God Blessed Me With a Baby Boy Message

God Blessed Me With a Baby Boy Messages (2023)

Babies are special gifts. From their births, they possess innocent and funny attitudes which would make you love them.

When you give birth and hold your son, it reminds you that the 9 months pregnancy journey is worth the wait and announcing to everyone.

To avoid being criticised of announcing your son’s arrival, you need to be diplomatic by putting the message in a way that will put a smile on the readers’ faces.

Check out these amazing messages that will specially announce your son’s birthday.

Baby Birth Announcement Messages for Baby Boy

Use these baby boy announcement messages to share the good news about your newly born baby boy to your friends and family members. Copy any of the clever baby birth announcement messages and share on your status or send to those who care.

1. This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our sight. Welcome to my world, my prince.

2. My prince charming just arrived in grand style. Welcome my little angel.

3. Giving thanks to God for the arrival of my angelic son. You are the light of my life.

4. This time, it’s not a pinky room but all shades of blue. Warmth love as we announce the birth of our baby boy.

5. God has just sent us a shining star. His little hands and blue eyes take me off my feet. Oh! What a feeling. Welcome my love.

6. Please join me in welcoming a royalty. His warmth face brightens my life. What awesome news.

7. It’s a double blessing as I welcome a baby boy on my birthday. My life is a double celebration.

8. A new dawn, a new beginning and a new life in my family. Help me usher in my baby boy with thanksgiving to God.

9. With joy in my heart, I announce the arrival of my prince. I am a happy mother.

10. It is all trousers and shorts, no gowns at all. Welcome to my life my angel and prince.

11. Blow the trumpet, make way, my prince has just arrived. Welcome my angel.

12. We are no more a couple but advanced to a nuclear family as I welcome my baby boy into this family of love.

13. On this special day
Please make way
For my sweet and coy
It’s a baby boy

14. God did it again. He gave me the most unique creation, who will always brighten my day. My little baby boy.

15. Please help me welcome an angel- not a Cinderella but my prince charming. What a super-duper news.

16. Oh, happy day! After carrying you for 3 trimesters, I have a life who I now carry in my arms. Welcome to my world, my little king.

17. Oh yes! The bump has disappeared and my baby boy has appeared. What a feeling!

18. Thanks be to God for giving me this angel on this day. Yes, it’s a baby boy!

19. An angel has been sent to us from above. Help me usher him into the family with warmth love and blessings. It’s a baby boy!

20. I am excited to tell you that I am the most privileged person on earth, as I welcome the arrival of my prince. Thank you, God.

21. You make the journey of nine months interesting. Thank you for always talking while in there, now you can talk to me one on one. Welcome my baby boy.

22. With joy and thanksgiving in my heart, I announce the grand arrival of my prince into this world.

23. As I look into your face
All I see is grace
As a mother, I have joy
Welcome my baby boy.

24. A seed I planted for 9 months, has germinated and come forth in the form of an angel. A baby boy I welcome.

25. Overflowed joy, unspeakable joy. These I feel as I usher in my baby boy into this beautiful world.

26. Congratulations to me on the arrival of my prince charming and little king. What an awesome God!

27. A dream come true it is, to carry you in my arms and calm you when you cry. Welcome to my life, my prince.

28. My sweet bundle of joy has arrived in my family. It is a baby boy!

29. A grateful heart I am. To have two boys to myself- your father and you. Welcome my baby boy.

30. God just sent to me, a little piece of heaven, an angel and future hero. My cute baby boy.

31. This is joy overflow
I just can’t help but show
What I have long to share
My prince is here.

32. What I have longed for has just come in a twinkle of an eye. My prince charming is here. Welcome to my world little angel.

33. The joy of every mother is to come out of the 9 months journey with a baby. Well, I count myself lucky to share this motherhood joy. Welcome my little king.

34. The creator has shown me grace as he creates a new life through me. How can I share this news? It’s a baby BOY!!!

35. A royalty has just come into my life. A prince and my lucky charm. Thank you, God, for this blessing.

36. Blessed be the Lord for His mercies endure forever. Here’s to the arrival of my baby boy into this beautiful world. Welcome son.

37. I longed for this day when I will hold you in my arms and cuddle you all day. Well, here comes the day. Welcome my handsome prince.

38. With joy in my heart, I announce another blessing I received from God. An angel in the form of a baby boy. Thank God for me.

39. I have heard of angels living among humans. Holding you in my arms make me believe you are the angel in my life. Welcome my handsome angelic son

40. Today is one of the happiest days of my life as I welcome a baby boy into my lovely family. Warmth love from me to you baby.

41. How can I thank the Lord? For the new life, he created through my womb. A light to my life, a joy to my soul. Here’s to the birth of our baby boy.

42. Welcome my handsome prince, we could not have asked for more. Welcome to the best family.

43. Holding you in my arms makes all the vomiting, cravings, sleepless nights and dizziness worth it. Here’s to my bundle of joy. My prince-charming.

44. Yippee, my baby boy is here. Please bless him with your love and care.

45. Look who has joined our beautiful family, my son and charming king. Welcome to our world.

46. We wish to announce that we are now proud parents of a little angel. A handsome baby boy.

47. Look who is here. My greatest gift of all time. My bundle of joy. My handsome prince. My baby boy.

48. My heart is filled with happiness
As I give birth to another baby
Oh! What a feeling of greatness
Welcome my prince charming

49. After nine months of pregnancy and hours of labour, I announce the arrival of royalty. My baby boy. Long live the prince.

50. Thank you, God, for making me the luckiest woman on earth to mother this precious gift. A handsome prince is born.

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