beautiful smile quotes for her

2023 Beautiful Smile Quotes for Her from the Heart

A smile from her is equal to a blessing and as such should be appreciated with some beautiful smile quotes.

The more she embellishes your world with ornaments of lovely smiles, the more imperative it becomes that you serve her with some hot quotes speaking well of those lovely smiles.

Undermentioned are the most beautiful quotes that aptly describes the effect of her smile in your world.

So, do well to pick your favourite and see her as happy as she ever can.

Cute Smile Quotes for Her from the Heart

The best of sweet, cute and romantic smile quotes for her from the heart.

1. A smile from you gives me wings to fly till the end of time. You own the best of smiles.

2. A beautiful curvaceous smile from you makes every crooked way straight.

3. Your smiles are warmer than your outstretched arms. Hence, I feel the warmth of your embrace when you flash me a smile.

4. Not the sky nor the clouds reveal heaven to me but your beautiful smile gives me a crystal clear picture of what heaven looks like.

5. Mirth isn’t far from my heart, because your pretty smile rubs me in the face like a gentle breeze.

6. It burns as you take away your smile. Hell seems so close when your face is without a smile. Keep smiling for me, beautiful.

7. Each smile you give leaves your beautiful footprints on the sands of time and not just my heart.

8. Your wide-eyed, bright smile opens my heart to fall deeply in love with you than words can capture.

9. I owe the architect of your smile a debt; for constructing a perfect smile on your ever charming face, my love.

10. Much more than love, a smile from you makes the world go round.

11. A picture is worth a thousand words. However, your smile is worth a million words which render me speechless.

12. Keep smiling, beautiful. Your smile is the first thing I’ll wish for as long as I could make a wish.

13. When you smiled at me, it melted my pains away. Hence, it gave way for a rush of happiness in my heart and spirit.

14. Because of your nice wide smile, I’ll make you my lifetime heartthrob.

15. My thirst is quenched and my hunger vanishes at the instant of your healing smile, honey.

16. The most beautiful girl is the one with a charming smile. And you, my love, is all that and more.

17. Hey beautiful, your smiles can never grow old. They are akin to the ageless stars.

18. Just like the sunshine your smile gives light to the earth. And like the moon; it’s the glimpse of light in the darkness.

19. The most innocent thing about you is your smile. It entices a baby and makes a grown up like me charmed.

20. So many times, your smile has given you away; it never failed to relay to me how much you love me, my love.

21. The beauty of your heart shows through your smile. It’s the reason why I stare into your face than your eyes.

22. I’m lost in the mystery of your beautiful smile. I forget who I am when I see you smile.

23. If you take away your smile from me, then the spark in my world is gone. Do not leave me in a gloomy world.

24. Your smile is my muse. It is the force behind my attraction to you. Forever, I’m glued to your smiling face.

25. My love, when you smile, it’s a beautiful depiction of scenery.

26. Your moonlit smile is best seen in the night, cause it glory shines all around just like the moon.

27. If you bless me with a smile, I’ll bless you with my all. Your smile is always in a good shape.

28. I’m entangled in your smile, beautiful. It captures my heart like the cry of a newborn baby.

29. Your picturesque smile is best exhibited in the top museums for it has more artistic value than the work of famous sculptors.

30. I do not mind parting ways with my silver and gold just to acquire your priceless smile if it were affordable.

31. I smile when I think of you, sweety. In the midst of the sum of your virtues and qualities, your smile stands out.

32. If your smile were affordable, I would have been the first and the best bidder. Your gorgeous smile is esteemed hon.

33. If I lost your smile, I’ve lost it all; do not send me into privation and wretchedness.

34. Smiling has become one of the things you do best. You deserve the treasures of this world when you give out your warmest smile, baby.

35. When I hold you tight, it’s for the reason that I do not want to let go off your pretty smile, my love.

36. I want your smile to go round the world with me like a guiding star, my love.

37. Gift me your smile and I’ll gift you my love and commitment.

38. Let your smile surround me. I feel safer in the company of your smiling face than with a battalion of soldiers.

39. Your smile is my cradle, cause it nursed me to live.

40. I acknowledge the gift of life when I see you smile at me, honey.

41. I hold on to your faintest smile even in the midst of life’s chaos; it’s my hope.

42. Your smile opens the window of hope and the door of love for me. Baby, you’re my answered prayer.

43. Wherever your smile goes, I’ll go. Never will I miss your smile for anything in this world.

44. Nothing last forever, but your awe-inspiring smile has been with me ever since I fell in love with you.

45. Sweety, If your charming smile were fictional, I’ll make it real with a kiss on your mesmerizing face.

46. Moments are made more beautiful and evergreen with your sunny smile.

47. I wouldn’t mind if the sun failed to give light in the day and the moon at night, cause your smile is my sunlight and moonlight.

48. Your smile truly depicts the beauty of this world. Just by looking at your face, I can tell how beautiful the world is.

49. The more you smile flickeringly at me, the more I’m fascinated by you, beautiful.

50. Your gorgeous smile is more graceful than your gait. I’m held motionless by it.

51. Your smile is a paragon of enchantment. Even the proud kings fall for it. I love you, baby.

52. Name the prettiest classic princesses, they all fall short of your beautiful ever smiling face. You’re a rare gem, hon.

53. I bet the most gifted artist would give the world to draw your remarkable smiles; for they are the best creation of God.

54. I would burst out into a hearty laughter just by seeing your smile.

55. Your beautiful smile appears mirthful than that of a baby in a candy store. I love seeing you smile.

56. Your face and eyes are lighted up as you smile than the earth when illuminated by sun rays. Keep your face radiating, my baby.

57. I’ll fall sick if I could not see your beautiful smile. And then, only your smiling will make me whole again.

58. My love, the sum of your smile is hope, happiness and love, for It oozes the most essential qualities of life.

59. Seeing you smile brings me down to my bended knee; I wish to spend the most beautiful part of my life with you.

60. The last time I saw a beautiful smile as yours was in heaven. It takes resemblance to the highest angel over there.

61. My weakness and strength is your smiling face. It dares me to do the impossible for you.

62. Your smile gives off a tickling sensation that makes me feel good than when given a massage.

63. Each smile of yours caresses my skin until I fall into deep thought of you.

64. Each time I’m down, I try smiling like you, cause your divine smile lifts up my soul faster than any genre of music.

65. I’m amazed by your wide smile, beautiful. It’s broad enough to consume me.

66. You own the most astonishingly beautiful smile. The hair on my head stands still when you spark just a smile.

67. The memory of your smile radiates like a beam of light through my darkest and coldest nights. I’m yet to see anything like that.

68. I’m addicted to your smile from the very first time I saw you smile. I’m spellbound by your charm.

69. The embonpoint of your body is your face, cause it carries the curviest smile.

70. We’ll make the cutest babies ever, cause they’ll take after your gorgeous smile.

71. I believe your smiles didn’t come cheaply as it must have taken God aeons to make those beautiful smiles of yours.

72. Angels look less attractive when you smile. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

73. Gorgeous, your dimple beautifies your smile than when you have your make up on.

74. With just a smile, I can make your wish come true for It has the strongest effect on me.

75. Honey, your smile can never be wanting in colour; it is fadeless and rich in brightness.

76. Your smile is my light and my guide as the day turns into night.

77. Your smile is pretty just because you have a beautiful heart.

78. One good thing about life is the smile you bring every day.

79. You smiled yesterday at me and now, I’m obsessed with only your thoughts.

80. Keep on smiling, it’s the most wonderful work of the heavenly architect on you.

81. Deep in my heart, your smile has left an indelible mark of love.

82. Your radiant smile is life itself and gives hope to the hopeless world we live in.

83. Asides your large heart, your smiles pull me closer than the beauty of an alluring river.

84. I’ve seen so many beautiful smiles but yours alone is the one I wish to keep for a lifetime.

85. You put a smile on my face when I remember the beauty of your loving smiles.

86. Don’t stop smiling, it is exactly what the world needs to survive.

87. Merry goes round when you put on your pretty smile.

88. I’ll watch you smile all day long for it does my heart good than the pleasure of an intoxicating wine.

89. I pray to the heavens every day, that the reason behind your smile lasts longer than a rock of aeons.

90. I’ll exchange everything to have your pretty smile with me till my grey hair starts to show.

91. When I saw the light in your face when you smiled at me, I was deeply convinced I had found love in your eyes.

92. Motions stop and breezes blow as your enchanting smile starts to show.

93. I’m at your mercy as you gradually show off your beautiful dentition in the world’s sexiest curve.

94. Smiling at me makes me want to give my entire life to you. I hope you accept it.

95. Your smiles look better as the day goes by. And your heart is the reason why I can’t let you go.

96. My life is nowhere near good if it hadn’t your smile at its core.

97. I’ll be anything for you when you smile. What a captivating smile you’ve got!

98. Your calm smiles rattle my heart. Surely, I’m in love with you.

99. The world testifies of your confidence especially, when you wear that jaunty smile of yours.

100. There’s no word on earth to describe the beautiful curve of your smile. It is by far the hardest picture a fine artist can paint.

101. I can’t get rid of your smile in my head. I’m so blessed to have a taste of it.

102. You outshine the sun when smiling broadly along with its face. The moon is nothing close to the beauty of your smiles at night.

103. The second to the last thing I’ll forget about you is your smile and then lastly, your heart.

104. If you marry me, I’ll stay up all night to watch your pretty smile when you’re asleep.

105. The sun does not show up at night because it fears the light your smile brings in the dark.

106. I’ll take it all with me to eternity, your pretty smile and your loving heart.

107. More fascinating than life is your heart. And more inspiring is the smile you spare.

108. A good home to return to is where your smile lives. I hope you come build a home with me, my darling.

109. Life is short they say, but I’ll live the best life if I wake up to your smile every day of my life.

110. Your infectious smile knocked me off my feet and swept me right into your heart. How blessed I am!

111. With your arms in mine and your smile shinning around me, I’ll make it into heaven’s open door.

112. I love your smile from here to the moon and back. I adore your every curve and edge.

113. Life is just as fair as the smile you bring.

114. All the world needs to wake up to from her nightmares is your lovely smile.

115. Only a heart as loving as yours will let out a smile as captivating as the one you give.

116. You smiled so infectiously whilst wearing that lovely dress. Heavens felt like grabbing you off the earth’s surface but for my pleading heart that needs you to stay.

117. I find smiling with you the most ecstatic thing to do. It sends me far beyond the clouds.

118. I must be the 100th guy to tell you this; you got a beautiful smile.

119. I’ll follow the way of your smile till I get to the core of your heart. I love you, my dear!

120. Darkness looks so bright when you smile at night.

121. When you smiled, the others smirked in envy.

122. The shadow of your smile on my walls when it’s dark is the next perfect thing to your heavenly smile.

123. I love your smile more than I do my favourite meal for it is more nourishing to my soul.

124. I miss your smile when you’re not around but I’d let you know it’s got an archive in my heart.

125. Smile it to me once again and I’ll love you more than my heart can take.

126. Your smile is as an umbrella shielding me from the heavy downpour of rains and the scorching sun of the day.

127. You’ve made smiling your habit, little wonder beauty is right next to you.

128. I’ll sing it to the world, how you smiled at me and changed my life for the better.

129. You are priceless and so is the glory of your charming smile.

130. It seems to me like I hear you call out my name when I see you smile. More than anything, it’s the most seductive work of art I ever know.

131. When I count my blessings, I count your smile to be inclusive.

132. Your smile enthuses me. And the sound of your laughter breaks every barrier to our love.

133. Even the shadow of your smile would heal me of my sicknesses and deliver me from any pain.

134. You’re super attractive starting with your most prized bodily contour.

135. Take a long walk with me whilst holding my feeble hands with a smile and I’ll achieve the impossible with you.

136. I’ll walk the thickest forest of life if your smile leads me through its crookedness.

137. You make loving you so easy with that pretty smile of yours.

138. Your smile is a lamp unto my feet as I walk the unfamiliar route of life.

139. Your lecherous smile turns me on in the cold of the night.

140. Because I know what you look like with a smile, I am not ready to let you go.

141. Behind your smile is a heart full of gold. And with the lifting of your cheeks comes the splendour of the sun.

142. The way you smiled when I first set my eyes on you made me realise I was only ready to love just one woman all of my life.

143. When you smile shyly, I desire to hold you so close to my loving heart.

144. How greasy is your smile? It slips me speedily into your heart over and over again.

145. If I were an artist, drawing your smile would win me a laurel.

146. Your smile speaks directly to my heart. And it responds that “I love you.”

147. My whole fibre is stimulated when I see the kindness in your smiles.

148. You send shivers down to my spine just when you smile like that.

149. My heart is full and I can’t explain how much your smiles mean to me.

150. Empty your smiles into my bosom as I’ll empty all of my love into your heart.

Having done the needful, get ready to be engulfed with a brighter smile from the love of your life.

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