40th Birthday Wishes for Brother 1

40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Growing up with a brother is one of the blessings life can give you. Often, they perform quadruple roles as a brother, a confidant, an advisor/mentor and a protector.

A brother’s love is genuine and true, although rarely appreciated. That’s the more reason you should celebrate your brother on this special day of his. It’s often said that a fool at forty is a fool forever, hence, your brother needs your prayers, wishes and blessings as he clocks a notable age as a man.

These 40th birthday wishes for your brother will help you appreciate all of his immense effort for you, whilst growing up. I’m sure he has supported you tremendously over the years, financially, morally, educationally in all ramification as a family member would.

Not everyone has this rare gift called ‘brother’, hence, you should appreciate your brother even more than ever.

Feel free to forward these 40th birthday wishes to your brother on this remarkable day of his. You can also forward them to your friends and family to help you celebrate your brother.

Ready for these birthday wishes? You’ll see them in a bit. Don’t forget to drop your comments below.

Happy 40th Birthday Quotes Messages for Your Brother

Apart from the numerous gifts, your brother will receive at 40, you can send these special happy 40th birthday messages, wishes and quotes with prayers for your brother on him. 40th birthday. Meaningful 40th birthday wishes for elder or younger brother.

1. On this special day of yours, I wish you wisdom, prosperity, sound health and mind. You flourish and increase daily. Your business will know no loss. Happy birthday, big bro.

2. I owe all that I have achieved to you because you supported me when I failed. Although you seemed too harsh, I understand you did all that because of your genuine love for me. As you clock forty, I pray that your joy will know no bound. Happy birthday, bro.

3. Though you spanked me severely, I now see that you did all you did from a heart full of love. Thanks for being patient with me, despite my stubbornness. Happy birthday, big bro.

4. Your life is a lesson to me. You’re all I pray for in my future husband. Happy birthday handsome bro.

5. You’re irreplaceable to me. You always go out of your way to ensure I’m okay. Thanks for all you do, brother. Happy birthday.

6. remember how you always comfort me when I’m down and advise me when I’m confused. You’re the best brother anyone could ever wish for. Happy birthday.

7. I am super proud of all that you’ve become today. You inspire me and I’m definitely following your steps. You’ve been a mentor all the while. Thank you brother, Happy Birthday.

8. As you are clock 40 today, may God bless all that concerns you. Your family call you blessed. Happy birthday small daddy.

9. What a privilege to have a sweet brother like you in my life. You have indeed lived an exemplary life and I’ve learnt a lot from you. Happy birthday cute bro.

10. Although we fought severally, there’s no doubt you’re the best brother anyone could ever wish for. Enjoy this new year, bro. Happy birthday.

11. I can’t love you less bro. You are the motivation I need to continue life strong. Although you’re blunt, you showed me real love. Thanks, bro, Happy birthday.

12. I’m glad to have you as a brother. The privileges I enjoy when I call you my brother is unexplainable. You’ve grown to be a fine man and I’m proud to call you my brother. Happy birthday, bro.

13. Only you understand my guy drama. Although you can be overprotective, you’ve saved me from wrong relationships. Your life inspires me, bro. Happy birthday.

14. 40 looks good on you. You are so strong, energetic and zealous. Enjoy this new Dawn in prosperity and abundance. May this be your best year ever. Happy birthday, bro.

15. Childhood would have been boring without you in it. There would have been no memorable experience of my childhood without you in it. You are so kind and caring and although I seldom say it, I love you brother. Happy birthday.

16. No gift is enough to express my gratitude to you, brother. You’re the sweetest gift I have and I can’t thank you enough for your sacrifices. Happy birthday sweet brother.

17. I am indebted to you because of all your good deeds to me. You’re special and one of a kind. Happy birthday, big bro.

18. I wish you a blissful and fantastic life ahead, bro. More money in your pockets this year and beyond. Many happy returns bro.

19. I pray that all of your heart desires are granted this year and you experience abundance on all sides. Happy birthday, bro.

20. There’s no doubt you’ve grown to be a man of great valour and character. I admire your personality, bro. I keep learning from you daily. Grow in wisdom, bro. Happy birthday.

21. I pray as you age gloriously, your joy knows no bound. The Almighty causes you to flourish and everything bountifully in all that you do. Happy birthday, bro.

22. Hey brother, you didn’t just grow old, you grew wiser. Your words are filled with seasoned grace and wisdom. You’re more of a mentor to me. Thanks for being you bro, enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

23. It gladdens my heart to have a brother like you. Despite your busy schedule, you still make out time for family. You’re one person I know my secret is safe with. You’re not just my brother, you’re my confidant. Happy birthday, bro.

24. You’re sweet and amazing. I pray your path shines brighter and brighter. Enjoy God’s abundance grace this new year.

25. With the things you do, you deserve to be celebrated every day. I pray that from this day henceforth, you Excel triumphantly in life. I cherish you, brother. Happy birthday.

26. You’ve grown to be a blessing not just to me, but to the entire family. You have single-handedly turned this family around by your good deeds. I love you bro, happy birthday.

27. Today and always, I pray for God’s abundant blessing and strength upon you. Your wealth increases divinely as you age gracefully. Happy birthday rich bro.

28. Turning 40 is every man’s desire. I pray you enjoy this new phase in joy and happiness. Have a wonderful celebration bro, Happy birthday.

29. You will be 40 for just a year, but I pray that all your accomplishments and achievements this year will last a lifetime. This year marks a turning around era for you, your family and business. Have a fulfilled year bro.

30. Have a wonderful 40th celebration. All your heart desires are granted this year. You flourish like the cedars of Lebanon and you are forever blessed. Happy birthday, bro.

31. I have become the envy of my friends because I have a sweet and handsome brother like you. All I ask God for you this year is prosperity and sound health. I love you bro, happy birthday.

32. I know you are destined to be great in life. As you clock 40, may you get the answers to those unanswered prayers. Have a fabulous year ahead, Happy birthday cute bro.

33. Oh Brother, how miss our childhood! Those days you’d take me out and buy me wonderful gifts when I do something amazing, days when you’d encourage me when I’m down and about to give up. You’ve been a blessing to me and I’m glad to have a brother like you. Happy birthday.

34. You taught me to be disciplined and optimistic in life. Thanks for your words of encouragement. You’re not just a brother, you’re my mentor. Happy birthday, bro.

35. Dear brother, may your life experience supernatural increase and turn around as you clock 40. All the resources you need to succeed in life is divinely given to you. Have a fantastic year ahead, Happy birthday.

36. I was at the gift store and I searched endlessly for a befitting gift for you. It was then I realized that no gift is enough to express my gratitude to you. You’re worth more than anything money can buy. Happy birthday my wonderful brother.

37. From today onward, sorrow and lack is far from you. Every day of your life, you hear nothing but good news. Your life becomes a testimony to everyone around you. Happy birthday, bro.

38. You have successfully survived 40 years of life hurdles and trials. You are triumphant bro. You stood tall in difficult times and there’s no doubt you are strong. Enjoy your 40th year celebration.

39. You’re so selfless and responsible. No one else can freely do the things you do. Thanks for sacrificing so much for me, brother. I admire your personality. Happy 40th birthday to the best brother in the world.

40. You amaze me with your selfless deeds. No one else can put his family needs first before him. You’re so amazing, bro. Enjoy your 40th year in peace and abundance.

41. I’ll forever cherish you. I remember your reaction when I told you some guy was bothering you. You wanted to go there right in to punch him in the face. Thanks for being my guiding angel. Happy birthday, bro.

42. You’re priceless and of esteemable value. Your words are timely and full of hope. You inspire me anytime any day. I love you bro, Happy birthday.

43. May this year bring you more joy, peace, happiness and prosperity. Your kind is rare. You’re so caring and handsome, I love you, my strong bro. Happy birthday.

44. Happy 40th birthday big bro. I wish you many more years of fulfilment and enlargement. Welcome to your best year ever.

45. You’re not just a year older, you’re a year better. Cheers to your new age. Enjoy your remaining years as an energetic youth. Happy birthday.

46. I’m grateful to God for blessing me with a rare gift like you, bro. Your life has been a source of encouragement to me through the years. I don’t take you for granted. Enjoy a blissful 40th celebration bro.

47. Happy birthday to my Bright, Resourceful, Optimistic, Trustworthy, Handsome, Extraordinary and Reliable BROTHER. You’re the best. Welcome to your best year ever, bro.

48. Only one person can calm me down when I’m sad, broken and disturbed. And that’s you, bro. Thanks for your support and through those years. I love your strength. Happy birthday.

49. As you enter this prime year, may you enjoy God’s blessings and grace all the days of your life. Joy, peace and laughter will never cease from your home.

50. You’re much more than a brother. You’re my hero. With you, I can be real, with no fear of judgement or shame. Thanks for being my superman, happy birthday cute bro.

51. Without you in my life, I would have been a shadow of myself. My life would have turned out to be a sad tale. But you never gave up on me, you saw the virtue no one else saw in me. I’m indebted to you, bro. Happy birthday.

52. May your life be filled with bliss and favour as you turn 40 today. The wisdom you need for each day is given unto you by the Almighty. Enjoy speed this year, bro. Happy birthday handsome.

53. On this special day of yours, may your strength be renewed as a youth. I decree God’s guidance, direction and Providence over your life. You are the best among your peers. Cheers to your new year, bro.

54. I’m reminiscing on the things you’ve taught me and they are countless. Surprisingly, you taught me girls stuff like making cornrows with thread and applying makeup. You will definitely make the best dad. Your children are blessed to have you. Happy 40th birthday bro.

55. I’m glad you came into this world before me. You showed me the right steps to follow and you gently led me every single step of the way. I’m honoured to have you in my life. Happy birthday, bro.

56. You’re ten years away from the golden jubilee, but your heart is as pure as the finest gold. You’re smart, handsome and hard-working. I’m proud of you bro. Enjoy this new Dawn, Happy birthday bro.

57. It’s amazing to know you’re just 40 because you are endowed with the wisdom of the aged. You know the right words to use in every situation. You’re a rare leader. Happy birthday, bro.

58. May God guide, lead and direct you every day of your life. You are not confused about what to do and you receive clarity on all your endeavours. Welcome to your year of rest bro. Happy birthday.

59. You’re always ready to bail me out of every ugly situation I find myself in, especially financially. I’m sorry I never paid you back as I promised, that’s why I call you my hero. Happy birthday, bro.

60. I think it’s okay to call you my knight in shining armour because you’ve always been there for me, helping me and supporting me to become all that I am today. I owe it all to you bro. Happy birthday.

61. You’re matured physically and mentally. You have the solution to every life problem I throw at you. You’re a star that shines so bright. Shine into your 40th year bro. Cheers!

62. Your marriage will be a blessing to many, a replica of true love. Your children are blessed to have you as a father. I’m glad to witness your 40th year bro. You’ve grown to be a fine man. Enjoy a fabulous year.

63. Although distance has a way of separating us, you’re close to my heart bro. I know I don’t always tell you this but I love you and you occupy a sacred space in my heart. I can’t take you for granted bro. Happy birthday.

64. You’ve not only impacted my life. You’ve impacted everyone around you. There’s this aura of Hope and light you carry around. I’m glad to be born into the same family as you. Enjoy a fulfilled 40th celebration bro, happy birthday.

65. You taught me to forgive no matter how badly I’ve been hurt. Your heart is exceptionally kind. You’re so special and amazing. I love you bro, Happy birthday.

66. I could buy you the finest shoes and latest designer tuxedo but they won’t get close to show my appreciation to you bro. You’re priceless and I love you dearly, Happy birthday bro.

67. I pray that you soar higher as you clock 40 bro. May you continue to live a life full of purpose and speed. May God enlarge your coast, Happy birthday.

68. I pray for a creative mind and innovative as you enter into full adulthood, today bro. May you never look back and wish you were younger. Welcome to the year of your dreams bro. Happy birthday.

69. May your gifts and talents make way for you this year than they ever did. I welcome you to your year of rest and peace bro. Have a wonderful 40th birthday celebration.

70. Although I won’t be there to celebrate with you physically, I wouldn’t throw a party here for the best brother in the world. You rock and I love you so much. Happy birthday, bro, enjoy 40.

71. There are many things I wanna say to you, many words I’d love to tell you, but none will suffice to show how grateful and indebted I am to you, bro. Till we meet in person, happy birthday bro. We definitely have a lot of catching up to do.

72. Because you’re 40 today, I want you to wear your brightest smile and forget about life’s worries. You are courageous, bro and you’ve made it this far. Happy birthday.

73. Today marks the end of sorrow in your life. May your year be entirely filled with joy and happiness. All your resources are overflowing. Enjoy abundance as you clock 40 bro. Happy birthday.

74. You’re so loving and kind. Thank you for the sunshine you bring to my life daily. Though we’re miles apart, you’ll forever be in my heart. I love you, bro. Happy birthday.

75. I pray you grow graciously in God’s fullness and mercy. God’s countenance shines upon you. Enjoy a fulfilled year, bro. Happy birthday.

76. You’re so hard-working and industrious. I’m amazed at your strength bro. May your life continue to be one that pleases God. You find favour in the sight of God and men throughout your lifetime. Happy 40th celebration.

77. You are the perfect model of a true brother with a pure heart. I couldn’t have asked for another body. You’re unique and I love you just the way you are. Happy birthday to the world’s best brother. 40 looks amazing on you.

78. Heaven knew I needed someone to watch over me and they sent you to be my guiding angel. You’re so smart, strong, intelligent and handsome. You’re every girl’s dream. Thanks for being supportive. Happy 40th celebration.

79. On this special day of yours, I pray you’re blessed abundantly beyond your comprehension. The Lord grants all of your heart desires in wondrous ways. Your house is one that the Almighty has blessed. Cheers bro! Happy birthday.

80. You’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Your patience is out of this world. Thanks for encouraging me when I was down and giving me hope for a bright future. Happy birthday, bro.

81. We’re celebrating 40 years of your bravery and impact in this world. You have immensely touched lives in this few years of your existence. There’s no doubt you are born to be great. I’m super proud of you bro. Happy birthday.

82. I pray your lifetime is one characterised with peace and goodness. Every day has a special blessing tied to it. You experience increase on all sides. Happy birthday, bro.

83. May your path shine as bright as the sun. As the ocean never runs dry, so shall your wealth never run dry. Welcome to 40- the beginning of abundance in your life. Happy birthday, world best brother.

84. As you enter this prime ago, sorrow, wailing and lack is far from you. I declare happiness and jubilation every day of your life. 40 is your year of rest. Happy birthday, bro.

85. Our parents always said I should look out for you, but it turns out you always looked out for all of us. You’re so caring and selfless. I love you, bro. Happy birthday.

86. You’re always there for me. To inspire me and make me strong despite life’s challenges. Nobody speaks to me the way you do. That’s why I call you the best brother in the universe. Happy 40th birthday bro.

87. If all brothers were like you, the world will be a better place. You’re so supportive. Happy birthday, bro.

88. No amount of gift will be able to repay you for the immeasurable things you do for me. Your kind is rare. Happy birthday, bro.

89. You’re my superman. Cheers to giant strides and successes for the past 40 years. Enjoy a fulfilled year bro. Happy birthday.

90. This is the beginning of open doors for you. May God grant all of your heart desires speedily. Enjoy peace in your 40’s. Happy birthday.

91. Your aspiration for excellence is profound. You’re a man of standard and principles. You have the purest heart. I can’t trade you for anything in this world. Happy 40th birthday bro.

92. You taught me to believe in myself and be optimistic no matter what life throws at me. You will always be my mentor, confidant, brother and friend. Happy birthday, big bro.

93. May all your dreams and aspirations be fulfilled this year. Wishing you a glorious year ahead. Enjoy today’s celebration bro, see you soon.

94. All who know me are of envious of me because I’ve got a handsome, kind and caring brother like you. You’re the best bro, Happy 40th birthday.

95. It’s rare to find a guy like you that perfectly understand me, my flaws, my personality, my weakness, my mood swings among others. No one else treats me the way you do. Little wonder heaven brought us together. Happy birthday, bro.

96. You’re the Number one person that crosses my mind when I’m in distress or when I’m excited about anything. I know you will always support me. You’re not just my brother, you’re my pal. Happy birthday cute bro.

97. I hope I’m the first person to wish you a happy birthday. I’ve actually been on a countdown for some days now. I just want to remind you to remain strong and cheerful as ever. Keep growing graciously bro. Happy 40 years.

98. You think I’m kidding when I say I would love to marry someone like you because you’re all I seek in a man. You’re calm, loving, patient, handsome and industrious. You know how to treat a lady. Your wife is lucky to have a man like you. Happy birthday, world best brother.

99. I cherish the times we shared together as kids. You’ve been so supportive all through the years. Although we’re miles apart, I always think and pray for you bro. Enjoy your 40th birthday.

100. Your heart is as beautiful as the morning dew and wider than the widest ocean. You’re so humble, friendly and kind. I hold you in high esteem, bro. Greater heights ahead. Happy 40th birthday small dad.

I know it was indeed a nice read.
You can lavish your brother with these messages, prayers and wishes to celebrate his 40th birthday. Don’t dull, pick one and send to him ASAP.

Share to your family members too and drop your comments below.

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