Best Birthday Prayer Messages to a Sister You Cherish

2023 Best Birthday Prayer Messages to a Sister You Cherish

Birthday is a lifetime celebration that comes with so great fervour; and our loved ones are often thrilled by the good wishes we send them on their special days.

No doubt, birthday wishes are great. But, prayer messages happen to be the best. This is important because it does not only invoke thanksgiving over the previous dealings; it is however, needed to bring in them so many valuable optimistic emotions, including hope and aspirations for the years ahead.

There can never be a limit to the prayer wishes you send to your loved ones on their birthdays. How much more your very own sister whom you’ve lived your entire life with and have come cherish so much.

Understanding how important and thoughtful sending prayers messages can be to someone on their birthdays, this has motivated us to compile collections of beautiful prayer messages. Relax and enjoy these beautiful collections while you choose the perfect one to thrill your sister on her special day.

Happy Birthday Blessings for a Sister

Make your blood sister or a friend turned sister happy by wishing them well on their birthday. Use these Happy birthday prayer messages and happy birthday blessings for sweet sisters.

1. Smiles, joy, peace, love and excellent moods are my wishes for you on this special day dear sister. Happy birthday to you.

2. Sweet sister, as you have witnessed this wonderful year, may you live longer to witness more pretty years ahead.

3. May you keep flourishing until you get to a better and brighter day. Happy birthday to you, sister.

4. Happy birthday to my one and only sister. May all bad things go aside for you this new year and beyond.

5. I pray heavens flood your heart with great joy and hope for a better life for the new year and beyond.

6. May you overcome all hardships of life with ease. So shall it be! It is my sister’s birthday.

7. May you be filled with direction as you plan the course of your journey further in life.

8. Infinite love, good hope and many more are my wishes for you on this special occasion, sweet sister.

9. Life is awesome, and so may your life continually be in this new year of yours and even always.

10. May beauty continually pervade your heart and your life become as awesome as you are.

11. The more years you have to spend, the more blessings shall envelope you.

12. May the Lord who has been with you all through the past years fill every vacuum in your life on this memorable day.

13. I cherish having you as my sister, and I look forward to that beautiful day of the year that marks the birth of your being.

14. As my only beloved sister, I wish you all the best I can ever think of, from now and till eternity.

15. The more birthdays you celebrate, the more joy shall be added to your ever smiling face.

16. May the grace resting upon you since birth be multiplied in many folds on this occasion of another birth anniversary.

17. Just as the stars shine without any form of hindrance, may your life continue to shine even with much grace.

18. May you not lack anything good this new year and always. Happy birthday, sister.

19. No doubt this is a big and special day, all things are made new for you by His grace.

20. As you’re about to embark on a new challenge for the year, may the grace to overcome every obstacle be released unto you.

21. On this special day, may God who has brought you this far continue to guide and protect you all year round.

22. You are an angel and the best gift to the world. I pray today yield forth good things for you.

23. A good model that you are also deserves the best wishes on a special day. I pray fortune smiles on you on this special day.

24. God knows I’m so blessed to have someone like you as a sister. May your heart be filled with constant joy all year round. Happy birthday!

25. Heavens know my desire of the kind of siblings I ever desire, only to be blessed with a wonderful sister like you.

26. I wish you a meritorious birth celebration and a beautiful year all around.

27. I cherish you not just because you’re my sister but because you’re a gift to many. May God be with you all year round. Happy birthday, sister.

28. You are a blessing to us. And may your life continually radiate abundant blessings. Sweet birthday I wish you, sister!

29. You always make us proud. May God elevate you beyond your wildest imagination.

30. Not just celebrating your birthday, but also celebrating the great woman you’re becoming. Heartie cheers to a glorious new year.

31. God’s got bigger plans for your life. And that’s what I’m more concerned about and celebrating you for!

32. No more shall you remember the pains of the past. It’s your time to laugh, sister. Happy new year to you.

33. Your today is blessed and your tomorrow is ever gracious. This and more are my wishes for your birthday, sister.

34. His promises over your life will surely come to manifestation. Happy birthday, sweet sister!

35. Sweet sister, as you celebrate a new year today, I am launching you forth into the dawn of a new era.

36. You have come this far and it’s a big milestone over your life. May your life, ways and new year please God.

37. May your ways be directed by God all year round. Heartie cheers to long life and prosperity for you, sister.

38. Today is a special day in your life, sister. May the rain of blessings fall upon your life bountifully.

39. Today is a pleasant day to honour a special queen like you. There shall be an outpour of divine blessings upon you.

40. I got the privilege to ask for just one thing. That only God be sufficient for you all through your entire life. Happy birthday, sister.

41. May the flow of blessings not cease from dropping upon your life daily as you grow in age. You deserve much more. Happy birthday!

42. I got a blank cheque and it is to the honour of your name. So I write that God bless and keep you all through the year.

43. As you age in years, may you also grow in favour and grace. Cheers to a blissful new year.

44. May you not struggle to shine, even as you advance in age. Happy birthday to you my lovely sister.

45. I ask God for a sister. In turn, He blessed our family with an angel. An angel who always brings good tidings shall you always be.

46. No day passes without us thanking God for your life. You brought joy to the faces of many. May this joy never cease from your life. Happy birthday!

47. Your praise shall continually be on our lips because you have proven in all respect to be a woman of value. Toast to your birth anniversary!

48. God’s banner over you is love. No wonder you’re the celebrity of today. Best wishes, sister!

49. You have been a good source of inspiration to me. May your life continually be an inspiration to everyone around you. Heartie cheers to a beautiful new year.

50. I’m blessed with the gift of a lovely and gorgeous sister like you. This new age shall be an extraordinary celebration for you.

51. Among your equals, may you outshine them all, for you have proven to be different in every respect.

52. It is your season of jubilee. Keep on rocking, dear sister.

53. Keep on basking in the euphoria of a new season over your life. It is to your sweet birth celebration.

54. No more sorrow where joy abounds. God’s grace is made sufficient for you all through the year.

55. You inspire many. May the grace to remain ever relevant be abundantly released upon you. Cheers!

56. Grateful to God He’s got you in His mind, and you will always have cause to rejoice as you grow in years.

57. As God adds to your years, may divine love and abundant grace rest upon you this new year. Happy birthday, sister!

58. You may never know how much I celebrate you, and even God values you much more. Cheers to a blissful new year.

59. Your birthday has proven that you’re a loveable person. I pray you increment on all sides.

60. Supernatural upliftment shall be your portion now and ever. Happy birthday to you, darling sister.

61. The older you grow, the closer you’re drawn to the fulfilment of your dreams.

62. Joy to the world on the occasion of your birthday. Your era for more release has actually come.

63. Go and rule your world. That’s my wishes and desires for you in this new year of yours.

64. Your birthday is exceptional just because you’re an extraordinary being. May you experience extraordinary breakthrough this new year.

65. A wonderful sister you’ve been to me all my life. May you experience more wonders every blessed day. Happy birthday to you!

66. You have been a blessing and I wish you every blessing on this occasion of your birth anniversary.

67. You are not just a sister but you’ve been a mother when our mum was no longer available. More grace be accorded unto you. I love you, sister!

68. Abundant life and inexplicable joy will not be far from your life on this occasion of your birth anniversary, sister.

69. Just as I remembered today is my beautiful sister’s birthday, I leaped for joy knowing it is a blessed year already.

70. Trusting God to bring to pass all your long awaited blessings. Heartie cheers to the Queen’s birthday.

71. The grace and strength to journey the new year unharmed be endowed unto you.

72. I cannot just thank God enough for making you an indescribable gift unto us. I appreciate you always, sister.

73. As long as you live on this planet earth, may your life radiate God’s riches and goodness in abundance.

74. The grace of another year is to behold the season of love, peace and more blessings. This is to a meritorious new year of my darling sister.

75. Many stories surround your birth. No doubt you are a miracle child. Miracle will never elude you all the days of your life.

76. The family wouldn’t have been whole without the birth of a beautiful soul like you. May bountiful goodies envelope you all year round.

77. As you rise to this beautiful morning of a new year, remember your life is the gift God has given you.

78. Witnessing another beautiful year is a great opportunity. The grace to witness more be endowed unto you.

79. The whole world is blessed because God gave you to humanity as a precious gift. A blessing your life shall continuously speak forth.

80. Every eye is blessed today as they behold the beauty of another graceful year being added to your age.

81. Every morning, afternoon and evening of the new year will bring forth good tidings for you.

82. I pray the grace, love and fellowship of God be with you on your glorious day and beyond sister.

83. You’ve got a heart of gold and pray that the Lord beautify your new age much more than your heart can hold.

84. No doubt, this is a season that everything is going to take good shape for your life.

85. All the promises and prophecies made concerning your life shall come to manifestation this new season. Start rejoicing.

86. Darling sister, this is your year of testimony. Put on your dancing shoes and garment of praise.

87. Your strong heart is one of your enviable qualities. I pray you grow stronger in faith for the journey of the years ahead.

88. I can only pray that God bless and honour you in this new birth age.

89. The more you increase in age, the higher your chances to grow more in grace.

90. Here’s to many more life of abundance to an endearing sister for better years ahead.

91. Special packages come with every new year. None shall elude you, sweet sister.

92. Waking every day to still see and have you as my sister is a measure of God’s love I pray lingers till eternity.

93. My love for you may be limited. But may you experience the infinite measure of God’s love upon your life.

94. Truly, you’re a gem of irreplaceable value. May your life be attracted to greatness all year round.

95. It is your new year sister. And it is my desire that new things shall come your way this new year.

96. Your mourning season is definitely over. Welcome to the dawn of a new era, beautiful sister.

97. God has made you the head. May you remain more relevant all through your entire years.

98. You took the place of a mother and took good care of me and the younger ones. May you not lack help all your entire life.

99. May all the promises that God has spoken over your life not struggle to come to manifestation. Happy birthday, sister.

100. I pray to God to grant you the confidence and readiness to run the year ahead knowing that your life is purposeful.

Having browsed through these compilations, we hope we met your satisfaction. Therefore, use any freely, and likewise share with other loved ones.

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