Sweet Good Evening Messages for Wife from the Heart 1

2023 Sweet Good Evening Messages for Wife from the Heart

Women really love to be appreciated and when you make her feel cherished, you can be assured of her love. After a stressful day at work, sending her one of these beautiful good evening messages will take her breath away and take all the stress away. Besides, who doesn’t want a wife coming home with all the smiles and giggles she can possibly give as a result of the thoughtfully composed message you sent.

Romantic Good Evening Text Messages for My Wife

When you want the best of good evening wishes for your wife, use this collection of sweet good evening text messages for my wife.

1. I pray your heart be filled with the coolness and serenity that the evening brings. May the evening breeze blow off the stress the day brought, and may your heart experience genuine peace and love. Good evening, Babe.

2. Whenever you go, you create an ambience of love, laughter, and joy. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. How was work today?

3. A beautiful evening to the woman who stole my heart. I take out the time to appreciate you for your love and faithfulness over the years. Marriage can’t be sweeter than this. Hope your day was cool?

4. I have gotten so drunk with your love that all day long, I could not get myself to stop thinking about you. Good evening my fine wine. Hope your day went well?

5. For me, evening is the best part of the day because I get to spend it with you. Hope work was not too stressful?

6. Not only do I have time to relax during the evenings, but I also enjoy bliss. Thank you for making my life this sweet. Good evening, Gummy bear. Winks.

7. To my precious Sweetheart and the one who has made it possible for me to wear a constant smile, I wish you an evening filled with love and sweetness.

8. Beautiful evenings are the ones you spend with loved ones. My evenings are always beautiful because of you. Good evening, my Love.

9. You deserve a beautiful rest after a long day at work. Take a warm bath, have a nice meal and stay pretty for me. Good evening.

10. I’m happy to have you as a part of me. I am surrounded by your love day and night. Your hugs bring strength unknown, your smiles bring sunshine to brighten my mood, and your voice tells tales to soothe my restless soul. Your whisper says, ‘I love you, never let me go.’ Good evening, my treasure.

11. You may not be here to hold my hands but you hold my heart forever, my wife.

12. There is nothing sweeter than love from both parties. I have enjoyed undiluted love from you. You are my engine. Good evening, Soul mate.

13. Everything about you is sweet; your smile, your look, your touch. I am sure it is your demeanor that gives honey its sweetness. I am lucky to have you. Good evening Beloved.

14. My love and passion for you grows every day; when I think about your gorgeous face, I lose my breath; your eyes fill my heart with joy and happiness. I love to hold your hands and feel your silky black hair. I cherish you, wifey, Good evening

15. The best thing I have done since birth is to love you. The best gift I’ve received in life is your love, and the best thing that has ever happened to me is you. I love you, my Chocolate.

16. Love is when you become speechless at the sight of someone despite the one thousand and one things in your mind. This is what happens to me whenever I see you; when I look into your eyes or hold you in my arms, nothing else matters. Good evening my Jewel.

17. Your lips speak sweetness, your touch a soothing caress. I am lost in your magic, now I believe my heart beats within you, my wife. Good evening.

18. Millions and millions of years would not afford me even half time to describe that most beautiful moment you accepted my proposal. I have never regretted having you as my wife. Thank you.

19. Not only are you a companion, but you are also my biggest cheerleader. A loving and faithful partner is the biggest blessing for a man. I am blessed. Good evening Honey.

20. If it weren’t your loving nature, beautiful smile and friendly nature, I wouldn’t have a meaningful life. Not only are you my life partner but you are my love partner. Good evening, Heartbeat.

21. You are the romantic tide who made my heart wide; you are my bride and you make my life right with pride.

22. You may not be perfect in many things but many things cannot be perfect without you. You have been special every day, in every way. Thank you, my Love. Good evening

23. I am not rich but I have a wealthy heart, I may not be the best but I will ever give you my best, I may not always be right, but I will never be wrong loving you. My joy knows no bound when I remember you will forever be mine. Good evening, Honey.

24. There are three great things that happened in my life. The first thing is that I fell in love with you, the second is that you fell n love with me, and the third is that we stayed in love with each other through all these years.

25. The day seems to drag, though I enjoyed the activities at work my mind was with you all through, making me desperate for the evening. Thank God, the evening is here my love.

26. All day long, you were in my thought. As I think about you, my heart reaches to the heavens concerning you. I did not only think about you my love, I practically held you in my prayers. Good evening my candy.

27. Your smile brings light to my soul just as a fluorescence brightens a dark room. Hope your day went well? Good evening my heartbeat.

28. I thought I could cope this long without you by my side but right now, it’s like I cannot breathe. I will be home before cockcrow tomorrow just to catch my breath. Good evening dear one.

29. The comfort I get from your embrace is nothing short of blissful. I yearn again and again for it. Have a blessed evening my love.

30. You are the brightness of my day and the coolness of my evening. Truly, you are the best thing that has happened to me.

31. Everyone wondered what kept me excited all day. They never knew you were in my thought all day.

32. You have taken away my breath and replaced it with your fragrance. I carry you with me everywhere I go. Indeed, you are my soul mate. You complete me in every manner. Hope your day went well? Good evening my love.

33. Let’s do this forever, my lover, my friend and the mother of my children. You are my friend and my children‘s angel.

34. You are the fairest amongst women. My passion for you is beyond words. Why have you decided to steal my tender heart, now I care about nothing else but you.

35. I will hold your hands and never let go. Please, do not let go of my heart. With you, my heart is in a safe haven. Good evening soul mate.

36. All I ever want to see when I wake every morning is you. Now, you are far away with my heart with you. I cannot wait for your arrival, my lover. Hope your day went well, good evening love.

37. I cannot imagine my existence without you. You fill every void in me. I am so grateful you are mine in reality. I love you and I cannot do without you. Good evening

38. You are an epitome of strength. No matter what you are going through, you always break through. Thank you for accepting my love. What more can I ask for? Good evening dearest

39. As you lay to rest, be rest assured that you will sleep in safety because not only are you precious to me. You are a delight to God. Hope your day went well? Good evening

40. You are the best gift from God to me. Your heart is so pure and genuine; filled with love and affection. Your hands are strong; they are filled with skills and care. I and the children are blessed to have you as our own. Good evening my love

41. Not only do you brighten my countenance, but your wisdom also gives direction to my path. I will rather have this lifetime with you, than with someone else. Good evening, love.

42. There is this charm and grace that comes with your gaze. It is etched in the innermost part of my soul. You can be sure I carry you everywhere I go. You are indeed my soul mate.

43. My greatest pursuit is to be your husband; my deepest desire is to love you. Good evening wifey.

44. My love for you ends when life ends. You are my life, you are my everything.

45. Although we do not have all the time to hold hands, I am glad we are in each other’s heart at all times. Thank you for loving and accepting me. I do not take that for granted. Good evening my queen

46. Just as the earth revolves around the sun, in the same manner, does my life revolve around your heart. You are my essence.

47. You are an excellent woman at work and a perfect wife and wonderful mother at home. I often wonder how you are able to balance everything with ease. You are indeed an angel. Hope your day went well?

48. For making my life this perfect and helping me through life’s uncertainties, words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you for being my helper. Have a beautiful evening my dear

49. Your smile is the most effective solution to my life’s problem. Whenever you flash that beautiful smile of yours, I forget all of life’s challenges. Good evening my angel.

50. Even if I am to live eternally on earth, and if I am to tell you, ‘I love you’ each day. Yet, it is not enough to describe the extent of my love for you.

51. Indeed you are a child of your Father (God). Each day you appear new. I can never get tired of having you around. Never! Good evening pumpkin

52. I will never regret giving my heart to you. It was an intentional act; I was so certain you will take perfect care of it and today, my gratitude knows no bound. Good evening treasure, hope your day went well?

53. You are my every success, my very essence. I am passionate about you and I cherish you. Good evening Honeybun.

54. You have been with me through life’s challenges and joys. I cannot imagine doing life without you. Thank you for the years of faithfulness. My forever is with you. How are you doing this evening?

55. For making our home a safe place to be; a peaceful harbor, a romantic villa, and an amusement park. I appreciate you. Hope your day went well my darling?

56. I get extremely excited about evenings because it is a romantic bliss with you. You make life easy and fun-filled.

57. Many get scared about night time but for me, evening and night time seem like the best time of the day, I enjoy uninterrupted time with you, my lover.

58. My desire was to get someone I could live with, what I got instead is someone I cannot live without. Thank you for making my life worthwhile

59. You consistently gave me the most beautiful gift a woman can give her husband; spiritual refreshment. Thank you for being a woman of virtue. Good evening my love.

60. Despite the bitterness in the world, my life is so sweet. Why is that? It is simply because I have you in my life. Good evening better half.

61. You make me understand what God means when He said women are helpers. I wonder how my life would have been without you in it. You have shown me love and passion. No one could have done it better, I appreciate. God evening Hon’Bun.

62. You have not only taught me Love but you have also taught me trust. Thank you for being my wife. Good evening

63. I have often wonder what sacrifice I paid to make me such a favoured man. Not only are you beautiful but you are an embodiment of wisdom.

64. You have this charm that makes my heart melt and a pose that makes me crazy. I can’t stop myself from staring at the wonder you are. Your image is engraved in my heart. Good evening my love.

65. Beautiful, intelligent, talented, strong, skillful and wise. This is the best description of you. Hope yours was not too stressful? Good evening.

66. You shine bright as the sun, you are as beautiful as the stars in a dark night, you give light my life as the moon. With you in my life, I have every good thing on earth. I take out this time to appreciate you, my dear wife. Good evening.

67. Your tenderness makes me feel so strong, your humility makes me feel wise, and your wisdom makes me a successful man. I will forever cherish you. Good evening my sugar.

68. Everywhere you go, you create an atmosphere of warmth and love. ‘Angel’ is not a sweet name for you; it is the definition of who you are. Good evening my angel

69. I wish eternity involves getting married; I would have chosen you over and over. You are my Queen, you complete me. I hope you were not stressed today at work? Good evening wifey.

70. You are my invaluable treasure; your love, your smile, your beauty, and wisdom. The riches on earth cannot afford you. I am so glad and proud to have you. Good evening, my angel.

71. I have always doubt my capabilities but when you came into my life, you turned me into a changed person. Today, people celebrate me as a successful person, not knowing you are my essence. Thank you.

72. Your fragrance gives me inspiration, now you know why I never want to leave your side. You are God’s blessing to me.

73. Hello gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying your evening? Just want to remind you that you are all that matters to me. You are that one human that makes me tick. Thank you for doing that.

74. The sun is setting, the flowers are ready for rest, the beauty that comes from daytime is fading gradually but the smile on my lips remains constant. You are the reason behind that smile. I cannot wait to wrap you up in my embrace.

75. Remember those days I scribble my affections on a piece of paper? Beautiful old days. Thank you for allowing me be your husband. Even as technology evolves, likewise is my love for you. Good evening Mi’Lady.

76. Hi Pookie! Just a quick reminder that you are and will always be the woman of my dreams. Love Ya

77. I thought I had my heart kept away from the hands of any human until you stole it effortlessly. Now my heart is yours forever. I am grateful my heart is safer with you.

78. As the roses bloom at the touch of rain, likewise my face blooms when I think about you. Have a beautiful evening my love.

79. The thought of your smile as you read this brings great joy unto me. You are the best choice I made; I could never go this far without you as my support. Thank you for all you do. Good evening Sweet.

80. You make life so beautiful. My day is far brighter and I am sure it is not due to the light the sun gives. It is you! Good evening Pumpkin.

81. I love you, I love you, I love you. I doubt if I can ever get tired of these words. You give new meaning to this word each day.

82. The Bible says, ‘He that finds a wife, finds a good thing.’ You gave me the understanding of this mystery. My gratitude to God for you is eternal. Hope your day went well, my jewel?

83. Your smile has cast a spell on me. Whenever you smile, I seem to lose every defense. Now, I believe you are.

84. You see my soul through my eyes. You know my worries even when I smile; you help me through difficult times. You are my sunshine. I will forever cherish you.

85. As beautiful as the rose, as sweet as chocolate, as desirable as wine; so you are my love. How are you this evening?

86. Your eyes are as bright as the fluorescence, your leg as beautiful as gazelle, your shape as hour-glass. Your body makes me ecstatic. Good evening, Cutie

87. My best life is with you. We have achieved a whole lot and the world is yet to see our best because, with you, I can become everything. Good evening, my Love.

88. Despite our imperfections, we have loved each other genuinely. Thank you for your resilience and forgiving spirit. I cannot love you less. You are my heartbeat.

89. After deep reflections, I will be an ingrate not to thank God for the gift of you. Good evening Muffin.

90. This evening, may your troubles go down with the sun. May sweet rest take over your being. You know I love you, right? Good evening my heartbeat.

91. As important as breath is to life, so are you to me. You make me tick, my Love. Good evening.

92. Like a magnet, you have attracted my heart to yourself. Now, I cannot stop thinking about you despite the years we’ve had together. Like, Oliver Twist, I ask God for much more years of pure love with you my dear wife. Good evening dear wife.

93. After the birth of each child, you grow more beautiful. You have an undying enchantment and I have been caught in the web of your magic.

94. Yes! I will do life over and over with you. You define me. You know my weaknesses and yet love me unconditionally. I cannot stop thanking God for the gift of you. Hope today was nice? Good evening my Pumpkin

95. My prayer warrior, the woman behind my success, my backbone. How are you doing this evening? May all your good desires be met speedily. Good evening Love

96. You fill my heart with so many thrills. Having you as my woman is indeed a dream comes true. I sincerely appreciate you. Good evening my love.

97. Regardless of our differences, you are the one I want to see beside me every morning. You are my true love. Good evening Sunshine.

98. Through your iris, I can view my soul, you are indeed my completion. Good evening Soul mate. Trust you had a great day at work.

99. I feel so precious right now. Why? It is simply because you love me. You make me feel like the most important person in the world. I am grateful to have you.

100. To the sweetness of my honey, the brightness of my sun, the beauty of my flower. I say a good evening. You give meaning to my world. Good evening, my Angel.

Evening is always a reflection of how well you have maximized your day. You can still help your wife to get the best of the day by sending these messages to her. It will surely send some sweet relaxation magic to her body, soul, and mind.

Trust me, sending her one of this heartfelt message will sure put a big smile on her face after a stressful day.

So, what are you still waiting for? Pick up your phone and do it. Winks.

Written By Joseph Abimbola.

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