Love Status for Husband to Make Him Feel Special

2023 Love Status for Husband to Make Him Feel Special

We tend to get distracted by the things we need and those things we don’t have that we very much overlook all the priceless things, moments and people that we have.

One of such priceless people is our husbands.

Here is a reminder that we need to appreciate them by putting up at least one status a day to show them off and check out mind-blowing results that will follow.

Romantic Love Status for Husband

These Romantic Love Status for Husband would spice up your love life. Make him feel loved with these Love Status for Husband to Make Him Feel Special.

1. People have crushes for particular days but I can’t stop crushing on you. You are my ‘man crush every day (MCE)’. Thank God I married you. Sweet husband.

2. You never compare me to anyone. You make me feel like every other person is a second best where you are concerned. I love you, my dear husband.

3. To the most patient man alive. I can’t thank God enough that I share my life with you. I love you, baby.

4. Your wisdom amazes me. I love your wisdom and I love you even more.

5. My financial manager. I’m better at my finances and job more than I used to be before you made me your wife.

6. My counsellor, my advisor. You have not made me only a good wife but a better person, a better mother.

7. My desire. You are all I desire in one. I love you, husband of mine.

8. My fire quencher. My guy for life. You make the world a better place for me. I love you, honey.

9. To the only one who knows my ‘mumu’ button but only uses it to my advantage. I love you, my husband.

10. Who makes my happiness a priority over his. I love you, dearly. Remain you.

11. Help me celebrate the man who makes marriage to have a meaning to me. I love you to heaven, back to earth and back to heaven.

12. To my husband, you are my real MVP. I will love you forever.

13. I’m not afraid to show my vulnerability to you. I love you baby boy and trust you even more.

14. For teaching me not to be afraid of losing you or anything else in this world, I will love you forever, my husband.

15. This is to thank you for being so adorable. You are loveable and I love to love you. Darling husband, I adore you.

16. I may not say this often enough but know that I have such deep respect for you. I love you, my husband, as much as I respect you.

17. Your love is overwhelming. You love me even more than I need to be loved. Thanks for being an incredible husband.

18. For staying on still, even when I push you away. You are the best husband ever.

19. It pleases you to be pleased with me even when you are displeased. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

20. Here is to the man who spices my life and makes it interesting. I love you fiercely, my husband.

21. When you toasted me, I never knew you would be this sweet. You became even sweeter after we got married. I love you to bits.

22. When your husband is the definition of the word selfless and you can’t help but show him off. I can’t love you less.

23. What a man? A man who holds back nothing just to make me happy. Who supports my dreams and pushes me to aspire. I love you, dear husband. You are the best.

24. In a world full of uncertainties, the only certainty I have is my love for this man; my husband.

25. Thank you for being my hero and helping me clear my head every time I need to. I love you, my husband.

26. When your husband is the best lover you can ever have, you can’t help but smile. I love you dearly.

27. This man can listen to my rants and nags for Africa. I love you, my dear husband.

28. You are not only my husband, you are my father and my friend. I love you so much, honey.

29. When people call me queen, I introduce them to this King. He is my husband, he made me queen.

30. This man hates to see me sad. He goes all out to make sure that there is a smile on my face. I love you, always.

31. To the one human being who may be imperfect but loves me perfectly. I love you, even more, darling.

32. I’m glad I have my husband because he stops anyone who tries to stop me and I’m grateful. I love you husband of life.

33. This is the most God-fearing, wife loving, caring father and listening friend I know. Thank God I have him. I love you baby boy.

34. I would be so incomplete without you in my life. Only you complete me. I love you, honey.

35. It is always running through my mind how much I love you. Even when I forget, I still love you.

36. You are living in my head and you have my heart in your hands. You. Yes you, my darling husband.

37. Hello handsome, you are my dream come true. You make my world go round. I love your love.

38. Knowing that after God I’m your priority puts my heart to rest and makes me happy. I couldn’t have been happier with someone other than my husband. I love you.

39. You are an example of what love should be. You are love personified. I love you, my dear husband.

40. My commitment to you and our marriage 100%. I commit my life and love to you. You remain my husband. I love to commit to you.

41. My personal psychologist. He understands me more than anyone else, even more than I understand myself. I love you boy.

42. With you around, the day is usually too fast and too slow without you. I miss you plenty because I love you even more.

43. The nights are darker, longer and colder without you because you keep me warm. I love you.

44. Having your love inside of me is the most precious thing I could ever feel. I love you dearly my husband.

45. Who you love defines you. In fact, it is who you are. I love to love you, to be defined by you and the love I have for you. I love that you are my husband.

46. Being close to you guarantees my emotional security. Having you by my side every moment of the day is all the ‘assurance’ I need. I love you, my dear husband, you are my assurance.

47. You are my husband, the definition of the word ‘love’ to me.

48. I and someone are very close. We are not just close, we are one. That person is my husband and I’m deeply in love with him.

49. My husband is my husband, my lover, my partner in life and my best friend.

50. Your love shouts out loud inside my heart and I cannot hear the sound of any other love. You. Yes you, my husband, it could only be your voice.

51. There is nothing I love more than having you as my husband baby.

52. I always look forward to seeing you at the end of the day. You make my day complete. You complete me, even more, Mr handsome, I love you.

53. My husband makes me his top priority. I love you above all else and I’m committed to our love.

54. After you came into my life I knew sweetness. You are the sweetest husband.

55. You relieve my stress and make me feel beautiful. I love you best.

56. Please stay with me forever and a day. I love you so.

57. Remain my mirror and I will be yours reflecting ourselves how beautiful we truly are to each other. I love you, honey.

58. I asked God for an angel and he sent me you, my dear husband. You are more than an angel. You are amazing.

59. You make me feel young and beautiful just like the first time we met. I love you, my husband. You are my heartbeat.

60. Let’s stay in my world together. You made it a better place. I love you, honey.

61. I’m yet to understand why you care so much about my happiness, feelings and well being.

62. You know you are my favourite guy right? I love that you are my husband.

63. My world brightens when I just see you smile. I love your smile but I love you more honey. Keep smiling.

64. We are the best together. You and I. I love you so much.

65. Your love changes me ever so gradually each passing day into someone more beautiful than I thought I would ever be. You are my knight in shining armour and love you.

66. How can I in all my imperfections be so endearing to anyone, talk more of you? I love you, my dear husband.

67. I need you ever so pressing than I have ever needed you and I’m not afraid to admit it. I love you.

68. I like that I don’t have to behave like an adult around you. I like the fact that I can ‘fool’ around you and have nothing to fear. I love you, so much.

69. You are imperfect and so am I. That’s why our love is so perfect. I love you; my husband perfectly.

70. Your love is the beginning of happiness and all the happiness that I ever need.

71. Love is difficult to define but I would say love is a person that you only discover when you meet. To me, love is you, my husband.

72. Love is all I need and love is all I have because I have you. I have you and you are enough.

73. Just like wine, my love for you gets better with time and age. I love you, my king.

74. I never knew I could love and be loved until I met you. You opened my love capacity.

75. You don’t cross my mind several times a day, my husband; you live in my mind and all I think of is you. I love you.

76. You love me so much I can’t help loving you back.

77. How can you have such an endearing heart and I don’t love you? It’s not possible. I love that you are my husband.

78. I would never have been happier without you in my life.

79. You took my heart, gave me yours and returned mine. How is that even possible? You are selfless. I just love you.

80. I don’t dream any longer because I am living my dreams. You are my dream. I love you.

81. Love that is new is sweet, love that is old is sweeter but the love that I have, is you and you are, sweetest. I love you, sweet husband.

82. I was simply wasting before I met you, I truly started living the moment you came into my life. Life with you is the best way to spend it.

83. My world is perfect with you in it.

84. You are the best creature God created. You are because you found me and love me the best way anyone ever can.

85. My heart would be empty without you. You fill my heart with your sweetness. You are my life honey, I love you.

86. Even in death, I will still love you. Not even death can quench my love for you because it is stronger than death.

87. Even though I choose not to like my life with you, you would still love me because all you want is my happiness. I love you, honey, you are the best.

88. My heart did not ask for my permission, it just went ahead and fell in love with you. So did my whole being. I love you.

89. Words are only one way that I can express my love for you but it is far beyond words. You know I love you.

90. I may meet someone who is more educated and richer than my husband but, I will never find someone who I would love, like him.

91. My heart was dark, void and without form until you came in and illuminated it.

92. Your love cures my every disease. You are not just my husband, you are my medicine.

93. I love my life because I love you. You are my life.

94. I love you more than when we first met. My love for you grows stronger by the day.

95. My love for you is deep but, your love for me scares me. It is deeper than I can ever fathom. I love you.

96. The way you look at me I priceless. I love you.

97. I love that you are my ‘boss-in-love’ but you never boss it around me. I love you, my dear husband.

98. How can you love someone so fiercely, seeking only for their happiness? I love that you love me and I love you right back honey. You are the best husband in the world.

99. Beware of my hot husband, he cannot love anyone else and you can get hurt if you try to. His love for me is fierce and I love him even more.

100. Thanks for the honesty, care affection, love, passion, attraction and devotion to me and our marriage. You are a husband indeed.

101. Hello men, strive to be like this man here, he is the best version of a man, husband and father that there is. He is my husband and I love him.

102. When you are not around I miss you. When I can’t reach you, I’m lost. I love you.

103. Your absence makes the love I have for you strongest. I miss you, my husband.

104. When I am eating with you, the food is tastier in my mouth. Only with you, my husband, only you.

105. We rise by raising others and you have raised me so high that we both stand up there for the world to see. I love you.

106. They may be many handsome men but no one is nearly as handsome as you in my eyes. I have eyes for you only.

107. You brought order into my life. I was the most disorganized woman before you came into my life. I owe my love and more. I love you.

108. I am a good wife because you are the best husband and you only bring out the best in me. I love you, honey, you are the best.

109. My life with you my husband is one big happy moment. I never want to miss any of it. My love for you is huge.

110. Your love makes my heart tick. You. Yes, you and only my darling husband.

111. You make me the most important person in your world and that keeps you alone high up there in my world, a place where no other person can share. I love you my sugar husband. You are the best.

112. Thanks for not crushing me even though you are my man crush everyday-MCE. Thanks for letting me crush on you every day. I love you my forever crush.

113. My husband is my all-in-one person. I can’t start counting all that he is to me. I just wish I can be half of what you are to me. I love you.

114. Meet my husband, he is my love. I submit to your ‘Loveship’ my love.

115. Every time I look into your eyes, I see love and I’m convinced that you are the one for me. I trust you with all my love, heart and soul.

116. I will love you till you don’t want any more loving. No one has ever died from too much loving and you deserve all the love you can get.

117. Your love is what I live. My love for you is my life.

118. My husband is the most real man alive and I the most real woman; that is why our love is so real. My love for you is real baby boy, nothing can change it.

119. Loving you is sweet, having you as my husband is sweeter but having you love me back is the sweetest experience in this world. I love you, my dear husband.

120. Occupy all the space in my heart and head because you are a great tenant and I love you. I love your love.

121. Loving you is what I do for a living, do for fun, as a hobby and a full-time job. Loving you consumes me. I love that I am consumed by your love.

122. With you my dear husband, I have it all: love, peace of mind, happiness, joy, fun and every other good thing you can ever think of. I love you.

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