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2023 Trending You Are Beautiful Sms Messages

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” they say. So, whoever you deem beautiful is surely deserving your praise and acknowledgment.

However, you may find it tasking complimenting the beauty you came across or the one you see every day, cause words fail you.

Good news! That can’t stop you from expressing your pleasure, cause here lies the remedy with this list of beautiful Sms messages.

So, pick from this lovely collection of You Are Beautiful Sms and cause them to bless you with their beauty all day long.

You Are So Beautiful Messages for Her (or Him)

Since beauty is not gender specific, you can tell anyone they are beautiful. So these you are beautiful text messages and you are so beautiful sms are awesomely written for her or him – the best for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Your flaws are beautiful and your smile is heavenly.

2. You stand out amongst the rest even with a frown from afar.

3. True beauty lies in the core of your heart. It’s so hard not to see it, my darling.

4. The steps of your feet are more enticing than the smoothness of wine in a glass cup. You’re beautiful, my darling.

5. Your good looking smile matches your loving heart. You give me something to look forward to every morning, my love.

6. To the most beautiful woman on earth; never give up on our love.

7. I’ll fight to keep you. For with you, I’ve got beatitude in this sad world.

8. Beautify my world with your kisses. Let it serenade me from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.

9. You are beautiful, my love. Even the wind agrees with it and the sun cannot contest it.

10. You beautify my deserted world like with many flowers on a lonely field.

11. My eyes can see your beauty. Howbeit, if I’m blind, my heart will testify of your gorgeousness still.

12. Everything about you is special, including your beautiful flaws and scars.

13. You’re courageous, you’re smart, you’re kind, you’re responsible. And you’re beautiful.

14. I’ll stare at you without a blink, for my eyes is yet to see any creature better than you.

15. You steal the day so effortlessly. For you were born to stand out.

16. Life is good. Cause you’re good looking to me.

17. You stun me always with your beauty and composure.

18. Your beauty dims the rays of the sun. So, forgive her when she gets jealous.

19. With the shape of your lips and the curve of your smile, I feel peace and joy.

20. Come as you are to me, my love. For I consider you beautiful from all fronts.

21. Be by my side always. For I’m ready to make you feel special. Special is what you are to me, my darling.

22. Do not let the evil of this world deceive you out of your beauty. For it is the only good they are jealous of.

23. I can’t stop loving you. Just as my lips won’t stop singing your praise.

24. You’re the definition of love and beauty. And you’re the giver of hope and faith to me.

25. Do not hide your flaws from me, my darling, cause they make you beautiful in my eyes.

26. All night long, we’ll make love. And all day long, we’ll love till the dusk comes.

27. Your smile is a treasure I’ll cherish till death. For it is salvation to my sinful soul.

28. You heal me of pain and sorrow. And with the words of your mouth, you save me from destruction and death.

29. The potter made you more beautiful. For you’re privileged than the rest.

30. The whispers of your mouth are melodious and the size of your eyes keep me longing to see you.

31. You keep my heart wondering if you were made by the same one who created us all. For you’re exceptionally beautiful, my love.

32. I’m blessed to have you call me your own. In this life and in the one to come, I’ll call you beautiful.

33. Beatitude in my heart. For I’ve seen true beauty in you. You’re my heaven on earth.

34. Color my world with your smile. Attend to my needs with your loving kisses.

35. Perhaps, you’ve heard it all too often, but know this much is true; your beauty is deeper than the oceans.

36. Because God has given you to me, I’ll worship Him forever. Thank you for being mine, my darling.

37. I don’t need the moon and its light. For I’ve got you all night long.

38. Look into my eyes in return. For your gaze pierces me to my soul and awakens my very spirit.

39. You’re so good looking. Even your feet captivates my mind.

40. I’ll treat you with loving kindness. For you’re precious in my sight.

41. I can’t help but love you regardless of how beautiful you look, my darling.

42. Your love is beautiful. It makes me feel the warmth of the sea even from the top of the mountain.

43. You’re my weakness. For your beauty knocks me off my feet, my love.

44. I’ll rather see you every day than the sun. For there’s no light outside of you.

45. Unlike the beauty of the world, yours never diminishes.

46. Your shadow is a stunning work of art. You’re beautiful in person and in shadows.

47. Nature was kind to you even with your flaws. For they’re endearing, my love.

48. You deserve the good-looking things of life. For you’re more beautiful than the blue sea.

49. Stay with me, my darling. Like the sun sticks to the sky. Beautify my world, my love. Just as the moon does to the sky at night.

50. From now till the end of the earth, we’ll look beautiful together and forever.

51. You’re indeed beautiful, cause it takes the angels to beat you to it.

52. No matter how much you age, your beauty can never diminish.

53. Every night you walk into my dream looking more beautiful than you are in reality.

54. As long as you’re on earth, your beauty remains unmatchable.

55. Nothing makes you more good looking than your pure heart.

56. The kind of beauty you possess makes a man stop sleeping.

57. When I go down memory lane, the only thing that never ages about you is your beauty.

58. Each time my eyes meet with yours, I feel your beauty accentuating the more.

59. You were blessed with a number of gifts. Your beauty stands out amongst them.

60. If you ever quit looking good, I’ll be the beauty of your life.

61. I’m lost in your eyes. You need not a mirror to see how good looking you are, my eyes tell it all.

62. You’ll make heaven because you possess a heavenly kind of beauty.

63. You’re my iconic beauty, whilst I’m the beast. Without your love, I’ll be spellbound for life.

64. “Beauty is skin deep,” they say. Yet, yours radiate from the inside to the outside.

65. The whole world would agree, that you’re indeed beautiful. No one can call you plain.

66. As beautiful as the morning may be, you’re more stunning than she is.

67. I suspect, you came down from heaven by chance, cause your beauty is out of this world.

68. Your beauty is a blessing in many shades. It protects and favours you always.

69. You’re all I want, cause your beauty is so complete.

70. Words are not enough to describe the emotions you arouse in me, but by the helpless look on my face, you can tell how much I’m smitten by you.

71. Your beauty is magical, for it casts a spell on me.

72. I’ll make your life more beautiful than it already is with the love I’ll shower on you.

73. You’re so beautiful. The world stops to watch you pass by.

74. I acknowledge your beauty by loving you with the whole of my heart.

75. Heaven is here with me, once you arrive with your beautiful face.

76. I’m surrounded by your love. I’m held down by the beauty of your heart.

77. No matter how old you get, the beauty of your heart never diminishes but grows stronger each passing day.

78. It’s not your fair skin that makes you beautiful, but your pure heart which is made of gold.

79. It’s my duty to take good care of you, till it reflects on your beautiful face.

80. Nothing beautifies my world much more than your love for me.

81. You’re as good looking as a colourful butterfly perching on the most beautiful flower.

82. Your beauty is not as the world gives. It’s so heavenly and stunningly beautiful.

83. You effortlessly fall into the category of exceptional, cause your beauty is one of a kind.

84. Something about you takes me to the moon and back and it’s beyond your good look.

85. You smile brighter than the sun at its peak. Hence, I’ll smile with you, till the end of time.

86. When you’re exposed to the warmth of the sun, you become hotter than a runway model.

87. When your beautiful body lies next to me, it takes my breath away.

88. Even when you get angry, your face is too beautiful to express any displeasure.

89. I count myself lucky to have such an exceptional being in person of you in my life.

90. My greatest privilege in life is sharing a beautiful heart with you.

91. I can never get over your beauty. It becomes more fascinating each passing day.

92. The last time I saw a beautiful face like yours was in heaven. You’re out of this world, my darling.

93. You can never do any wrong in my eyes, cause as long as I look at you, I’ll never find you unworthy of my favour.

94. Heaven and earth extol you, cause your presence beautifies the earth than anyone else.

95. God isn’t through with you, yet you stand out than most angels I know.

96. No matter how much beauty you shed away, you can never be beaten in the beauty contest.

97. Your strength is your gorgeous face, whilst my weakness lies in it.

98. Your beauty is generational and becomes even more enchanting as it is passed down to the next generation.

99. I’ll respect you for everything that you are. You’re a paragon of beauty.

100. Your beautiful face makes my heart merry.

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