2023 Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 4th Birthday

From time immemorial, birthday wishes have always played a part of every birthday celebration. Hence, it’s hard to see a celebrant without one at least.

Do you really think you’ve exhausted your birthday wishes for your loved celebrants over the years? Then, these 2023 birthday wishes for baby boy on his 4th birthday would come in handy for your dear boy.

As a father, mother, sibling, parent’s friends, and what have you, you can be sure that these wishes would leave you desiring of nothing more.

So, make your choice and go celebrate your dear celebrant.

4th Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Baby Boy

You’re the parent (mother or father) of the four-year-old baby boy, or you’re a friend, sibling or well-wisher? Use any of these happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes for Baby boy’s 4th birthday.

1. Happy birthday to my dear son. It’s your 4th year on earth. I hope it’ll be your best so far. Mummy loves you to the moon and back and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to see you glad.

2. You’re my dream come true, dear son. Happy birthday to you. With fatherly love, I’ll wrap you. With my guidance, I’ll shield you. May your days be blessed and graceful. I love you.

3. Super grateful I have a baby brother to nurse. Happy birthday, dear little one. On this 4th year of your life, I’ll be sure to spoil you with all my love. Be healthy and fine.

4. You’ll grow within the reach of our love, you’ll thrive with the kindness of our hearts. Happy birthday, baby brother. I hope you be the best version of you.

5. Waking up to savour your cuteness sure is heaven’s blessings to us. Happy birthday, my darling one. May your years be many and blissful.

6. You have been committed to me. With my whole heart, I’ll love you and with all my senses, I’ll guide you. Happy birthday, dear son. I’ll be the best mother to you for sure.

7. It’s your 4th birthday, I promise you a life full of love and happiness. Happy birthday, my dear boy. I’m proud to be your father.

8. May you live long to see better and happier days, may you find your path with ease and grace. Happy birthday, dear son. I’ll be your cheerleader forever.

9. From my womb till your 4th year on earth, have I always loved you. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Every blink and every gaze you give gives life to me. May you live long and prosper.

10. As a friend to your parents, I hope you live like a prince loved by your family, and adored by your friends. Happy 4th birthday, dear cutie. I’ll always be here for you.

11. You’ve given me essence and life. Happy birthday, my dear son. May you always have your family around and like raindrops, may you become unstoppable.

12. Happy birthday, sweet son. May you remain our happiness forever. It’s your 4th birthday and I promise to be the best father to you.

13. To my cute little brother; I’ll be the sister with so much love to give. With joy and gratitude, I’ll be your shield. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy a splendid 4th year.

14. Your dreamy eyes are the reason for my existence. Happy birthday, dear son. Loving you is the easiest thing I do. May your days be colourful and bright.

15. All the days you live shall be healthy, all the season you see shall be prosperous. Happy birthday, dear little brother. I love you to my bones.

16. May your happiness be unending. May you make the right friends and choices. Happy birthday, my lovely patter of joy.

17. Aunty loves you, and this you’ll grow to see. Happy 4th birthday, cutie. Your chubby cheeks are my weakness. I hope you lead a great life.

18. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart. Uncle will watch you grow and be there to love and support you. May you remain healthy and blessed.

19. Happy birthday, dear son. You’re a blessing I wouldn’t take for granted. I hope the heavens shower you with obvious love and affection. Forever, you and I.

20. Happy birthday, cutie. May the world live to appreciate you. And may you grow to live your best life. I love you, cousin.

21. May the sky shield you from evil and pain. May the breezes bring joy and gain. Happy birthday, dear little brother. Watch me be your favorite older sibling.

22. May your needs be met every new day, may the life you live be our pride. Happy birthday, dear little one. I’m happy you’re your parent’s son.

23. Happy birthday, cutie. Your touches are like that of an angel and your gaze are as pure as the water from the spring. May you grow to become an endearing human. Big sister loves you.

24. I look at you and I feel heaven’s love all over again. Happy 4th birthday, dear son. May your journey on earth be a happy one. May your smiles and laughter never fade into oblivion.

25. Happy 4th birthday, dear son. Waking up to see you means the whole world to me. I hope life treats you kindly and you enjoy every year on earth.

26. Happy 4th birthday, super baby. May you live longer than your parents and achieve so much more than we ever will. I love you, son.

27. You’re my muse and my happiness. Happy 4th birthday, my love. May your glory be seen all around the world. I hope you enjoy all the good things of life.

28. To my good and perfect gift; happy birthday, dear son. May every chapter of your life be a reason for testimony and triumphant celebration. I love you, dear son.

29. Happy birthday, dear little brother. An older and wiser brother I’ll be to you. I’ll make your bed with love and hold your hands with kindness. Enjoy your day, sweetheart.

30. You will be loved and adored because you have me as your older sister. Happy 4th birthday, dear brother. Seeing you grow means the world to me.

31. You’ve brought joy into our world and erased the traces of pain and misery. Happy birthday, dear son. May you enjoy many years of health and wealth, joy and prosperity.

32. May you live to fulfil your purpose as you walk into the realm of happiness and glow. Happy birthday, sweetness. Big sister will love you till eternity.

33. Even before you dream, I’ll say to you that your dreams are valid. And before you choose, I’ll pray that your choices are right. Happy birthday, little brother. May your 4th year be desirable.

34. May your basket be full of fruits and wines. May your heart be full of love and gaiety. Happy birthday, little brother. I wouldn’t hesitate to be your guardian angel all lifelong.

35. Happy birthday to the one whose smiles matter to me than mine. Happy birthday, dear son. May you always be adored and surrounded with love.

36. May you be the light of our world and the happiness in our hearts. Happy birthday, dear son. Daddy loves you in such an unconditional and immaculate manner.

37. Nothing will change my love for you. And you’ll always have me by your side. Happy birthday, dear son. With a mother’s love, I’ll sing to you a song. Grow and prosper.

38. Ever since you came into our lives, I found peace of the purest kind. Happy birthday, sweet son. May your days excite you till old age.

39. Your heartbeat is my strength and your smiles are my inspiration. Happy birthday, dear son. I could never love anyone else as I love you. May you never grow weary and sick.

40. I’ll be the best aunt in the world to you. Happy 4th birthday, cuteness. May your life drip of love and grace. Be sure to have a mother in me.

41. Peace found me when I carried you. Happy birthday, dear son. I hope you’ll always be happy and thankful. Enjoy your day, my darling.

42. Fatherhood is a blessing only you have given me. Happy 4th birthday, dear son. May you live to love and prosper.

43. I didn’t ask for you but you came, dear son. So, may your happiness come unannounced. May your joy be one that lasts forever. Happy birthday, my love.

44. Like the moon amidst the stars, you’ll shine differently. Happy birthday, dear little brother. May your life be a source of joy and laughter to us.

45. Happy birthday to my little nephew. Uncle loves you like the sun loves the earth. Forever, I’ll be your friend and guardian. Enjoy your 4th year on earth, sweetness.

46. The smoothness of your feet gives me joy and the softness of your skin caresses my heart. Happy birthday, my love. May these days ahead of you be full of joy and laughter.

47. Happy birthday to my first fruit. May this 4th year of your life perfect you in a new way. I hope you’ll always be the best version of you and the greatest of your kind.

48. Grow and be bold, my love. For I’ll live this life with you. With my love and guidance, you can be sure to win. Happy birthday, dear son. May you enjoy kindness and love that is true.

49. May your heart never be broken. May your destiny be a great one. May your choices be the right ones. Happy birthday, cute, little brother. I’ll always have your back.

50. From now till the end of the world, I’ll treat you with kindness and love, favour and grace. Happy birthday, sweet brother. May this 4th year give you all the good things of life. I love you.

51. May your 4th year on earth see to your growth in all aspects of your life, baby boy. Happy birthday, cutie.

52. May 4 represent happiness and unending season of laughter for you, your mum and dad. Happy birthday to my Godson.

53. It’s such a great joy to see you growing right before our eyes. You’ll always remain a bundle of joy to us, your family. Happy 4th birthday, kid bro.

54. You’re not too young to make an impact on earth. Thus, may you make your parents proud on this 4th year of your life, son.

55. You wiped my old tears away by making me a mother. You took away the bane of my existence and became my reason for living. Happy 4th birthday, son.

56. You easily rub off your happiness on me. You make me smile even when I’m in a dark place. You’re the morning that kicks the night away. Happy birthday, my precious son. Daddy loves you.

57. You’re far worthy than royal blood. You’re worthy of my daily dose of morning prayer. You made my dream come true. Happy birthday, son. Mummy will always be here for you.

58. The best thing I’ve ever witnessed is your steady growth. It’s been such a pleasure watching over you. Happy 4th birthday to you, nephew.

59. No matter how much you grow, you’ll always be my baby. Happy birthday to you. May this 4th year of your life lunch you into unending joy.

60. May you never battle any mental or physical illness. You shall be healthy and fit for donkey years. Wishing you a stellar 4th birthday.

61. I hope you grow to fulfil your dreams. I hope you find your strength in the greatest love of all. Wishing you a beautiful 4th birth anniversary.

62. Your blessings shall be as numerous as the sands by the sea. Happy 4th birthday to a young blood.

63. You make motherhood so beautiful and worth the stress. You give meaning to my existence in a way I can never explain. As your mum, I hope your 4th year shall be the best you’ve ever had.

64. I only request that you never stop sharing your joy, pain and long stories with me. I’ll always be the sister you can lean on. Happy 4th birthday, kid bro.

65. I’ll always love you even when life is full of strife. I’ll be your father at all time, both on earth and in the great beyond. Happy birthday, son.

66. I looked forward to this day as though it would never come. I’m glad you came at the right time. Happy 4th birthday, son.

67. You are the epitome of our love. May this 4th year of your life never deny you the best things of life. I’ll always love you, son.

68. Your heart is so large even at a tender age. I’m proud to call you my own. It’s your 4th birthday. Enjoy it to the fullest.

69. If you ever wish for a friend, I’ll be here to make your wish come true. Happy 4th birthday to my friend. Cheers!

70. Today is a special day of your life, cause you’re the centre of our joy and mirth. May you never stop making us happy. Wishing you a beautiful 4th year on earth.

71. You’re the reason today looks more admirable than yesterday. The sun is here to make you feel radiant. We, your family are here to wrap our arms around you. Happy 4th birthday, cousin.

72. You’re mum’s muse. You’re daddy’s pride. Most importantly, you’re my joy. Happy 4th birthday, kid bro.

73. You’re the angel of love that brought your mum and dad closer. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Happy 4th birth anniversary, son.

74. May you always be as kind as you are now. May you never develop hatred for anyone. You’re a lovely soul and that is who you’ll always be. Happy 4th year on earth.

75. Today remains a remarkable day in your life. May this day never turn sour for you. Happy birthday, son.

76. Wherever you may go, may royal treatment always be ascribed to you. You shall never be treated like a mediocre. Happy 4th birthday.

77. May you find your purpose early in life. May you never go astray. Wishing you a happy 4th birth anniversary. Your teacher loves you.

78. I wish you wisdom, knowledge and understanding. May you live longer than your expectation. Happy 4th birthday, my son.

79. I wish you sheer joy and happiness. May your dreams come alive. Happy birthday to the best nephew in the world.

80. Happy birthday, my son. You captured my heart when you were yet to be born. You made me feel a strong likeness for you even when I was yet to see your face. I’ll sacrifice the world for your sake. May this 4th year of your life immense you in glory.

81. Happy 4th birthday, kid bro. It’s a pleasure to be called your sister. I hope you never withdraw this privilege from me. May this 4th year of your life make you happier than the yesteryears.

82. It’s a miracle to see you alive today, son. You’re such a courageous young boy. You fought for your life so bravely like a knight. Happy 4th birthday. May every storm in your life become calm.

83. You may be a little boy now, but come tomorrow, you shall be greater than you ever envisioned. Wishing you, lad, a great new year.

84. May your blessings never be hijacked from you. May your happiness never be stolen. Happy 4th birthday, friend.

85. May you grow up to become a man worthy to be praised and loved. May you become an epitome of a great leader. Happy 4th birthday, son.

86. Happy birthday to my nephew. So cute and captivating. May this 4th year of your life be good to you.

87. I love the colour of your eyes, the hair on your skin and the smell of your body. Happy 4th birthday, kid bro. You make our family so complete.

88. May you never lose anything you have now. Your future shall bring you so much wealth and prosperity. Good health, peace of mind and happiness shall never be scarce around you.

89. Happy 4th birthday, Godson. May you increase in wisdom and strength just as you have done in age. Lots of love from me to you.

90. Happy birthday to my darling son. Just a look into his eyes and my heart is overwhelmed with joy. May he always make me proud.

91. No matter the dreams you may have now, son, may it come to fruition. Happy 4th year on earth. May the rest of your life be great.

92. It’s such a joy to be known as your mother. The beauty I see in you make my heart leap for joy. No doubt, you’re the best of everything. Happy 4th year on earth.

93. I promise to give you the best things of life and to be your partner when the going gets tough. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

94. Your life shall be full of goodness, love and abundance. Happy 4th birth anniversary, my dear brother. May you never be a dullard but a genius.

95. For this day, I’ll always remain grateful to your maker. You were a tiny miracle that blossomed into a huge blessing. Happy birthday, Godson.

96. I love you from eternity to eternity. May this day be the one to bless you with paradisaic mirth and peace. Wishing you a unique 4th birthday.

97. Because of you, son, I’ll rather remain alert at night than to go to bed. I’ll rather pray for you than to put myself first. Happy 4th birthday, precious son. I want you to know that you have a mother you can always count on.

98. Your lovely face makes everything feel alright. Your genuine laughter makes my effort worth it. For as long as I live, I promise never to let go off of you. Happy 4th birthday, dear son. Your father loves you.

99. For your sake, I’ll go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. Happy 4th year on earth, kid bro. May this new age bring you precious things.

100. With my whole heart, I wish you the things that will make you great. Take pleasure in being kind, son. Happy 4th birthday. With love, from your mother.

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