Happy Birthday Week

Happy Birthday Week Quotes and Messages (2023)

Euphoria is the reason why a birthday celebrant would stay up at night to watch the clock. But euphorias do not just happen, they’re created.

So, when it’s your turn to celebrate your birth anniversary, build excitement in your heart and likewise that of your friends and family with the words you spread around.

Announce your upcoming birthday on your statuses and that of your loved ones with
these 2023 happy birthday week messages.

With no doubts, these will build all the excitement you need in everyone including yourself without breaking a sweat! So, make haste and make a choice.

To Me or You: Happy Birthday Week

It’s your birthday week or someone else’s? This Happy birthday week quotes and messages are all you need to have the best or give the other person the best.

1. After the count of 7 dawns and 7 nights, I’ll be celebrating my new age. Go ahead and count with me. Happy birthday to me in advance. And happy birthday week to me.

2. Because it’s exactly 5 days to your big day, I wish you nothing but joy and ecstasy, the type that would last forever. Happy birthday in advance, bestie.

3. Enjoy your birthday euphoria. Anytime your birth anniversary approaches, the day is always shorter and the night, longer; I hope you can wait patiently for your day. Happy birthday in advance, sweetheart.

4. This week seems to mark the beginning of a new dawn for me. My birthday is just around the corner. Send me your good wishes. Happy birthday, week to me, with these quotes.

5. May the heaven send you a special kind of birthday present. May the angels on earth remember to bless the day when it finally comes. This is your birthday week, be happy.

6. I can’t wait to celebrate you even bigger than last year. You’re the most beautiful celebrant I’ve ever seen. I hope to see you shining like a ray of light when your birthday finally comes.

7. Keeping calm is so far away from me right now. It’s all because it’s my bestie’s birth week. Together, we’ll mark her birthday like the best thing to ever happen to us.

8. The only thing I have on my mind is my forthcoming birthday. Though I can’t keep calm, I promise to wait patiently for it. 7 more days to go.

9. Everywhere I look, I see the omen of my birthday. Heavens support my day with their cheerful noise of jubilation. Sooner than later, the earth will do the same. 5 days to my birth anniversary.

10. I can’t wait to serve everyone a glass of happiness at my birthday banquet. This week is my birth anniversary.

11. My bestie needs my good wishes and prayer, for it’s her birth anniversary tomorrow. Join me as I celebrate with her.

12. Finally, my birth week is here. Previously, it had seemed like I was 100 days away from it, but here we go. May it come with joy and fulfil my dream of love.

13. At the moment, nothing more makes me happy than my darling’s forthcoming birthday. The sun seems to be out this much today because his birth anniversary is just around the corner.

14. The most beautiful thing about this week is my birthday. It’s precisely 3 days to come. Happy birthday in advance to me.

15. No matter what I do, your birthday keeps ringing in my head. It has taken over my mind much more than anything else. Happy birthday in advance to me.

16. I feel absolute tranquillity and joy in my heart, reason being, my birthday comes in the next 2 days. Wish me well, dearest.

17. The most phenomenal day of this week will come in 5 days. All thanks to my best friend’s birth anniversary.

18. Cheers. Everything looks gleeful and hopeful, cause a special day lies ahead of me. It’s my birthday in one week time.

19. My hope is up. I’m positively anxious. These feelings come whenever my birthday is just in a bit. 3 more days and I’ll be celebrating a new age.

20. My favourite number right now is number 2. In 2 days, my very good friend will be marking her birthday. All hands are on deck to make it a unique one.

21. I feel good not because I’m walking on sunshine or seeing the full red moon. It’s all about my birthday coming up in 3 days time. Hurray!

22. I’ll take today to celebrate myself cause this will be the last time I’ll ever be this young. Happy birthday in advance to me.

23. Heaven hears me now, cause my birth week is finally here. Wish me well just as the heavens do. Happy birthday in advance to me.

24. After the count of 3 days, my baby boy for life will be marking his new age. Can’t celebrate him less. Can’t keep calm, either.

25. I can’t wait to rise my glasses up in honour of my bestie who will be clocking a new age. May the day arrive gloriously.

26. One more day, one more night, and I’ll be the oldest I’ve ever been. I’ll be a new wine come the day after tomorrow. Happy birthday in advance to me.

27. Your birthday will be far greater than your dreams. It will beat your expectations. Your joy will be so full. Happy birthday in advance to you. I’m sorry if I can’t keep it on the low.

28. From today, I’ll start vibing to the coolest birthday songs of all time, because it’s 4 days from my birthday. All my wishes shall be granted and only happy tears will I cry.

29. I feel on top of the world with you, my friend. It’s your birthday but I can’t keep calm. I’m sending all my love to you.

30. Keep calm. It’s my birth anniversary in 5 days. Let’s rock the party together like it’s our first, but not the last.

31. I stand in awe of you. You overcame every challenge that ever threatened you. It’s time to have a birthday feast that celebrates you in the way you truly deserve. Happy birthday in advance, best friend.

32. I’ll keep you in all my good prayers in as much as your birthday is yet to arrive. And when the day finally comes, I’ll sing your praises before the whole world. Happy birthday in advance to you.

33. I only have good memories of me in my head. This is so because it’s my birth week and I can’t help but be full of gratitude. Happy birthday in advance to me.

34. I’m so close to clocking a new age. It’s less than 24hours to my birth anniversary. I wish myself all the joy in the world.

35. The glow on her face shines more than the Sun’s. The happiness hovering around her is clearer than crystals. It’s her birthday in a bit. One more day to go and the world will be wishing you a very happy birthday.

36. Everything seems to be happening so fast these days. I know why; my birthday is in a bit. Happy birthday in advance to me.

37. May only the good things of life come your way this week. May happiness chase and catch up with you before your birthday finally arrives.

38. This birthday will be the best I ever had. I know so, cause every fibre of my being tells me so. Happy birthday in advance to me.

39. The crown sits well on you because your birthday is right around the corner. It’s 7 days to your big day. I wish you nothing but mirth.

40. May the joy I constantly see in your eyes never turn sore. May the sorrow hidden beneath your skin be turned around. I wish you all these because it’s only 5 days to your birthday.

41. I’ll never stop loving you. I thought to let you know cause it’s only 4 days to your birthday.

42. It’s that time of the year when the land looks green and the sky is azure. Happy birth anniversary in advance to my dearest friend.

43. I know today isn’t your day yet, but I choose to say these prayers for you; may your best days be ahead of you, may you find true love that never dies. Happy birthday in advance, bestie.

44. Your birth week is finally here. May the d-day meet you in good health, peace of mind and gratitude. Happy birthday in advance, dearie.

45. It’s not your birthday yet, but I feel like celebrating all that you have been to me; a friend, confidant, lover and all. May this birthday be the best you’ve ever had.

46. I remember how far you’ve come and I can’t help but thank God for where He’s brought you from. Happy birthday in advance to you.

47. Enjoy this day of your life, cause it’s the last time you’ll be this young. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance, dear friend.

48. The whole world is paying you their keen attention because your birth week is here. Let me take the lead by wishing you the most phenomenal birthday.

49. May your latter be greater than your former. In all your endeavours, may you grow bigger than you ever were. Happy birthday in advance to you, dear friend.

50. Your mistakes are forgiven. Your trespasses are washed away, for it is your birth week. I look forward to celebrating you in 2 days.

51. It’s 7 days to my birth anniversary. I can feel the thick clouds of blessings running above me to rain down every good and perfect gift they hold.

52. I’m ready to open the newest chapter of my life. It’s 6 days to me ageing anew. In excitement, I wait.

53. Get my cakes ready, get your love ready for me and do not hesitate to make good wishes for me. It’s 5 days to my birthday.

54. I wouldn’t change anything, cause I’ve learnt even more to be myself. It’s 4 days to my birth anniversary.

55. I can feel it; all that I need and all that I dream is somewhere around this new age. I can’t wait to get older.

56. It’s only 3 days to my birthday and it’s almost like my knees can’t wait for it anymore. I’m so ecstatic.

57. The jingles are ringing in my heart telling me it’s going to be the coolest birthday ever. It’s 2 days to the coolest birthday in the world.

58. In my moment of wait, I’ll line up kind wishes for me. It’s only one day to the day I was born. Hurray!

59. I can’t keep calm when the calendar says tomorrow is my birthday. It’s like there is so much excitement to hold in.

60. Make some joyful noise. It’s 4 days to my birthday. I love me with all my heart.

61. Keep calm and save the surprises for just another day. It’s 1 day to my birthday.

62. I won’t just make wishes for myself. I’ll set goals that’ll make my wishes come true. It’s only this week to my birthday.

63. I can’t wait to hear what my friends have to say about me and what blessings and gifts my family have in store for me. I love my birthdays.

64. It’s not just you waiting for your big day, bestie. Here I am counting down the days with you. It’s 7 days to the best day of the year.

65. Some days are special like when my bestie was born. It’s 6 days to the birth anniversary of a beloved lady.

66. I’ll cancel anything, and I’ll go anywhere just to fill your day with many colours and light up your heart with love. It’s your birthday week, my dear friend.

67. Just make a wish, my darling, and I’ll be sure to make it true. It’s only 5 days to your birth anniversary, my love.

68. Anything you want, I’ll be willing to give, cause you’ve put a smile on my face like only you can, my love. Happy birthday in advance.

69. As the clock ticks, it reminds me of you, because it comes with your birthday week. I promise you all of my love and attention, sweetheart.

70. Even if I spend my whole time waiting for your birthday, I wouldn’t be wrong, cause you’re that special to me. Happy birthday in advance, my darling.

71. Your birthday reminds me of the privilege I’ve been blessed with; to have you near, to love you and make all your dreams come true. I can’t wait to see you cut your cake.

72. Know that you’re not alone, cause I’ll do everything to make your day as dreamy as utopia. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

73. I can’t keep calm, because it’s my bestie’s birthday. I feel like bringing down the roof with the sounds of hurray. Happy birthday in advance, my bestie.

74. I pray you live long because life is only worth living by your side. Happy birthday in advance, sweetie.

75. 5 days to your birthday and I can’t wait anymore. I just want to shower you with all my love and bless you with all my kisses.

76. On that day, you’ll look the most beautiful, because even the heavens are in your favour. Happy birthday in advance, beauty.

77. The heavens are familiar with my wishes for you, cause it’s been 6 days of wishing you the happiest birthday celebration ever, my love.

78. I hope you know there’s a loving hug awaiting your presence and there are gentle, affectionate kisses craving for your lips. I can’t wait to wish you a happy birthday, my love.

79. Dear King of my heart; before and after your birthday, it’s you my heart and my all would belong to. Happy birthday in advance.

80. Just because it’s your birthday, I’ll climb the highest mountain to make your wishes come true and I’ll walk the longest road to put a smile on your pretty face. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

81. Your birthday is itched in my heart, so it’ll break my heart someday if you drift away from me. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

82. Wow! It’s 7 days to my birthday. I can’t wait to unravel what the new year holds for me. But I do know, only the best of experiences awaits me.

83. Keep calm whilst we await the beautiful day an angel was born. I hope I hear you sing a birthday song for me. It’s 5 days to my birthday.

84. It’s 6 days to my birthday. I pray for the grace to keep my cool whilst I wait. Trust me, it’s so hard to control the excitement.

85. I’ll dance a new dance, wear new regal dresses and sing new songs, just because it’s my birth anniversary week. It’s such a privilege to clock this new age.

86. I want to get older, I want to experience new things and savour new tastes that exist around the world. In 3 days all of these would come true. Happy birthday in advance to me.

87. If my heart pounds, it’ll be for you, if my mouth yawns, then, I crave for you. Happy birthday in advance, my darling.

88. I hope I get all that I want and need when my birthday comes. I hope the heavens grant my wishes in 4 days.

89. Looks like I’ll have the most palatable birthday in history. I can feel its cool breezes on my skin feeding my heart with such great expectations.

90. Preserve my day in love, make it special with good and kind gifts. It’s 3 days to my birthday, fam.

91. I feel beautiful and on top of the world. Maybe because it’s a beautiful birthday coming to me. I can’t keep calm.

92. This week surely has the best things in it including the day I was born. I can’t wait to savour fine wines and cut sweet flavoured cakes.

93. I was born to be great, to be adored and to be loved. I can’t wait to be that and more. It’s 2 days to my birthday, sweeties.

94. Your birthdays are special to me because you’re the friend I’ve always wanted. Happy birthday in advance, bestie. I can’t wait to celebrate you.

95. It’s hard to keep in this excitement, my love. But my wishes are already before the angels that make our desires come true. I can’t wait to let you know what they’re, my love.

96. Let’s walk this new age celebrating each other’s victories and holding each other’s hands. Happy birthday in advance, sweet pie.

97. I can’t keep calm, so, let me spill this; you’re the best lover I’ve ever had and the only one I want to keep. I wish you many birthdays in my loving arms, my love.

98. I can’t wait to have you know what I have in store for you, my darling. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

99. The only secret I’ll ever keep from you is your birthday surprises. You can caress your heart with imaginations of what they are whilst you keep calm. I love you, baby.

100. I love you, dear friend. And that’s why I’ll do everything to make your day feel just as special as you are to me. Happy birthday in advance, dearest friend.

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