Best Birthday Morning Wishes Quotes

2023 Best Birthday Morning Wishes Quotes

Birthdays come once in a year. Hence, are deserving of special recognition and wishes for the celebrants.

If you belong to the above school of thought, you’d want to excite the amazing celebrant with your good wishes.

So, as soon as the awaited day arrives be the first to wish them well by choosing from these best Birthday Morning Wishes. Hence, making the celebrant feel your love with kind words.

Good Morning and Happy Birthday Wishes for Him or Her

Since you want to wake up early and be the first person to wish that special one a happy birthday, these best birthday morning wishes were written with you in mind. Best good morning and happy birthday wishes quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, husband or wife, and family members. Enjoy.

1. Happy birthday to you, sweet soul. May you enjoy a blissful year of light and love.

2. As you grow older, I pray you grow wiser and richer. Happy birthday, my darling.

3. More love to your heart. Peace in your bosom and wisdom for your mind. Happy birthday, dearie.

4. I’ll always remember this day for the miracle it birthed years ago. Happy birthday to you, angel. Have an outstanding new year of love.

5. Happy birthday to the rainbow of this day. May you have many more years of prosperity and joy.

6. You fill our hearts with wishes and our faces with smiles because it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope you have a pleasant new year.

7. You beat the stars and the sun to it. For you shine brighter than them on this special day. Happy birthday, great one. Wishing you so much joy and growth.

8. Today will forever go on in history as your day. Happy birthday, my darling. Enjoy peace, prosperity and grace forever.

9. If I could make a wish, I’ll ask for the prosperity of your work and the longevity of your life. Happy birthday, my handsome.

10. It’s hard to forget and even harder to not remember this day in honour of you. Happy birthday, sweety. I do wish you the fulfilment of your dreams.

11. Good health to live long, prosperity to live large. I pray for you with all of my strength. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

12. The moon rests upon your abode, for you were born today, my darling. Happy birthday, angel. I wish you many years of happiness and love.

13. You light up our world with laughter and love because you were born today. Happy birthday, dearest. I wish you a fantastic new year of achievements.

14. May your life be an expression of grace. Happy birthday, sweetie.

15. Words can’t appreciate you enough but wishes could. Happy birthday, dearie. I do wish you many more years of laughter, serenity and prosperity.

16. But for you, cakes wouldn’t be on our tables today. Happy birthday, my darling. Enjoy every bit of your new age.

17. No matter how old you get, your beauty will always show just like the sun’s. Happy birthday, ageless beauty. May you never cease to shine.

18. Everything about you stands out, including the day you were born. Happy birthday, darling. You make a great friend anytime.

19. Amongst all that matters today, your birthday stole our attention. Happy birthday, darling. May you live long to see many more years of fulfilment.

20. Your birthday isn’t one to be forgotten, for you’ve made your mark in our lives and has earned your space in our hearts. Happy birthday, angel. I wish you a lifetime of achievements and love.

21. I thank God with you, for it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday, dear friend. Wishing you an amazing year of fulfilment.

22. You’ve won my affection and you’re worth my prayers. Happy birthday, dearie. I do wish you deeper wisdom, greater wealth and many more years.

23. The stars and the moon are nothing without you on this day. Because it is your birthday today. Happy birthday, my darling. Many more years of happiness, I pray.

24. A day of laughter and joy it was many years ago. So, you have our wishes but our love forever to boast. Happy birthday, sweetie. May joy and prosperity never depart from you.

25. Wishes as stairs leading to the clouds. May the heavens grant them all in honour of you. Happy birthday, darling. Enjoy a fabulous new year.

26. Happy birthday, my darling. I hope the angels make wishes for you as we do and the heavens grant them all like we can’t.

27. Without the cloths and the cakes, you still stand out amongst us all, because it’s your day regardless. Happy birthday, sweetie. Have a swell time all year long.

28. Sleep evades my eyes as I stay awake to keep watch, as the nights turn into a new dawn to celebrate a great one. Happy birthday, sweetie. I wish you many more years of joy and hope.

29. Happy birthday, dearie. May the angels be kind to your needs and wants as you live through this year.

30. Happy birthday, sweetie. You rock today better than the sun and give lights to our abode unlike the moon. I wish you joy like a river and riches like an island.

31. For you’re more than a friend, I pray the riches of the dark into your bosom. Happy birthday, angel.

32. From here to the ends of the earth, may your possessions be. Happy birthday, sweet soul.

33. No one can steal today away from you. For it is the day you were born. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you all that you wish and pray for.

34. Do not hesitate to smile. And be not afraid to make wishes. For today is your birthday. Happy birthday, darling. May you do better thenceforward.

35. Seeing through the window, a star shone brighter through the night, for an extraordinary human was born. Happy birthday, great one. I wish you a wonderful new year.

36. Music to our ears and dances to your feet, for it is your day today. Happy birthday, sweetie. May you live long and win more.

37. Cakes on your tables, cards on your gifts, for you were birthed today. Happy birthday, angel. May you cry happy tears.

38. With great love, I wish you a remarkable new year of love and wealth. Happy birthday, dearie.

39. Warm hugs for you and kind wishes on your behalf. Happy birthday, superhuman. I wish you a blissful and loving life.

40. I pray, from thenceforth, you always get it right with your relationships, your work and your decisions in life. Happy birthday, sweetie.

41. Looking into the moon, I saw a blissful year of prosperity as you mark this new age. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Expect only the best.

42. You make today the best day of the year, for it is filled with the sound of your laughter and the kindness of our wishes. Happy birthday, angel. I wish you joy and prosperity.

43. Not again will you shed the tears of yesterday, nor know the pain of the past. Happy birthday, sweetie. May this year be the happiest you’ve lived.

44. I hope I made it as your first well-wisher. Happy birthday, sweetie. May you never run out of reasons to smile as you change calendars.

45. The love we get from you and the smile you share with our world, we owe it to this day. Happy birthday, sweetness. I wish you many more years of joy, peace and prosperity.

46. Today feels better because it is your birthday. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you a lifetime of joy and growth.

47. Happy birthday, my friend. I hope this new age reveals you to a world of satisfaction, love and prosperity.

48. My heart blesses the womb that carried you. For it housed the angel we now live to appreciate. Happy birthday, sweetness. I hope this year be extremely nice to you.

49. Soar high as the eagle and shine bright as the sun. For the angels have blessed you with wings and the potter with light. Happy birthday, darling.

50. All my love for you on this day. Because it is the day of your birth. Happy birthday, my friend. May you be the head always.

51. No need for alarms, for you’ve carved a niche in my heart. Happy birthday, sweetie. Many more reasons to smile, I pray for you.

52. Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope this year gives you love, strength, wealth, peace and joy on a platter of silver.

53. Receive my hug as early as this morning from the warmth of my wishes to you. Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope you have an excellent year of awesomeness.

54. May the heavens not fail to bless you. May the earth not hide her yield from you. Happy birthday, angel. May you enjoy all that befits your new age.

55. Love you as I do a sister. Happy birthday to an angel. I hope you enjoy every day of this new year.

56. You won the right to a cake. Happy birthday, my darling. May your age be decorated with love and prosperity.

57. I hope my kind wishes for you make it into heaven’s gate. Cause you deserve every one of them. Happy birthday, sweetie. Have a lovely new year.

58. May the angels give to you the stars of love, prosperity and grace as you clock a year older today. Happy birthday, my dear.

59. May your voice be heard and celebrated in every corner of the world. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you a prosperous new year.

60. You won’t lose the ones you love. And those whom you care for will not lose you either. Happy birthday, rare gem. Have a superb new year.

61. Such a big day today is, cause it’s your phenomenal birthday. All I wish you this beautiful morning is a joy that never turns sour. Happy birthday to you, dear.

62. Thank you for giving the world a reason to smile today. It’s all because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, hon. Wishing you happiness that lasts.

63. This is the dawn of your birth anniversary, dearie. May your life be as beautiful as the morning dew. Happy birthday to you.

64. But for you, today would have been another gloomy day. Bright and fair like the sun today is. Happy birthday to you, beautiful.

65. This splendid day came in bit by bit. Eventually, it arrived like an angel from the sky shining like the sun. Yippie! The world screams “your birthday is here.” My wish is for you to live to enjoy the best from life.

66. In my head, I see you living great and doing well on top of the world. Happy birthday, sweety. May my sweet dream for you never be a mere figment of imagination, but a beautiful reality.

67. Without an iota of doubt, your birthday is a thing for us all. Happy birthday, my darling. May you never diminish in any aspect, but keep on growing like a tree by the riverside.

68. I wish to have this beautiful smile on your face forever. Happy birthday, dearie. You’re the best thing to ever spring forth from this day.

69. At the trumpet sound, you were born like a prince. May you never be dethroned from your royal seat. Happy birthday handsome.

70. So many were lost on this day. Lucky enough, you were born and that changed everything for good. In a split of a second, the world became a joyful place to be. Happy birthday, dear. May you be the light that shines through the darkest part of the earth.

71. This beautiful birthday shall change your life for good. May you become a star that never falls, but shines till the end of time. Happy birthday, hon.

72. Your birthday comes as an angel in the morning. It brings joy and mirth. May it never become a benighted day for you. Happy birthday, dearest.

73. A look into your eyes, says it all. It’s your birthday. Hence, I wish you the fulfillment of your heartfelt desires.

74. Happy birthday, handsome. Like the sands by the sea, may your blessings be countless. Like the rainbow arched in the sky, may your life be colourful. Happy birthday to you.

75. May your life never be cut short. May you live longer than you ever dreamt of. Happy birthday to you, beautiful.

76. May your new age be full of strength and beauty. May your health never fail. Happy birthday to you.

77. It’s your day, little wonder the earth feels at peace with her inhabitants. May your inner peace never be snatched away from you. May anxiety and pain be far away from you.

78. Your birthday calls for celebration. May you be celebrated for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, dearest.

79. There’s not a reason the world wouldn’t love you. Happy birthday to the most amazing being on earth. Many more loving years will you see.

80. Today, the world can’t help, but smile with you, cause it’s a big day in your life. Happy birthday. Wishing you nothing, but perfect bliss.

81. May your life become as perfect as a diamond. May it be free from dirt and stains like a clear crystal. Happy birthday, lovely one.

82. The song I woke up to is a beautiful birthday song done in your honour. Happy birthday to you, sunshine. May your day never be benighted by the travails of this world. Your life shall be like a colourful rainbow.

83. For as long as you live, you’ll be as young as the ageless stars. Happy birthday to you, dearest.

84. This will be the last time you’ll be this young. So live life with no regret, but gratitude. Happy birthday, dearie. All I wish you is a happy life.

85. Happiness is no where else but in your abode. The angels are no where else but in your surroundings. All eyes are on you because it’s your birthday. Wishing you a prosperous new age.

86. Happy birthday, my angel. At this sparrow fart, I wish you a peaceful life for as long as you walk on this earth’s surface.

87. As you age, may your life never diminish in health and wealth. May you grow from strength to strength. Happy birthday, love.

88. I bet, today looks like a day set aside for someone special. Happy birthday, my dear. May the rest of your life be so beautiful without the faintest shade of sadness.

89. Happy birthday to you. May you never stumble in life. May you walk upright and graceful.

90. Nothing more I wish you, than happiness that lasts for a lifetime. Happy birthday, hon.

91. The joy that comes with this day shall never be likened to a nine days wonder, but a lifetime of happiness and grace. Happy birthday to you, my love.

92. I do not have to ask before I know, that at this time what you need the most is true happiness and joy. Happy birthday. May you find everlasting joy.

93. Hesitate not to tell your wishes to the stars. They will grant you your heartfelt desires. Happy birthday, beautiful.

94. Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world. I wish you everything beautiful and warm in this world.

95. May your life never be in chaos. May you know the kind of peace you have never experienced before. Happy birthday, dearest.

96. Let the world know it’s your day. May life blow to your direction everything good and beautiful and displaces everything bad and ugly. Happy birthday, dearie.

97. I sense it in my spirit, that today will be the last day you’ll be this small. May you become the next big thing in the world. Happy birthday, hon.

98. I wish you a happy birthday with every blood in my vein and ounce of strength in me. May you live as long as you desire.

99. May the air in your nostrils never run dry. May you enjoy everything good in life. Happy birthday, dearie.

100. May life becomes a bed of roses for you. May you never walk on the thorns of life. Happy birthday to you and you alone.

101. May the heavens ear your cry today and make you happy as you would love. Happy birthday, my dear.

102. Every time this day comes, I’m reminded of the most admirable creature in the world; you! Happy birthday to the most phenomenal being on earth.

103. For you, the angels would take to flight. For you, heavenly trumpets will sound. And for you, hell would lose its fury. Happy birthday to the unique one.

104. You’re the reason today makes a good day. Happy birthday, hon. May this day always be marked as great in the world.

105. Happy birthday, no matter where the hidden treasures of the earth may lie, may you find them effortlessly. Happy birthday, my love.

106. May you move from obscurity to light. May this birthday take you to the next level in life. Happy birthday to you.

107. I need not ask the angels to fulfill your desires, cause they found you worthy already. Happy birthday to you.

108. You’re kind and trustworthy. May life be kind to you and may you never be denied love. Happy birthday, friend.

109. No matter the twist life makes, may you perpetually end up on its good side. Happy birthday, dearie.

110. Without you, this day would never have been great. Thank you for making it a great one. Happy birthday, angel. Wishing you the very best.

111. Happy birthday. May you be announced in this very age of your life. May you wake up being celebrated.

112. Happy birthday, baby. Look at the smile on the face of the sun, it looks exactly just like the one on your glowing face. May your life dwell in perfect peace and happiness.

113. May life never judge you. May you find favour and goodness before God. Happy birthday to you, dearest.

114. For as long as you live, may you only have good memories to make and to share. Happy birthday, beautiful.

115. May the road you take from here onward lead you to a beautiful earthly paradise. Happy birthday, my dear.

116. Celestial blessings shall rain on you today and forevermore. Happy birthday, my dear.

117. No matter how life gets, it will always be easy on you. Happy birthday to one in a million friend.

118. Live. Laugh. Love. Happy birthday, dear. May your life work within the realm of abundance, mirth and love.

119. Happy birthday to you. May all of your wishes come true. May your fears be aborted and buried for life.

120. Happy birthday to you in a million ways. May your life get better, richer and stronger. May you attain the greatest height you ever envisioned.

Now, go surprise them with your good wishes.

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