Best Goodnight Messages Ever for Him or Her

2023 Best Goodnight Messages Ever for Him or Her

There is no better way to say a beautiful goodnight to your lover and friends than with these beautiful messages composed for you.

Let them know how much you care about and love them. Let your love message to them be in their thoughts all through the night as they sleep. Let your lover see you in his (her) dreams!

The night is here already! It’s time to retire to bed but before you do, share these good night messages to your lover and best friends. Enjoy and let them do the same.

Best of Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages

Awesome Good Night Sweet Dreams Text Messages for Lovers.

1. The day is gone with all of its hustling and bustling, its night time and you deserve all of the calmness the evening brings. With you by my side, the night is gonna be a lovely one! Good night, hon.

2. I was lonely all day because you were far away, its night time and my heart is leaping for joy because I know I can look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you. Good night, baby!

3. The night is for you, to prepare yourself ahead of the next day, to calm your nerves and be happy, I hope you enjoy the night and wake up more refreshed! Good night, love.

4. I could stare at the stars all night to make sure they don’t go off if that will ensure your sweet sleep, you have the cutest smile while you’re asleep! Good night, love.

5. The day was fulfilling for us, I hope you wake up tomorrow as refreshed as ever, you’ve been the best man to spend my day with! Good night, sweety.

6. You can think on the specialty of the day as you lie on the bed, special it had been! I hope tomorrow you feel more loved and special than the way you’ve felt today! Good night, love.

7. The day is beautiful but not as beautiful as you are, the night is glowing but can’t be compared to your glow, I love seeing your smile coz only that melt my heart, I just wanted to tell you to have a wonderful night rest!

8. In you I found a soul mate, someone I’m glad to spend my days and nights with, you can be assured of restful nights as I’ll be by your side always! Good night, my love.

9. I’ll be by your side tomorrow morning when you wake up, so you don’t have any worries throughout the night coz I’ll always be by your side! Good night, my Angel.

10. You’ve got the sweetest face even while you’re asleep, I just want to be up all night so that I won’t miss out on the beautiful sight! Good night, lovely.

11. I want to be by your side all day but since that might not be possible, I’m stuck with you throughout the night to ease you off the tension of the day! Good night, my Angel.

12. I know a woman so sweet and charming, staring at you all night could be one refreshing moment, I’ll love to see you sleep off on my arms! Good night, my Queen

13. My love for you doesn’t end at dusk, I want you to know I’ll love you in the day time and when the lights are out! Lovely night, King.

14. I want to be by your side when you call out for water at the dead of the night, to make you feel special just the way you are! Good night, babe.

15. The day came with its ups and downs, achievements and failures, just know I’ll be by your side to listen to all, but first, you deserve a cool bath and a refreshing sleep! I hope you have a lovely night, my Queen.

16. I want you to know how special you’re to me before you go to bed, with this in your heart, I hope you have a fulfilling night! Good night, my love.

17. I want my voice to be the last you’ll hear before you retire for the night, my love for you exceed the days and nights! Good night, babe.

18. You’re my first and last thought for the day, you’re all my soul yearns for, the night is gonna be a wonderful one with you by my side! Good night, King.

19. You had a long day and I wish I was with you all through the day but the success of today is worth all of the stress, now you can have a refreshing time all through the night and know that I’ll be right here in the morning! Have a lovely night rest, baby girl.

20. You’re my love forever. For the days and for the nights, just know that I won’t let go! Good night, my Angel.

21. The intimacy of the night can’t be compared with anything, I’ll always be by your side whenever you need me! Good night, baby.

22. I won’t stop thinking about you all night even though you’re just beside me coz you’re the big grin on my cheeks! Good night, my king.

23. We had a great day today and all I long for are greater days ahead, I love you to the stars lovely! Good night, my love.

24. I hope you dream about our love, our lovely days ahead and our together- forever moments, I really hope you have a nice night! Good night, my Queen.

25. The stars shine in their glory just as the moon glow in all of its beauty but none of these sights can be compared to the radiance on your face, I can stare at you all night without winking at all! Good night, my lovely Angel.

26. Each of the days spent with you are the best, I’m looking forward to a lifetime of pleasant living with you! Good night, my king.

27. The day was filled with awesome moments I won’t forget in a long while because I know memories built with you will last forever! Have a lovely night rest, beautiful!

28. Hey handsome, I want to hold on to you all night, lay my head on your chest and have some refreshing moments! Good night, love.

29. Baby, when you need anyone to talk to, just know I’ll be right there with you, I’ll do anything to see you smile! Good night, honey.

30. I want to spend all of my days and nights by your side, just because you’re the only one I love! Good night, babe.

31. Hope you had a good one today? no doubt, tomorrow is gonna be better! Good night, love.

32. I wish I you a peaceful night filled with love and cozy moments! Have a good night rest, King.

33. A sweet dream is what I’ve brought to you, hope you know you’re always on my mind! Good night, dearest.

34. Saying my last words of each day to you gladdens my heart, I’m happy I have a man like you in my life! Good night, love.

35. My sleep is sound at the thought of you because I know you’ll always be there for me! Good night, my love.

36. Since I’ve got to share my first and last thoughts of each day with you, life became more beautiful. You’re the one who makes life beautiful! Good night, love.

37. I’m sending kisses and hugs to your dreamland, they’re all for you to enjoy. But before they get to you, have a lovely night rest, sweety.

38. I hope to see you again when the sun rises, just to share my heart with you and your love with me. Until then, have a peaceful night, Darling!

39. This note is to tell you that I’ll love you forever, even in your dreamland! Good night, Bae.

40. My good night prayer is to be thankful for having someone as amazing as you in my life, you’re the one who sets my heart on fire! Good night, my Angel.

41. My wishes are with you even I’m not there to give you my last kiss of the day, just know that you’re forever on my mind and I cherish you forever! Good night, lovely Angel.

42. I’ve always known you’re my guardian angel and you’ll always be there for me, I hope to see you in my dream tonight! Good night, guardian angel.

43. I hope you dream about me, about us and about our love. I hope you have a wonderful night rest! Good night, dear one.

44. When your eyes are shut in deep sleep, let your heart be opened to receiving more love from me, I love you to the moon! Good night, love.

45. The beautiful stars shinning tells me of the night and much more of how much I’ll miss you all through the night. Hope you know that I’ll forever love you and even the dark hours won’t stop that! Good night, King.

46. When I send you good night wishes, that doesn’t mean the day is over for us, because even the nights can’t stop our love! Good night, love.

47. With you by my side, the days and nights are just the same, there’s no timing to our love! Good night, my forever love.

48. This night wish is to wrap you up in a warm hug and spread my love all over you till I see you in the morning! Good night, Queen.

49. Your love is all I need for a sound sleep, and that you’ve showered me with in excess, hope my love abide with you all through the night! Good night, babe.

50. May your dreams be as wonderful as you in person, you’re the one who has brought much glow to my heart! Good night, baby.

51. Top on the list of what I’m grateful for is your love, I can say that it turned my life around, you’re the one I’ll love forever! Good night, sweety.

52. I’ll be waiting by your bed side in the morning to give you a sweet hug and a passionate kiss only deserves that morning care! Good night, my baby.

53. The end of the day is here, now its time to dream, all I wish for is for you to dream about me! Good night, my love.

54. I’ll be right there with you in the dreamland to show you love and care, so you have nothing to worry about! Good night, my love.

55. The thought that you’ll always be there for me and that I’ll always be there for you brings so much comfort and only that gives me sound sleep! Good night, honey.

56. My heart is yours forever, you can have it to breathe with when you’re losing your breath in the dreamland, I love you forever hon! Good night, baby.

57. Hey babe, another night is here and I won’t let it go without me expressing my love to you in words! Good night, honey.

58. I’ll be your guard all through the night, to ensure your sound sleep, I’ll be by your side to kiss you to sleep! Good night, hon.

59. You bring so much peace to my heart just like the night brings its calmness, I’ll forever for your love! Good night, love.

60. Your dreams this night will bring reality tomorrow, dream big about us, dream wild about our love! Good night, baby.

61. When you feel someone hold your hand in the dreamland, don’t be scared because I’ll be there to hold your hand and take you through the night! Good night, my love.

62. As I close my eyes to sleep, I’m glad tomorrow is another day to spend great moments with you, I can’t wait for the day to break! Good night, my Angel.

63. I hope the excitement in my heart will make me sleep coz the nights remind me of yet another day coming for us! Good night, honey.

64. I promise not to shut my eyes until I’m sure you’re securely asleep, I hope the night will bring all the love you deserve! Good night, beautiful!

65. Hello handsome, I just want the night to be another special one for us, so make a wish and I’ll be right there to fulfill it! Good night, Angel.

66. Only you make my dreams come true, so I’m gonna go to bed tonight and have some really big dreams about us! Good night, dear Angel.

67. I’ll never leave your side, not even at the close of the day coz that’s when I’ll show you even more love! Good night, love.

68. Clear your mind of the day’s bustle, its another moment of refreshment and I’ll ensure you get all the love you deserve! Good night, love.

69. When I say you’re my one in a million, I’m saying that I’ll prefer just you to millions of other people around the world. You’re my world in reality! Good night, dearest.

70. Take some time out before you finally retire for the day and reminisce about our love, with that thought on your mind, you can gain access into the dreamland! Good night, baby.

71. The day was beautiful with you, I hope your dream will be a continuation of the day’s love! Good night, babe.

72. You can count on me to always be there whenever you need anyone to talk to, I hope you have a pleasant dream tonight! Good night, my Angel.

73. You deserve the rest the night brings, you’re a strong woman with sweet passions, I’m glad I’m your man forever! Good night, love.

74. Tomorrow needs a new vigour, retire from today’s thoughts and focus on tomorrow’s. Until tomorrow, have a good night rest, baby!

75. My whole heart I’ve given to you coz I know it’ll just be safe with you! Good night, my heart keeper.

76. I’m looking forward to the day when the nights won’t stop us from being together when I’ll turn my face to the other side of the bed to see you sleeping peacefully by my side. Until then, have a wonderful night rest, baby!

77. I’ll sing a lullaby for you till you fall asleep on my chest, keep vigil to see that your sleep is sound! Good night, my love.

78. Your muscular chest is the softest place to lay my head for the whole night, I hope you won’t mind if I sleep off on it! Good night, King!

79. Hey baby, I’m here to surround you with sweet love all through the night, I hope you’ll have a pleasant night rest, honey!

80. The night is silent and my affection is perfect, all I wish for you is a restful night and a refreshing experience in your sleep! Good night, my love.

81. I see my dreams come true in you and all I wanted in life just in the flash of your eyes, you’re all I ever needed for life! Good night, baby.

82. I hope the days are longer so I can spend more time looking at your face, but even this night, I won’t stop staring at the beauty lying beside me! Good night, hon.

83. Your show of love each day make me the days seem longer, I wouldn’t mind if the days continue without the nights! Good night, honey.

84. Scatter your thoughts into the nights so that all you wish for can come at the dawn of a new day! Good night, my love.

85. Let your heart be opened all through the night as you shut your eyes coz I’m coming to pour some love into it! Have a good night rest, baby.

86. You’re the amazing person who makes the days and nights look all the same, you’re the one who makes my life beautiful! Have a restful night, sweety.

87. Till we see again tomorrow morning, let our hearts be bonded in our love and our soul in affection, do not miss me too much! Have a lovely night, my Queen.

88. I’ve sent bountiful love ahead of you into the dreamland, I hope all that you experience in your dream is sweet love! Good night, honey.

89. I’m sending this note as a sustaining spark of love into your heart to carry you all through the night, expect more when its morning! Good night, honey.

90. I want the night to come and give way to a new dawn tomorrow because our days will be filled with love! Have a refreshing night, love.

91. The thought of you make a night so sweet and refreshing, I just want to think about your love till dawn! Have a beautiful night, babe.

92. When I found you, I found a soulmate I’ll be glad to spend my days and nights with! Happy night rest, soulmate.

93. Hey babe, I can’t get tired of looking into your beautiful face to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you when you’re not around! Hope you’ll have a pleasant night rest, Bae.

94. The night would be a restful one for your soul and a peaceful one for your heart, I’ll always be there to wish you good night! Have a lovely rest, Favorite.

95. The night is a perfect time to express my love to you because you’ll think about its reality over the night see it expressed at dawn! Have a wonderful rest, honey.

96. You’re the man of my dreams and that’s why I’m always excited about nights because I know I’ll dream about you once more! Have a wonderful night rest, king.

97. My night will be full of you because I’ll be dreaming about you just as you’ll be dreaming about me! Good night, cute little Princess.

98. I’ve sent my love to cover you up till its morning! Good night, my Princess.

99. I’ll be right in your dreams to receive you into the dreamland as soon as you shut your eyes! Good night, love.

100. My nights are sweetest when its full of you, this night won’t be any different! Have a pleasant night, my Queen.

101. You made me smile so much today, I’m looking forward to better days with you by my side! Have a lovely night rest, honey.

102. My love, I wish I can take your hands all day without the night to interrupt. I hope you have a good night rest, honey!

103. My love for you is as constant as the Northern sea, the days and the nights doesn’t stop the flow! Have a lovely sleep, baby.

104. I know your heart would get a spark when you see this note and you’ll dream about me tonight! Lovely night rest, hon.

105. Hey baby, as you shut your eyes in sleep tonight, enjoy all the sweetness the night brings and the joy of a new dawn in the morning! Enjoy your sleep, love.

106. I’ll stay all through the night to give you the sweet sleep you deserve, I’ll forever be by your side to lighten you up! Have a lovely night, sweety.

107. You look super cute today, hope the day treated you well, don’t lose out on your smile, it makes you more beautiful! Enjoy the night, babe.

108. You’re always on my mind, even when I’m asleep! I hope you get the sweet rest you deserve tonight! Good night, baby.

109. You have no idea what your beautiful mean to me, even in the dark, I can still spot you smile! Have a sweet sleep, sweetheart.

110. I’m sending you this text so that you know you’re the sweetest Angel I’ve ever met, only you rule my world! Have a good night, love.

111. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to wake me, I’ll forever be there to see you smile! Have a good night, honey.

112. You’re so beautiful and I can’t seem to get enough of your smiling face during the day, that’s why I’ll keep thinking about you till morning when I’ll see you again! Have a pleasant sleep, baby.

113. I’ve got more than enough reasons to love you and that’s why I can’t stop loving you, even in my sleep! Good night, baby.

114. Tonight, I’ll like to remind you of all your magic in case you’ve forgotten, you’re that magic that brightens up my moments! Have a sweet sleep, baby.

115. Every morning when I see you, I see the miracle I prayed for overnight and I’m happy that God has answered my prayers again! Have a lovely sleep, my love.

116. You’re the love I’ve always hoped for, the affection that keeps my faith alive and the joy that I experience every day! Have a lovely night, baby.

117. Much more than happiness, you’ve given me joy indescribable and I’m forever grateful to have you in my life! Good night, honey.

118. I can’t imagine my nights without you, I’m sure it’ll be as scary as hell, but with you to look out for me all through the night, I can always have a sound sleep! I hope you’ll enjoy the night, love.

119. You’re love defined, my night is ever complete with you because only you complete my day! Good night, love.

120. Tonight, I want to hold you close, never to let you go coz you’re all I need for life! Have a lovely night rest, babe.

121. Good night, lover of my heart. I’ll love you toll forever.

122. The man of my dreams, I’ll sure see you in my dreams tonight. Love you.

123. I love you big my dear. Have a great night.

124. I am nothing without you darling. You’re my best friend.

125. Good night, honey and heartbeat.

126. What more could I ask for? You are just an excellent breed specially prepared for me. Good night, love.

127. I love you because you are the best I’ll ever have. Have a great night, baby.

128. Good good night my love love.

129. This night and every night, I want you to know that I love you, baby.

130. You’re my reason for living. I see hope and faith in your eyes. I love you too much.

131. I am blessed because of you. Your presence in my life is nothing short of God’s blessing. Good night, Honey.

132. My honey boney, please come over! Let’s sleep here together.

133. Have a great night my dearest.

134. I cannot wait for the night to pass to see your lovely face again. You are amazing!

135. Good night bestie. Catch you soon!

136. I love you uncontrollably. Smiles. Have a great night, honey.

137. This is to say a lovely goodnight to the one I love.

138. I love you always and forever, baby. Good night.

139. My love for you is more than I can say in words. I cherish and adore you! Good night, baby.

140. Honey, you’re a beautiful Queen. I’ll keep beholding you even in my dreams. Goodnight, love.

141. Good night, lover of my soul.

142. I love you, handsome. Have a beautiful night rest.

143. You’re my best friend ever. I love you big. Sleep tight!

144. I know you know I love you but I’ll still keep telling you how much I do. Sleep well, my love.

145. Only you make my world rock. Thank you for coming into my life, dearest.

146. Words fail me to tell of your awesomeness. You’re a great woman and I’m blessed to be in your life. Good night, my love.

147. Choosing you is the best decision I have made and will ever make. I love you greatly. Sleep tight.

148. You’re going to be my best, as long as the world remains. Good night, king.

149. My heart beats for you. You are my everything! Sleep well, boo.

150. Before anything and anyone else, I’ll choose you over and again. I love you so much, darling. Sleep tight and as always, I’ll show up in your dreams.

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