Prayers for My Daughter on Her 3rd Birthday

2023 Best Prayers for My Daughter on Her 3rd Birthday

Your daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts you’ve had in life. It’s her 3rd birthday and the best gift you can give to her is the gift of best prayers from the depth of your heart as a parent.

You want to make her day as sweet as heaven, pick one or more from these prayers to make her smile as bright as sunshine.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Daughter’s 3rd Birthday

No matter how much of gifts you can give to your daughter on her 3rd birthday (or any birthday at all), saying some prayers is the height of blessings for her. Prayer is one of the best gifts for your daughter on her birthday and it’s the reason I have written these prayers for your daughter on her 3rd birthday. Enjoy.

1. From conception, I have witnessed that the favour of the Lord is upon you, simply because I enjoyed a different level of grace and favour while I was heavy with you. On this third birthday of yours, my Pumpkin, may the Blessings of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit be upon you. I love you.

2. To my bundle of joy, I wish you all of life’s goodies. May you be the head and not the tail. May Joy and peace encompass you all around. Happy birthday, Princess. With love, Mum.

3. I am the most favoured mum on earth. This is because God gave me the privilege to birth one of His most Beloved. Happy birthday, my Princess.

4. May your days be filled with goodness, peace and blessings. May you never experience life sorrows. May you be guided and guarded by the love of God. Happy Birthday, my Baby.

5. You are God’s precious gift to your dad and I. On this special day of yours, my beloved daughter, may the hosts of Heaven celebrate you, may you always make God proud.

6. My sincere prayer for you, my Princess is that may you live to fulfil all that was written concerning you. May you never know a better yesterday. May God never leave you, my dear. Happy birthday, my Baby.

7. May you grow in wisdom and grace. May God and men delight in you and favour you. May your path be smoothened by the love of God. Happy birthday, my Princess.

8. I asked God for a child, He gave me His very own. As you celebrate another year, my Daughter, may your life be lived in pure Joy. I love you, Mum.

9. May you live to celebrate 5, 10, 15, 20….. 100 years in health, blessings, favour and grace, in Jesus name. Daddy and Mummy love you. Happy birthday.

10. You are the reason why I am called a mother. May you always know Joy all your days, my Pumpkin. Happy birthday.

11. My daughter, may you enjoy God’s shower of blessings, good health, peace and joy as you advance in age. Happy birthday, my Princess.

12. As you celebrate another year, Princess. May you not be overcome by the evil powers of your father’s house. May God delight in making you a conqueror in life. Mum loves you massively.

13. May the Lord hear me and make my daughter the wisest and happiest person ever lived. Happy birthday, my Treasure.

14. Oh! It’s my daughter’s birthday. I am elated. As you are the reason for my Joy. May your life be filled with eternal bliss, my Child.

15. My baby is plus 1 today. I am so happy. You are my first child. May you be the first in every good thing of life. May you be an obedient child, one who brings nothing but honour and blessing to her parents. Happy birthday, my Diamond.

16. May my Daughter flourish in life. May she have clarity of purpose in life and may she enjoy the mercies of God every day. Happy birthday, baby girl.

17. As you celebrate today, my princess. May God Himself bless you with His fatherly blessings. May you grow in all aspects of life. Daddy and Mummy are proud to have you.

18. May you be a Shinning star, my Daughter. Happy birthday to the one that gives me constant joy.

19. More than the favour I and your father has ever enjoyed, may you enjoy in Jesus name. I love you so much Princess, Happy Birthday.

20. I pray for you my daughter as you celebrate another year that may God help you grow in grace that you may discern rightly those who are supposed to be in your life and those who are not. Momma loves you, Princess.

21. My beautiful Princess, I pray for you as you celebrate another year, may your blessings overflow like the fountain of waters. May you experience ease in all you do, my sweetheart.

22. Where are my dancing shoes oo? My baby girl is plus 1. My prayer for you my beloved daughter is that may you enjoy the assistance of God and men in supernatural ways as you grow.

23. May my Princess always have access to every good thing her heart desires in life. I am so grateful for you, Daughter.

24. Happy birthday, Sweetheart. Nothing shall be difficult for you in life. May you not be defeated, may you always be a source of joy to everyone around you.

25. I call on Joy, Peace, Grace, Blessings and every good thing of life. Come and abide with my beloved daughter all the days of her life. I love you, Baby.

26. Sweet Jesus, your baby is plus 1 today. Hold her in your care, never give the devil a chance in her life. Always bless and help her in all she does. Amen.

27. Daughter, as you grow. May you enjoy the blessing of the morning, noon and evening. I love you, my baby.

28. Keep my baby under the shadow of your wings, dear Jesus. Never let evil come near her. Let her be blessed all her days. Amen.

29. May you grow to Honour and bless God all your days my little girl. May you find grace to say ‘yes’ to His will every day. God bless you, my baby.

30. May my little Princess grow in wisdom and Grace. Happy birthday, my Child.

31. May the whole world celebrate you, my Princess. My life never be difficult for you. May favour be your life’s experience. I love you, my baby.

32. If I say life will always be easy for you, I deceive you and myself. But I pray for you my Baby, the wisdom you need to be an overcomer in all you do. May God bestow upon you as you grow. Happy birthday, my Treasure.

33. Baby girl, may your life always be filled with hope. May you experience undiluted love from God and men in Jesus name. Age with grace, my baby girl.

34. Oh! Blessed be the day you were born. Blessed be your days on earth. May you outlive me and your father. May you be greater than us. May you be a woman of substance, my baby girl.

35. All your days, may the angel of God guide you. May you grow to become a woman of substance. May you be wiser than your peers in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my child.

36. I love you more than words can describe, my Princess. Therefore, on this special day of yours, there shall be a release of Grace upon your life that will enable you to be everything God created to become.

37. My prayer for you in life my little daughter is that, may you enjoy God’s abundance such that even when it is pressed down, it won’t stop running over. God bless your new age, my dear.

38. My daughter, as you advance in age, may you advance also in every good thing of life. May your tomorrow always be better than your yesterday. Happy birthday, my sweet baby girl.

39. My greatest desire for you my daughter is that may nothing take the place of God in your life. I love you, dear. Happy birthday.

40. The Lord shall keep you and cause His face to shine upon you. May you do life with God’s wisdom. Happy birthday, my Princess.

41. Happy birthday my baby girl. May the Lord bless you now and always such that the whole earth will fear Him for your sake.

42. Every good and perfect gift your life deserves will be released unto you without struggle in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my Princess.

43. May you always trust in the Lord and may your confidence in Him be unwavering. Happy birthday, my lovely Princess.

44. My daughter, may the Lord surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as sand in the sea. I will surely live long to see you do great things. Happy birthday, my child.

45. Yipee! My daughter is 3 years. The Lord shall open unto you His good treasure. May you live in abundance of everything good, my child. Happy Birthday.

46. Dear daughter, as you go on in life, may you experience Heaven’s dew and earth riches. Happy birthday, my little princess.

47. My one desire for you in life, my little one is that; may you experience God’s peace which surpasses all understanding

48. May your life be sweeter than honey and may your life not be cut short in your prime. Happy birthday, my little angel.

49. May you so much experience God’s blessings in your life dear daughter, that you will have all that you desire at all time without stress. Happy birthday, Angel.

50. May the one who fulfils all desires, fulfil all the good dreams you will ever have in life, my dear daughter.

51. May the Lord grant you the wisdom to live your life in true humility, my beloved daughter, so that you may enjoy the blessings that come with it. Mummy loves you, Happy 3rd birthday

52. May you receive grace to please God, and be a terror to the enemy, as you grow my child. Happy birthday, baby.

53. May you experience God’s deep and undiluted love all the days of your life, my Sweet Pea. Happy birthday, Treasure.

54. I pray for you, my daughter, may you never turn away from the Lord, may you follow Him all your days. May your ways be ever pleasing to you Heavenly Father, age with grace, Baby.

55. May your days be graced with joy and your time with favour. Happy birthday, Beauty.

56. My baby girl, as you grow, may the Lord help you understand the importance of people and may you cherish every relationship that matters to your destiny. Happy birthday, Baby girl.

57. As you grow my dear daughter, may the good Lord always open for you doors that you cannot open for yourself. Happy birthday, my Baby.

58. Beloved daughter, may you always see seasons of difficulties and interruptions as opportunities to develop patience and persistence. Mummy and daughter cherish you.

59. May you never make the mistake of throwing destiny helpers away as you journey through life, baby girl.

60. All I desire for you my baby is that you live out the life God designed for you. We cannot love you less. Age gracefully.

61. As you grow, my baby girl, may you never be a victim of bad friends. May the Lord only permit good people in your life.

62. May you always experience thrill in life as you watch the promises of God becoming a reality for you.

63. As I celebrate you today, my daughter, may you also live to celebrate your children. You won’t die young, rather, you will live long enjoying all the good things there is in life. Momma loves you. Kisses.

64. May you experience the fullness of God’s power, love and grace as you go about life, my beautiful Princess.

65. May you, my beloved daughter live your life in endless praise to God. May you always have reasons to rejoice as you advance in age. Happy 3rd birthday, my baby.

66. As you grow, my Princess, may the Lord give you the strength you need to do each day what is meant to be done.

67. May your heart always know calmness and peace no matter the pressure that life presents to you as you advance in age. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

68. I ask the Lord to enable you to know Him and help you be courageous in your life’s journey. Happy birthday, Dear.

69. Dear God, help my little girl grow to be loving, caring and compassionate. Happy birthday, my baby.

70. It shall be well with you in life my child. May God fill you with the peace and joy that only comes from him. Amen!

71. This I declare in the name of the Lord, your life shall be a testimony to all you come across in life. Happy birthday, Baby girl.

72. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. You shall move from victory to victory and always enjoy the blessings of God as you grow in Jesus name. Happy birthday, little one.

73. Blessing and honour shall be your life’s companion as you journey through life. God bless you, my child. Happy birthday.

74. Nations shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your light. May the Glory of God never depart from you, baby. Happy birthday, Princess.

75. May my lovely daughter grow to be fruitful, faithful and joyful. Happy birthday, my Pumpkin

76. May you spend your days in the company of the wise and not of fools. Happy birthday, baby girl.

77. As my little girl grows, may she be a hopeful person, who sees beyond her current circumstances. Happy birthday, my Princess.

78. I decree for you – wisdom to know what is good and right at every point of your life, my Sweet Pea.

79. Never permit the evil one to come near my child, heavenly father. Help her to live and grow in truth and righteousness. Amen!

80. Sweetheart, may you grow to be compassionate, always standing for what is right and helping the weak get justice. I believe this is who you will become. I love you, Princess.

81. Daughter, may the Lord lavish His love upon you such that you will be known even by heathen as a daughter of the living God.

82. You shall always be strengthened by the joy that comes from God. Grow in all goodness. Happy birthday, sweetie.

83. May my daughter grow up to be a person of integrity and honour, may she always bring honour to God and her parent. Amen.

84. The doors of nations shall open unto you. All you do shall be prosperous. Live and grow in grace, my child. Happy birthday.

85. May you never struggle in life, may you enjoy supernatural ease, may God take a special interest in all you do. Happy birthday, my angel.

86. Dear Jesus, may my baby girl honest, obedient, and compassionate and favoured all her days on health. Amen.

87. May you never be in want of good health in Jesus name. Go and prosper in life in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my little angel.

88. Verily, verily I say unto you sweet pea. May you grow in grace and love. May your life be a beauty to behold in Jesus name. Momma loves you immensely.

89. May the life to enjoy God’s grace, Christ’s love and the Spirit’s fellowship, my beloved daughter. I celebrate you, baby girl.

90. My baby girl, may the good Lord cover you with favour as with a shield. All your days, may you live in abundance.

91. Hurrah! My baby girl is plus 1. May you not only grow in stature but in favour with God and men.

92. Life will always throw stones (unpleasant situations) at you, however, may you enjoy God’s victory in all of it.

93. May you grow to be obedient, that you may live long and enjoy God’s blessings. Happy birthday, little one.

94. As the mother hen brood over her chicks to protect them. So shall Yahweh brood over you, my baby all your days. Happy birthday!

95. May my sweet pea be marvellously helped by God as she journey through life. Happy birthday, daddy’s second love.

96. May you, my daughter be pure in heart, soul and body. May God see you as a delightful and honourable vessel all your days.

97. May my baby girl live her life in genuine fellowship with her Heavenly Father, so that her life may be richly blessed. Amen!

98. More than I have enjoyed in life, may my daughter enjoy 100 folds. Grow in grace, dear child.

99. Today, I dedicate you to the Living God, may His strong handhold and guide you. Enjoy your days in blessings. Amen

100. May my daughter live to enjoy the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Happy birthday, little one. God bless and keep you for me.

Showing love to a little one can make a lasting impression on their minds. This starts with divine prayers that will help your little daughter to trust more in God and enjoy peace on earth. Hurry and send some to her as soon as possible.

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