Trending 1st Birthday Prayers for Son

2023 Trending 1st Birthday Prayers for Son

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. They are like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are children born in one’s youth. Psalm 127:3-4

Children are special gifts from God. Sons and daughters are precious gems to be treasured. They bring unquantifiable delights, immeasurable thrills and depth of joy to our lives. Sometimes, life can be pretty boring without the presence of these adorable ones to brighten up our lives.

The positive energy, the “be on your toes at all times” unwritten rule of alertness where they are concerned, guileless smiles, pure innocence and countless others, makes them indispensable in the lives of those who love children in spite of their disruptive tendencies.

Sons are cute and charming Princes, the delight and pride of parents and doting relatives. The bustling energy, unlimited pranks even as toddlers, hyperactivity and sheer daring, makes for an interesting family life. Never a dull moment is guaranteed.

Your bundle of joy is a year old today. Yippee!!! Roll out the Persian rugs, drums, merriment, party packs, exotic drinks and special delicacies in celebration – all good! Your darling son deserves this and more!! What could possibly be more important than celebrating his birthday? The anniversary of such wondrous birth and amazing past 365 days deserves the Royal celebration.

Hey! Hold on a minute!! The party stage is all set already. People have been invited, change of clothes, cakes, photographer, cameraman and others are in place already. In the thrill of the excitement, pause to do a vital task. A necessary chore for the son you love so much. Bless him from your heart. Pray for him from the depth of your being. It’s the best gift yet!

The excitement of the moment can literally take the word out of you. Have no care, we have a beautiful offer, just for you. Your mind is kind of blank with a million and one thing to do? Help is here already; you can still do the needful without fretting.

Do you want to pray for your son on his very first birthday and reap the seeds of your prayer investment when he shines in the future? Care to make a desirable input in your precious son’s life that will speak for him in the realms of the spiritual in the future? Mind praying a short life-transforming prayer for your little Prince? You are at the right place.

Here’s a collection of prayers to bless your sweet baby boy on his first birthday. His future will bless you for doing this.

Birthday Prayers for 1-Year-Old Son from Mother or Father

Every great parent knows the importance of prayers in their children’s life. Birthday Prayers is an important part of this knowledge. So say these prayers to your son in his 1st birthday.

1. Dear Father, I thank you so much for this precious gift. Indeed, I’m eternally grateful to you. I lift my son unto you, bless him, Lord. He’s a year old today; let him grow up in your presence, in your image, conformed to your will. I hide his life with Christ in you, in Jesus’ name. Son, your life will not be cut short. You shall not live out your years in sickness, sorrow or trouble. You shall grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You shall be wiser than your teachers. Darling son, your generation shall praise and worship the Lord because of you in Jesus mighty name.

2. O Lord, I celebrate you for your faithfulness. Without you, today’s celebration would have been impossible. Thank you for preserving my son’s life from the terrible hands of sickness. Thank you for the awesome experiences of crawling, standing, walking and teething. Thank you for seeing him through the terrible moments, maladies and sleepless nights associated with teething. The glory of today’s joyous occasion is totally yours. I commit my Prince into your hands: I pray he’ll grow in wisdom, knowledge and favour before men and angels. Dearest son, you shall fulfill the purpose of God for your generation in Jesus name. May God bless you with peace and joy all your life in Jesus name.

3. Darling son, may God bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. May He be with you every step of the way in every season of your life, in Jesus name. I surround your destiny with walls of fire and angels, no evil shall befall you, neither will your enemies penetrate you in Jesus name. The righteousness of God will rule your life, and His peace shall govern your heart. Your life will not be cut short in Jesus name. You shall be a pacesetter, a joy of eternal glory. Son, your life shall be pleasing unto the Lord and your parents. In Jesus awesome name I pray. Amen.

4. Dearest son, it’s been exactly a year since our lives have been wonderfully spiced with your special presence. You are a special gift from God, may you increase in flavour, honour and grace all the days of your life. May you grow to be an exceptional young man; you shall excel more than your parents in Jesus name.

5. My darling boy, I pray that everyday of your life shall be as carefree, funfilled and joyous as your first one year. Happy birthday, sweetie.

6. My precious jewel of immeasurable value, it shall be well with you in Jesus name. As you clock a year today, you shall live to celebrate a century in God’s peace, prosperity, happiness and sound health. Your expectations shall not be cut off. The plans of the wicked will not prevail against you. In the mighty name of Jesus, you shall fulfill God’s purpose in your generation. Happy birthday, pumpkin.

7. My little Prince, as you successfully navigated the first 365 days of your existence in the land of the living; may your entire life be fruitful, successful and peaceful. May the Lord bless you and command His favour upon you in Jesus name. Happy birthday, darling boy.

8. Dear Father, thank you for this most precious gift of a wonderful son. Lord Jesus, I commend my son into your care. Protect, guide, guard and bless Him abundantly. Happy birthday, mummy’s Pride

9. Dear Lord, thank you for my bundle of joy who is a year old today. Every day with the thrill of pleasure he brings releases an harvest of praises to you. My darling son and God’s heritage, it shall be well with you all the days of your existence in the land of the living. Happy birthday, my Handsome. Love you zillions!

10. My joy over you is without limit, darling son. Dear Lord, fill my baby’s life with your righteousness, goodness and love. Let him live his days right in your presence, in Jesus name. Happy first birthday, my Delight. Mom loves you!

11. On this first birthday celebration of yours, my bubbling bundle of infinite joy; may the Lord uphold you throughout all phases of life, as a toddler, preschooler, school age, adolescent, teenager, and a full-blown adult. You will not walk alone, my sunshine, God’s Spirit and angels shall be with you every step of the way. Happy birthday, son.

12. You are the reason my status changed from barren to exalted mother, my baby. May you no know shame, reproach; delay or denial of anything good that’s God ordained for you. You shall be fruitful and joyful all your life in Jesus name. Happy first birthday, sweet baby boy. You shall celebrate nine decades more.

13. Dear Father, I’m forever grateful to you for wiping away my tears with this awesome gift of yours. My baby’s arrival has transformed my life beyond expectation. As you are a year old today son, my prayer for you is unlimited joy, mind-blowing favour and mind bugging blessings. You shall be great, dearest. Happy birthday, son like no other.

14. Thank you, Lord, for using this treasure to wipe my tears, heal my wounds and put a genuine smile on my face. As I rejoice over you on your first birthday, darling son, I’ll never sorrow over you, in Jesus name. Lines will fall upon you in pleasant places and great will be your joy as you grow each year to become the man the Lord has called you to be. Happy birthday, sweetie!

15. On a day like this 365 days ago, dear Lord, you chose to interfere in the affairs of men and intervene on my behalf. The power of death was broken, mother and child miraculously saved. The glory is all yours, Lord. My miracle baby, you shall continually be a sign and wonder in your generation in Jesus name. Happy birthday, sweetie pie.

16. It’s your first birthday, my charming son! It shall be well with you from the rising of the sun to its setting every day of your life. You are blessed, my darling. Happy birthday, Honeypie.

17. A special day for an extraordinary special son. As you celebrate your first birthday today, may you continue to be relevant in God’s plan. Men and angels shall favour you. Doors of greatness shall be opened for you. Gates of excellence shall not be shut against you. Love you loads, son. Happy birthday, love.

18. It’s a year already. A year of wonder, bustling, laughter, joy and contentment: the glory is surely yours Lord. Son, may the glory of the Lord encompass you throughout your sojourn on earth. May you never cease to be a joy to me, your dad and your entire generation. Happy birthday, son.

19. Dearest son, you are blessed today and forever. Your mom’s blessing will attract heavens favour to bring God’s blessings all through your life, in Jesus awesome name. Happy first birthday, Honey.

20. Darling son, the Lord that has kept a watchful eye over you from cradle will keep you to your grey hairs, in Jesus mighty name. Happy first birthday, my lovely birthday.

21. Your life shall be a wonder, son. You shall always be an unsolved riddle/puzzle to the wicked. I bless you mightily in Jesus name. Happy first birthday, my sweet angel.

22. From conception to delivery and a year old bundle of surprises and joy; you are an unfathomable mystery to the evil one. As you grow older, mightier, wiser, stronger and more blessed; you’ll always be signs and wonders in Jesus name. Happy birthday, little Angel.

23. Dear Father, you are awesome! My son didn’t just survive the first one year of his life against all possible odds; he’s robustly victorious. Darling son, you’ll always beat the odds to achieve purpose in Jesus name. Happy birthday, sugar pie.

24. Life is unpredictable, but your own life shall experience peace, calmness, joy and blessings. May all the odds against you be transformed to favour you. May all your enemies’ efforts to frustrate you lead to your upliftment. You are blessed baby boo. Happy first birthday, baby boy.

25. Dearest son, may the spirit of excellence rest upon you, distinguish you and bring you to a place of prominence in Jesus name. Happy first birthday, mommy’s darling.

26. May you grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding in Christ Jesus. May the Lord set you apart to be a pacesetter, a worthy vessel in His vineyard and a faithful servant. Happy first birthday, son. God bless you real good. Lots of love from mom and dad.

27. Even at this tender age, son, you are so unique, precocious and pretty smart. May the Lord bless you with a brilliant mind, outstanding success, peaceful and joyful future. Happy first birthday celebration, my sweetheart.

28. Dear Lord, my dearest son is a year old today, it’s been you all the way. Thank you for keeping him safe from every threat of infancy ailments. May he live the rest of his days; healthy, strong, smart and successful. Happy birthday, Handsome.

29. As you mark your first birthday, darling son, may you move from glory to glory in Jesus name. Your star will shine without dimming, and your sun will never set till your old age. Happy birthday, baby boy. God bless you mightily.

30. Dear Lord, I praise you without holding back. All honour, glory and adoration are completely yours. Exactly a year ago, you brought this precious gem into the world and delivered my wife from being a statistics in mother mortality ratio. Thank you, Jesus. Son, you are here for a purpose, you’ll fulfill your destiny without hindrance in Jesus name.

31. My precious gem of inestimable value, it shall be well with you today, tomorrow and every day of your life. Your life shall be a continuous testimony of God’s favour. Favour shall speak for you where others struggle. Happy first birthday celebration, dearest son.

32. My dearest son, I commit you into the hands of God; spirit, soul and body. May the Lord watch over you to perform all His promises concerning you in Jesus name. Happy first birthday celebration, sweet baby boy.

33. As you are a year old today, may your growth through different phases to responsible adulthood be laced with God’s mercy, filled with his goodness and topped with His unfailing love. Happy birthday, my Prince charming.

34. Dear Lord, I pray that none of your words concerning my son shall fall to the ground. Watch over them to fulfill them. Keep my son as the apple of your eyes as he grows to become all that you’ve called him to be in Jesus name. It’s your first birthday celebration, cute baby boy. Happy birthday, sweetie.

35. Dear Lord, you said all my children will be taught of the Lord and great will be their peace. My lovely son is a year today; be it unto him according to the word. Teach him and give him great peace in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my Angel.

36. Dear son, as you grow older, you shall be wiser, smarter, more productive and blessed in every good work in Jesus mighty name. Happy birthday, dearie.

37. Father, I can’t thank you enough for the joy you brought into my family through this awesome gift of a perfect son. Thank you, Lord. My baby boy is a year old today, I hide him with Christ in you. Mold him as a vessel of honour for your use. Happy birthday, my boy.

38. A year birthday is worthy of all kinds of celebration. Dearest son, everyday of your life, we shall have cause to celebrate you everyday of your life in Jesus name. Happy birthday, son like no other.

39. My laughter mode activator, may the Lord fill your heart with joy, line your path with grace and encompass you with unlimited blessings. Happy birthday, sweetheart. It’s your first, a hundred years away from your last.

40. Dear son, it’s your first birthday ever, yippee!! You shall run without being weary; run the race of life without stumbling and mount up the wings like the eagle. You shall fly and sour to greater height. Happy birthday, my dearest boy.

41. No one thought you’d survive infancy; such was the rage of the onslaught of various ailments on you, but by God’s special grace you rallied and pulled through. Today, you are a year old: you’ll celebrate many more years in sound health, mind-blowing joyful experiences and fulfilment in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my little Angel.

42. Darling son, you are God’s heritage. You are a year old today, we’ll celebrate many more birthdays without fail. The Lord shall preserve your life and surround you with the walls of angels by day; and walls of fire by night. The glory of the living God shall continually be upon you. You’ll do great exploits in Jesus name. Happy birthday, Honey. Lots of love from mom and dad.

43. My baby boy, you are an oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His pleasure. You’ll grow in wisdom, stature, knowledge and understanding and favour before men and angels. The glorious hand of God will rest upon you in Jesus name. Happy first birthday celebration, Honeybuns!

44. My delightful, fun loving and vivacious pumpkin, you are destined for the top by God’s special grace. You will set the pace for others to follow, my son. You shall be an eternal joy of many generation in Jesus name. I can’t believe you are a year old already. Happy birthday, sweetie.

45. My ever smiling angel, you are mom’s delight, dad’s pride and God’s pleasure. You shall not die but live to the glory of God. You’ll be relevant in your generation. You’ll be a trailblazer in Jesus name. Your joy shall be full and running over. Happy birthday, my charming son. It’s your first of many to come. Catch loads of fun!

46. You are a year old today, my darling son. Your light will shine brightly everyday of your blessed life. You are blessed: no curse or even covenant shall operate in your life. You’ll not share in the inheritance of the Assyrians in Jesus name. You shall operate under an open heaven bought and paid for, by the precious blood of Jesus. Happy birthday, my rare gem!

47. My beautiful baby boy, you are a delight to behold. You shall not fade in your prime; your light shall shine with brilliant brightness. It’ll bring joy to the blessed and blind the eyes of the wicked. It’s your first birthday, darling son. Start fulfilling purpose; the angels of God await your command. Happy birthday, dearie.

48. My young chap, Captain of the house, it’s your first birthday celebration already! You are an exciting child, you shall grow to be a monumental celebrity of excitement. All your tomorrows shall be great in Jesus name. Happy birthday, darling!

49. Baby boo, you are a year old, sweetie! Happy birthday, my lovely son. You are an early achiever, you shall be great beyond every human expectation. In the powerful name of Jesus, the Lord himself shall order your steps aright. Your path shall shine brighter and brighter. Love you loads, my control button controller.

50. My baby boy, you can’t imagine the thrill of excitement, joy and pure bliss your presence has wrought in our family. You are a year old today, you shall live to be a hundred-year-old in Jesus name. The totality of your existence shall be meaningful to mankind; you shall leave godly and worthy footprints in the sands of time in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my son.

Thank you so much for using this service. Hope we are able to meet your needs. May you reap plenteous blessings on your son. You’ll never labour in vain in Jesus name.

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