You Make My Days Better Quotes

You Make My Days Better Quotes (2023)

Everybody may want a lover or friend who makes their heart rekindle with joy every other time, but not so many are lucky enough to have them.

Well, if you ever came across just this one person who by the sheer abundance of their charm so effortlessly bless your day with sonorous laughter and joy, hope and love, you’d agree that they’re the last person you want to lose.

Hence, of course, it’s necessary to communicate your feelings to them, of how much you treasure their presence in your life even though you don’t know how they magically light up your day.

These you make my days better quotes would help you spill just how you feel to your lover or friend in the sweetest way, in this year 2023 and beyond.

Be ready to be the reason for their smile this time just after making your choice.

You Always Make My Day Quotes

When you wake up daily to affection, happiness and all there is to undying love or awesome friendship that defies human definitions, these you make my days better quotes are all you need for that special someone. Send these you always make my day quotes to him or her (boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, friends and loved ones) and I will be glad to have helped.

1. It’s like the sun amidst the clouds, you make my days better. Like the wind swerving round the earth, I wish you could be here right now.

2. You know, there’s none more deserving of my utmost affection than you, for you make my days better. So, let’s sing the song of love all day long.

3. All I have to do is think of you, and I already have a goodly day. I hope your day is full of love and light as you make mine.

4. As long as I got you, the nights won’t come. Because the sun seems to shine all day, all because of your loving kisses. I love you, my bae.

5. Sweet is the juice of citrus fruit, but you make my days even sweeter. Deep as its root, so is my love for you.

6. My days are without worries, cause you’ve made them better. I am a happy woman because your loving arms are wrapped around me.

7. I don’t need ice creams anymore, all I need is you, my darling. Cause, I’ll rather taste your love till the end of time.

8. Like the rare and colourful mountains, you beautify my days so unusually. Like the radiant butterfly on green plants, I want your kisses perching on my lips.

9. You make my days better, maybe with your juicy kisses or your genuine smiles. But I just can’t stop wanting you.

10. Longer than the river of Amazon, my love for you would go. Unperturbed likes its flow, my passion will be for you.

11. I’ll have your back because you make my days better than I had hoped for. I’ll wait for you, cause there’s no happy life outside of your warmth.

12. I await your presence from the time I sleep to the moment I see the sun, for you make my days better. I wonder what a world mine would be without you.

13. Tomorrow isn’t to be worried about, cause I know I have an angel who lights up my day with love. Let me be your angel too, my darling.

14. My days are blissful when I’m with you, dear bestie. So, may your days be pleasant and blessed with good heavenly gifts.

15. With an umbrella of love, you’ve covered me on the rainy days and protected me from trembling thunder and lightening. I love you, sweetness.

16. It used to be the rainbow, but these days, it takes just you to light up my day. I’m not afraid to say, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

17. I’ll do everything to keep the smile on your face, for you make my days better. Just a look at your face and I’m inspired to have a better life.

18. Not the inestimable gems would inspire the joy you have in me. It’s always a better day with you, my good friend.

19. I just want you to know that in you I have the best 24hrs of my life. What an exceptional friend you are!

20. Only your company turns sorrows into joy, only your gazes melts me to the core of my heart. I am so blessed to have you, my darling.

21. My only commitment is with you, my promises will I keep to you, for you make better my days.

22. Your kisses are the reason why I have better days than all my friends do. Your kindness is the reason why my heart beats lifelong for you.

23. Eating with you brings such fulfilment I couldn’t hope to quantify. You make my days better, my friend. I hope we do not stop being good friends.

24. When I see you coming, I just know what a better day it will be. When I behold your shadow, I leap for joy, because you’re near me.

25. Your words are like purifier, for they atone my days of worries and pain. Your caresses are like the balm of Gilead, it heals me of sickness and disease.

26. More than anything else, I want you to be my friend forever, for you make my days better.

27. I’ll give you my life if I have to, cause there’s no better day without you. I’ll bear your pain if I could, ’cause you’re my muse.

28. There’s no doubt in my heart that, it’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with, for you’ve given me my better days now that I am with you.

29. Just the thought of you wipes away the painful memories of yesterday. And only a glimpse of you fills my heart with hope for a brighter day.

30. Have all my love to yourself, for you’ve blessed me with such joy that has come to stay. Do not kiss me goodbye, cause it hurts more than you know.

31. I love it when we eat from a plate as friends, for it makes my day even better, bestie. How about if we’re launched as sisters?

32. When you cheer me on, you make my days better than my imaginations had informed me. So, I hope you’ll be my cheerleader forever.

33. You’ve rubbed off your good charm on me, now my days are better and happier. So, be my bestie forever.

34. Nothing weakens me anymore, because I know that I’ve got the strongest friend in the world.

35. I’m eager to see a new day, for my old friend makes my days better. You’re the best and the sweetest, deary.

36. Every day is my lucky day because I’ve got a man like you. Every day is a good day because I drink of your unconditional love.

37. Life is so beautiful because I’m in love with you as you’re with me. Guide me forever like the light of heavens from above.

38. You gladden my heart with love and my days become brighter with joy. Only with you can I be a happy man forever.

39. I just need you to be mine and only then I’ll know better days are mine, sweetheart. Would you be my Guinevere and let me be your Arthur forever?

40. I came into this world to love you, to want you and to make your days better as you’ve done mine. If you doubt me, simply give me a try.

41. You make my days better because you’re the best part of my life. So, this chapter will I not turn to the next for great is its joy from your bosom.

42. I wake up every day joyful, cause you’re an answered prayer, my darling. I hope we spend our whole lives in each other’s arms.

43. This confession I have to make; I’ll always be yours. So, please be mine till the end of time, for there’s no better day without you.

44. You’ve remoulded me with the soil of joy and brightened my days with the melody of a love song. I want to let you know that I need you to stay.

45. The best part of life right now is spending it with you. So, be my lady till the end of life’s troubles and strife.

46. You make my days better with the sweet love you empty into my bosom so copiously. Hence, I’m thankful for every drop of your passion into my heart.

47. I shudder to lose you, for only you have the key to a better day in my life. With great strength and attentiveness, I’ll be sure to keep you as mine.

48. You make me want to live, for you have blessed my days with awesomeness. You make me want to fall, cause slippery is the road that leads inside of your heart.

49. You came into my life for a purpose, little wonder, sadness is gone when you’re with me, my love.

50. Instead of the others, I’ll rather have you, for you’ve bettered my days with humour and laughter, sweetness and kindness, my darling.

51. You do my body well than my favourite cup of coffee. You make my days better, sweetheart.

52. You smell like a bunch of red roses picked from an island of love. You’re my better half.

53. The look in your eye makes me lose focus on others whilst giving you my all. My days are better because of you.

54. A cool breeze from you to me is all I need to feel better when overwhelmed by that which surrounds me.

55. Gravity can’t pull your love down from my heart. I’ll always remain on top of the world loving you.

56. You make my days better with every hug you give to me, bestie. Our warm embrace will last for a lifetime, I promise.

57. Even your beautiful smile, I don’t deserve, yet you give me more than that. I will give you much more in return just to show you how much I care.

58. The best thing we ever made was love and the best thing I ever had was you. Let’s make our lives even better just by being in each other’s arms.

59. You transformed me from dust to diamond like a crafty magician. Let’s take our love a little higher into the sky, deary.

60. You’ve made the best day of my life to last a lifetime. There’s no moving on from you, my darling. You and I, till eternity.

61. I’m special because your love has made me so. I promise to make your days even a lot better than you have it now.

62. Who else do I make my sunshine and the stars in my big sky, if not you? You’re not just my better half, my darling, but my whole life.

63. I have you and that’s all I need to live for. I love you, and that’s all I need to breathe. Make me all that you want me to be, my darling.

64. You make my days better with the joy that never stops reflecting on your face. With you, heaven is closer than imagined.

65. You breathed a new life in me when you confessed those soft and lovely words to me. I now breathe for you, my love.

66. You mean more than the world to me. Hence, I’ll love you even when the world says no. You make my days better, sweetheart.

67. I’ll only breathe after each breath you take, for I only want to live when I know you’re alive, my love.

68. Before now, I had the scar of love. Then you came and they turned into unblemished stars of passion.

69. My days on earth will be fulfilled just by standing next to you, my love. You make my days better.

70. Loving you is so easy for me. Take my love and never reject it. For it will make you feel better.

71. Love is beautiful but you give it a run with the wholesome beauty that runs across the face of your skin.

72. Make my day feel better or not, I’ll never stop loving you. Make it colourful or grey, I’ll never take my sunshine from you.

73. I’m committed to making you feel better than the rest of the world. That’s what loving you means to me.

74. Once I see you, my day is renewed and reassured of perfect bliss. You make my days better, my love.

75. I’m for loving you and making your days feel better than the other. Ask me what you need and you’ll have it with all my love, sweetheart.

76. Honey, take a sip from the joy in my heart, it tastes like the love you give to me every day.

77. You smell like the fragrance of heaven and once you come close to me, I can’t help but feel better than the earthlings.

78. For your affection, I’ll roll in the mud so you may cleanse me with the waters of love that drips from your heart. You make my days better, my love.

79. I take pride in loving you, for my days are better with you. I don’t mind living with you in exile where all is dry and weary.

80. Love looks good on you, just as a crown sits well on your royal head. You’re my better half, my darling.

81. I’m in love with one woman, yet I feel like she’s more than a million of them. Take my heart and make it your home, baby.

82. I’ll turn your ashes into beauty and those scars into stars. Because you’re the reason I feel better every passing second.

83. I feel protected when I stand in the shadow of you casted on the ground as you are next to me under the bright sun.

84. I’ll make your night and day better than you’ve ever known. Spend a lifetime with me so that I may fulfil this vow to you.

85. I’m ready to spread my wings just to protect you and you alone. Then, together, we can fly away into an unending realm of love.

86. My love for you is promising cause it has a future which you’ll be proud of. Let’s build our dream of love together, my darling.

87. I love you and that’s why I’ll be making each day of your life better than the previous, dearest friend.

88. Baby, nothing in the world beats my love for you not even the love between the earth and the sun.

89. I love the shape of your eyes. It reminds me of what love looks like. And then you make my days even better with those loving gazes.

90. I’ll remain next to you both in the good and bad days. Thus, you should harbour no fear about the love I confess to you.

91. I’ll write doxologies to you, better than the ode of Romeo to Juliet. Doubt me not, for my ink is made of love.

92. As you smile, I smile with you. And then, the sun and the moon join us as we do.

93. I’m in a better place compared to the past when the days were gloomy and unpromising. You’ve made my days better, beautiful.

94. My smile is not birthed by the beauty I see around me, but simply by the love you bestow upon me.

95. No matter the cruelty meted on me in the world, your loving-kindness makes my day better and it’s why I’ll stick to you, my love.

96. I love you from the depth of my heart to the helplessly in love demeanour on my face.

97. You’re my baby love and the joy that makes my world go round. I’ll take every kiss from you like it were my last.

98. Half of your smile can make my day complete. You’re my world. Make me feel better for as long as I live, my darling.

99. Our love is as calm as a cool sea breeze. I love your aura more than I can say, my love.

100. I’m in love with you for no reason than you being yourself. You’re the best there was, there is and will ever be, my darling.

With these, You Make My Days Better Quotes, you can be sure that your lover or friend would love to do nothing more but brighten the rest of your days.

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