Heart Touching Quotes About Love

2022 Heart Touching Quotes About Love

Love is a phenomenal feeling a lot of people have in common.

Whilst sending your sweetheart some love quotes, you shouldn’t be caught messing around with pick up lines.

For this reason, love quotes that’ll make your lover feel how much you feel for them and fuel the flame of passion betwixt you lovers are right here to meet your hearty needs.

Not to forget, these heart touching quotes will surely patch every piece of their heart and make it whole just for you alone.

Time isn’t your friend. Hurriedly, make a choice cause your heartthrob is secretly waiting.

Most Touching Quotes About Love

The best collection of sweet, romantic quotes about love. The most touching and heart touching love quotes for him or her.

1. Because of love, I’ll worship the ground you walk on as though, it were made of original gold.

2. Love is the only feeling that can fill up the abyss of the heart.

3. No matter where you go, my feelings will go with you, whether beyond the sky or beneath the earth.

4. Love immortalises the one we love in our heart. Hence, they’re forever in the depth of our hearts.

5. The only power capable of calming a rage is love.

6. Not even the breeze by the sea is as warm as the warmth of love.

7. I need no clothing, I’m wrapped in the garment of love.

8. Love makes a weak man strong; strong enough to profess his undying love for the one he is undeserving of.

9. Earth and heaven may come and go, but love lives on forever.

10. Love refrains the heart from loving another. How faithful it can be.

11. Love cries all kind of tears; sorrow and joy.

12. Love makes the soul to recognise her soulmate. It sees and feels beyond the physical realm.

13. True love takes one to heaven, cause love is blissful.

14. A place where there’s no doubt, but complete freedom is the place of love.

15. Like a scythe, love reaps apart the embers of fear and insecurity replacing it with confidence and courage.

16. The reward of true love is a reciprocated love.

17. Love by nature gives unconditionally and perpetually but takes only when it is given.

18. Nobody understands love, because it is beyond human comprehension.

19. Everything is describable, but not the feeling of love.

20. Love is never asleep, but always awake to watch over the one she loves.

21. The greatest mystery is true love.

22. The power of love is never destructive, but constructive and productive. So choose to love.

23. If you’re able to love, then you’re also lovable.

24. Love starts with peace and the feeling of security.

25. Love has a beginning, but never an ending.

26. Love blows us away, even before we realize how far we’ve gone.

27. Love makes us stare into the sky whilst thinking about the one we love.

28. Every star in the sky represents someone’s love.

29. The most fascinating place to look is in the heart of the one in love.

30. Love is forever true, the reason why it’s capable of making promises and keeping to each promise till forever.

31. Love lives in the heart but is seen in the eyes and in deeds.

32. Love is able to wait uncompromisingly for a love that is not sure.

33. True love at all time, moves toward heaven, cause it’s incapable of going down.

34. Love is ready to make an enemy with the world, just to be a lover to the one she loves wholeheartedly.

35. When the heart is in love, it shows kindness to all, cause the heart knows no bitterness at the time.

36. Nothing can buy love nor the affection of another, cause true love is priceless.

37. Love is aroused by love.

38. Love blossoms when it is reciprocated. Love them back in return.

39. Love waxes like the moon; it never diminishes, but increases.

40. True love makes one experience an untold joy and perfect bliss when we find it.

41. Love never worries about anything else, except for the one she loves.

42. Love minimizes problems but enlarges hope.

43. Love is the only common law which is never abhorred.

44. Love dreams and never give up.

45. The heart is willing to forgive a grievous offence when it is in love.

46. Love never accepts rejection. It is always hopeful.

47. Love is at its finest when it is accepted and reciprocated.

48. Love is replica to heaven, cause the suffering of the heart ceases when true love is found.

49. When the profession of love is true, the heart stops to beat for a moment that seems like an eternity.

50. Love gives a sense of fulfilment. Little wonder, we’re at our happiest moment when we’re in love.

51. Love is humbling and never looks down on another.

52. The feeling of love is second to none.

53. Love never looks at the face before it loves.

54. Love happens in a moment but lasts till forever.

55. Love is the force behind a positive man.

56. Love only thinks of the way, and never an excuse.

57. Love is uncontrollable. Hence, it takes us to any direction.

58. The only thing that can blind a visual man is love.

59. The only feeling that is celebrated in the world is true love.

60. Love has one eye and it’s for the one she loves.

61. Love makes us believe no one, except the one we love.

62. Love is a beautiful feeling. It makes the sky bluer and the sun brighter.

63. Everyone is empty until we become filled by the deep feeling of love.

64. When love sees a clouded sky, it envisions a stardust.

65. Love never dreams of turning back, but always the way forward.

66. Love is respected when it is treated with the truth.

67. The dream of love is to make the one she loves happy.

68. The farthest point from love is infidelity, and the closest point to her is trust.

69. Love is like a bough, super strong and never blown away by the wind of life.

70. The first stage of love is a longing desire.

71. Love is very much absent without sacrifices.

72. Love makes everyone worthy, cause anyone can find true love.

73. Love is a pleasurable burden.

74. Love is serving.

75. Love is a responsibility; it chooses to nurse an abiding likeness for the one she loves till forever.

76. For love, out of sight isn’t out of mind.

77. Love can only be hidden for a while, but not till forever.

78. How defiant can love be! It can never be suppressed.

79. The desire to be loved back happens only when we’re in love.

80. At due time, love is rewarding.

81. Love is a person of few words but of many actions.

82. Love only searches for opportunities to express itself, but not to hide itself.

83. Love comes in the form of the person we love.

84. When true love is handled right, it does an everlasting repair on us, but if otherwise, it causes an everlasting damage.

85. Love follows the direction of the one she loves.

86. Love ages like a fine wine, it only gets better.

87. Honour is given to whom honour is due, but love can be given to whom is undeserving of it.

88. If you love well, if you love wrongly, it shows.

89. Some time love does not come in the way we expect or from whom we expect.

90. True love heals a broken heart.

91. If you give yourself a chance to love, you give yourself a chance to live.

92. Love can never dream without featuring the one she loves.

93. There’s no guarantee that the one we love would love us back, but there’s an assurance that someone somewhere loves us back.

94. The highest point of love is forgiveness and sacrifice.

95. The time we lived most is the time we loved.

96. The heart causes the eyes to identify her true love.

97. Love does not make us perfect humans but enhances our desires to be for the one we love.

98. Love may be incapable of turning back the hands of time, but it is capable of bringing us to repentance.

99. The heart never forgets the one it truly loves, even if the hands let go off of them.

100. Love smells the one she loves from miles away.

101. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Oh, taste and see for yourself.

102. It takes little to love and then, everything to hate the one you love.

103. I could go all the way for you because I am in love with you.

104. Love would change the wittiest of men to the most romantic simpleton.

105. Every human should experience love, for there’s nothing that tastes just like it.

106. I’ll rather love and be loved than have the untold riches of this world.

107. The peace that comes with the feeling of love cannot be described but felt alone.

108. Love will never go out of fashion. For it is the most sought-after feeling from age to age.

109. If I find true love, I’ll hold on to it dearly. For it comes but once in a lifetime.

110. The most sacred and selfless gift a human can give unto another is indeed true love.

111. Happy is the man in love. Blessed is the man who was loved back.

112. I’ll forgive my days of lonely nights. So, I’d embrace the warmth of love in no time.

113. I’ll wait until I find the one. I’ll wait till I can give my all to the one whose love I have found.

114. When love happens to you. Best believe, a miracle just took place.

115. If you ever find the one who out of love puts a ring on it, and the one who out of passion wears the ring, blessed are you amongst humans.

116. Those who came, saw and conquered were the ones who were loved in return.

117. I’ll never forget the night I fell in love. For it was the most silent and romantic night of all.

118. Being in the company of the one you love is like the moon around the shinning stars.

119. Through the eyes of love, there is no sin unforgivable and no trial unsurmountable.

120. The three words, I love you, must be said with all sincerity, for it is capable of change.

121. If I love you, I’ll submit to your needs.

122. Do not doubt what love can do. Do not underestimate its power over you either.

123. The heart is the most important organ of the body. For it is where love resides in.

124. Teach me how to love you. For your sake, I’ll be a saint.

125. Do not hurt the one who loves you. For their heart is a precious gift unquantifiable.

126. Let love lead you to salvation. Let it lead you to redemption.

127. I’d love myself. But not more than I love you.

128. Life is too short for the man in love. For he’d rather have eternity to show-off his love.

129. No matter how much I roam the surface of the earth, to your heart, I will come.

130. A man who loves will wait until he hears those words in return.

131. I’ll not excuse the one who lies in the name of love. For such is the least honourable of all men.

132. Every love has got its song. I’ll sing ours till the end of time.

133. In your eyes, I’ve seen the beauty of love. From your lips, I’ve heard the most important words in the history of man.

134. My lips won’t lie to you, for I love you. In the cold, I’ll come get you, for I am your warmth.

135. Fighting for the one you love is no doubt an inherent part of love.

136. If you love me, I’ll appreciate you. And if I love you, please appreciate me.

137. The first time you know what it means to love, in your heart would be open a treasure box you never thought existed.

138. May the heavens bless me with a good lover, for I’m ready to love with my whole heart.

139. If you weren’t loved back, be glad because you loved nevertheless.

140. A man who has never felt the feeling of love would boast in his wisdom and might until he is caught in the web of love.

141. I’ll rather be in your arms than be anywhere else in the world. Your bosom is paradise to me.

142. I’ve tasted the savor of love. Thus, I can say, it is the most beautiful feeling in the universe.

143. When next you see the lady in red, tell her, I love her. Her thoughts linger on in my mind.

144. May the Father of love bless us all with the one who loves us.

145. You’re somewhere in the world. Believe you me, someday, my heart will come get you.

146. Kisses taste better on the lips of the one you love. Passion is all you’d feel when you make love to the one you’ve chosen.

147. Nature begins to unravel its art to the one whose heart has been captured by another.

148. Watch me as I love you, and see if you’d love me back.

149. A man in love is the noblest of men in his ways.

150. The safest place in the world is in the arms of the one you love.

151. If we all know what love is, the whole world would know peace.

152. When the first person you think of at the crack of dawn is the last you envision before slumbering into the deep sleep, then, you’ve found the one to love.

153. If your love is unconditional, why then do I have to be anything else but me?

154. I’ll ask for just one thing in return; love.

155. Hurting the one we love would hurt more than the pain of being hurt by them.

156. In the face of trials, love wins with the weapon of hope.

157. If a man thinks himself to be weak and without power, let him try love, for it is the most empowering feeling in the world.

158. Betrayal by the person we love is an unquantifiable feeling of disappointment.

159. As long as you can promise your love to me, I can promise you anything in return.

160. Love would set you apart amongst all men. The feeling of peace, contentment and gaiety is nothing compared to anything else in this world.

161. Someone who understands you to a fault is the one who actually loves you to a fault.

162. Be ready to forgive the ones who love you for they are but only humans who err.

163. The tree of life is the one of love. For after eating of its fruit, you’d see differently.

164. My actions would prove even the least of my words to you because I’m in love with you.

165. In this world and in the one to come, you’d be my only wish and desire.

166. Love is not an achievement. It is a blessing.

167. We both should have one thing in common; love.

168. Because I love you, you can trust me. And for a fact, I’ll honour the gesture.

169. Because I love you, I’ll put you in my prayers. For I know this world to be a cruel one.

170. No one excites you than the one person you’re in love with. You look forward to their smile, their laughter and even their frown.

171. With the power of love, you can part the red sea and make rivers in the desert.

172. When you’ve found the one you love, you’ll make every choice with them at the back of your mind.

173. As beautiful as the world is, you’d rather explore the heart of the one you love.

174. Time would reveal your love to you and even the truth of every feeling.

175. Once love is found, dreams begin to build in our heads.

176. I’ll give and give until there’s nothing left more to give. For it is how I’d prove to you just how much I love you.

177. You should go everywhere you love with the one you love. And see the big difference.

178. No matter how imperfect the one you love may be. For as long as they’re your choice, every other person becomes the imperfect one.

179. When you can’t take your eyes off them and even worse your thoughts, then, love has found you.

180. No one taught me how to love. But ever since, I found you, I knew better to treat you right.

181. As long as I’m living this life with you, I don’t want to die. For as long as you’ll hold my hand in the other world then, there’s no hell.

182. An unconditional love would only make sense to the ones in love but seem crazy to the onlookers.

183. As I’ll grow taller, fatter or richer, one thing would remain the same; my love for you.

184. Even a man without the sense of sight would feel the presence of love when it is around.

185. True love is a risk worth taking.

186. A man in love would see no wrong and do no wrong either.

187. A man who is ready to forsake all is the one truly ready to love.

188. The beauty of love is in absolute trust.

189. If I love you, I don’t mind what I have to do, for you to love me in return.

190. The man who fears cannot enjoy the whole depth of true love.

191. Like a bird set free, a man in love would be.

192. More fascinating is the mannerisms of the one you love. More tempting is the smoothness of their bed.

193. Love is the greatest inspiration of all time.

194. Against all oddities, true love would feel right.

195. In the court of love, there’s no penalty against the one who flawed at it.

196. The most honourable gift of love is trust.

197. Just when you ain’t thinking, love would surely come.

198. Love never cares about who deserves it but the one it has chosen.

199. Forgiveness would give love the grace to reach the promised land.

200. Love is unscathed except by a broken trust.

These love quotes will surely send a message to the core of their heart.

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