Long Love Quotes for Her

Trending Long Love Quotes for Her in 2023

There’s always something beautiful to put smiles her face. And don’t let anything stop you from doing it. If she has really been lovely to you, you have no reason not to give her one of these quotes.

Let her know — or remind her — that you love her and that she means a lot to you.

Here, we have given you 150 of them. Use them and watch her smile.

Long Love Messages for Her – Lover

One of the things that strengthen relationship is when the persons involved express their feelings and make eachother know that they are valued. One of the ways to express this is to use Sweet and Romantic Long love messages, and these have been made available for you here.

1. If love should be defined by activities, then all you do should be put together to properly define the word. Every morning, I wake and the most appealing picture I let into my mind is that of you. If the stars should be considered, the brightness of your love beats them all.

2. No one can come across someone like you and after experiencing the love you have to offer, doubt the existence of true love. The joys, pains, gains, fears, courage and every beautiful part of love rest in the entirety of what you do and say. You are the peak of love.

3. Love is the ruler that makes it possible to set things straight. I’m thankful to you for a lot of things, but also for your time and devotion in feeding me with a lot of love. Sometimes, I see flaws around, but I am comforted when I remember you love.

4. In the midst of noise, love is not always the silent voice that seeks to be noticed but can be the voice on the offensively, fighting to make things right, make rough paths straight and to give direction. I think about these attributes and I see you.

5. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, the best person to be with. You have the best touch, the best smell. You are the best sight. Every beautiful thing I know begins and end right with you. I love you for everything you are, have been and will be.

6. They said a lot of things about love, but I’m concerned about only one and that’s the one that properly describes you. They say love is something you search for a long time. I found you and found love in you is all I can say for now. Love is you and you are love.

7. If there is love in something, one other thing that will be prevalent there is giving. Giving and love are two items that can’t be separated from themselves. You have been a complete lover because you’ve given of your time, money, self and all of you.

8. You are unashamed. You give a lot. You have people at heart. You care without expecting anything in return. You make others better people. You invest in everyone. I heard about you and when I heard about love, I guess you must be love. You should make it your name.

9. Nobody may watch us be interested in what we do, we may not be icons popular enough to be seen by all, but we care for ourselves and got our backs at all time. We do everything we can to make ourselves better. This is simply the definition of love.

10. You may not feel good at all times because it is not always easy, but the call of love is such that in the good or bad, smooth or rough times, you keep pressing, through laughs and tears. This is where true satisfaction is found, and satisfaction is the only true award we need.

11. Anyone who denies the beauty of love in anywhere that’s not private can be called a dead preacher without apology. Not only does love transforms lives, but when wielded by people like you, it is more potent and attractive to those who don’t get its concept.

12. If love is a city, the goodwill thrives and the evil will suffer. The odds will be treated as equals and no one will feel better or worse than any. I’m sure you would be a ruler there use the platform to preserve the beauty of it forever. Love will stay because it never fails.

13. When their warm eyes, listening ears, tender touches, pleasant smells and beautiful voices, then love has a place to thrive. But in the absence of all of these, love can take root and create them and they’ll be like they were there right from the beginning.

14. There’s a provision for kindness, protection and provision in the word called love. It’s the driving force for good things to be pushed and the courage that truly defeats fear. Anytime, you come home, I’ll shower with just what I mean.

15. Love doesn’t demand that we be perfect, but that we are good, in excellence to everyone we recognise as being human. It does a lot of good. It demands that we may not have all it takes to live perfectly, but that we excellently make good with what we have.

16. Recently, I have learned that love is a strong cord that keeps any set of things together. I have learned that the best way to live is to live by love. Overall, I have learned that you have set a perfect example of love for many to look to and learn from.

17. Love is not really in the air. It may be seen by a lot of people but there are those who have searched relentlessly and are still not close to finding it. I consider myself (not just lucky, but) blessed to be loved by you. Whatever it is, we all need love.

18. If you want love, you just need to pray for it and give it away. People like you who have given up a lot for the sake of love deserve to be loved without control or measure. My heartbeat beats steadily to love but better when you’re involved.

19. While we are waiting for the perfection of love, let’s stick to our strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages and coexist with a heart devoid of evil. Maybe there can be no love more than this, but let’s keep waiting to see if anything will change.

20. They say love stays forever and never dies. I still don’t have a say about it yet, but I can say it’s true for that which exists between us. They say love stays forever and never dies. If I agree, any love outside of that which I have for you and you for me is questionable.

21. The colours of love are white, for the purity in it peace it established, red, for the tears shed, sweat gave off and bloodshed in it, and black, for the ruggedness and strength in it. You are one who exhibits every single colour of this beautiful thing called love.

22. Every game becomes more heated when both players are rooted deeply in the rules of the game. In the game of love, you are the best player that comes to mind. One reason our love will become hotter is that we are deeply rooted in the game of love.

23. True superheroes are those whose every activity come from a place of love. You have proven to me to be one of them and I love you dearly. You are a superhero, not just to me, but to all you come across. And I want your influence to keep increasing so everyone benefits.

24. When you find a gift of life, preserve it. When you get a precious gift, keep it. When you find a gift wrapped with and in love, cherish it, not just to honour the giver, but to show appreciation for a true gift in your life. You are a true gift to me.

25. Things may seem crazy and out of place but it’s with you I decide to place my hope of loving and being loved. Things may seem rough and hard, but I find solace in your love for me. I can trade everything but my love for you is the one thing that is true.

26. If your love is rain, it will be the heavy kind that falls without restraint from morning till night. If your heart was a piece of land, estates will be built on it and there’ll still be space. If you are to be defined in one word by me, the word will be love.

27. Since the beginning of creation, there have been outreaches, wars and a lot of influential events, but none has ever been as active as love. Love stretches the heart and the mind to a state of peace and bliss and your love I’d the best thing to ever happen to me.

28. We have seen times and seasons come and go but we have stuck together because there is a factor called love and it stays forever. We have had rough times and unappealing ones too, but none has taken us down because love conquers all.

29. How do you find true love? By placing everything that claims to be love and letting the true one speak for itself. How do you accept true love? By letting it embrace and wrap you completely in its arms. True love never hurts and I found it in you.

30. When it’s all said and done, I’ll be counted lucky and blessed because even though I met a lot of challenges, your love was enough to lead me through. It was my driving force, my source of strength and courage. You are a true definition of love.

31. Love is not a competition. Everyone is expected to love and forget about how other take their acts of love. You have given of yourself selflessly and relentlessly and have proven the possibility of giving all in love. You are indeed an epitome of love.

32. The best things in life are not always reserved for the best people, or else I’d never have had you in my life. If there’s one song I can sing about you, it’ll be one that praises your virtue and admonishes all to be like you. I can be easily irritated, but never with you.

33. I doubt the notion of women being weaker vessels because your strength is one that should be admired. There’s a lot of wrong things said about women, but you prove them all wrong. You are one person I’ll give all to be with. You are dear to my heart.

34. Before I met you, I never knew what true love means — I’d never felt, seen, touched, smelt, tasted or experienced it in any way. You came in and you changed the narrative — you changed the game. Loving you is the most pleasant thing I’ve ever known.

35. Life is good when lovers like you are around. You make love seem like its an easy thing. You make hearts soar in that pleasant feeling of loving and being loved. There’s nothing on earth that compares to the love spread by you. You are indeed lovely.

36. If there’s one thing I can say about you, it is that you are lovely without measure and if there’s one thing I won’t ever let go of, its the love I have for you. There may be lies and deceptions everywhere but I want you to trust that my love for you is the one thing that is true.

37. Looking at the days and years past, one can’t help but appreciate the sweetness found in the excessive love you showed. If people know what you know about others, they’d probably hate them, but you know all of this and still remain a great companion in one’s life.

38. If talking about how intoxicating your love can get is crazy, then I’ll gladly appear as one because I know no height of open-mindedness can prove it to be less than beautiful, selfless and amazing. We all got issues but you stick close because you understand what we’ve been through.

39. If materialism was a key part of love, I doubt if you’d be a lover. You are beautiful, but you find a way to live above vanity. You are the one who makes my love burn hotter and brighter. You’re the one who keeps me going even when I don’t get love from outside.

40. From the depth of my heart, I draw words to express the weight of my love for you. There’s nothing I won’t give up to be by you for the rest of my days. You’re one that I’d dig deep to get presents for as a sign of my love for you. You are a vital part of me.

41. I understand that love and trust may be two different factors, but I want you to know that I love you much and trust you as much. You may have made mistakes in the past and had regrets, but they won’t affect in any way how I feel for you.

42. From the way things are going, I know what waits for us on the other side is a picture of bliss and love and joy. We will move every mountain ahead of us and fill every valley with the hardness of our love. Apart from the love that exists between us, we are perfect matches for ourselves.

43. High doses are dangerous and deadly, but the best experiences when the tablets are those of your love. They say too much of everything is not good, but the more of you I have, the more joy I experience, the more I feel loved and the more I feel like a king.

44. “Be careful who you let into your life,” is a statement I cherished, but it did not stop you from finding a way into my heart and transform it into something better. You are one who’ve challenged me to love without restraints and love selflessly like you do.

45. Until I met you and experienced your love, I thought love was only shallow and an item for deception. I thought it was overrated. You have changed my mind about love for the better and I have chosen to stand by you forever.

46. Ways and ideas to express love may be inadequate, or out of fashion, but the words “I Love You” from you is enough to make me feel loved and wanted again. I’d have written an epistle of my love for you but I doubt if even that will be enough.

47. The eyes that see only the good and the hands that make the best out of a man are definitely body parts of love. This is like saying you are love because your eyes and hands do the same. The height of my love for you is so high that the average human will be scared to climb.

48. There’ll always be hurdles and mountains, but with love, we can walk through all the storms and troubles, even though not with a smile, but with satisfaction and a sense of peace in the knowledge that everything will be alright. Love conquers all.

49. When I hear of all the great love stories of history, experiencing your love feels like a deja vu. Sometimes, it goes beyond that and feels like a record breaker. There’s love to feel, to see and experience when around you — a whole lot of it.

50. It might be hard to confess because it will make everyone see me as less-perfect, but in love, I feel like you’ve given me more than I could ever have given you. I see a lot of appealing actions and hear a lot of words every day, but none beats those from you.

51. If you ever feel broken and inadequate, you can run to me. I’ll provide a shoulder for you to cry on and surely, I’ll cry for you. I’ll do all of this for you, not just because you’ve done them for me in the past, but because I love you.

52. I’ll do anything to let the world know that you are the one for me and I know you’ll do the same. If everyone understands the concept of taking shots for others, they’d appreciate why I am willing to take one for you. In you, I find peace, love, joy and rest.

53. Many questions I am yet to provide answers to any one of them includes why I love you above every other person. Maybe the beauty of some questions is in the fact that they can’t be answered. But however it is, know that you are always on my mind and at the top spot.

54. If I was the ultimate rewarder for love, I’d be giving you a well done already because you have operated in love at an intimidating level. If I was the king of love, I’d have already prepared for the inevitable and named you as my successor. You have upped the love game.

55. Laughter, fun, happiness and other beautiful blessings are features expected to be seen in every love relationship. Being with you, I have not lacked any one of them. That’s why I have made up my mind firmly to hold you and never let you go.

56. Letting you go is the hardest decision I can ever make, the one thing I consider myself impossible to do. I never really had any weaknesses until I met you. Now, you are my weakness, my soft spot. And I hope you never forget that I’m your biggest fan.

57. I never get jealous when I see any couple because I know deep in me that, we not only have a unique relationship, but the affection that’s shared between us is one that beats that in any other relationship. No mistakes, I am very proud to have you.

58. Loving you is a choice I must go with and more pleasing is the fact that’s it’s a good choice. I’d dig up lines from history to tell you of the value of your love for me but I can’t since your love is greater than the others. I love you and I have no apologies for that.

59. If I have to lay down every crown to stick with your love, I won’t consider it a hard option because I know of the benefits of your love, and I’m yet to see a reason why I should trade it for something else. By the way, every commitment I made to you is true.

60. Life is love and it can’t be truer when love is shared with one like you. I feel so alive. I’ll tell all who cares to hear that you have made my life sweeter than I ever thought it could be. There’s a lot of love to be shared, but I prefer that from you.

61. I don’t know what else to say because you already know that money can’t buy your love and nothing can be exchanged for it. That’s it’s more valuable than gold and harder than diamond is a trait you can’t find on just any day.

62. I’d still decide to love you if I am to choose who to love for a thousand times over. I chose to stay, not just because I see a future of hope, bliss and joy, but because I know that you’re the one that suits me perfectly. I love you over and over again.

63. Never heard a love song on the radio that perfectly describes that which exist between us. You’re so beautiful, lovely, and elegant and these are just few of the reasons why my love for you is getting stronger day after day, night after night.

64. A lot of things brought people together in time past, but I’m sure they are not what brought us together. In us, I see the reality and true beauty of love. I’m forced to say that if there are only two people in the world who share perfect love for each other, these two people are none other than you and I.

65. Overall offences and setbacks, love lead us through the darkness, saves is from the pestilences and leads us to place of peace and bliss. Without love, a lot of things would go terribly wrong and these include you and I not being together.

66. The love I have for you burns bright, but I won’t deny that one of the reasons it burns brighter than ever now is as a result of the love you have for me. We belong to one another, meant to love each other, and built to hold on against all the odds.

67. Sufficient for every day is the remembrance of the fervency and sincerity of the love I know you always have for me. It keeps me going through the harshness of the day and blinds me from those things that pop up with the intention of ruining my day.

68. There’s a part of my heart I refer to as love and you are the thought that almost always occupy it. Thinking of you alone is enough to forget the worries of life, the trials of earth and the hardness in the world. So I’ll think of you for as long as I remain on earth. I miss you sweetheart.

69. If I was a musician, maybe only then will I be able to express certain feelings I have about you, because I’ll be speaking not just with words, but with sounds. I’d be anything if I know that it will be a perfect platform for you to understand how much I love you.

70. Distorted realities will be looked through and people will think that we are just “two students straight out of high school with emotion” that will soon pass or fade away. What they won’t know is that even before I asked you out, I count the cost and decided to be with you.

71. Every day presents a new reason and a new opportunity to love and be loved. It brings new people into our lives and takes out old ones. You have come into my life and I have decided not to let you go but to outstay every other person in it.

72. Even just for a day, I can’t take my mind off you. I think its because you’ve done beautiful things in my life that only you could do. People may wonder why I love you the way the way I do, but I think they’ll only understand when they have someone like you in their life.

73. It is funny how I can’t explain the height of goodness and fun you’ve brought into my life. I can’t deny the pleasant feelings I have when I spend time with you. The smiles you put on my face are such that I’ve never had. You are the love of my life.

74. Living for love is the height of good living and living with you is the best way I can fulfil mine. It may sound like a hyperbole to others when I say I’d rather be blind to the world and see only you in it. Without you, my world will be so so incomplete.

75. I don’t think it will be out of place if I thank you for being in my life. Before I stuck with you, many had come and gone and none has ever made my life as sweet and pleasant as you’ve made it. You’re not just a person of beauty, but one I’m happy to have by me.

76. If the bad times we’ve pushed through together did not scare you away from me, then I think I should restate my commitment to give my all to you at every point in time. You are like a pillar to me, just you were built with more beauty and awesomeness.

77. I am ready to take my chances with you, to be with you for the rest of my days, to risk following you even though I don’t know tomorrow. You’ve been to me what none has been, so no matter what anyone says or do, I won’t change my mind about you.

78. We are like pencils in God’s hands and he is the one who made us boards for each other to draw on, to beautify, to bring life to and to make pieces with honour. You and I are made for one another and I’m prepared to stick to you for as long as we exist.

79. As long as the sky and the seas remain blue and up and down respectively, as long as the earth is brown and the air is colourless, I’d be by you, showering you with all the love I can, knowing you’d do just the same for me. I love you.

80. Once again, I thought I should let you know how much you mean to me. You mean every element of life to me and I doubt how much I can do without you in my life. Maybe one of the reasons I fight to live on and be all I want to be is because I want to spend more time with you.

81. Things I’ve enjoyed as a result of your love are things I can’t easily take my mind off. I’m afraid to talk about your love because it will feel like I’m comparing you to God in some ways. Others will look at me and see faults, but you see the light in me.

82. I know I’m inadequate to satisfy everyone but you still cling to me, making me feel like life was made for my enjoyment and nothing else. I doubt I’ll feel different if every other thing is taken away and you are all I see. Remember that I love you.

83. Quotes won’t be enough to translate how I feel about you and neither will paragraphs and texts do it, but I trust that, in your heart, you know that the love I have for you is true and fervent. For you, I’ll do anything, and that’s not to prove that I love you.

84. My love sparked brighter the day I met you because it came into contact with something that can ignite it, and this is your love. It came at the right time, in the right place and to the right person. I’ve never had a moment with you that I regret.

85. Giving my all to you is not a problem for me because in you is where my all lies. I’m elated to talk about you as mine and everything I have written about you makes up a good testimonial. Letting you go is probably going to be the hardest thing I’ll be able to do.

86. If I can let you out of my life, then I’m capable of even killing myself. I mean why should I ever give you up for anything. It will be the worst thing I can do to myself. And loving you is the best thing I ever did to myself, the best decision I ever made.

87. The closer I am to you, the clearer a picture of bliss and heaven is to me. I’d like to say you’re like a star to me but their population in the skies is what’s stopping me. I’d rather say you’re the sun to me, always bringing brightness and warmth when you’re around.

88. You’re like a pleasant rare occurrence that when gone, leaves memories of happiness, excitement and bliss. But in your case, you happen very often and unique in every scenario. No wonder, I have never ceased to wonder about you and what you do.

89. When someone’s life has been touched in many positive ways by one who loves him tremendously and means the whole world to him and is so beautiful, strong, awesome and inspiring, then that person must be like me because he must have been touched by someone like you.

90. Everything I learnt about you is so beautiful and like Pilate said to Jesus, I can truthfully tell you that I find no fault in you. Maybe it is because of your ever appreciating beauty and awesomeness, or because of your strength and largeness of heart.

91. Life becomes more beautiful when one has people like you in it and having someone like you leave one’s life is something I don’t even want to imagine. You have a beautiful way of transforming one’s days from whatever they are into days of brightness.

92. Even if the darkness covers every part of the earth, I’d still see you — and it is not just in my mind’s eye. I know how much I’m attached to you now. It is so much that I know it can’t be affected by any kind of force. I can never lose sight of you.

93. They told me not to worry, that one day I’ll find one better than you and all the feelings I have for you will fade away. I laugh because they have no idea what you mean to me. No matter how woke or open-minded I become, my choice will still be you.

94. One day, we’ll talk about how far we’ve gone together, then we’ll be surprised at how lovely our relationship has been and how beautifully we were able to evade all the challenges that time and chance presented to us, and we’ll smile and look forward to even better days.

95. I can say that being with you will always end well because all the features you bring into our relationship is enough for me to hold you by and never let you go. If I find another that looks like you, I’ll conclude that it’s just you in another skin.

96. I’d rather be deaf than hear that there’s someone that can replace you. I’d rather be blind than see the one who will make me leave you. You bring so much to me that I wonder how you do it. I love you in more ways than one and always will for the rest of my days.

97. The only proof we need for our love is that we both exist since the reason we exist is for each other. Having and holding you is something I was made for and not doing it is doing myself a great disservice. However you feel, I know you love me and nothing can change that.

98. I’m grateful and happy that you are not edible, else I’d have eaten you out of existence just so you can be with me. I know we are one — it’s visible in everything we do, together. Thinking about you only reminds me of a part of me that I am a part of.

99. It does not matter how things feel or how they seem or what you think of yourself or me, I will always love you. Even if you go to the depths of the sea or fly to the heights of the heaven, my love will follow you, telling you how valuable and precious you are.

100. If I had a set of wings, I’d fly over the mountains, not for any other reason, but just to prove my love for you. I may not be a fan of signs and symbols, but if there’s something I can do that will remind you of my love for you, I won’t think twice about it.

101. There’s no joke about my love for you. It’s burning hot in my chest I feel like I should sleep in a freezer until I stop loving you. It’s itching under my legs I feel like I should stand on a vibrator until one of us is no more. There’s nothing I can do to stop loving you.

102. The best way to go is to have a person behind you that showers you with all the love and support you need in going through life. I have found one in you and I know I’m content with you. I hope you’ve found one in me too and is satisfied with me.

103. Being present is an aspect of love that can’t be ignored. It involves one always being around as a sight to behold, a pillar to lean on, a couch to sit on, a rope to hang on to and a vehicle to ride on. You have always been present for me. I love you.

104. May my heart keep being disposed of anyone that’s not like you till all I can see is you and only you. May I love others till they no longer have need of it so I can focus all my love on you, even when you may become sick of it. With you and me as the only ones in our world, it’s Bliss forever.

105. I bless the day I met you. That day is one great one in my history. On that day, I saw the most sight, met the most beautiful person, became friends with the loveliest person on earth and what’s more, met the person I want to love for the rest of my life and days on God’s big brown earth.

106. I know you love me and how much you do. You don’t need to do anything to prove it. I’m okay with you just the way you are; I don’t need you to be more or less than what you are. You know our days get better and better, and I already feel tomorrow coming.

107. Forget whatever them dudes in the street got to say or the opinions held by the social media peeps. Just know that to me you’re beautiful and to me, you’re all that matters. There’s nothing that will be said of you that’s negative that I will jump at because I know you.

108. Beholding you is the most pleasant experience any man can have. For the sake of love and God, I am bound to you in pleasant ways I can’t even explain. Together, we can do great things and, together, we need no any other person to be with us.

109. All your calls, texts and words you’ve said to me are printed in my memory and thinking about them brings so much brightness to the darkest of my days. Your voice and pictures fill my mind and anytime I concentrate on them, I feel heaven on earth.

110. Life is for love, and that’s how I know we’re living life to the fullest — in the best way. You are so filled with love that I wonder if there’s anything else you’re good at. And when I think of the times spent with you, I do all I can to make them never become memories.

111. If my opinion will count, then the brightest day on earth is the day I met you. If my opinion will count, then the place I met you is the most blessed place there is. If my opinion will count, then you are the most lovely being in all the universe.

112. As you’ve come into my heart, o want you to own it and take possession of it. Do with it as you will. I trust you with my heart, my soul, my life and my all. And by the way, who would I give my heart to other than you? I love you with all of my heart.

113. You are one hell of a sweet-loving-cute girl, one heck of a beautiful-awesome-amazing being. You’ve all it takes to turn a red sky into blue and all to it takes to stabilize troubled waters. I’m not just proud to have you in my life but honoured.

114. Looking closely at you, I only see a beauty and an asset to myself and the world. No sign of toxicity. With me and you against the world, we will have the strength of majority and there’s no stopping us. I love you in ways I don’t even understand.

115. One of my dreams has been to have one who will be dear to my heart and have me dear to her heart and finding you was all I needed to realise that dream. If you ever slip through my fingers, it will be a thing I can’t recover from, probably forever.

116. It may have taken quite a while for us to come together, but since we are bound by the strong cords of love, we’ll have and hold each other forever. It may have been ages before we met, but I trust we have more days ahead of us that before.

117. Maybe the reason why your mother felt pain at labour is that her body system did not want to deliver a sweetheart like you into a cruel world like the one we live in. Maybe it finally gave you up because it wanted both of us to find true love.

118. I’m very sure that others look at us and feel intimidated when they see the love we share. I am very proud of the bond we share, the way we are together. Every day gives me a reason to look back at the previous day I met you and I know that there are better days ahead.

119. Your love is such that I never thought there could be. It eludes me how one person can have so much love and such a large heart that everyone is welcome and still have time for me. I am joyful that you came into my life and excited that you will stay.

120. The genius in you is intimidating. The smiles you have are the best I’ve ever seen. The strength you show are the most amazing I know of. Your beauty is incomparable. If Solomon had you, he’d never have thought of taking a second wife while he lived.

121. I have sent my soul on an errand to love too whether I feel like it or not. There’s so much about you that can be loved. Funny enough is that I love your large heart, seductive awesomeness and the shape of your body. I will sooner lose myself in you.

122. I am just a man and may get lost on my way, but when it comes to you I know that I am on the right path. No one should call a blessing as great as you a mistake because only God can work this out. I may be imperfect but my choices if you are the perfect one.

123. I’d rather be lost in the universe with you than be found in a familiar place without you. I’d never let you roll through my fingers like rosaries off the hands of Catholics. People don’t understand what you mean to me. They’ll realise when they find their own version of you.

124. What on earth do I need another for when I have all I need you? No matter what sign I see of a bad ending with you, I’d ignore it because you’ve proved that everything with you always ends well. Why should I ever trade you — my greatest asset — for anyone else?

125. Who cares about money, influence or fame when you’re with him? You’re one hell of a full and complete package and everyone will be proud to have you as a partner. And I should not forget to tell you how privileged I feel to have you by me and with me.

126. All day, you remain there at the very top of my mind. No thought can successfully go through my mind if it opposes the thought of you. And in my thoughts of you, it’s so pleasant that I feel like I should live in that moment forever. I love you.

127. Now is the time that matters to you and I. Let’s forget about the world and how it works and live in this moment to its fullest. I’m sure that our love can only guide us to Bliss and heavenly realms, so let’s ride and never return to this earthly realm.

128. I’ll use my voice to tell any soul that cares to hear that you are the sweetest thing to ever happen to me. The more I stay away from you the more I am on my Nat Turner, going wild to fight to see you again. We’ve found each other and I’m not letting you go.

129. There’s nothing as good as having a good partner and friend, who not only listens to you, talk to you and spend time with you, but loves you so much to give up a lot for you. You’re truly the best thing that I’ve found and I’m glad it’s you.

130. I feel like I have wings because you make me feel fly. You brought light into my life and now I feel so light and fly. My life without you is one that will not be worth living. Well, until I’ll see you again, I’ll just be feeling low. Hope I get to see you soon.

131. None of what I put in to be with you is in vain, not because you agreed to be with me, but because you have given me more than I’ve ever given up for you. Your uniqueness is such that I envy and hope to covet. You are more special than anyone can ever know.

132. You are one golden shine in my life that I wonder if you’ll ever lose your shine. I am thankful that you did not hold back good from me but lavished me with so much love, life and light. For being a part of my life and making me feel loved, I’ll be forever grateful.

133. You make me feel so awesome that some mornings I’m scared to wake up because I’ll think you were only a dream and I’m back to reality. But you are reality and I’d rather not have any other reality without you in it. You are one in a million, one of a very special kind.

134. The biggest weapon ever wielded is love. Going by this, I guess you’re the strongest person to ever live because the love I’ve experienced from you is one I doubt can be found anywhere else. No need to ask why I love you. It’s because you deserve it.

135. I’m very sure that even if I was the opposite sex, I’d still want to have you as a friend. You are one person that its hard to live without. Everyone should have a friend like you in their life. You have made my life on beautiful thing that even I wonder at.

136. The mysteries of metal music are nothing close to the complexity of what God made out of you. You are mysterious. I can’t help or stop myself from loving you like someone without a mind. The funny part is that I like it like that.

137. You are lovely and beautiful. In you, I find someone, not just to hold and have, but to cherish and be cherished by in return. I’d pick you over gold and diamond any day, anytime. Being with you is the biggest privilege I’ve ever had.

138. I’d rather spend time with you than go on vacations to the most beautiful places on earth. I’d rather hold you than hold all the other riches of the earth. And loving you is not an option for me; it’s something I’m bound to do for the rest of my life.

139. I’ll call you the most pleasant prison because even though I’m bound to you, having no choice but to love you for the rest of my long life, I’m happy it turned out that way because you are one person whose touch changed my life beautifully.

140. In many ways, I’ve never met another who loves like you do. I also have not met another whose smile is as charming as yours. I’ve always been scared of charms, but your charms are appealing, even though they are strong and irresistible.

141. My hands, legs, head, lips, chest and every other part of me were made for you, so I invite you to come enjoy every bit of it. There’s only one thing I feel for you and it is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. It is love. I love you completely.

142. I am yours and I know you are mine and I’m very proud that it’s this way. Since we live in a time of deception and lies and fakeries, it’s a privilege to have you and me as one changing the game of love in the right way. No faking of feelings, but you mean the world to me.

143. I may not have the world to offer you, but I won’t hold back anything you deserve from you. That’s why I give you my heart and every part of it. You may not have the world to give me, but I love you anyway. For the rest of my days, I hope you remain mine.

144. Since you became mine, my world has been brighter, ever-changing into a clearer and clearer image of perfect beauty. Many girls do a lot of great things, but with all my experience and all that I know, I can strongly say that you surpass them all.

145. Every single part of me has strong love and desire and craves for every single part of you. I don’t know what you know but God has made us for each other. People complain that nature’s plans can be to our disadvantage but I and you coming together is in our favour.

146. If you’re the thought to preoccupy my thoughts, then I think I have a great deal of work to do already, because there is a great lot about you to think of and greater lots I may never understand. Maybe you mystery makes you even more beautiful.

147. I’ll probably give up on life if I discover there’s another like you because, in my many years on earth, I’d never seen one who is as beautiful and lovely as you. If I say you surpass every girl on earth, then there is no exaggeration in it.

148. If time repeats itself and I’m faced with the decision of choosing a partner again, I’d still chose you. There’s no one I rather have in my life or spend (the rest of) it with. You are not just beautiful and lovely, but you’ve touched my life in the way love does.

149. Even if there are a billion clones of you and none is unique, I’ll still choose you. You stand out in ways you may never understand, to me. I’ll sense you, smell you, and know that you are my one and only. I love you and want to more than you love me.

150. If one word best defines love, the word must be whatever name you choose to bear. I don’t see who else is a person of love if not you. Because you and I were made for each other, let’s live every moment like, apart from us, there’s no other.

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