Trending Happy Birthday to Myself Quotes

2021 Trending Happy Birthday to Myself Quotes

That time of the year, that bragging won’t bring punishment is one’s birthday, here are messages to make them go crazy and to remember that it’s your birth anniversary.

Do well to remind people by posting it on your statuses, men do not want to forget you but life requests a lot from them. Help them out, by using one of these Happy Birthday to Myself Quotes and you also will have a lovely birthday.

Happy Birthday to Myself Quotes

Best Happy Birthday quotes to yourself on your birthday.

1. “Oh! Indeed, a great day is the I was born, heaven notes it and the earth rejoiced. Happy birthday to me.”

2. “Today is great because it’s my birthday! I am +1.”

3. “Happy birthday to the most troublesome girl I know, don’t guess wrong. That’s me!!! I will make sure I enjoy my day.”

4. “It’s that time of the year, that messages won’t cease, it’s my birthday, happy birthday to me.”

5. “Party at my house, it’s not for a wedding but today is my birthday. Come, wish me well and eat to full.”

6. “I love my life, I can for myself, I appreciate my build! Thanks, mama for giving me the opportunity to live.”

7. “Happy birthday to the lovely me, I wish myself a long life and prosperity.”

8. “You are wondering, what’s special about today, it’s because I was born on a day like this. Happy birthday to me.”

9. “Cake is available, rice is also available! Yes, it’s my birthday.”

10. “Against all odds, here I am in a new year. Happy birthday to me.”

11. “Momma, I’m forever indebted to you cos of my birth. Happy birthday to me.”

12. “Friends and family, don’t be jealous of the messages I’m receiving, it’s my birthday, not yours!”

13. “Time to celebrate is, here again, join me as I celebrate a new year of goodness.”

14. “Another time of the year to celebrate and jubilate, yay it’s my birthday.”

15. “I’m wishing myself a happy new year, long life and prosperity.”

16. “It’s time to celebrate the end of 365 days and the start of a new 365 days. Happy birthday to me!”

17. “Let the wishes keep on rolling in, you know why? It’s this baby’s birthday.”

18. “Cheers to a brand new year pretty lady, you are wondering who’s celebrating what! Well, it’s my birthday peeps.”

19. “It’s my own day, my one and only birthday in this year, happy Honorable birthday to me.”

20. “Let the gifts and wishes keep coming, happy birthday to me.”

21. “Happy birthday to the only person that’s me, I’m happy it’s just my day and not our day.”

22. “She’s pretty, she’s honourable, she’s lovely, she’s beautiful! Happy birth love, Don’t look far, it’s me.”

23. “It’s my favourite day, cake will be surplus, drinks will be available for bath! HBD to me.”

24. “Enjoy your day, as I celebrate the best day in the year. Happy birthday to me.”

25. “I can’t believe last year is gone and a new started a few minutes ago. Happy birthday to the best girl you could ever meet.”

26. “Nothing o changing the time and day, I’ve got to enjoy myself! Best wishes to me.”

27. “I’m grateful for another year of success, gorgeous living, healthy life, goodness. Happy birthday to me.”

28. “I am thrilled and excited about today, happy birthday to me.”

29. “A year older today, it’s gonna be a happy year. Happy birthday to me!!!”

30. “I love my birthday because I become older and better!”

31. “I had a great birthday last year, I’m having a fabulous birthday right now! Happy birthday to me.”

32. “I’m gonna stuff my face with chocolate and cake because it’s my day, happy birthday to me.”

33. “I am listening to the radio and I heard my alarm rang that I’m a year older. Happy birthday to me.”

34. “To everyone on planet Earth, be calm cos it’s my birthday.”

35. “To everyone, who has been waiting for a moment to appreciate God’s gift to men, the time is now. Happy birthday to me!”

36. “The best time of the year is now, cos I could say with joy in my heart, I’m year older.”

37. “I’m calm and cool because it’s my birthday!”

38. “I’m painting everywhere in red because it’s my birthday, life has been great.”

39. “Today I could reminiscence, God has been good to me and the year has been great! Cheers to a brand new year.”

40. “The year no one has seen before, that’s where I am, happy birthday to me.”

41. “A fabulous day spent with friends and family is worth it, thanks for making my birthday a happy one.”

42. “I am really blessed to have a great family and crazy friends; it’s getting cooler here cos my family and friends are celebrating me. happy birthday to me.”

43. “I’m grateful to everyone who took their time to appreciate me in a way or the other, remember I love you guys. Let’s do this again next year!”

44. “God’s greatest gift to me, is people around me. I must say I’m overwhelmed by your love, thanks for making my birthday fabulous.”

45. “It’s the Queen’s birthday, yes it’s my birthday.”

46. “Happy new year to me, I wish myself all the best in the new year!”

47. “Do you hear sparkling sparkles joined with bubbling water, it’s because it is my birthday! Happy birthday to me.”

48. “As I am growing older, I’m getting wiser. Happy birthday to me!”

49. “The things that are sure about my new year include, becoming, wiser, prettier, more honourable, beautiful….. Happy birthday to me.”

50. “Happy birthday to gentlest of all, that’s me! Happy born to me.”

51. “Don’t look too far, the wonder is here! Happy birthday to God’s wonder.”

52. “Momma is happy because I made her happy years ago, and I’m happy cos she’s making me happy today. Happy birthday to me.”

53. “There are so many changes that come with ageing but listen to me, I am still me, happy birthday baby girl.”

54. “Best wishes for myself by myself to me, on my birthday.”

55. “Happy birthday to me, I just forgot about last year now!”

56. “I am grateful, for last year because I had wonderful times and this year promises wonder! Hurray, it’s my birthday.”

57. “What more can I wish for than you, yes you that celebrated with me today! Thanks for happy birthday wishes.”

58. “Here comes my special day, and it brought a lot of signal for promises and surprises for a new year! Happy birthday to me.”

59. “I plan to keep my age a secret for as long as I can, not permitted to ask cos it’s my birthday.”

60. “I can’t believe I look younger than, though I am the oldest today cos it’s my birthday!”

61. “This is not one of those birthdays, it’s different and dope!”

62. “Much thanks to my parents for the Opportunity, I’m forever indebted to you….. Still, I wish myself the best in the new 365 days!”

63. “Dear me, look around and see God’s goodness, happy birthday ma’am me.”

64. “I looked all over but found out the day is normal for them but special for me. Happy birthday to me.”

65. “Now that I’m official, a year older! I’ve got to party, who’s up for the business.”

66. “In last year’s memory, I say thanks to everyone who made it bubble! Now, to this year I’m happy to announce to you that I’m a year older.”

67. “Respect your elder, it’s my birthday.”

68. “As I celebrate another year, I pray for a greater achievement, love and influence. Happy birthday to me.”

69. “Do you have it in mind to enjoy yourself, come over to my place, it’s my birth anniversary?”

70. “To myself, from myself, for me, long life and prosperity.”

71. “Hip! hip!! hip!!! hooray. Yay, it’s my birthday.”

72. “No one dares steal my show, it’s my birthday.”

73. “Today is extraordinary because it’s my birthday.”

74. “I join the world to celebrate this exclusive me today, wonderful birthday to me.”

75. “I’ve been to the moon and back today, cos I allow the flight, happy birthday to me.”

76. “I need to swim to and to spa, to wear off last year’s stress. Happy birthday to me.”

77. “When I came to this world, I knew my mama and papa but, now I know you and you! Again, I’m a year older.”

78. “Through the good and bad times of the year, God has been good. I introduce my new year to you. Wonderful birthday to me.”

79. “I’m gonna enjoy myself today cos it’s my day. Happy birthday to I me and myself!”

80. “A party will be cool, but a party blast will be better. Happy birthday to me.”

81. “Introducing the oldest baby today, cheers to a new year, myself.”

82. “Thanks, momma, for giving birth to this priceless jewel on a day like this, I’m grateful ma. Happy birthday to me.”

83. “It’s your business, whether to agree or not, I’m the most amazing and talented girl you know. Happy birthday to me.”

84. “Today has proven, that I’m loved. Thanks, everyone, let’s do it together next year.”

85. “On this day, I wish myself happy memories in the new year. Happy birthday to me.”

86. “Lovely me is so happy that I’m indeed full of joy… It’s my birthday peeps.”

87. “I think the saying ” the older, the better” is right. I’m better than yesterday, happy birthday to me.”

88. “Happy birthday from me to myself, and long life and prosperity.”

89. “Happiness is sweet, and today has always marked the beginning of a new year, so I’m happy.”

90. “Yes, don’t think far, I’m celebrating me because it’s my birth anniversary.”

91. “Sometimes, I wish I am supermen, then changing the world would have been easy, but there can only be one version of me! Happy birthday to me, make sure to cherish me.”

92. “They’ve always said good boy, fine boy but I’m saying kudos to that good boy for keeping it up for another year. Happy birthday to me.”

93. “Life is easy when it’s on a countdown, I’m a year older today, in strength, love, peace, wealth and lots more.”

94. “With the greatest joy in my heart, I announce my birthday to you peeps! Hooray, your babe is a year older.”

95. “It’s my birthday, and I plan on having crazy trips all over the place. Cheers to me in a new year.”

96. “Age is not just a number, I could say it anywhere so I’m older than you. Friends, it’s my day.”

97. “Happy birthday to me, my ageing is alongside grace. I’m so happy!”

98. “I am so lucky that today is my birthday, cos I got to do what I couldn’t do yesterday, fabulous birthday to me.”

99. “You could join me, as I celebrate myself, on my day, in my new year. Happy birthday to me.”

100. “Thanks for the birthday wishes peeps, mehn it’s great having you as family and friends. Happy birthday to me.”

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