Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 3rd Birthday

2023 Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 3rd Birthday

The love and affection you feel for a person can actually be attested to by the kind of wishes you declare for them on their birth anniversary.

Birthdays are special events that are met with sweet gifts and loving wishes for celebrants. For a 3yr old boy, you might wonder what wishes to make.

Wonder no more, cause the most awe-inspiring and loving 2023 birthday wishes for a baby boy’s 3rd birthday has been well written and delivered here to your delight.

It’s been suited to meet the desire of the celebrant’s parents, siblings, family members, well-wishers and what have you.

So, take your time to find the most suitable one for you. It sure lies within this peculiar collection.

Baby Boy’s 3rd Birthday Wishes from Parents and Well-wishers

These are the Sweetest collection of birthday wishes for baby boy’s 3rd birthday from parents (mother or father), siblings, family members, friends and well-wishers.

1. Looking after you has been my greatest assignment on earth. It’s been 3 years of seeing you grow. I promise you my unwavering dedication for a lifetime. Happy birthday, my cute boy.

2. I wish you could understand how much joy you induce in my heart; nothing else beats that. Happy 3rd birthday to you, son. You’ll always be my pride.

3. You’ve been the coolest kid brother anyone could ever ask for. I remember the day you came into this world, happiness drizzled from above. Happy birthday, kid bro.

4. I finally got my greatest wish; a sibling to hold my hand and with whom I can exchange the gift of love. Happy 3rd birth anniversary, bro. I love you with all my soul.

5. The calm beat of your heart tells of your gentility. The way you caress my face with your tiny fingers makes me want to have you again. Happy birthday, my son. Mummy loves you every day of her life.

6. Happy 3rd birthday, nephew. I’m a proud aunty because you crowned me with that privilege. May your years never be shortened. Happiness shall always find its way to your bosom.

7. Seeing your hazel eyes, I can’t help but moon over you. Happy 3rd year on earth, son. May you take after the greatness you always adore.

8. Never had a feeling like this before until you came. I will make sacrifices for you without nursing a regret. You’ve become the recipient of my love, affection and adornment. Wishing you many happy returns, dear son.

9. You’ve made our family whole. You were the one we’ve been waiting for. It’s been 3 years of being graciously blessed by you. Happy birthday, bro.

10. You’re such a fascinating child, a soulful son to behold and a jewel to take delight in. Happy birthday to my godson. My wishes for you are summed up in love, happiness and longevity.

11. I see the bravery your young soul displays. I adore the manners you demonstrate. You’re in possession of wit, poise and humility. You are a royal diadem, son. Happy 3rd birthday to you.

12. When I see you, I’m reminded of my precious seed that blossomed into a rare gem. I can never get enough of you, son. Happy birthday to you, my love.

13. I can never get enough of your smile, your daily dose of naughtiness and your nightly disturbances. Happy birthday to my only joy of motherhood.

14. I pray you remain whole, but when you’re sick, I promise to
watch over you like a good shepherd tends his sheep. Happy 3rd birthday, kid bro.

15. I’ll celebrate all of your achievements and mark your yearly birthday as though they were mine. I’ll be your ride or die brother. Wishing you many happy returns, bro.

16. By any means, if you’re down, I’ll be there to lift you. Happy birthday, my dear cousin. 3rd year looks good on you.

17. You were born with gold wreathed around you. You came into this world oozing joy. You’re the bond between your parents. Happy birthday to my godson. May his life be as peaceful as the heart of an angel.

18. May the heavenly angels watch over your step. May they hold you from falling. Happy 3rd birthday. Aunty loves you so much.

19. You may be 3, but the world awaits your greatness. Do well to make your loving parents proud. Your uncle loves you so much. I’m wishing you a splendid new year of your life.

20. I believe in you, my child. Your dreams are enough to fuel in you the passion you need to make it to the top. Irrespective of the times you fall, never wallow in defeat. Happy birthday, my darling 3-year-old.

21. May pain never be your gain. May sadness never cloud your emotions. May the heavens release joy and mirth upon your soul. Happy 3rd birthday, bro.

22. May the wisdom, patience and character you need to luxuriate in this world be given to you. Happy birthday, kid bro.

23. Son, I pray you never have to compare your self to others but to genuinely live a happy and fulfilling life. Happy birthday, my son.

24. May you find love at the right time. May joy be yours for a lifetime. Happy birthday, nephew. When the time comes, I promise to give you the world.

25. As you age on today, may your worth and value be on the increase. May you never diminish in any aspect of your life. Wishing you a happy birthday, dear friend.

26. No matter where you go, bro, may favour find you. May you be known for good. You shall reap a bountiful harvest of prosperity. Happy 3rd birthday, cousin.

27. I’ll never get tired of being your friend. I’ll always be there for you to lean on. It’s your 3rd birthday and I’m so happy for you. Happy birthday, nephew.

28. There’s something much more important to me than life itself and it’s you, my son. Happy 3rd birthday. Today, I speak to the sun, stars and the entire galaxies to rain down their blessings on you. Happy birthday, darling.

29. As you grow, my soul knows peace and joy. I can’t help but pour down my prayers on you. Happy 3rd birthday to my precious grandchild. May you live long and fulfilled.

30. You’ll only sing the songs of joy and accomplishment. Your family shall surround you all life long. You’ll never be left by your lonesome. Happy birth anniversary.

31. May your soul remain innocent and beautiful. You shall never be transformed by the evil of this world. Happy 3rd birthday to my grandchild.

32. My son, the memories I have of you makes my heart grow fonder in love. You bring me to joyful tears when I remember what you mean to me. Happy 3rd birthday, child. This shall be the dawn of a new season for you.

33. May you encounter favour even as a little child. May you bring warmth and joy to your family. Happy birth anniversary. I love you, nephew.

34. It feels good to see you today in good health and with sound mind. May you never lose anything of value to you. The hard side of life shall never hit you. Happy 3rd birthday to the perfect godson.

35. May the earthly wind blow away your troubles and worries. Happy birthday to you, son. May you never experience the hard side of life.

36. I will sacrifice my happiness for yours. Son, you have all of me to yourself. I promise to make this 3rd year of life such a beautiful memory for you to hold onto. Happy birthday from your sweetest dad.

37. I wish for your sweetest smile. May your soft cheeks be without sorrowful tears. I’ll try my best to give you the best of everything. I hope you accept them with love and gratitude. Happy birthday, son.

38. You gave me the gift of motherhood. I promise to treat you kind for the rest of my life and to nurture you with wisdom. Happy 3rd birthday to a rare gem.

39. May you enjoy peace. You shall never be caught in the evil of the world. You shall be a noble soul for as long as you live. Happy 3rd birthday, kid brother.

40. Happy birthday, cute grandson. Grandpa loves you and prays with his whole heart that you experience old age, good health and undying love.

41. Happy 3rd birthday, son. May this new year of your life see to your growth, prosperity, comfort and sheer joy. Your taste shall be quenched from the warm spring of love.

42. I cannot contain the excitement in my heart for today makes it the 3rd year of your birth. I do wish that you grow and never stop growing. I wish that you stay happy for the rest of your life.

43. You shall have joy for the rest of your life. May sadness and melancholy be far away from you. This shall be your best year so far. Happy 3rd birthday, bro.

44. This wholesome smile of yours will never become a facade. The glory that covers you shall never be benighted. Happy 3rd birthday to a little cousin.

45. From here on, your life shall get better than most. You shall shine like diamonds in the sky. Happy 3rd birthday to the son of a dear friend.

46. I looked forward to this day. I’m so glad it came with you looking regal and breathtaking. It’s my pleasure to wish you a beautiful 3rd year on earth.

47. In your eyes are the hope and joy I need to live life through. A little angel with the strength of an army, that’s who you are. I wish you longevity, cheerful soul and good health. Happy 3rd birthday.

48. Your steps may be slow now, but in the nearest future, you shall grace the largest podium as a master of your craft. Your gifts and talents shall speak enormously for you. Happy birthday, my talented kid bro.

49. May you grow in might and wisdom. A stream of men shall gather to favour you. Happy birth anniversary. My wishes for you are that you keep making your parents proud and happy.

50. What a joy it was to conceive you. Such a reward it is to have you amongst us. Happy 3rd birthday, my little angel. You shall become great than you envisioned. I love you in so many ways.

51. Happy birthday, my dear son. You’ve brought laughter to our faces and joy to our hearts. I can’t imagine a world without you. May this 3rd year of yours bring you all the good things of life.

52. Life is beautiful as a father to a 3yr old boy and a husband to an amazing wife. Happy birthday, dear son. May your needs be met by the one whose power supersedes your parent’s.

53. Happy birthday to my 3-year-old cute brother. It’s such a huge blessing partaking in your smiles, laughter and growth. May this year cause you to be all shades of blessed.

54. Happy birthday, dear brother. You’re sweet, you’re charming and you’re kind even at 3. May you live long to fulfill your destiny.

55. Happy birthday, dear nephew. Your birth is a gift to every one of us. I promise to treasure you because I am a proud aunty of yours, sweetheart. Continue to shine and bask in goodness and mercy.

56. I promise you a blissful uncle-nephew relationship. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope you live a life full of grace.

57. For your sake, we’ll do anything. Happy birthday, my dear son. As a mother, I’m prepared to guide and nourish you till old age.

58. Happy 3rd birth anniversary, deary. May your castles be built on earth and your dreams be made a reality. I love you more than a friend.

59. May you experience the good, kind and loving side of life. Happy birthday, my darling nephew. I hope you never cease to be strong and healthy.

60. When you look into the mirror, may you always see a reflection of greatness and happiness. Happy birthday, sweet brother. Experiencing your laughter and hugs are memories I wouldn’t exchange for anything else in the world.

61. The feeling of you being in my arms I would not forget in a hurry. Happy birthday, dear son. May your days be joyful and bright.

62. Whatever I have, and earn and will build, I’ll be sure to share with you, dear son. Happy birthday to you. May your days be full of light and love. Daddy loves you.

63. The lullabies, the stares into your eyes and the connection, I’ll always crave with you. Happy birthday, my dear 3yr old. I wish you a prosperous lifetime of bliss.

64. No one knows what the future holds, but for you my son, I declare a beautiful and desirable future, void of misery and pain. Happy birthday, dear light of my world.

65. I hope you make me your favorite aunt. Happy 3rd birth anniversary to my nephew in whom I’m well blessed. I hope your bones grow to be strong and your laughter continues to be genuinely fantastic.

66. Of all the stories in the world, yours would make for good inspiration. Happy 3rd birthday, cute brother. May you always be at the top.

67. As brothers, we shall share this bond forever and we shall have each other’s back. But like an older brother, I’ll protect you forever. Happy birthday, cutie. I love you truly.

68. May your days not be spent in hunger and misery. May your life be an epitome of bliss and perfection. Happy 3rd birthday, sweetheart. As far as I can see, the future is bright for you.

69. Celebration and happiness are what you’ve given me since your birth. Love and care are what I’ll give you till I’m old. Happy 3rd birthday, dear son. I love you too much and it shows.

70. I’ll be here to love you no matter what. I’ll be around to guide you even when you’re of age. Happy 3rd birthday, dear son. I’ll always love you. I hope you have the most beautiful experience in life.

71. Happy birth anniversary, sweet celebrant. I love how you hold on to your mother and the smiles you share with her friends. May you always remain happy and loved.

72. I’ve watched out for this day like I’ve looked out for you since birth. Happy birthday, my dear son. May these coming days make you beautiful and pleasant memories. I love you.

73. Seeing your smiles has got my womb screaming for a baby. Beholding your cuteness has me stuck on you. Happy 3rd birthday, cutie. May your growth be continuous and blissful.

74. How blessed are you, son. You’ve got siblings who adore you, parents, who’d do anything for you. I just hope you grow to feel this love and to make all your dreams come true. Daddy sure loves you.

75. I’ll carry you with love, guide you with understanding and embrace you with passion. Happy 3rd birthday, my dear son. May you never lack all that you need.

76. I’ll do anything for this cutie of mine. He’s 3yrs today. May the stars and the moon give you beautiful light at night, may the sun express your glory during the day. And I’ll be the best sister to you, my love. Happy 3rd birth anniversary.

77. We all wanted you. Glad you came and you stayed. Happy 3rd birthday, dear little brother. I hope your life be an expression of God’s grace.

78. Fulfilled to have a brother in your skin. Though young but full of kindness, little but protective. Happy 3rd birthday, my dear. May you be full of happiness and vigour.

79. Happy birthday, cutie. Proud to be your uncle. Pleased to be in the same lineage as you. May your days be long and full of pleasant wonders. I love you.

80. Grow even older and behold my love for you. For you’ll smile broader when you see the things I’ll do for you. Happy 3rd anniversary, dear nephew. Aunty loves you more than you can imagine.

81. No matter how old you get, may your strength never wax away. Happy 3rd birthday, deary. I hope your happiness comes to last.

82. In your path shall all the good things of life be arrayed. Happy birthday, my love. As a mother, I’ll do my best for you. And to God, I ask He’ll give you His best with an outstretched arm.

83. You do have the best family, cause I see how you’re loved and revered. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May your years be many and blissful.

84. Happy 3rd birth anniversary, my love. As your sister, I hope our bond lingers on. And because I love you, may you never cease to be amazing.

85. From dawn till dusk, my prayers are pilled up for you. Happy birthday, my love. With fatherly love, I’ll raise you into a champion and a winner.

86. As the clock ticks, may goodness and love overwhelm you. As the earth goes round, may you find peace and prosperity. Happy 3rd birth anniversary, sweetheart.

87. In the mirror, you shall see a happy man, through the eyes of the people, you shall behold an honourable figure. Happy 3rd birthday, my dear. May your smiles never fade away.

88. Every time I see you, I just know that I was born to be a mother to you. And I do promise to do even the impossible for a smile on your face. Happy 3rd birthday, my dear son. May all your dreams come true.

89. Happy 3rd birthday, sweetheart. Your smiles leave me wanting you as my own. I just wish you all the goodness and happiness this world can possibly contain. I love you.

90. Happy birthday, dear brother. May this 3rd year of your life heighten our desire to see many more with you. Big sister loves you, sweetheart.

91. I just want you to know that, I’ll be ready to play hide and seek with you, to shield you from troubles and pain. Happy 3rd birthday, sweetheart. Big brother loves you so much.

92. Happy 3rd birthday, cute nephew. May this life given to you inspire, build and motivate others to live aright. I honestly do love you.

93. Happy 3rd birth anniversary, my dear. Uncle wants you to be great, to be loved and to be happy. May this 3rd year of your life surpass your parent’s desires for you. I love you.

94. To you, my dear son; I hope you spread your wings and fly. I pray you live your life to the admiration of all. And I wish you all that you need to have a swell time on earth. Happy 3rd birthday, my love. Mother loves you unconditionally.

95. Happy birthday, dear son. I’ll be your number one fan when the time comes, I’ll be your favorite friend no matter how old we get. May your days be full of kindness and favour. Daddy loves you from here to the moon and back.

96. To the most phenomenal 3 year old I’ve seen; may your days enjoy a downpour of blessings and love. Happy birthday, cutie. I love you.

97. Happy birthday, sweety. Your smile can melt any heart. And your charm can break any yoke. I wish you a life full of joy and fulfillment.

98. Wisdom to live life aright, love to be at peace and joy to be strengthened; I do wish you from the bottom of my heart. Happy 3rd birthday, cute brother.

99. From a loving sister to you, my darling; I wish you a blissful birthday. May you live long to make our hearts proud. I wish you good health and good life.

100. My heart wouldn’t stop beating for you, dear son. Happy 3rd birthday, sweet passion of my soul. I hope the good Lord answer our prayers over you. I love you from now to beyond eternity.

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