our home. Glad to know someone has gone ahead of me into old age too.

46. I once asked mum why you always get a bigger share of everything, than me. She said it’s cos you’re older than me. So, enjoy being old. Happy birthday elder brother.

47. I sincerely used to wish I could grow as old as you are overnight, and be your elder brother, but looking at what old age is doing to you now, I’ll gladly pass and keep being the younger one. Happy Birthday, amazing brother.

48. When I was younger, you were my protector and guide. Now that you’re getting old, I’ll get to return the favour. Happy birthday, elder brother. You’re the best.

49. Happy birthday to my dear brother, mentor, and role model. I deeply appreciate you for all you are, and I want to be like you when I grow up. Except for the growing old part, of course.

50. “Happy 40th birthday, elder brother”. I promise to not remind you of how old you are anymore. Just so you know, your cake has exactly what’s written in quotes, as its message. I love you.

51. Happy birthday to you. It’s on days like this that I remember all the things you taught me as a kid. You take credit for all the bad things I ever learnt, and now trying so hard to unlearn.

52. Have an amazing birthday celebration today, sweet brother. There comes a time when you wouldn’t be able to, even if you want it.

53. I used to think being an elder brother is the best thing that can happen to any man until I saw what old age started doing to you. Happy birthday darling brother. May old age be nicer to your hair this year.

54. Happy birthday to you, bro. My greatest wish for you is that you keep looking younger even as you grow older. If only wishes were horses, though.

55. I used to wish I could trade places with you and the older one when I was still a kid. But not anymore, I’m happy being the younger one. Happy birthday to you, brother. And you’re older yet again.

56. You always had my back and kept the bullies away from me, while growing up. I wish I could pay you back by keeping old age away from you, but it’s beyond me. So, have a happy birthday celebration, and enjoy being old, dear brother.

57. I can’t keep calm, it’s my elder brother’s birthday. You’re indeed an elder in all ramifications. Enjoy your new age, even as you age, bro.

58. Happy birthday, elder brother. I was thinking of what gift to get you this year, then I realised, no gift can be as valuable as true birthday wishes from my heart. May wrinkles be very far from your face this year.

59. Happy birthday, big brother. I hope you’re not planning to lie about your age like many people do? And just in case you’ve forgotten your real age, it’s 39. Have the best birthday celebration ever.

60. My birthday wishes for you is that, as a year is being added to your age today, 10 years be subtracted from your looks. Did you just say amen? It’s just a wish remember?

61. I love you so much and will do anything for you, except to grow old for you. Happy birthday, elder brother. It’s your best year yet.

62. Happy birthday to you, dearest brother. Congrats, you just took one step closer to needing a walking stick. Have a great day.

63. Happy birthday, big brother. Thanks for making me feel like one of the boys, and forgetting I’m actually a lady.

64. Hey big brother, I noticed your excitement about your birthday this year and thought to tell you I’m super proud of you. You’re the first person I know, who is excited about actually getting old.

65. Today is a very good day to say a big thank you to you, for being my elder brother, and going ahead of me into everything, including old age. Happy birthday, brother.

66. Happy birthday to my elder brother who has refused to grow old. I really want to know how you have managed to remain as handsome as ever, all these years.

67. You have lived a very good life and impacted many lives along the way, including mine. A very happy birthday to you, elder brother. A million and one accolades to you.

68. Happy birthday, elder brother. May you not have to start worrying about memory losses and walking sticks just yet, or anytime soon. Have a super amazing celebration.

69. Happy birthday, bro. This is your penultimate year to officially being an old man. Enjoy it while it lasts.

70. Happy birthday to you, elder brother. Though the number of your age be very great, you’re only as old as you feel. I’m sure you still feel like an 18yr old, though you’re 40 today.

71. Happy birthday, brother. You know I love singing birthday songs to you and shouting hip hip hurray, the number of your new age. But considering your age this year, I decided to send a text instead.

72. It was amazing watching you grow bigger and stronger than me. And I’m really looking forward to the opposite now, as you grow older. Happy birthday to you, elder brother.

73. Happy birthday to you, my dear brother. I hope you enjoy your day as much as you enjoy alcohol. Have fun.

74. Dear brother, you really don’t have to worry about old age, because I’ll always be there to cheer you on and make it fun. Just the way you like it. Happy birthday to you.

75. Happy birthday to my wonderful elder brother, who has always been a pillar I can lean on, and in a few years time, will have to start leaning on me.

76. Happy birthday, bro. I really hope on the top of your list of desires for this year, is a wife. Age isn’t on your side anymore, please, make it quick.

77. I remember always trying to meet and keep up with you, in all things. I officially give up trying, especially as you’re fast approaching old age. Happy birthday to the best elder brother ever.

78. May you always have reasons to be happy, and always smiling, even after your teeth is all out. Happy birthday, my dearest elder brother.

79. Happy birthday to my elder brother who seems to be getting younger and more handsome with age.

80. Happy birthday to you, dear brother. I really wanted to make you a birthday cake this year, but since you’re far away, I will send you the picture, then, eat it on your behalf. I love you, bro.

81. Happy birthday, my darling brother. I just spoke with the angels and asked them to keep old age from coming your way. But, on the condition that you be very nice to me, this year. Have a blessed year, bro.

82. Happy birthday, darling brother. 40 sure looks great on you, and old age’s got absolutely nothing on you. Have a super celebration.

83. Happy birthday to the second best brother in the world. We both know I’m the best, so no need for argument. Do have a very great day and a prosperous new year.

84. Happy birthday to you. I wish you all the things that money cannot buy. You can return the favour by giving me all the money you have. Lol, you’re the best, bro.

85. I know we were like Tom and Jerry growing up and were always in each other’s throat. But, you know it’s because I’ve always loved you so much, and can’t do without you. Happy birthday, elder bro, more blessings.

86. Happy birthday, brother. Today is your special day, so feel free to make a wish, and the angels will bring it to pass. Don’t waste it asking for you to not grow old though. That’s impossible.

87. Happy birthday to you. I wish you the most wonderful new year ever, free of back pains and alcohol. Have fun.

88. I wish above all things that all your heart desires be granted this year. Especially, the one concerning getting a wife, though, I know it’s not on your list, I just officially added it. Happy birthday dearest brother.

89. I wish you all the happiness in the world, my dearest brother. No one deserves to be happy, as much as you. Thanks for being absolutely amazing. Happy Birthday to you.

90. Happy 30th birthday, bro. May this new age and phase of your life be as beautiful as I am and much more. I love you deeply.

91. I wouldn’t trade the type of relationship I have with you, as my elder brother, for anything. You’re one of life’s best gifts to me. Happy birthday to you.

92. God loves me so much, he decided to prove it by giving me you, as my elder brother. Happy birthday to you, bro. Long life and prosperity.

93. When I count my blessings, I can’t help but count you twice. You’re the best elder brother in the whole world. God bless and increase you on all sides. Happy birthday to you.

94. I must have done a lot of things right in my former life, to have been gifted with an amazing elder brother like you. Happy birthday to you.

95. I can’t seem to find the perfect words to use in celebrating such an amazing personality, like you. Happy birthday to you, big brother, none can compare to you.

96. You have continually showered me with much love and care, and I sincerely want to say thank you for nurturing and pampering me as your baby sister. Happy birthday to you, elder brother. I love you deeply.

97. Even if I had the power to change my past, one thing I will never change is having you as my elder brother. May this be the happiest birthday and year you’ve had so far.

98. Like fine wine, you keep getting better, wiser, and lovelier, with age. Happy birthday to you, dear brother. I love and appreciate you.

99. I remain the luckiest girl ever, to have grown up with such a wonderful elder brother like you. Have a very happy birthday celebration, you deserve it.

100. A year older, yet younger, a year wiser and better, a year finer and bigger. Happy birthday to you, dearest brother, as you increase in all things bright and beautiful.

101. Having you as my elder brother has really been a source of blessing to me. Have a great celebration. Happy birthday to you.

102. Growing old was exciting and fun, with you as my elder brother. I want to especially wish you a Happy Birthday today, and welcome you to your best year yet.

103. Thanks for being an amazing elder brother, and friend. I’m a better person today, cos of all I learnt from you. Happy birthday to you.

104. Dear elder brother of mine, you’re the best ever. A very happy birthday to you, today. Bigger and greater you I pray.

105. Happy birthday to my very first real and best friend. You’re one in a million, and I’m always proud of being your younger sister. Thanks for all you do, bro.

106. Happy birthday to you, bro. You’re super awesome, and I can’t trade you for anything. Have a very great celebration.

107. I celebrate you today, and all other days, my caring brother. You deserve all the best birthday wishes and the best celebration ever. Happy 30th birthday to you.

108. Happy birthday to my super brother, and small daddy. Thanks for being a good example for me to follow. You’re greatly blessed.

109. I’m sending lots of love your way, on your birthday today, brother. I really am blessed to have you in my life. Abundant blessings from above are yours today.

110. Happy birthday to my very loving and kind elder brother. May all your desires be granted today and always. I love you.

111. Happy birthday to you, dear brother. You have been a huge source of inspiration to me all these years, and I pray God takes you to greater heights.

112. You deserve the happiest birthday ever, big bro. May this be your best year yet. Age gracefully.

113. A superhero I call brother was born today. Happy birthday sweet bro, I’m super proud to be your baby sister.

114. Dear brother, I appreciate you for all you have done and been to me since I was a little kid. I couldn’t have wished for a better elder brother. Happy birthday to you.

115. You deserve the very best, and I hope you get nothing less, this new year and beyond. Happy birthday big brother.

116. Happy birthday to my confidant, best friend, and a handsome big brother. I love you dearly and pray you get all your heart desires today.

117. My childhood memories are all filled with happy moments, all because of you. Thanks for being an amazing big brother. Happy birthday to you.

118. Every girl deserves a big brother like you, and I’m super lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday, elder brother,

119. Having a brother like you, to look up to and learn from, is a very great privilege, and I want to especially wish you a happy birthday today.

120. Dear big brother, thanks for being my guardian angel and hero. You’re super amazing and deserve the happiest birthday ever.

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