Happy Birthday My Dear Love

Happy Birthday My Dear Love Quotes (2023)

A lover’s birthday is one of the most special birth anniversaries any person would celebrate in a year. And because of the emotion binding you two, it becomes a necessity to say the loveliest of words and make the kindest of wishes for them.

In order to top the list of well-wishers, it’s best to find the most exciting words there is and the most thoughtful wishes that could come to life.

So, these happy birthday my dear love quotes are all you need to shine the most on the birthday of your lover in 2023 and far beyond.

So, make a choice and go make your lover’s day more than what it should be, because words are that powerful.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Him or Her from the Heart

Some happy birthday quotes and wishes for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife? Use these happy birthday my dear love quotes for him or her and thank me later. No, thank me by sharing this post.

1. Today reminds me of the sweetest, prettiest and the strongest girl I know. Happy birthday, my dear. May the odds be in favour of you thenceforward.

2. As you look unto the clock to watch you age anew, may your days be turned into many moments of joy and laughter, fulfilment and satisfaction. Happy birth anniversary, my love. Have a remarkable celebration.

3. I can’t get your picture off of my mind as I celebrate your new age on this day. So, may the lights of favour and gain shine unceasingly upon your path. Happy birthday, sweet love. I’ll always be there for you.

4. Hurray! It’s the birth anniversary of a special love. I wish I could climb up the mountains to let the people know and dry up the sea to let the fishes know. Happy birthday, dear love. I only wish you many years of happiness and health.

5. On this new beginning, I hope the days ahead lead you to a place of peace and joy, prosperity and breakthroughs, health and wealth. I pray you have more than you deserve. Happy birthday, my dearest.

6. Can I have a dance with you? May I wish you the coolest birth anniversary celebration ever! Happy birthday, lover. Of all the most beautiful things in the world, your smiles stand out like the mountains of colours. I hope you never stop to shine and live.

7. Something told me today is the most beautiful day of the year. But now I see. Happy birth anniversary, my dear love. May every step of your feet lead you to your dreamland. Not in a million years would I stop loving you.

8. May happiness catch up with you, and peace overwhelm you, may riches and wealth become a shadow of you, and your face light up with joy whilst your body be full of health. Happy birthday, my dear. My love for you would only cease to be when eternity ends.

9. I hope my words caress you like a soft palm-full of love, and my wishes make your day like the moon during the dark. Happy birthday, my dearest. As you live each day, may your leaves of prosperity continue to increase ceaselessly. I love you to the moon and back, my darling.

10. Nothing renders me speechless save your beauty and nothing breaks my heart more than your tears. So, on this immaculate day, I wish you a lifelong of beauty, joy, wisdom and good health. May your way be as prosperous as the one that leads the rain into the earth.

11. Only you can have a day as spotless as this, and only the stars in your sky can beautify the night as this one. Happy birthday, my special love. It didn’t take me anything to fall in love with you. So, I hope it takes heaven nothing to bless you so copiously.

12. Apart from the sweet kisses of love and the pleasant gaze of passion I’ll set upon you on this day, I hope heaven blesses you with all your heart desires, not forgetting to add prosperity, longevity, happiness and peace to the list, my love. Happy birthday, beautiful.

13. To the best man in the world; happy birthday, my love. I promise you that I’ll crave your kisses till eternity comes to play, I’ll seek your caresses till the earth fades away. On this blissful day, may you enjoy all the luck in the world, and gain all the favours that exist.

14. Like the sound of a heavenly trumpet, may your praises be sung to the world on this new age, like the serenity of an island, so shall your domicile be. Happy birthday, darling. I wish you could have my thousand kisses at the moment.

15. Beauty comes in different shades but yours in a perfect hue it shines and with a perfect image it expresses itself. Happy birthday to the world most beautiful girl. I hope you know that my heart beats for you and my tongue would never cease to sing your praise. May your days be many as the sea sands, may your hands flourish with wealth and skill.

16. I hope you become the best of yourself, and the greatest that time has ever revealed to men. Happy birthday, my dear love. When the clouds get thick and dense, may they pour out your blessings, when the rains fall on earth, may it wipe your sorrows away and when the sun shines, may your smile become hearty and proud. By the core of the night, may you enjoy sound sleep and health. I love you, my boo.

17. Then sings my soul on this day; like the clean waters of the spring, you shall enjoy sweetness and health. Even without the rare four leaf clover, good luck will find you. Happy birthday, my darling. May all your dreams for this age come to fruition.

18. I dare you to believe on this new age that your hard work would garner success and your dreams will gain favour to become a reality. Happy birthday, my dear. Without doubts, I’m super confident you’d be fulfilled in a dreamy manner.

19. Glasses up for the love of my life. Wishes rising like a sweet scent to the high heavens in honour of my darling. Happy birthday, my queen. May this new age birth all the goodness that you desire just like your mama birthed you, my love. I’ll be here waiting to kiss you till the dusk of the day.

20. Paint your nails with the colour of love, wear the dress expressing your royalty, give off the smile that tells of your happiness and make sure you dance the happy dance of victory. Because it’s your birthday, today, my love. I only do not wish you prosperity, happiness and health but, I do wish you all that you wish yourself on this day. So, may the angels grant you our wishes. I love you.

21. I love you too much and it shows. I care for you with all my breath and it’s fine. Like the stars in the sky, my wishes for you will come true. Like the moon above your home, may you sit upon the throne of the world. Happy birthday, lover. May you never cease to shine just like the sun on every day.

22. Happy birthday, my dearest. If today wasn’t your day I wonder who else’s it would be because it does express you in the most perfect way. I wish you many happy returns and unending time of love and joy. Be yourself and be the best, darling.

23. On a day like this, I’m left with nothing but your thoughts wandering through my mind. Happy birthday, my love. I choose favour, peace, love and abundance on your behalf. May your colours be the colours of abundance and passion.

24. May your heart never be broken. May your wishes never wither but come to life. May your days never become gloomy and grey. Happy birthday, true love. I hope you have all that you desire.

25. May this life treats you kind, may this year be your best so far. May your lips sing aloud the songs of prosperity and love. May you grow into the adult of your dreams. Happy birthday, my dearest. Keep this in mind; I’ll do anything to make your day immaculate.

26. My heart is with you not just because it is your birthday, but because you own it forever. Happy birthday, my dear love. My wishes are kind for your sake. I hope you savour all the good things of this life.

27. No matter how strenuous the path of joy and success maybe, I’ll walk it with you with loving arms, no matter how tedious it may be to make your dreams come true, be sure that I’ll find a way with you. Happy birthday, my dear love. I hope you never stop being happy and thankful.

28. I’m so excited to wish you a happy birthday, dear love. Some days are special, but today is the best. Happy birth anniversary, lover. May your days be many and full of bliss.

29. Before you make a wish, count your blessings and name them one by one, because it’s your birthday today, my love. Happy birth anniversary, my darling. Even in the land of nothingness, may you be richly blessed.

30. I hope you know my heart belongs to you as every new year of your life comes by. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’ll confess my love to you on this day and say my wishes to the one above in your name. May all that you want come to you. May all that you dream become your reality in no distant time. Take my kisses and savour the love that they truly bring.

31. Your heart is made of gold and will be loved till you’re old. Happy birthday, my dear love. My passion is you. So, I scream to the God of gods to make your heart happy and to brighten your face with prosperity and love and your day with joy and peace. I love you to the moon and back, my darling.

32. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, hence, the reason why today is the best day of the year for me. Happy birth anniversary, lover. May your home be unable to contain all of your heavenly and earthly blessings alike. Kisses, my love.

33. When you hear the humming of the birds, they’re the good wishes they make on your behalf. When you see me with my eyes closed, I pray to the heavens to bless you so abundantly. Happy birthday, dear love. May today reminds you of everything good in your life.

34. Harvest a forest of testimony and inherit the wealth of an island, be blessed with the strength of an eagle. Happy birthday, my dear love. I have goosebumps because I’m in great desire of pouring all my love on you today, sweetheart.

35. Do not let your day be tinted, because it was perfectly made for you. Do not worry about your wishes being many, be assured the angels above are working for you. Happy birthday, my love. Like the smoothly flowing water, may your prosperity come to you. Love and light.

36. May the doors of favour and honour be opened to you. May the wealth of an island be yours to claim. Happy birthday, my king. I’m sending all my love to you and my wishes to the one who made us.

37. No matter the weather that comes, may yours be full of blessings and joy. Regardless of the past, may your present and future be great. Happy birthday, lover. My love for you is mightier than the words which my mouth can explain.

38. May your beauty never fade away. May your strength never fail you. May you be covered with loving arms and wings. Happy birthday, my dear love. I’ll be here to make your day what you dreamed of.

39. The trumpet has been blown so that your blessings shall pour down abundantly on earth. The voices are rising so that many good wishes shall be granted for you. Happy birthday, sweet love. I’ll be fulfilled to hear you say, my day was perfect. So, I hope you enjoy your day to the brim, my love.

40. May silver and gold be cast into your bosom. May your skills be honoured and favoured. Happy birthday, my queen. Of all the treasures in the world, I’ll hold on to you tightly. I hope you enjoy your day.

41. I’ll walk the mountains with you just for you to get to the top to behold the beauty I’ve created for you. I’ll hold your hand till dawn, so you see how much I care. Happy birthday, my dearest. May your heart be gladdened with the joy of realising all your dreams.

42. Someday, I want to wake up by your side wishing you a happy birthday. But on this beautiful day that I am apart from you, I’ll wake up soon just to give the heavens my wishes. May your days be many and blissful till the end, my darling.

43. Love untainted, kind wishes, prayers with faith will I offer for you. Happy birthday, my darling. I’ll please you with my life and heal you with my kisses and words. I hope you have the best times of your life now that you’ve clocked a new age.

44. Walk with regal grace, my darling. For you’re a royal with the kindest of hearts and you’re loved by the purest of hearts too. Happy birthday, my love. May you be marvellously helped, may you be chosen for favour and uplift. I love you.

45. Happy birthday to the only one who makes my heart pound faster than the tick of clock. A very blissful birthday to the one who has me tripping all lifelong. May your days be beautified with peace and gaiety.

46. May the pain of your past be turned into the gains of your present and future. Happy birthday, sweet love. May you have all that you want and need. My kisses would forever prefer your feminine lips whilst my heart chooses you.

47. Once the deserts feel your feet, water shall sprout, and when your steps grace the mountains they shall be moved like you melted my heart and made me fall into the very core of your bosom. Happy birthday, my dear love. May your land flourish with rich milk and thick honey.

48. Do not be afraid to dream dreams, for I’ll be here to make them true with you. Be not afraid to love me, cause I’ll always have your back. Happy birthday, sweet love. Of all the humans I ever met, it’s you I want to keep in my home and in my heart forever, my darling. May your day be fulfilling, may your years be prosperous and colourful.

49. As soon as my eyes see you, I dot on you like a newborn. Happy birthday, my dear love. May your bosom be full of love and good gifts from far and near.

50. Of all the gifts you’d have on this day, my love for you will be there to perfect them. Happy birth anniversary, my dearest. I call you love, for my heart can’t beat without you. I call you sweetest, cause my tongue thirsts for you all day long. I’ll be yours and yours alone forever. Do have many splendid new life experiences.

51. Your day always come with a burst of fair sunshine that never goes dark. It brings the promise of a greater future like a rainbow. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

52. Today is here to stay and together, we’ll make memories that we can’t forget in our lifetime. Wishing you a very beautiful birthday, dear love.

53. Today is your day and all I want to see is your beautiful face looking more aesthetic than the queen’s whilst you walk majestically like you own the world. Happy birthday, Lover. Many more years shall you witness in good health.

54. The only one I want to behold today is you. Come in all your glory and splendour as you mark your special birthday today. Rise up like a king and make a decree and see it come to pass. Happy birthday to you, My love.

55. I had always loved this day and then you came into my life and I found out the reason why. Happy birthday to my dearest. I wish that your dreams come true.

56. The world is yours to rule. May you never wander around but walk ahead with clarity of purpose and vision. Happy birthday, darling.

57. I silently made a wish for you in my heart. I wished that your joy never stops running and that you never have to walk alone. Happy birthday, my dear.

58. At the mention of your name today, the whole world wishes you a happy birthday. With every fibre of my being, I wish you nothing but joy, health, peace, prosperity and everlasting companionship. Happy birthday, dear love.

59. I wish every day of my life would come in the beauty that trails your birthday. This day is always the best day of my life just as it is for you, my love. Wishing you a unique birthday with lots of love from my end.

60. Smile broader, today. Laugh more wholeheartedly, today. Give more of your warm hugs and let it heal the stone-hearted. Do this in honour of your big day. Happy birthday, dear love.

61. When I see you, I see all that I ever wanted. You’re my dream come true. I wish that you’ll never know sorrow for as long as you live. Happy birthday, lover.

62. You give my whole world a sense of meaning. I hope that you find a deep sense of purpose, today. Happy birthday, my dear love.

63. I want to plant a kiss on your head, hold you in my arm and wish you the best of wishes in the world. Happy birthday, my baby love. Do have a fantastic day.

64. My dearest, live and savour every moment of today with a sense of gratitude. You’ve come a long way on the surface of the earth and I wish for many more years for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

65. I hold your day so dear to my heart just as much as I hold you in my arms. Happy birthday, darling. Have all the fun in the world.

66. Happy birthday, gorgeous. May today’s joy last a lifetime for you. May you live this new age of your life uniquely.

67. I’ll love this day forever just as I’ll do you. Happy birthday, my dear. I’m saving all my love for you until we behold each other.

68. You may be far away but when we meet, I promise to give you the birthday treat that you deserve. Happy birthday, dear love.

69. I wish every day was your birthday, for I’m ready to celebrate you for a lifetime. You’re the morning that made my night vanished. Happy birthday, baby love.

70. These are some of my heartfelt wishes for you today; that you live this life without fear but love that is ever giving and forgiving, that your heart remains my home and mine yours, that you find happiness than you’ve ever had. Happy birthday, lover.

71. You’re every shade of happiness. May prosperity find you today. May your rainbow never abandon you. Live happily ever after. Happy birthday, my love.

72. Without you, there’ll be not a day like this. I’m glad you gave me this special day. Happy birthday, my dear love. My wish is that your heartfelt desires be granted.

73. I’ll fly up into the sky just to get you the best of everything, today. You’ve made my world beautiful and I promise to turn this world into a heavenly paradise for your sake. Happy birthday, my dear love.

74. Dearest, as you mark your birth anniversary today, may you do so with absolute joy and gratitude. Today is such a great gift to you and to me, for it’s my joy to see you living this life with me. Happy birthday, dear.

75. Henceforth, may you become the best of every thing good. May you live each day in sheer happiness and contentment. Happy birthday, darling.

76. I’m ready to go to the ends of the earth just to fulfil your birthday wishes. Thus, make your desires known to me and I’ll birth your wishes in the blink of an eye, my love. Wishing you a happy birth anniversary.

77. As you strut into this new age, may you never find the past years of your life more fulfilling. May this be the best you’ve ever had. Happy birthday, my dear.

78. As often as you celebrate, I’ll be there to make you feel special. Today is your day and I promise to make you feel nothing less of a princess in a mansion. Happy birthday to my true love.

79. On this day, I choose to confess my feelings more to you. I do not just love you, but even more than myself. You’ll always come first in my thoughts and life. Happy birthday, lover.

80. There’s no way on earth I’ll let this day go without me releasing my blessings upon you like many drops of rain. Happy birthday, dearest. I wish above all things, that you move from glory into greater glory.

81. Happy birthday, darling. May you find that which your heart has always desired. May your dreams become achievable at this time of your life. May you live for aeons like a rock.

82. No matter where you go, may happiness always find you. Happy birthday to you, my dear. May today be the best day you ever had.

83. A bunch of roses won’t do and a wholesome smile from me to you wouldn’t be enough, either. I’ll take my time to render heartfelt prayers for you so that your new age will be everything you dreamt of and even more. Happy birthday, dear love.

84. Today as we celebrate you, may joy come down like many flakes of snow. May you be fulfilled with gaiety and mirth. Happy birthday, lover.

85. Above all things, may you never have a trace of sadness but rainbows of joy and goodness. May your blessings come in many folds. Happy birthday, my love.

86. Wherever you may go today, may you find happiness and the willingness to live life to the fullest. Happy birthday, my dear love.

87. My dearest, may everything you touch today turn into gold. May you never nurse any regret but have big memories to cherish. Happy birthday, sweety.

88. Those tall dreams of yours shall become a reality as you mark your birthday today. Nothing shall stop your greatness today and forevermore. Happy birthday, darling.

89. Today is no blessing in disguise for it is clear to all and sundry how blessed you are. May your basket be full of bountiful and rich harvest. Happy birthday, my baby love.

90. May you never be drowned in sadness and depression. The joy which you seek shall find you and even the impossible will be made possible just to put a smile on your face. Happy birthday, my baby love.

91. May you never lose that which your heart holds dear. Happy birthday, my love. May your reign in my heart be forever.

92. Dear love, happy birth anniversary. I hope your heart becomes free as a bird, so that you may spread your wings and fly away into joy.

93. Happy birthday, lover. May the earth yield you unknown treasures and may it heed to your command. I wish you prosperity and long life.

94. Happy birthday, my love. May you find favour when you least expect it. May the goodness that abide in the world follow you. Many more years shall you see.

95. I have no doubt in my heart that you shall be happy today, for you deserve it. Happy birthday, my love.

96. You’re such a kind soul. May all your goodness be rewarded today. Happy birthday, my dear love. Be happy and stay blessed.

97. Happy birthday, my dearest. Come any season of life, may you never experience drought nor scarcity. Sheer abundance and fruitfulness shall be your portion.

98. Happy birthday, darling. May your route to your promised land become clearer to you. May you never go lost on earth. I wish you so much joy to top it all.

99. Happy birthday, my baby love. May you begin to witness better days. May sadness never be found in your abode ever again. With love in my heart, I wish you all the precious things of life.

100. Happy birthday, beautiful. My dear, may your days be full of strength and vigour. May you keep rising high.

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I bet it’s hard to keep these wishes to yourself now that you’ve found them. So run along to your lover and go make their day.

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