ou Are the Love of My Life Quotes

2023 You Are the Love of My Life Quotes

Knowing you’ve found the one ignites the desire to shout it to the world or even at least let the one who caught your heart know it.

It’s nothing strange and it isn’t the hardest task letting them know just how much they mean to you. Hence, these lovely quotes were written to encapsulate your true feelings.

Look not a little further. Just pick one, two, or three of these lovely quotes and a trial would convince you.

You Are the Love of My Life SMS Messages

You Are the Love of My Life SMS, You Are the Love of My Life Quotes, You Are the Love of My Life Text Messages for him or her.

1. Give me now till eternity to show you that you’re the love of my life.

2. My whole world revolves around you. Hence, I could never do without your warmth.

3. I’m not confused that it’s you my heart wants, for I feel the peace of finding the right one.

4. I’ll take this feeling to the ends of the earth. I’ll give you my all, for it’s you I feel this way for.

5. It’s you or no one else because it’s you my heart beats for.

6. You are and you will always be the love of my life.

7. This heart is beating for you. My arms are calling for you. And my home needs you.

8. My eyes have seen and my ears have heard. However, it’s you my heart fell for.

9. I do not see the stars nor the moon at night. It’s just you my mind thinks of.

10. Nothing else matters to me but your desire to spend the rest of your life with me.

11. I wouldn’t trade you for riches untold. Because precious in my eyes is your love.

12. In my heart, you will always reign. Be the queen of my life, baby.

13. You’re the love of my life. Little wonder my heart feels this way for no one else but you.

14. I’ll renounce the whole world for your sake. For I’d rather have your hand entwined in mine.

15. Let the waters test our love. Let the wildfire tries its genuineness. I’m confident my heart will go on to love you still.

16. As long as I got you, have got the whole world inside of me.

17. My heart is engrafted in yours. Nothing can separate this heart from loving you.

18. I’ll be patient and kind to you. I’ll do the impossible for you because you’ve caught my heart forever as yours.

19. I shudder to wonder in whose heart my heart would have been if not yours.

20. It’s you I’m crazy about. The one I’m passionate for. The only one my spirit takes pride in.

21. Your name is marbled in my heart. Little wonder it knows not how to love any other but you.

22. I’ve sinned against the commandment, for I love you more than I do myself.

23. My heart knows peace only in your warmth and in your arms.

24. The galaxies have got nothing on you because it’s you my heart needs every day to survive.

25. My lips can only take your kisses. My body can only feel your warmth. Because you’re the love of my life.

26. I’ll do anything to have you someday kiss me at your will.

27. I don’t just want you in my heart. I need you to build a home with me.

28. My pride is gone with the wind because with humility, I’ve fallen in love with you.

29. Let the sun come and go. Let the mountains become valley. It’s you my eyes would gaze upon.

30. I’ll buy for two because you’re the love of my life.

31. When I’m alone and thinking, my thoughts take me to a new world with you as a life partner.

32. Life sure is sweet because your kisses are. And it is good because your love is.

33. If the sun ceases to shine. I’ll take pride in your light because you’re my sunshine.

34. Amazing, how much happiness you’ve swept into my world because this heart caught yours.

35. I’ll do well to fall for you over and over again. For it’s so much pleasure loving you.

36. I see you everywhere, my darling. For you’re the love of my life.

37. My heart won’t rest until you share a home with me.

38. Be sure I’ll keep my promises to the least because you’re the love of my life.

39. Pour into my heart the cool waters of love. Let it flow because, with it, I’ll thirst no more.

40. My love for you knows no bound. Truly, I’d sacrifice anything for your sake.

41. This heart cannot beat without loving you. My countenance will not shine if you’d not put a smile on it.

42. For all I’ll do, I’ll have you at the back of my mind. For the places I’d go, my world would revolve around you.

43. As the sun starts to shine my heart will say in delight; you’re the love of my life.

44. There’s only one made for me. And that one person is you.

45. The depth and width of this earth cannot consume this love for you. Only your heart can take it.

46. Forgive me, my love. For I love you too much.

47. If it has to do with you, I’ll do it with all of my heart.

48. Excuses and lies, I will not tell because my heart loves you truly.

49. What is it my darling about you? For my heart loves you exceedingly much.

50. I love this love because happiness has taken the image of me.

51. My love has come to stay. It has found me a home inside of your heart.

52. There’s a love I know to be true. A love that’s fabulous. It is what I feel for you.

53. You’re the love of my life, how else can my mouth say it to you?

54. I’ll seek none other but you. Thus, look no further cause you’ve found the one.

55. I can feel my blood buzzing whenever my eyes behold you coming.

56. You’re the miracle of my life. For in your heart, I’ve found all that I need to live for.

57. Blessed am I. For your lips are locked in mine and your breath graces my skin.

58. I know you’re the love of my life, for I can’t envision any other but you in my dreams.

59. I’ll love you more and more everyday. Because you’re the one my heart has chosen.

60. Greater is this love in me than the proud mountains of this earth.

61. You’re the love of my life. There can never be another one like you; you’re irreplaceable.

62. I believe I can do anything for you. Climbing the highest mountain is just a start of the proof of my love for you, darl.

63. Having it all means having you in my life. You’re the love of my life and there’s no gainsaying about that.

64. You ignited my emotions to love. I simply don’t know what else to feel for you other than love.

65. I’ll always want to get you right. Never will I want to do you wrong; you’re more than the love of my life.

66. If I could wish for one thing, I’ll make you my lifetime partner without having to wait to let it happen. That’s how much I love you.

67. My desires, my passion and my heart all belong to you. Every good feeling in my heart exists because you’re the center of it all.

68. I do not have to understand you always. My choice is to love you at all time. You’re the love of my life.

69. The joy of my life is in seeing you love me the way that you do. I’ll never trade your gift of love for anything else in the world.

70. You make my heart catch fire every time it feels your presence. I simply love how our hearts work together.

71. Because of you, I do not want to lose my sight, cause you’re a sight to behold for a lifetime. You’re the love of my life.

72. I’ll manage your heart with care and affection. You need not to worry about the unknown, cause my intentions for you will always be right.

73. The way I look palatable is just a tip of the iceberg as to how great my heart looks. I have you to thank for that. You are the love of my life.

74. My whole world belongs to you. I’ve been made ready all my life to let go anything just to satisfy you.

75. Ever since you arrived into my heart, my life has been made more beautiful than hitherto. You are the love of my life.

76. As long as I’m in love, you’ll always be my object of affection. Truly, my heart aches for no other.

77. The way you make me quiver as you hold me by my hand makes me feel like a baby. I won’t trade that feeling for anything else in the world. You are the love of my life.

78. Ever told you your demeanor makes my heart see the mysterious things I’d love to unravel about you. It’s such a beautiful odyssey of love, hon.

79. You’re the love of my life; my night is you and my day is you. You’re the beginning and the end of my life.

80. You’re the most beautiful natural feature on earth. The greatest artifact has nothing on you, my love.

81. You are the love of my life. I don’t care if the world accepts this truth or not. I only desire that you believe me when I say so.

82. The most enchanting shape in the world is that of your face. Its simply allures me to you.

83. I’ll prove it to you when I say, “you are the love of my life.” I’ll be the one to push you up to your pinnacle.

84. I love you, not now, but from eternity. I’ll love you, not to the end of the world but to infinity.

85. The only thing I have in this world is you. I say so because you’re the most valuable of my treasures. You are the love of my life.

86. Something keeps burning in me when I see your face. I guess it’s the fire in your eyes that sets my body on fire.

87. I’ll write anything for you; the most hearty love poem and the most luxurious will, I’ll write them all in your name. You are the love of my life.

88. I’m so proud of you being in my life; you make me feel like a highflier. However, you’re the greatest star in my sky.

89. Never will I lie to you. You’ll only get the truth from me, cause my feelings for you will always be right. You are the love of my life.

90. My heart doesn’t cherish any other function besides loving you; it keeps breathing because it keeps loving you.

91. You are the love of my life. Heaven knows this is true and hell cannot deny this as well.

92. I own nothing because everything I have is yours. Yet, I’m the richest one on earth. You’re my treasure chest.

93. I’m simply the most graciously favoured one to have found mutual love. You are the love of my life.

94. I was called to love you and to do so endlessly.

95. I’ll love you without looking left nor right. My eyes will only be set on you, cause you’re my anchor.

96. My heart is always right about you and that’s why I’ll only love you to the end of time. You are the love of my life.

97. You alone can make me cry and can wipe those tears away. I love you doesn’t fully capture what my heart feels for you.

98. The strength of my love for you can move the greatest mountain. You are the love of my life.

99. My love for you is always as calm as a gentle breeze even when I am angry. And when I’m happy, it feels like a heavy stream of water.

100. I feel a torrent of emotions in me when I see you. And they all mean the same thing; love. You are the love of my life.

101. You’ve made me the most enviable person on earth, cause you adorned my life with love at its finest.

102. The only thing I believe so much in is in the love I feel for you. It will never ever betray you. You are the love of my life.

103. If it were possible the whole world would love you at the same time, cause you’re so much lovable. Nevertheless, I’ve been made to love you more than a stream of men would do.

104. You’re the love of my life; every creature knows that and every witness can testify to that.

105. Because I love you, I’ll let you dominate my heart and world. My world belongs to you till the very end.

106. I came to do nothing, but to love you and make your life easier. I’ll be the comfort you’ve been searching for and the love you’ve been longing for. You’re the love of my life.

107. My love for you is powerful than the decree of a king. It will make everything happen for you, sweety.

108. You’re the love of my life. Kindly open the door of your heart for me to walk in. I want to make your heart my home.

109. The only truth I know is the one in my heart. It tells of my undying love for you. Nothing is false about my words to you.

110. The only one in my heart is you. I’ll always give you the best of everything in my life, cause you gave me the best of yours, which is your love.

111. I will forever be grateful to you, for not breaking my heart like the rest of the world has done. You made everything right.

112. I’ve made a promise to love you and this vow will I keep even when everything else is broken in the world. You are the love of my life.

113. The sun isn’t the reason behind my smile. You alone do the magic of making me smiling effortlessly. And just by laughing at your jokes, you stole my heart away.

114. It was too late for me to retrieve my soul from yours, cause you already made me your soulmate. I’m glad I couldn’t fight it.

115. You came into my heart unannounced and hence, created an abiding likeness for you. I love you.

116. The greatest pleasure I’ve ever experienced is the one of loving you. Nothing makes me feel good as that.

117. You gave me the desire to fall in love. That love will always belong to you.

118. I look at you intensely like the sun gazes at the earth. I’ll shine on you till the end of time.

119. My heart is the home of peace, cause loving you has brought unexplainable faith to my body and soul.

120. I see every reason to wake up once I dream about you. It is my utmost desire to give you love like a dream.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t keep the one true love of your life waiting.

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