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Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend (2023)

Every boyfriend wants to be there on the birth anniversary of his girlfriend. So, it might get a little bothersome for you that you can’t make it there because of the distance betwixt you two.

But there are plenty of ways to saturate her heart with your presence on her very special day. Your words can do the magic, and your gestures can soothe her heart.

It doesn’t matter how far away she is from you, all you need are these long distance birthday wishes for your girlfriend in order for her to feel your presence as you so desire in the year 2023 and beyond.

Be quick to make a choice. And go carve your words in the centre of her heart from this very peculiar collection. There’s no doubting the fact that, she’ll call to say, I love you.

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Girlfriend Long Distance Relationship

When your girlfriend is far away from you or you’re in a long-distance relationship, these sweet and romantic long distance birthday wishes for girlfriend will help you make her feel special and loved.

1. My heart pounds eagerly seeing that I cannot be by your side on this special day of ours, my love. Happy birth anniversary. I hope you enjoy every second of the new year and live life in full health and splendor.

2. Love led me to you. I wish I had known you since I knew myself. Happy birthday, my love. Distance may keep us afar, but my heart yearns only for you. I wish you many years of happiness and fulfillment. I love you.

3. I hope you feel the moon’s love tonight, I hope you can feel my passion wrapping around your heart. Happy birthday, my love. May this season birth many more happy seasons of celebration.

4. I can’t stop loving you even if distance exists between us. I’m still crazy about you, though our homes are apart. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I am sure all your dreams will come true, cause I’ll be here to help you. Wishing you lifelong experience of tranquility and gaiety.

5. This distance will not deny you of my love, cause even from afar, my heart seeks for you and makes kind wishes in your name. Happy birthday, my love. May you enjoy the provision of all your needs at each point in time.

6. Let my loving words cuddle you, let my wishes fill your heart with love. Happy birthday, my darling. I’m ready to make up for the lost hugs and kisses when we finally hold hands together. May this new age of yours shower you with love and light.

7. As difficult as it may be, to be unable to hug you at the moment, I hope you feel the kindness of my wishes and taste the hunger of my soul for you. Happy birthday, my love. No matter what happens, I’ll be around to love you even more passionately. I hope you have all the good things of life and your path never lead to destruction.

8. Happy birthday to the woman who has won my heart more than a million times. I hope this birth anniversary brings in memorable victories and unreserved praises from near and afar. I want you to know that, when we see, I’ll be the best lover to you.

9. I’ll always be thankful for a day like this. I’m grateful our paths crossed and then our lips locked forever. I don’t mind doing this with you one more time. May your days be as prosperous as the ocean.

10. All the sweet days I know are found within the spectrum of the time we met. My joy abounds knowing that you’d always be mine. Happy birthday, my precious love. May you have that you dream and need.

11. I’ll be nothing but kind to you. I’ll do anything but hurt you. Happy birthday, my love. May this distance teach us to love even harder.

12. Distance hasn’t gotten the best of us. So, I’m confident nothing will ever come betwixt us. Happy birthday, my love. Seeing you makes me so happy. I hope this new age gives you many more pleasant memories.

13. At the dawn of the day, may all your dreams come true. At the appearance of the moon, may you find peace and joy. Happy birthday, my love. On your next birth anniversary, you’ll be all wrapped in my loving arms.

14. I await the day I’ll hold you tightly to my heart, feel your breath on my skin and see the gaze in your eyes. Happy birthday, my love. May this be the best year of your life so far.

15. May heaven’s miracles not elude you, may many victories be your portion. Happy birthday, my love. From nursing the pain of this distance, I’ll be sure to overwhelm you with true love and affection when we see.

16. I’ll draw you close and never let you go even if the road gets harder and the wind blows more turbulently. Happy birthday, my darling. Many more blissful years shall you see. And in my arms shall you find joy.

17. It breaks my heart to be so far away from you. But I hope my words can make up for my absence. Happy birthday, dear love of my life. For the rest of my life, I’ll give you your best birth anniversaries. I love you, cutie pie.

18. Just like the sea surrounds the land, I’ll encircle you with my love for days and the years to come. Happy birthday, angel. Distance would never come close to defeating us.

19. I can tell that you’re way beautiful on this day, I can feel the happiness in your soul. I hope you enjoy all the good things of life. May this year be the kindest to you so far. Happy birthday, my sweet love.

20. The passion I have for you on this birth anniversary would not go to waste, as I’m saving all my love for you when we behold each other. Happy birthday, sweetness. May the light of prosperity shine upon your path.

21. Birthdays come only once in a year, but my love for you will turn up every other day. Happy birth anniversary, sweetheart. May you always be full of happiness and peace. This distance leaves me yearning for you.

22. I can’t wait to hold your older self, to admire the new smiles and curves this age brings. Happy birthday, my love. I hope these births ideas that’ll cause your celebration.

23. No matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for you, my love. Happy birthday, sweet celebrant. You’ve made loving you too easy. I hope we make up for the lost times with genuine kisses and passion.

24. Do not feel bad for my absence, cause next year promises to be the best one. Happy birth anniversary, my darling. May you never lack the good things of life.

25. Be sure that you’ll never lack the taste of my love even if this distance gets longer and the days, lonelier. Happy birthday, sweety. May you be as fine as wine and your days as beautiful as the rainbow.

26. Some days are hard without you, just like this day without my kisses on your lips. Happy birth anniversary, my darling. I hope you continue to shine just like the sun.

27. Only you can pull me from the dungeon of loneliness and pain into the realm of love and peace. That you’ve done more than I can count. Happy birthday, sweet love. Here’s my heart promising you a love so close by and full of warmth.

28. You can’t be so far away from my love, cause inside of my heart is where you live and thrive. Happy birthday, my darling. Even for a second, I can’t stop loving you else I’ll wither away. May you experience joy and hope like never before.

29. Do not wonder if I love you, cause I do. Do not suffer for my absence, for I’m always in your heart. Happy birthday, my love. The beautiful days are nowhere.

30. Distance isn’t a barrier to our love just like grudges has no place in our hearts. Happy birthday, my love. For years now, I’ve loved you and for aeons, I’ll love you all the more. May you always sing happy songs of victory.

31. My skin calls for you. My eyes long to see you. But on this day, I’m comforted by your growth and presence on earth. Happy birthday, my darling. May every good and perfect gift of God be yours.

32. I love you too much, hence, distance means nothing to me. Happy birthday, my love. May you achieve many great and mighty things.

33. I’ll be your support year in, year out. I’ll be your love beyond eternity to come. Happy birthday, beauty. Let’s forget the distance between us and enjoy the beautiful day with such intense love.

34. Love looks so good on you like aging does on your skin. Happy birthday, my love. May you enjoy the miracles your heart long for and experience the unspeakable joy of fulfillment.

35. You’ve made distance a little more comfortable, and separation a little more enjoyable, because you’re always there within my heart. Happy birthday, my love. May your heart know no pain and your eyes be free of painful tears.

36. Let us cover this distance with love, let us celebrate the sunny day with passionate kisses and gaze from afar. Happy birthday, angel. On the wings of our love, you’ll fly.

37. No matter how far I go, your love still reaches me from a distance. No matter how often we see, I’ll never get used to your love. Happy birthday, my love. Peace, joy, health and prosperity shall come rushing into your abode. I love you, sweetheart.

38. As time passes by and distance stays constant between us, my love for you will grow even stronger. Happy birthday, my love. From now till the end of time, I hope we continue to love and you continue to prosper.

39. I love you like the sun loves the earth, and the moon loves man at night. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you always enjoy favour and kindness from friends and strangers. I’m crazy about you.

40. The strength of my love for you overcomes distance and pain, loneliness and aches, troubles and vanity. Happy birthday, my love. I hope this new year comes with all that you need to stay happy and thankful.

41. May your joy be sustained, may your strength wax even stronger. May your happiness be boundless. May this distance between us come to an end. Happy birthday, my love. Not a day without you in my thoughts.

42. Grow older in true love and peace. Age in bliss and gain. Happy birth anniversary, my love. May this love never fade but be strengthened by the most high.

43. A lot may happen between us, but my love will stick to you. Happy birthday, angel. As you age, may your days become brighter and better. May your needs become lesser and lighter. I love you from here to the moon and back.

44. The secret of my joy is you. The strength of our lovelies within the arrays of temptations it has overcome. Happy birthday, my love. May you never cease to shine and to glow.

45. Wisdom shall be your covering, understanding shall be your power and joy shall be your strength. Happy birthday, my love. No matter how bad it feels to be separated from you, it feels so good to still be in love with you.

46. May you walk through pleasant paths. And when we finally see, I’ll make you a bed of roses. Happy birthday, my love. I see you fulfilling all of your dreams and visions.

47. Happy birthday, my love. From now till the end of time, I’ll give you all my love. From the distance that stays between us, I’ll make sure to love you even more passionately. I hope you never cease to be amazing.

48. Happy birthday to the woman who holds the key to my heart. Our love will be for a lifetime unlike the miles between us. I hope you have a swell celebration.

49. Happy birth anniversary, my darling. I’ve awaited this day like I awaited the time to fall in love. May your days flourish with love and kindness, prosperity and gaiety.

50. I hope the brighter side of life shines upon your path and the sweetest kind of love flowing from my heart meets your needs every day. Happy birthday, my darling. You’re way beautiful than my words can say.

51. At the moment, I wish the love we share could burn this distance between us into ashes. Happy birthday to you, my love. With my whole heart, I wish you a splendid life filled with utmost joy and love.

52. I hope these words of mine tugs your heart towards me even more today. Happy birthday to my queen. May you find that which your heart has always longed for.

53. We may be miles apart, but I take comfort in knowing that your heart is synchronized with mine, sharing the joy and love of this season. Happy birthday, sweety. Keep hitting those milestones.

54. Look up to the sky, for I’m sending all my love to you from above since there’s a distance between us. Happy birthday, baby girl.

55. I could go hungry just to present to you the best of all treasures on a remarkable day such as this. Lucky for me, all you ever wanted is my undying love. Thus, I’ll confess my love to you along with my heartfelt wishes. May your life surpass your expectations.

56. Happy birthday, my love. Enjoy every bit of today even in my absence, cause I wish that you find joy and happiness whether I’m beside you or very far away. May the rest of your life be full of happiness and joy.

57. Happy birthday, my darling girlfriend. I’ll bless you all day long and make my heart pant for you the more on this great day. I wish you miracles from heaven, big enough to live you eternally fulfilled.

58. May that smile you wear effortlessly never leave your face. May the joy that trails you around never fade away. Happy birthday, love.

59. I miss you more than ever, today. I hope you can feel my heart in harmony with yours catching your every breath. Happy birthday, superwoman. May your tall dreams make it into reality.

60. I can’t wait to see you, so that I may hug you like never before. Today makes your soul new again. May your growth be obvious to all men.

61. Happy birthday, my baby girl. I hope if I tease you today, you wouldn’t mind. Even from here, I’ll make you feel the love I have for you. Enjoy your new age like your favourite wine.

62. May your life become refreshed. May your bad habits be torn like an old garment. May a new and better you spring forth today. Happy birthday to my angel.

63. You’re purer than a crystal. Gentle than a dove and even more beautiful than an angel from heaven. I pray with all my heart, that you find the sincerest thing your heart longs for. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

64. May you overcome every obstacle brought your way. May the strength to triumph be bestowed upon you. Happy birthday, honey.

65. I have no doubt, that this new age of yours shall be the best of your life so far. Your future has been made beautiful, bright and prosperous. Happy birthday, baby.

66. May trouble never find you. May life never hit you hard. May you become the lady you have always dreamt to be. Happy birthday, my queen.

67. I hope you can feel my joy from where you are. I’m more than happy that you’re alive today and in my world. Your presence straightened my life and made it meaningful. Happy birthday, gorgeous.

68. May your heart never stop leaping for joy. May the source of your happiness never dry up. With the whole of my heart, I’m wishing you a unique birthday filled with untold love.

69. When it’s dark, I want you to know that I’ll always be your tiny ray of life. Never will I abandon you at your low moment. I’m here to stay with you and to rejoice with you when the time comes. Happy birthday, beautiful. May your joy last a lifetime.

70. Happy birthday, my baby love. May you find peace even in a chaotic world. May you find love and loyalty when the world becomes cold. I wish that you live the rest of your life in undiluted joy.

71. You deserve every good thing in your life at the moment. Happy birthday, angel. May this milestone be the start of many more to come. Cheers.

72. My soul waited for today so patiently. I’m glad it came finally. May your life become more amazing than it ever was. May you live longer than you’ve come. Happy birthday, beautiful.

73. May every evil awaiting you be averted. This new year of your life shall be marked as a beautiful moment. You shall be transformed into a beautiful package of love. Happy birthday, my everyday crush.

74. Thank you for making me happy over the years. Thank you for not taking your love away from me. Happy birthday to the best thing that ever happened to me. I wish you love and light from now till eternity.

75. I promise you the good things of life. And I’ll hold fast to my promise till my dying day. Happy birthday to the woman of my dream. You age beautifully, I must confess.

76. Happy birthday, honey. May your heart desire come to pass like a miracle. I hope today brings you the best gift ever. May longevity, happiness and prosperity be yours forever, my queen.

77. If you’re gone from my world, I’ll become a shadow of myself. The essence of my life lies in loving you unconditionally. Happy birthday, my baby. May the love between us bring us closer than hitherto.

78. Believe you me, when I say, that I’m yet to meet anyone as lovely as you. Your eyes give hope even when the world is benighted. Your dreams make the universe better. You’re unique in many ways. Happy birthday, my special woman.

79. I hope you never lose your happiness in your quest for a fulfilled life. I wish you unending laughter and joy. May your dream lead you to a great destination devoid of loneliness. Happy birthday, my love.

80. Today brings me joy knowing that you’re aging beautifully with me by your side. I’m glad to see you come this far. Happy birthday to the angel of my life.

81. May your life know refreshment. May you experience unconditional joy. Happy birthday to the woman that makes my heart happy.

82. I’ll make it up to you when we see again. I’ll celebrate you when the time comes. For now, I hope you accept my promise, for they are not empty, but true. Happy birthday, angel. Wishing you long life and happiness.

83. I can never forget the day you came my way. I felt so much peace and joy as though it were the day you were born into this world. Happy birthday, sweety. I wish you the very things you wish yourself.

84. I pray above all things today, that you become the next big thing in the world. I wish that your skills and talents become sort after like beauty. Happy birthday, my love.

85. May you never lose that which you’ve gathered over the years. May the heavenly angels bless the work of your hands even more than ever. Happy birthday, honey.

86. Today brings so much joy to my heart knowing that you just clocked another year of your life. Happy birthday, my sweetest girlfriend. May your wishes come true like a dream.

87. May your life become fulfilled. May your harvest outnumber the stars in the sky. Happy birthday to you, beautiful.

88. I hope the joy deep in your heart never leave but even grow fonder. Happy birthday, my love. I hold you dear to my heart more than anything else and it’s my wish that we celebrate this day once we see again.

89. May your life be far away from sadness and depression. May you never have a taste of tragedy. Only the good things of life shall make their way into your bosom. Happy birthday, my love.

90. Wherever you may be today, I hope you feel that I’m in dying need of you. Happy birthday to the queen of my life. May today mark the dawn of a beautiful era in your life.

91. Happy birthday, sweety. Gold, diamonds and gems will never be scarce amongst your possessions. Happiness, love and peace will never leave you. You shall live life worthily. I do wish you many happy returns.

92. Today is the beginning of another chapter of your life. I hope the strength you need to live this life to the fullest be given to you. Happy birthday, baby.

93. When I finally see you again, I’ll bless you with the most precious kiss and wrap you into my arms without letting you go. I wish I could be with you at the moment. Happy birthday, my love.

94. May you see the beautiful things of life and appreciate them. A life of gratitude shall you live. You shall never live life with regrets and complaints. Happy birth anniversary, love.

95. May you never forget that I love you and I’ll always be here for you. Happy birthday, beautiful. This day shall bring you a lifetime of joy.

96. Sing for joy today, for today marks another year of your life. Happy birthday, gorgeous. May the miracle you’ve been waiting for come through on this day.

97. Shake off the worries. Live life to the fullest. Today is your day and I’m the happiest for you. It’s another chance to live better than yesteryears. Happy birthday to my eternal love.

98. Without a doubt, you’re my blessing and not the bait of my existence. You’re God’s precious gift to me like a child to her mother. Happy birthday, angel. I promise to love you till I’m old and wrinkled.

99. Your new age looks good on you. You’ve come to age like a flawless star without worries nor grudges. Happy birthday to a beautiful and happy soul just like a child. May your life continue to be a thing of admiration to the world.

100. Happy birthday, gorgeous. Your arrival into my life made me a better man. It’s just one out of the many blessings you’ve given me. I hope the angels bless you on my behalf today. I love you to your very bones and tissues.

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