Best Personal Birthday Messages for Myself

2023 Best Personal Birthday Messages for Myself

Birthdays are a special type of days, while everyone is making you feel special, you should also try to make yourself feel special even as well-wishers wishes are trooping in.

Since today is the big day, post a personalized quote to start off your day, a genuine message from your heart and let your message hit the world in a special way.

But if you’re the type that does not know how to express yourself in words, why not trust us with the job and let’s help you out with some lovely written personalized birthday messages.

Happy Birthday to Me Wishes Messages and Quotes

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes, Text Messages and Quotes for Myself.

1. Thanks to God for a good life and a new year added to my life. I’m really elated to be alive among the living. Happy birthday to me.

2. This day is made specially for me, it’s because of me that the sun is shining brightly, let the world merrily celebrate me today, cause today, it’s my birthday.

3. It’s official, that today is a beautiful day, not an ordinary day, but a day meant to celebrate me and me alone. I wish myself a lovely birthday.

4. This day, I pray for me, that it comes bearing greater joy, blessings and more happiness as today is all about me. Happy birthday to myself.

5. Happy birthday to the one person I have known my whole life, the one who knows so much about me, happy birthday to me today.

6. Can I tell you how I feel today? Though you can already see it all over me, let me still tell you anyways, I am overjoyed for seeing this beautiful day. Wish me a happy birthday.

7. Birthdays are more fun when the happiness is seen flowing through the celebrant, even I can see how much of smile this day is giving to me, it’s my day today, let each and everyone celebrate with me.

8. Another month has just passed, producing in me another lessons and experience, I think I’m ready for new series of months to be myself. Happy birthday to myself.

9. This morning, I woke up feeling really honored, to be alive is indeed a great privilege, thanks to the Almighty for a new year of life. It’s my birthday today and I am happy.

10. What shall I render to God and how do I appreciate those who in many ways have been the reason behind my smiles, especially on this day, I am so happy and I wish myself happy birthday.

11. Every minute of each day counts, we get to record memories, and here I am, ending a phase and embarking on another journey, I wish myself beautiful experiences and a happy birthday.

12. Reality check, I’m no more getting younger, I’m aging now, another year is about to begin, and I can’t wait to enjoy this day of mine, happy birthday to me, myself and I.

13. Happy birthday to the person I’ve known from childhood, the one I’ve seen grown, and gotten to know so well about. Today, I celebrate myself and my journey so far in life.

14. Today, as I am going into a new year of my life, I wish myself the best things of life, and above all, I wish myself love and happiness, happy birthday to me.

15. I don’t know how to express my joy, today is not an ordinary day, it is specially a day put together for me to celebrate and do what I want, happy birthday to me.

16. I think I’m going to be lazy today, I don’t feel like going anywhere, I’ll just order myself some cake and ice cream and treat myself to some good music, cause it’s my birthday.

17. On this new year of my life, may the universe sends good vibe my way, and may I never stumble on my path to greatness, that’s my birthday wish for me.

18. New wisdom to accomplish new goals, new strength to cover new tracks, new grace to me as I add a new year to my life today.

19. Every dream of mine, as I began a new year of my life today, I pray that it all comes through, happy birthday to me.

20. From me to myself, here’s a raised glass to many more years to come, and more of blissful memories, happy birthday to me.

21. For the gift of a new life, for family that is my strength and friends that are my support system and to love ones that keeps my heart full of love, I am grateful, happy birthday to myself.

22. Cheers to this awesome personality, to the person I’ve grown to be, to the person I’ll become in the near future, happy birthday to me.

23. I finished another phase of my life, the road has been windy but here I am still standing, happy birthday to me, I wish myself a new beginning.

24. To my humble self, I say happy birthday and I wish me more beautiful years to come

25. Today is a beautiful day, I woke up with a heart full of joy and smiles all over my face, cause it’s my birthday.

26. I have decided to put all of my worries behind me today and enjoy all the bubbling goodies the day is bringing, happy birthday to me.

27. I’m willing to extend my joy to everyone around me, for today is my day and I am elated, happy birthday to me.

28. Today, I am a year older, meaning I’ve crossed another hurdle of life, I’m ready for the new ones ahead, I wish myself the strength to scale through other hurdles, happy birthday to myself.

29. If you see me today, with my face full of smiles, don’t hesitate to share in my smiles, it’s my birthday today and I hope you find my smile contagious.

30. To many years that I have left behind me, I bid farewell, I welcome this new year of mine with an open heart and I wish myself best of the best to come as a new year is added to my life.

31. I can’t wait anymore, it’s my birthday today, I am ready to receive all your gifts and best wishes.

32. Today, I’m going to put a call through to all the radio stations, to request a special song for myself, cause it’s my birthday.

33. I have waited for this day for a long time, I’m so happy the day is finally here, I wish myself a lovely birthday.

34. Today is someone special’s birthday, this special someone is the one I’m seeing in the mirror, and I’m wishing this special someone a special moment today and always.

35. To my amazing self, whom I have known from inception and have grown fond of, I wish me a beautiful and amazing birthday today.

36. As the birthday celebrant, I have the sun shining lovely over me and giving me the spotlight as I celebrate myself today.

37. I count myself lucky to be alive and I wish myself a long life and more successes on my new age.

38. Today is such a day that comes once in a while, it’s one of those days that one is reminded that time waits for no one, it’s my day and I wish myself an amazing birthday.

39. If I had my way, I’d love to celebrate this day of mine with the world’s population and just drown myself in the voices of over 7billion people while they’re chanting happy birthday to me.

40. It’s the long awaited day of the year, it’s my special celebration day, it’s my day to reminisce and reflect on life, happy birthday is all I’d like to wish myself.

41. I can’t stop myself from feeling this happiness from within me, I can’t contain the joy cause today, some years back is the very day I was born. Happy birthday to me.

42. As I clocked a new age today, I decree that this day bring me to the fulfillment of my desired dreams, I wish myself a happy birthday.

43. Today is the best and most amazing day, it’s a brand new day that’s made for me, it’s my birthday, please wish me well.

44. Out of every 24hours in the year, this one is really special, cause this 24hours is always here to announce me to the world that today is the to celebrate me, happy birthday to myself.

45. On this day, I have decided to only think about me, to celebrate me, for today it’s all about me.

46. I pray for myself today, as another year is added to my life, that my day will be full of sunshine and happy moments.

47. It’s a beautiful day today, I am happy and filled with good vibe, cause it’s on such day I was made, happy birthday to me.

48. May the grace and favor of God sought me out on this day that is all about me, happy birthday to me.

49. We were told to count our blessing, today is a blessed day, it’s my birthday and I’m counting my blessings.

50. The beautiful is upon me, my birthday, and I wish myself moments full of smiles and a day filled with happiness.

Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Myself

Cute Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Me.

51. I am embarking on a new start today, I’m trying on new endeavors, I’m on a new journey to life, because it’s my new day, wish me a happy birthday.

52. You may not understand my happy mood if you meet with me today, I am alive, hale and hearty. it may sound cliche but I am grateful for life, happy birthday to me.

53. Today, I acquire new confidence and courage to go head on with the new challenges ahead of me as I added a new year today.

54. On this special day, I am raising a toast to a new beginning as a fresh start of a new year, happy birthday to me.

55. It’s a good feeling to wish someone special a happy birthday but the feeling is more special coming from me to myself, happy birthday to myself.

56. It’s my goal to always make people happy, even on this new year of mine, my wish is to put smiles on many faces, I wish myself happiness and awesome birthday.

57. On this special day of my celebration, I just want to be happy, so I’m going to be in the midst of few friends as I wish myself a happy birthday.

58. Here’s me wishing myself great happiness and a smile that never fade as a new year is added to my life today.

59. I feel extraordinarily happy today, I don’t know how to express myself, it’s my day, I wish myself an endless joy and happiness on this amazing day.

60. Today, I feel like I am more experienced, cause a new year is added to my life today and I am happy. I wish me a good life.

61. I may not be where I want to be but I am happy that I’m not where I use to be, I am moving forward, I just added another year, happy birthday to me.

62. I thought deep within me, what can I really wish myself on my birthday, happiness – check, good health – check, long life – check, and many blessings that the universe can offer me.

63. I am really blessed to be alive on this beautiful day, I get to see myself evolved in a positive way, to another year, I say happy birthday to me.

64. Happy birthday to one of the most amazing and brilliant people I know, me. I wish me blessings and beautiful days ahead.

65. To the one I love most, the one I know better than any other person in the whole wide world, I wish you a happy and blissful birthday.

66. God, I thank you for sprinkling my life with so much sweetness and beautiful people, and yet again, for adding a new year to my life, happy birthday to me.

67. If you want to learn how to stay young and happy, then you should contact me, cause today, I added another and younger than my age, happy birthday to myself.

68. Today, I’ll be taking over not only your social medium but also your attention cause it’s my birthday.

69. This year 2023, I’m celebrating my birthday in a grand style, I’m going on a trip and I’m inviting you to come with me as I celebrate my new year.

70. This day is the youngest I’ll ever be, so I’m saying goodbye to my youngest self and I’m throwing myself a birthday bash.

71. I don’t know how old I’ll be, but as far as I’m still here, I’ll celebrate myself as I age gracefully.

72. I know an amazing and lovable person that was born on this day, that person is me and today, I’m happy to celebrate another birthday.

73. Do you know what today’s date is? If you don’t know, let me tell you now, that today is the most special day in the year, cause it’s my birthday, happy birthday to me.

74. I want to appreciate everyone that has sent in their lovely wishes to beautify my day, I wish me a happy and awesome birthday.

75. I want to use this medium to invite all my lovely friends to my special birthday bash, I don’t want to celebrate alone, please celebrate with me.

76. Today, I have decided to give myself a day off from everything, and bless God for all that He’s done in my life, it’s a great day, happy birthday to me.

77. On this special day, I become a year older, I wish myself a blissful journey ahead with lots of beautiful memories.

78. This day is the most important day of my life, I wish to party hard and enjoy all the goodies from family and friends, celebrate with me, I’m a year older.

79. My wish for me today, is that I live a life full of happiness, with smiles that give hope to people, happy birthday to myself.

80. I have come this far, all because of God’s God’s grace that is always shining over me, I bless God and I wish me a lovely birthday.

81. Before all the wishes start pouring in, I want to use this opportunity of early morning calmness to wish me an amazing birthday, and many years to go.

82. I am excited about this beautiful day, it’s a lovely day to be happy and be alive, it’s my big day and I wish me a happy birthday.

83. Teach us to number our days that we may apply our mind to wisdom, thanks to God for another wonderful year of life, and for a happy birthday to me.

84. Thanks to God for a new life, I am going to be celebrating my birthday in a big way today, for this is another achievement of life.

85. The day is here again, the day I was born, happy birthday to me, I pray for many more beautiful years ahead.

86. Yesterday is gone, today’s a new day and it’s my birthday, I wish myself the happiest celebration.

87. Today, a new sun rises for me, gathering new opportunities for me to accomplish, as I embark on my new life journey, happy birthday to me.

88. The more I live, the more birthdays I’ll have, so I wish myself many years alive and beautiful moments so that I can have more birthdays.

89. When I am feeling sad and blue, it’s me that I see, when loneliness creeps in and no one is there, it’s me that I see, so I’m wishing me a flourishing birthday.

90. I want to appreciate my parents, especially my mom for all her sacrifices over me, from inception till now, I wish me a blossoming birthday.

91. Here’s me toasting to goodness, blessings, happiness, and more of every good thing that this new year of mine would bring, happy birthday to me.

92. I’m thankful for new life, I’m thankful for health and I’m thankful for past journeys that got me this far, I’m ready for new journeys, and its many blessings.

93. To my sweet humble self, I hope that as I’m entering into this new year of life, to celebrate myself, may the beauty in every day of it reflect upon me.

94. On this awesome day, I pray for more wisdom, great ideas, an active and positive mind, and a peaceful life and a happy birthday to myself.

95. Life has blessed me in so many ways, and yet again, I have the honor to celebrate a new year of life today, I wish me bundles of more blessings on this birthday.

96. As I celebrate my birthday today, I wish myself the beauty of life, and a love so pure and true.

97. Today is the beginning of the rest of my life, I get to rest and reminisce about memories and take a new step towards another year of my life, I wish myself a happy birthday.

98. Today, I am super happy and feeling bubbly, I was born on a day like this years ago, to be a light to many, I pray I’ll continue to be an inspiration to the world.

99. Birthday is the beginning of a fresh start, and today is my own fresh start, I wish myself more birthdays to bring as many dreams to fulfillment.

100. Let me wish myself beautiful years ahead and days filled with lovely moments as I added a new year today.

101. Before I start receiving wishes from both new and old friends, I want to wish myself a beautiful birthday celebration and many happy returns.

102. As I celebrate my birthday today, may all my dreams come true, may every light that shine brings joy to every minute of my life.

103. Birthdays are likened to every sand that escapes the hourglass, measuring the days of our lives, as I get closer to the rest of the days of my life, I wish myself a happy birthday.

104. Today, I’ll be stealing the spotlight, it’s my day to be the center of attention and a time to cheer me while I’m having the time of my life, happy birthday to me.

105. This moment, I don’t have time to dwell on the past nor the time to think of the future, I’m in this moment and I’m celebrating my birthday, wish me well too.

106. I’m so glad to be a year older today, it means I’m still relevant and my life is still evolving, thanks to God and happy birthday to me.

107. Today, I’m showing myself, love, I’m taking myself out and giving myself a treat and make my birthday a happy one.

108. Oh, what a day to be alive, it’s my birthday today, so I’m wishing myself blissful moments and many happy returns.

109. I witness my new year this 2023, and my heart is feeling happy cause I am alive, happy birthday to me.

110. This morning, I feel brand new, I feel alive and flourishing, and I’m wishing myself many more years and a splendid birthday.

111. I believe the birds were singing to celebrate my birthday today, cause everywhere and everything feels rosy and I’m happy it’s my birthday.

112. I want to appreciate God for giving me a new life once again, I’ll be throwing a thanksgiving party and I’ll be inviting you all to celebrate my birthday to me.

113. If I am the president of a company, I’ll make today a public holiday, cause it’s my special day, happy birthday to me.

114. I celebrate life every minute but to have a new life, it calls for a special celebration, I wish me a special happy birthday.

115. Today, new adventures are building up for me, I am ready to take on the new challenges as I add another year today.

116. I’m scrolling through my phone contact, I want to invite some really special people just to come party with me, cause it’s my birthday.

117. It’s always a bliss to wake up to a new day and it’s more bliss to wake up to one’s own special day, happy birthday to myself.

118. I want to wish myself every good thing of life as I clock plus one today.

119. Thanks to all those people in all those moments that’s gotten me this far and I wish myself blissful moments ahead as I add a new year today.

120. As I add another year on this day, I pray for permanent happiness, blossoming joy and everlasting peace, happy birthday to me.

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