Latest Sweet Dreams Quotes for Her

2023 Latest Sweet Dreams Quotes for Her

A lovely message from you to her will sure give a lasting impression far beyond the dreamland.

However, you’re short on sweet words to do just that.

Worry not! Because these lovely messages put together just to make her feel special will do just that.

Any choice is a great one! So, what are you waiting for?


Have a Sweet Dream My Love Quotes for Her

This is the best of all Sweet Dream my love Quotes for your Girlfriend/Wife. Romantic Sweet Dreams Quotes for Her to transport your love to her dream world. Send her these messages and she would wake up with the thought of you.

1. “Princesses like you deserve a peaceful night of rest guided by archangels. Sweet dreams, my love.”

2. “Nights are for rest, do not deny yourself the pleasure. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

3. “As you lay your head on a tender pillow think about the most pleasant things on earth and have a sweet dream afterwards.”

4. “Good thoughts precede sweet dreams. Enjoy tonight’s sweet dreams, lovely one.”

5. “I’ll have you in my dreams tonight, so, see you in the land of fantasy. Sweet dreams, my heartbeat.”

6. “A dream of love of you and I, I hope to enjoy tonight. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

7. “Even if the diamonds in the sky turn ruby, do not excuse yourself from a pleasant sweet dream tonight. Sweet dreams, my love.”

8. “I hope you enjoy a bundle of good omen in your dreams tonight. Sweet dreams, my only one.”

9. “Sharing a kiss with you on the island of love isn’t such a bad idea, is it? Do have a sweet dream, my fantasy.”

10. “Channel your thoughts towards an ecstatic future. A pleasant dream to you, my darling.”

11. “Every queen desires a sweet dream. However, it is your right to it, my love. Sweet dreams to you, angel.”

12. “May you wake up with the cutest smile from your sleep after a visitation from your prince charming. Sweet dreams, love.”

13. “Just whisper my name in the darkest cold night and I’ll be the knight in shining armour. Sweet dreams, love.”

14. “For angels like you, sweet dreams are like stars, they show up every night. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

15. “If the weather weren’t kind, the dreams can always be. Sweet dreams, my love.”

16. “Bad days do not imply bad dreams. Ecstatic sweet dreams to you, my darling.”

17. “May the angel of sweet dreams lurk around you. Enjoy the night of your life, my darling.”

18. “If you saw me in your dreams, would that bring a smile to your pretty face? Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.”

19. “Take it from me! Sweet dreams were made for sweethearts like you. I love you!”

20. “For me, sweet dreams would mean having you grace my world of fantasy. Sweet dreams, my love!”

21. “May the power of love create a world of sweet dreams for you on this cozy night. Sweet dreams, my love.”

22. “If eternity weren’t enough to show you how much I care, I’ll just see you in my dreams as well. Sweet dreams, dear queen of my heart.”

23. “I knew you rock my world when I couldn’t resist the everyday desire to see you in my dreams. Sweet dreams, my love.”

24. “A good life isn’t void of sweet dreams. Sweet dreams to you forever, my darling.”

25. “Like breakfast, sweet dreams are important every night. Enjoy it, my love.”

26. “Dreams are a phenomenon of life. Howbeit, sweet dreams are the experiences of kind princesses. Sweet dreams, my love.”

27. “You make everything shine brighter in my dreams. So, I hope to see you soon tonight. Sweet dreams, love.”

28. “I hope your dreams take you to a world of peace and love. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

29. “Nights are to travel the farthest distance. I hope your eyes could take you to the most mesmerizing place in the world. Sweet dreams, my love.”

30. “Nights are mostly adorable when you come by your love in the world of genuine kisses. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

31. “Dreamlands are such a therapeutic place to be. I pray you get there. Sweet dreams, my love.”

32. “I’ll close my eyes just to share a world full of rainbows with you. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.”

33. “Where you love the most is where the wings of dreams would take you. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

34. “When reality isn’t good enough, dreams can be pretty nice to us. Sweet dreams, my love.”

35. “A world of beautiful butterflies spreading their colourful wings in the air is where I hope you’d be tonight. Sweet dreams, my love.”

36. “As soon as your head hits your pillow, I hope you get into a trance filled with beautiful smiles. Sweet dreams, my love.”

37. “As much as my reality, my dreams cannot resist an appearance of love from you. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

38. “Sweet dreams leave you with memories to ponder on all day. I hope you do have such a lovely fantasy.”

39. “Seeing you in my dreams isn’t a fantasy but an extension of a good reality. Sweet dreams to you, sweet love.”

40. “I can’t love you less especially when I see you in my dreams every night. Sweet dreams, my love.”

41. “I’ll build our world on the dreams we’ve dreamt together. Sweet dreams, my love.”

42. “I’m inspired all day after seeing you walk into my world at night. Enjoy such inspiration too, my love. Sweet dreams to you!”

43. “Take a deep sleep and let the melody of a sweet dream serenade you at night whilst I play the guitar. Sweet dreams, my love.”

44. “I don’t doubt the love that brought us together. I couldn’t doubt the dreams we live by every day. Sweet dreams, my love.”

45. “Get intoxicated by the intense pleasure of a sweet dream tonight. I love you, my darling.”

46. “Arm in arm let’s dance to our favourite song at night. Sweet dreams, my love.”

47. “Your most pleasant dream will happen tonight because I’m locking my lips against yours tonight. Sweet dreams, my love.”

48. “We’ll make all our dreams come true. So, have a very sweet dream tonight, my love.”

49. “For you, I’ll dream dreams and a very sweet one at that. Sweet dreams tonight, my darling.”

50. “I’d love to go to the end of the world with you. But first, in my dreams I want you to be. Sweet dreams, my love.”

51. “Your pretty face is no different from your heart when you’re asleep. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

52. “You look so calm when you rest your head. Little wonder, sweet dreams look good on you. Sweet dreams, my love.”

53. “In your dream, you have a glimpse of your paradise. Have a sweet dream in the prettiest paradise.”

54. “No matter the hours you spend sleeping. No matter the years that pass by as you fall asleep, I’ll be there to cover you like your canopy. Sweet dreams, love.”

55. “Wake up to see a brighter day. Sleep to find your strength again. Sweet dreams, baby.”

56. “The evening is the beauty of every gorgeous because as the stars shine, they shine with it. Sweet dreams to you, gorgeous.”

57. “Before you fall asleep think about me because I want to be a part of your dream. Sweet dreams, love.”

58. “I’ll be your guardian angel as you sleep. Fall into my hands and let me be your cradle bed. Sweet dreams to you, my lady.”

59. “Even in my dreams, no one can stand in the way of my feelings for you. Sweet dreams, my love.”

60. “When I see you my nightmare is over. Sweet dreams, my heartbeat.”

61. “Tonight, I promise to give you a beautiful dream just the way you do in mine. Sweet dreams, love.”

62. “No matter how far I go, you’ll always see me in your sweet dreams, because, I’ll always be with you. Sweet dreams, love.”

63. “Tonight is going to be pretty than it was yesterday, cause, I’ll be your lover even in your sweet dreams. Sweet dreams, love.”

64. “Like a large edifice, I find my space in your big dreams. So dream far and wide tonight. Sweet dreams, my love.”

65. “No matter how lonely the night gets, dreaming of you gives me the warmth of your embrace. Sweet dreams, love.”

66. “Even with your hair dishevelled, you look so good while you sleep. Sweet dreams, love.”

67. “I feel idyllic in the most sacred place of my heart when you dream about me. Sweet dreams, my heartthrob.”

68. “World class models have nothing on you: your pulchritude is the most picturesque whilst asleep. Sweet dreams.”

69. “You’re a depiction of heaven when you’re asleep: so peaceful and beautiful. Sweet dreams, love.”

70. “When you leave me here, I go to find you in my dream. There’s never a moment without you. Sweet dreams, my darling.”

71. “Many thanks to you, my dreams with you, take me to the most scenic places on earth. Sweet dreams, dearie.”

72. “You’re the beauty of my dream. You bring me back to life. Sweet dreams, my heartbeat.”

73. “It’s a quagmire for me when I do not find you in my dream, but in your presence, all things are beautiful. Sweet dreams, love.”

74. “No matter what I dream to be, dreaming of you beats them all. Sweet dreams, my baby.”

75. “You’re the whole gamut of my night. Without you in my dream, my night is incomplete. Sweet dreams, my love.”

76. “I plead with you to not forsake me in my dreams. Make your way into my life as I fall asleep tonight. Sweet dreams, my angel.”

77. “You’re the reason I pray to dream because, with you, my dream is hopeful. Sweet dreams, honey.”

78. “I can’t wait to fall asleep. With you in my life, the stars make their way into my dreams. Sweet dreams, love.”

79. “The sun will lighten up your dream and I’ll beautify your imagination as you sleep. Sweet dreams, love.”

80. “If my night is without you, then I can’t dream again. Sweet dreams, honey.”

81. “I hope to be in your dream weaving in the current of the rivers of passion. Sweet dreams, love.”

82. “Let me be the putto in your dream carrying a bow and arrow representing my love for you. Sweet dreams, baby.”

83. “Let me step into your dream and rewrite the history of your dream. Sweet dreams to you my only one.”

84. “Like a figure from your brightest hour, I’ll just be one call away in your dream. Sweet dreams, love.”

85. “My dreams have no other purpose but to feature you in it. Sweet dreams, honey.”

86. “In the most stellar wake of your dream, I’ll be the angel. Sweet dreams, my only one.”

87. “I’ll bleed internally if I do not see you in my dream. Sweet dreams, love.”

88. “I consider your dream a treasure, so make me a part of it tonight. Sweet dreams, baby.”

89. “Let me be the bravest and finest man to ever walk in your dream. Sweet dreams, my lady.”

90. “In me lies the magic to make your dream come true. So, let me be your delusions tonight. Sweet dreams, baby.”

91. “I want to earn another level of your love. Make me a part of your dream tonight, cause dreams do come true. Sweet dreams, honey.”

92. “I do not mind to be just in the minutia of your dream, as long as I’m part of it, I’ll do just fine. Sweet dreams, love.”

93. “Let me step into your dream, so we can have a frozen moment, where it would be just you and I. Sweet dreams, my queen.”

94. “Sweet dreams, my one and only. Here comes the time of the day to be anything you want to be.”

95. “Let me drive through your dream, taking you to the top of the world to behold its beauty and grandeur. Sweet dreams, my heartbeat.”

96. “I’ll stay awake all night, so, I can make it to your beautiful dream. Sweet dreams, honey.”

97. “Your face is usually overwhelmed with stunning beauty when your eyelids are closed. Sweet dreams, beautiful.”

98. “It would be a glorious night if I stood the chance of seeing you in my dream. Sweet dreams, my love.”

99. “My dreams are meant for you, cause they are centred around you. Sweet dream, my baby.”

100. “I love you beyond the real world. Take me into your pretty dreams. Sweet dreams, my only love.”

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