Cute Ways to Say I Love You in a Text

2023 Cute Ways to Say I Love You in a Text

Sometimes, saying I love you might not be enough to communicate the depth and extent of your feelings to your lover and it might be necessary to look for better, refined and more captivating ways of saying the same sentence.

Below are diverse and cute ways of saying I love you in a text, feel free to browse through and pick the right one that would dazzle your special one.

How to Say I Love You in a Text Romantically

So, you wish to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you love them in cute ways? These cute, sweet and romantic ways to say I love you in a text have the different options you desire.Send to him or her and thank me later.

1. I am extremely fond of you and amazingly, the fondness seems to increase on daily basis.

2. I can’t fight what is growing between us even if I try to. I must confess I have found myself in love with you. I have fallen hard for you and I can’t help it.

3. Time flies when I am with you. Every other thing doesn’t seem to matter: work, money and the stress life gives. I just want to be with you always.

4. You have built a solid foundation for my world, you have given it the much-needed stability and strength. The truth is at this point, without you, I will fall apart.

5. I love you, I truly do and I will show you I do in any way possible, God helping me.

6. Your beauty is something extraordinary, it overshadows every aspect of your life. Your ways are beautiful, your words are beautiful and my heart has been captured by your beauty.

7. I am never going to leave you, I am never going to stop holding you tight and I will never let you go because I will be lost without you.

8. I chose you and will choose you all over again. I will always choose you because you are perfect for me.

9. I fancy you a lot. I hope you know that. I fancy you more than any other and that’s because you are like no other.

10. I love you, I will say it a thousand times and in a thousand ways if It would help convince you of my love for you.

11. Hey chief, what do you want me to do for you today because as you know, your wish is my command? You own me, you own all of me.

12. You have been around for so long and I love having you around. I don’t think I can survive your absence, I want you to be mine forever.

13. You have given me all that I wouldn’t have hoped to have in my wildest dreams. You are all I never thought I could get. You are my everything.

14. I wasn’t a fan of love songs because I couldn’t relate to them but now, they are always on repeat in my earphones as they mirror exactly what I feel for you.

15. Whatever it is that I need to do to convince you of my undying affection for you, I will do because what I feel for you is true, real and genuine.

16. You are exactly what I want, you are exactly what I need. You are perfect for me, I want you for who you are, just the way you are.

17. My heart has been enslaved by you and it beats for you and you alone.

18. If I attempt to put into writing what I feel for you, I wouldn’t stop writing in days. Please baby, be mine forever.

19. It’s good to finally be part of a team, our team. It’s going to be me and you doing awesome things together, forever.

20. Finally, I have found someone I would rather stay in with than go out for a cup of ice cream. You are definitely something extraordinary.

21. Gosh! I am beginning to find it difficult to concentrate when you are not there with me. When I am out, I try to get back to you as soon as I can. What have you done to me?

22. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face and see you blush when I cover it with kisses.

23. I can’t keep my hands off you, even if I try to, my hands out of their own volition keep reaching out for you. I want to always hold you.

24. Heartmates, soulmates, body mates and mind mates. You are all the mate I want.

25. I never believed in the right one, I felt we can always be with anyone we want but somehow, you seem to have been made perfectly for me. You are all I have ever wanted, you are my right one, my only one.

26. You are gradually turning me into an artist as my heart beats in lovely tunes whenever you are near.

27. You fit me like a plug in a socket. There is always this spark and connection when I am with you. I feel full and complete with you as a part of my world.

28. You must be made with the hardest glue as I am totally stuck on you. I don’t mind bonding with you forever.

29. I am going to say this, I never thought I would ever be in the position to say these words but I have to let you know. I need you baby. I need you and I am not ashamed to acknowledge this.

30. You are my channel of fresh water. You are gradually washing out all my filth and filling me with a fresh source of life, vigour and motivation. I will never let you go.

31. I belong to you, I am all yours. I am always going to be yours, I will never cease to be yours.

32. You keep changing me for the best, you are the only one who is capable and have succeeded in doing that. You are my superhero.

33. The truth is, I have fallen really hard for you. I can’t deny it, I am captivated by you. But then, who wouldn’t be? You are so irresistible.

34. Your face keeps popping up in my head and I must confess, it is a little distracting but a much-welcomed distraction.

35. You are in charge of my heart, you are the chief custodian of my heart. How you did it, I don’t know but all I know now is: my heart belongs to you.

36. I respect you a lot, I have a lot of regard for you. I treasure you a lot, I consider you a priceless monument. You are important to me, don’t ever forget that.

37. You are my closest companion, you have to be around me and close to me always. Your presence matters to me a lot. My heart missing a beat.

38. I will always hold your hand when you want me to. I will always hold you close and never let you go. Give me your hands dear, l promise to always hold it tight.

39. You have made me complete, you have filled me in the right places. You have made me whole, you have made the person I should be. Thanks, baby for being the perfect soulmate.

40. I know I have been acting like a fool around you but that’s because what I feel for you is so strong, I can’t just compote myself around you.

41. Every day is the best day of my life because I have the best companion ever, you.

42. What I feel for you is purer than gold and stronger than diamond, it is so pure and strong it can’t be properly and adequately explained. You are simply amazing.

43. You are my everything, my biggest and brightest star, my sweetest and darkest chocolate.

45. I am trapped in your love, I can’t get out and I am not trying to. Wrap your web around me baby, keep me stuck for life.

46. You are my sweetest dish, your presence makes my stomach flutter. I really love having you around every time.

47. My heart belongs to you and you alone and it will always be yours, I promise.

48. I am beginning to love you more than I actually love myself. Your love is driving me crazy.

49. You have succeeded in brightening my world, you have completely illuminated it. I am never leaving you and I will never let you go.

50. You have made my life a happy one, you have added a lot of sweetness to my world. What would I do without you?

51. You are like warmth on a rainy day, you give me something to look forward to every day after work.

52. I am always going to be your woman, trust me, I will always be here for you.

53. You have stolen my heart and that of everyone around me including my pet. You are something really special you know.

54. I will choose you over an iPad, I will always choose you over every other thing.

55. You are different and I like it, I like you just the way you are.

56. Dreams do come true, I found you and you have always been true to me.

57. It is impossible to love any other human the way I love you. I don’t think my heart is capable of opening up to any other person again. I love you.

58. The amazing thing about loving you is I find it quite easy and stress-free. It is almost natural for me. I love loving you.

59. You are always close to me, you are always in my heart. I love the fact that you are never far away.

60. You are fresh air for me, you are good, untinted, unpolluted air. I need you desperately, more than ever before in this era of global warming and climate change.

61. The truth is I haven’t seen anyone who compares to you, character-wise and in terms of beauty. You are too much baby, just too much.

62. I love listening to you because all you say makes sense. I must confess, I love the way you think, reason and talk.

63. You are everything to me, all I need and want. You are more than enough for me, I need none other than you.

64. My love for you is as true and rich as a true love should be.

65. My whole being has been imprisoned by your love and funny enough, I want to be your prisoner for life. This prison is too comfortable and awesome to attempt a jailbreak.

66. You are a representation of all I like best, you stand for all the best things in my life and has given me the best times of my life. I won’t ever let you go.

67. It is going to be me and you, together, doing awesome things forever.

68. You are the singular weakness I have in this world if you do not kill me, nothing else would.

69. I will be your morning, afternoon and evening. I will be yours in your best times and at your worst. That’s because I care so much about you.

70. My love for you is infinite, it is going to extend from this world to the next.

71. I have nothing against you, it is like you are completely flawless. You are my definition of perfection.

72. I love you as much as my heart can, any more than this and I would run out of my mind.

73. My whole world seems to revolve around you and I like it. But I want more, I want the whole of my life to revolve around you.

74. You are my whole world, my life essence. I am nothing without you sugar.

75. I will hold you close forever, I will never let you go. You matter more to me each day and I cannot imagine a day without you.

76. You are God’s greatest present to me, I wouldn’t have wished for anything better. I love you.

77. You are the most wonderful person I have ever encountered, the best person to have ever walked the Earth. You are second to none.

78. I am grateful I get to meet someone like you, I wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to meet you.

79. In addition to your birthday, I will celebrate you every second I get to spend on this Earth.

80. How you were able to get to my heart, I would never understand but what I know is this: you have stolen my heart.

81. I love calling you my baby because that is exactly what you are and I will always treat you like one because I love you.

82. My heart is exactly where you should be and my heart is where you will forever be.

83. I love you in a way I find difficult to comprehend and explain but without a doubt, my love for you is true and unquestionable.

84. I feel like I can finally have a happy ever after, with you, this feels like my own fairytale.

85. When you are far, I play back every of our conversation in my head and that keeps me happy. I can’t wait to see you again.

86. Seriously, I feel like I can do whatever I want to with someone like you urging me on. With you, I can be whatever I choose to be. I love you.

87. You are my business, a serious one at that. I am going to give a lot of attention to you as you are a necessity for a successful existence.

88. Every day is my favourite day as you are a part of it. I love having you in my life.

89. I love the way we laugh together, our conversations are always awesome, I am addicted to your presence. I love you, darling.

90. You have given me so much peace, I suddenly do not care so much about all those things that used to bother me a lot. You are a miracle.

91. You are my greatest asset, the most valuable thing in my possession 99. You beautify the term humanity, you give it a wonderful meaning. I am lucky to have found a treasure such as you.

92. I know there are trying times ahead but I still would never give up on us. I know what I feel is enough to push us through every storm.

93. I must be doing everything right because I got good compensation, you!

94. I found a priceless jewel when I found you, I found a sacred gem when I found you. I would never let you go, it’s unthinkable.

95. Distance would never be a barrier where you are concerned, nothing will ever be a barrier where you are concerned. You matter too much to me.

96. I think about you more than I think about myself and my future and that’s a bit disturbing. You have taken over me, baby.

97. I need you to give me one singular thing, your heart. I promise to nurture it and keep it safe forever.

98. I want to be your turner baby, I want to carve out my heart and keep it with you. That shows how much I trust you.

99. I wasn’t planning on starting a relationship but you came along and I couldn’t help it. You blew me off my feet, I knew I mustn’t let you go.

100. You are the perfect description and definition of love, you are the perfect portrait of love, you are all a lover should be and I admire you a lot my darling.

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