Best Love Feelings Messages from the Heart

120+ Best Love Feelings Messages from the Heart in 2023

Love is a powerful feeling that begs for a good expression whether with words or actions. Hence, there’s a bugging urge to let it all out.

For this reason, perfectly written love messages for the love of your heart are spread out here like petals on the bed with promises to endear your lover to you than ever before.

These love messages would wash all doubt, leaving fulfillment in the heart to fill the hole of doubt.

Therefore, go ahead and pick the warmest and hearty of them all as you can only get it right with these.

Feelings of Love Messages for Him or Her

Love feelings messages and feelings of love messages for him or her – your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. My love for you doesn’t care about anything else besides you. I’ll love you all the way from here to infinity and beyond.

2. Your heart is the only gateway to heaven that I know. I’m glad I found love with you.

3. This journey will take us to eternity, cause we’re more than this present time.

4. Love never dies. You and I will live on in each other’s heart as long as time exists.

5. A glance into your eyes feels like a deep stare into the future. You’re my greatest spring of hope.

6. Even when we fight and argue, my sweetest and greatest desire for you never changes, cause beneath the storm is the peace I feel when I’m with you, my love.

7. If I had 10 lives, you’ll own them all, cause I will never spend this life with another.

8. Nothing gives hope than love; with you, my lost hope was found. I love you, hon.

9. My heart is only sure of one thing; to hold you in the coldest time and to keep you in the perilous hours.

10. My heart only expresses one thing with so much passion and that’s my undying love for you. Sweety, I love you and it’s going to be a never-ending story.

11. I had no choice, but to love you when my heart kept calling out your name in the middle of a fast sleep.

12. I can only wish that life treats us kind, cause I’m ready to live for donkey years just to love you forever.

13. My love for you has no length nor breath. It has a beginning, but not an end; it was created to be so.

14. Each day of my life will be lived in loving you until the earth disappears; I’ll love you till the end of time.

15. You fixed everything about me; my shattered heart and my broken wings. I’ll love you forever to prove my appreciation to you.

16. My commitment to you will stand firm in trials and temptations. Love will never permit me to treat you wrong nor less than you deserve.

17. I draw my strength from you. My heart draws its love from you. You’re the reason, I want to love and be loved again.

18. Without a doubt, you’ll make me happier than I’ve ever been. Thence, my only song will be the ones of love.

19. Love keeps me alive, cause you managed to touch my soul and made me your mate.

20. I never saw you being mine; you were a dream out of my reach. So far, you’ve been my greatest surprise; an extremely pleasant one at that. I love you, babe.

21. I want to take you to an earthly place that screams heaven in look and warmth, cause that’s the ground you deserve to walk on.

22. I’ll never keep you waiting for anything in this world, not even for the touch of an angel.

23. I’ll listen to your words attentively and idolize you at all time. I love you, hon.

24. I have no love to give to another. My spirit was aroused to love when I couldn’t find a word to describe how I felt for you, baby.

25. You’re the only thing I did right. I’m glad I never lost you to anyone nor anything else in the world.

26. I’m living for you, so waste no time in calling my attention to every of your need. I love you, baby.

27. I’ll like to make your concerns my own, as I’ve made your heart mine as well.

28. Do not just give me your heart, body, and soul, also give to me your fears, troubles, and concerns. I’m here to bear your burdens like my cross.

29. Your heart is large enough to accommodate love as enormous as it may be.

30. I feel a jumbo love for you; it is as large as the ocean but has no end.

31. I will lift up your cross onto my shoulders while you lift up my glory as a royal diadem on your head.

32. The only faith I have in the world is the faith in you; I trust you like you ain’t human, but an angel.

33. I’ll forgive you when you wrong me and love you when you displease me; my promise!

34. My blood flows like a beautiful river with many tributaries, but it all flows to you.

35. I’ll never let you fall. I’m alive loving you just to make you stand and I’ll never fail at it, my love.

36. I never worked for nor deserved this love. But, I’ll pray never to lose it.

37. I can give you anything in the world, most of all, my heart, body and mind; they all belong to you.

38. For no reason is heaven more beautiful than you, while the fire in hell does not burn like the passion in my eyes for you.

39. I’m after only one thing; to love you wholly without looking back for any reason. I long to love you till eternity.

40. I may be tired, but I’ll never give up chasing you till you’re mine forever.

41. The only emotion my heart is capable of feeling is love and only when it comes from you.

42. Heartbreak has torn me apart hitherto, but your love brought me together like I was never a broken piece.

43. My body will satisfy your need and my heart will meet your desires, my love.

44. I don’t need to take a vow before I remain faithful to you. My pledge to you can never be shaken.

45. The clouds may fall and the sun may never shine again, but never will my love for you experience any challenge whilst loving you.

46. Never leave me alone, unless you’re ready to see me transit to eternity; I’ll die if you don’t love me.

47. There’s no end to our love, cause for us, infinity is just a start that has no end.

48. My love for you is pavilioned in magnificence. It can never go dim.

49. I love you and it’s for eternity like heaven lives on.

50. I’ll never lie o you even in the darkest hours. Neither will I compromise my feelings for you.

51. I was given life, so I can love you like it were my purpose alone on earth.

52. I’m ready to love you in many ways that mean just one thing; selflessness.

53. I will jump to heaven for you, cause you’re my reason for living.

54. Heaven made you for me cause without you, I’ll be an empty soul.

55. My heart hears your heartbeat from far away. It’s so amazing.

56. Heaven will never let me in, if I exit this world without loving you, hon. I’ll never give up on you.

57. The earth is beautiful, but not as the purity of your heart. I love you, my angel.

58. You’re the first and the last that I wish to see for as long as I live, baby.

59. I love you more than I love life and it vain glory. So be sure to see me loving you faithfully.

60. From my heart to yours; my feelings for you will never die and neither will it be thwarted. I’m here to love you at all time.

61. Your smiles keep my heart warm and your kisses heal my soul.

62. It feels like there’s no better place in the world to be than to be by your side.

63. My heart drips of passion for you, ready to empty all of its content into your bosom.

64. I feel like, I can forgive you anything, for I’d rather be with you, my darling.

65. As time goes by, I desire you more than I used to. No matter how intense it was, it gets even more passionate every day by your side.

67. Ninety years from now, I’ll be loving the same person. That person is you, my darling.

68. All I do is think of you all day long. And when it’s night, I get carried away by your thoughts into a pleasant world of dreams.

69. This feeling is so pure and beautiful. Let’s not put an end to this heavenly pleasure in our hearts.

70. I’ll not change a thing about you, for I love everything you are.

71. I want to know you for the rest of my life and have pillow talks with you till rapture takes place.

72. I think I found the one. I think it’s the one reading this. You never escape my thoughts, my darling.

73. I’ll give everything for this love. For it’s all I’ll rather have.

74. Warmth is in your arms and your love lies in the core of my heart.

75. The way you look at me sends me to the high heavens and back.

76. Now, all I see is a future with you. Come let’s make it happen, my darling.

77. I don’t think there’s an end to this love, for my instinct tells me we’ll share a home in heaven above.

78. In your arms, I want to live and die. In your heart, I only want to reign forever.

79. The perfumes on your body make me shiver knowing it was sprayed out of the bottle of unconditional love.

80. Your name is on my lips all day long like an intoxicating melody the heart finds irresistible.

81. I’ve never been so ready to please anyone else like I want to please you. Let me please you, my love for the rest of our lives.

82. I’m thankful my eyes found you and my heart knew better than to not love you; my miracle on earth.

83. I thought I hadn’t a luck charm until I found you in my arms.

84. I’ll dance to the tune of your love. Just beat it, sing it loud and clear, my darling.

85. Let’s make babies, it’s time our love has faces on it. I love you too much.

86. Your love has brought shivers to my spine. Come give me your warmth, love.

87. If you love me now. I promise to love you forever.

88. If love is giving, I’ll give you all I have. If love is forgiving, I’ll let go anything for us to thrive.

89. A heart without you once beat to find you. Whilst the one with your love now beat to love you till the end.

90. I want to be everything to you. Just a chance to show you how much I love you, my darling.

91. Let’s make this official; let’s go to court, let’s go to church. And let’s make this forever; let’s walk the earth, let’s share a home in heaven.

92. From your gaze springs all of my dreams. You make true my dream of love.

93. You’re my strength and weakness. With you, I can do anything. For you, I can be anything. But against you, I will fail at everything.

94. My heart does not fear to love you. I’ll risk it all for you, my darling.

95. Love has got two colors and they’re the ones in our hearts and eyes.

96. Take me to the moon where the people cannot come betwixt us. I love you to the sky and back.

97. Nothing else matters in this world than a moment with you. A lifetime would be such a blessing I’ll never recover from.

98. I’ve won the race of life because I did find love and I do love even till this moment.

99. Fulfilment comes when my lips meet yours.

100. Keep my promises at heart. For I’ll bring them to pass in due time, my love.

101. I’ll conquer my fear with your love. I’ll break the bones of grief if you could love me back, my darling.

102. Every day is just one day to love you better than yesterday.

103. I owe you everything. So, I’ll pay with my heart for the rest of my life.

104. I’ll be faithful to you because it’s what love means to me, my darling.

105. More than life, love is more precious. I’ll cherish this heart of yours left in my bosom to care.

106. When you hold my hands, it reminds me of my promises to you, baby. I’ll keep them all just with a kiss from your lips.

107. Time isn’t enough to love enough but let’s make the best of it. I’ll love you till I can’t feel breezes on my tender skin.

108. This love has got a long way to go. Better we begin the journey already.

109. I’ll show you off to the world. I’m more proud of you than your eyes can report to your mind.

110. You love me better than anyone I know. But I’ll love you more than anyone you’d think of.

111. There’s a place love would take you to and there’s no turning back. I know that place already. For I am there with you, my darling.

112. Every day in which I love you, you make my day completely, my darling.

113. You’re the love my heart knows. And the footsteps, my home knows to welcome.

114. The sound of love is what I hear when words come out of your lips.

115. The time to love you is now. But I can’t promise it’ll end, cause there’s no end to this love.

116. Ever since I met you, accompanying your love is the waves of peace.

117. Teach me how to love the way you want, I’ll master it till my heart can’t flaw. And my hands won’t keep to myself.

118. As we go to this island of love, make all my dreams of love come true, my darling.

119. The feeling of love changes everything including the pattern to live.

120. Love may be indescribable but on meeting her, you know you can’t be wrong.

Finally, they’ll have nowhere else to go to, but your heart and your home.

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