You Are an Amazing Person Messages

2023 You Are an Amazing Person Messages

There must have been people who have made a remarkable impact in our lives. You can send the messages below to your loved ones showing them how much you value them, that no one can take their place in your life, telling them you have great respect for them, telling them that they are simply amazing.

You Are an Amazing Person Messages and Sayings

Cute You Are an Amazing Person Messages for Special Person.

1. You are an amazing woman, you showed me the real value of true friendship. You are my companion from now on till death do us part. You are amazing.

2. Through pain, through joy, through bliss, through grief, I will never leave your side baby, you are amazing.

3. I will forever hold you tight because you are mine. I will always defend you when necessary. My family is incomplete without you. I love you. You are so amazing.

4. You’re an amazing man, you have made me appreciate how blessed I am, to have you as my king, joy makes my heart go thump thump.

5. In you, I have found a comforter, a friend and a perfect example of who a true friend should be. You make my life more fulfilling. You are so amazing.

6. You overlooked my mistakes, you stood up for me, you comfort me when I cry, I love you, baby. You are amazing.

7. You are travelling to Dubai tomorrow, baby, I am going to miss you. I feel like a part of me is missing. Baby, come back soon so that I would be complete. You know what? You are an amazing woman.

8. You have such an endearing personality. You are so calm, yet so confident and courageous. You make me feel at home, anytime I am with you. You are an amazing man.

9. You, being there for me, is the greatest comfort I can ever have. Seeing you smile, takes my fears away. Hmmm… I love you, my friend. You are amazing.

10. You have a pure heart. I love your looks, so innocent. You are my world, don’t take a break from me. You are amazing.

11. I use to think one can get everything on a platter of Gold in life, but you made me realize that I can only attain greater heights with hard work and good character. You are so amazing.

12. When I feel down and depressed, I remember you and I am filled with joy, simply because you are amazing.

13. Without you, I would not have discovered my purpose in life. You came into my world, showed me the right path to go, and here I am, a fulfilled person. You are an amazing man.

14. If every other thing fails, I know you won’t fail me. I know you will never leave me. You would always be there to cheer me on. I respect you. You are amazing

15. Words cannot express how I feel. Your presence in my life is so overwhelming. You are full of warmth and affection. You are an amazing woman.

16. You loved me for who I am. You told me to be natural, to be myself, never to copy others. You encouraged me to be original. You believed in me so much. You helped me realize that I had great potentials. Oh! You are so wonderful, you are so amazing.

17. Despite my naughty attitudes, you still stood by me. You are like a shoulder that I can lean on. You showed me what true love is. You are an amazing man.

18. I appreciate God for bringing you into my life. You changed me from being a depressed person to a bubbling lady, full of joy. Hmmm.. how can I describe you in one word.

19. Your friendship with me gives me assurance, that all would be well, that joy would surely come in the morning. I always tell you that you are so amazing.

20. You are my heartbeat, my magic, my breath, you glued me back when I am in pieces. You built me up to be a better person. You are so amazing.

21. My heart is filled with gratitude to God. I thank Him for making me share my moments with you. You are my sunshine baby. You are my dream come true. You are amazing.

22. I can’t ask God for a better friend, my heart is filled with beautiful memories of you. You are so amazing and also a beauty to behold.

23. You are my jewel, a rare gem, my gold, my diamond, my precious stone. I will never trade you for anything in the whole world. You are amazing.

24. You deserve a crown on that beautiful hear of yours. A crown for having a selfless attitude towards others. A crown of glory, a crown of excellence. You are amazing.

25. You filled my heart with so much joy. Things I thought were impossible, you made it possible for me. Thanks for being my helper. You are an amazing man.

26. With you, I have a bright future and I will overcome every obstacle that comes my way. I will come out victorious. You are so amazing.

27. You knew my flaws and yet you never judged me. You told me I could become a better person if I wanted to, you believed so much in me. You are an amazing woman.

28. You lighten up my life with so much brightness. You’ve cleared my dark paths. You have rebranded me. You are so amazing.

29. You are the greatest gift God gave me, a blessing in disguise. You enriched my life with great values. You are so amazing.

30. What can separate you from me? Nothing. I have hidden you in my heart. You are going to be there forever. You are such an amazing woman.

31. Distance can’t separate us. We will forever stick together. i love you. You are so amazing.

32. I miss you my best friend, no one can take your place in my heart. You are God sent to me. You are amazing.

33. When I am with you, I am filled with joy and glad to be around me at all times because you are an amazing person.

34. I am one of the favoured people on earth. You filled my life with so much love. I love you, baby. You are so amazing.

35. When I first met you, I never imagined we could be best friends, because right now, you are the most important person in my life. You are so amazing.

36. You are full of great worth. You deserve double honor. You make a big difference in my life. You are amazing.

37. Fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for your life depends on the people you met, and the connections you make with people. Thank God, I met you, my friend. You are amazing.

38. You are so special. You’ve been my friend for so many years. You are an angel sent to me. From God. You are an amazing woman.

39. My love for you will never go down. My love for you grows stronger and better each day. You are an amazing man.

40. May our friendship grow stronger and stronger each day. You will forever remain my best friend. You are amazing.

41. You are awesome, pretty and so caring. You have a beautiful appearance, with a beautiful heart. Your words are soft and soothing. You are amazing.

42. My love for you should be like a tree planted by the riverside, which would bring out fruits of love and happiness. I love you. You are so amazing.

43. Thanks for accepting me the way I am. For accommodating my rude behaviours and actions. You are so amazing.

44. I love you so deeply. Nothing can quantify the depth of my love for you. I will not allow anything to harm you. I love you. You are so amazing.

45. Love is a beautiful thing. It is more beautiful when shared with the right person. You are the one for me. You are an amazing woman.

46. I will love no other person but you .i promise to be sincere with you and be the best friend you can ever have. You are amazing.

47. As long as I live, you will always be my better half. I will take you to places you can never think of. You are amazing.

48. You filled me with so much love. I can’t wait for that day when you would be my wife. I am tired of being alone. I love you. You are an amazing woman.

49. Please never doubt me. When I say I love you, please believe me. I will never cheat on you. I will never do that. I truly love you. You are so amazing.

50. My love for you is so strong and would never wither. I love the way you smile, so captivating. You are an amazing woman.

51. You are my eyes, without you, I cannot see. You are the source of my strength, without you, I am weak. You mean the world to me. You are amazing.

52. I love you and no one else. I will always love you, no matter your attitude towards me because I know that soon, you will realize the depth of my love for you. You are such an amazing woman.

53. I don’t need your money. I don’t need your properties, I don’t need your connections. All I need is your love. You are amazing.

54. Your love has taken root deep inside of me. Its roots are so deep that no one can uproot from my heart. Love you till eternity. You are so amazing.

55. Without you, I am nothing without you. With you I am something. You are my day, my sunlight. You are my joy. You are so amazing.

56. My love for you is true. I love you. I love you with all my life. Your love is all that matters to me right now. You are simply amazing.

57. We love each other so deeply and you have a good intention towards me, just imagine how our home would be so glorious. You are an amazing man.

58. What a beautiful lady you are. So loving, special and always looking gorgeous. I will always be by your wayside. You are amazing.

59. You taught me how to smile again, you told me to stop crying, you filled my heart with songs of love. You are an amazing woman.

60. I can’t bear the pain of seeing you suffer, I would always look for ways to make you happy at all times. You are so amazing.

61. Lean on me, let me be a shoulder you can lean on. permit me to be your hope when all hope is lost. I love you. You are so amazing.

62. Don’t doubt my feelings for you. My feelings for you are real. I want to be with you forever. I love you my beauty. You are so amazing.

63. I will do anything for you. I will spend all my money on you, make sure you live a comfortable life and be your happiness. You are amazing.

64. Your love for me is so deep and strong. You pamper me with undying love. Your love is unconditional. I love you. you are so amazing.

65. What have I done for you to love me this much? Your love for me is pure and true, not lust. I will be yours forever. You are an amazing woman.

66. Your words are seasoned with salt, so reassuring. You inspire me daily and I can’t stop loving you. You are an amazing man.

67. With you, I am safe. With you, there is no reason to be sad, because you give me a sense of security. You are amazing.

68. No one can know the end of your love for me. Your love for me is too much. You are amazing.

69. What you have for me is what I can call unconditional love, a love that has stood the test of time. I give you all my love in return. You are an amazing man.

70. I asked God to give me a blessing, He gave me bundles of blessing and that is you. You are my source of joy. You love me more than I can comprehend. You are simply amazing.

71. Your smile is contagious. Your dimples so refreshing. I find fulfillment in you.
Ours is an unbreakable love. You are so amazing,

72. He who findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord. Thank God I found you. You have made me find favour in God’s sight and you have made me complete. You are so amazing.

73. I long to hear your sweet voice everyday. Your words are full of energy and power. You spoke reassuring words to me. I love you

74. I am tired of being your fiance. I am ready to take you down the aisle to be my wife. I love you. You are an amazing woman.

75. I will always be there for you whenever you need me. I will be there for you also, in time of trouble. I swear, I will never leave you. Because you are so amazing.

76. Your love has taken over me. I can’t explain how I feel, your love for me is so real and true and not fake. It is so heavenly.

77. If I am to pay back the depth of your love for me, I would go bankrupt. Your love for me is profound, so deep, so thick. You are an amazing woman.

78. I want to be close you. I want to be your strength. I want to be able to wipe your tears when you cry. Would you give me that chance? I love you so much, you are an amazing woman.

79. You make my life so beautiful, I want to grow old with you. I feel so loved. I feel cherished. I am happy. You are amazing.

80. I am promising to bring the best out of you, to be a better person. I want you to be great in life. I admire your courage. You are so amazing.

81. Your love overwhelms me. I’m so happy. I find comfort in you. You are all I desire. You are so amazing.

82. My future husband, you are my shining hero, my special man. I will always love you. You are an amazing man.

83. You are my soul mate, the one I have been waiting for, my music, you are my angel. You are so amazing.

84. I can’t live without you. My heart has found a home in you. You are mine and would forever be. You are amazing.

85. You are my pillar; you are filled with good works and deeds. A mighty man of valour. You are amazing.

86. In the most turbulent moments of your life, I would be with you. Nothing will take your love away from me. You are an amazing man.

87. You are my treasured gift. Your love for me is so tender, yet so passionate. I love you. You are such an amazing woman.

88. You are simply heavenly, an angel. You are so understanding and caring. You never looked down on me for a second. You are amazing.

89. You treat me like a queen on a daily basis and am so grateful for that. You’ve captured and consumed my heart in the best way possible. You are amazing.

90. When I pray for a life partner, I prayed that God should give me a loving, caring and hardworking man. And that’s you. I love you, dear. You are so amazing.

91. You always shower love on me when I least expected it. I am short of words. Thank you so much. You are amazing.

92. Obstacles, challenges of life, cant your love away from my heart. It would only strengthen it. I love you with every fibre in me. You are so amazing.

93. Your love for me shines brightly like the sun, so cool like the moon and sparkles like the stars of heaven. I love you. You are so amazing.

94. I keep falling in love with you, over and over again. Come rain, come shine, for better, for worse, I will be there for you. You are so amazing.

95. You share in my pains as if they are yours. You made sure I scaled through every difficult situation I found myself in. you are so amazing.

96. You are so special to me. I will tell the world how much I love you. You cheer me up always. You are so amazing.

97. You fill my days with love. You are my missing rib. I am in love with you. You are so amazing.

98. I carry you in my heart everywhere I go. I love you. I will comfort you, rest your head on my bosom. You are so amazing.

99. I love you and in need you, even if my world keeps crumbling down. I won’t leave you. You spice up my life. You are amazing.

100. I love the way nature brought us together, making us friends at first before we later fell in love with each other. You are an amazing man. I love you.

101. You fed me with your love, nurtured me with your care, nourished me with affections. That’s why I can’t stop loving you.

Written By Olumi Jumoke.

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