Cute Letters to Someone Special

2023 Cute Letters to Someone Special on His Birthday

As you might already know, nothing beats the feeling you get when you know how much someone cares so much about you, whether or not there is enough romantic intimacy between you both.

And for as long as blood flows through your veins, your heart wants to replicate the same affection you have got from this special someone (your special friend or boyfriend.)

If you then choose the occasion of their birthday to reiterate how much they mean to you, that is he height of thoughtfulness on your part.

And, before you read the cute love letters specially written for that someone special on his birthday, I use this opportunity to appreciate the fact that you care so much about the other person and finding ways to give back to how much they have given to make you merry.

From me to him – happy birthday!

1. Thanks for Being You
I’ve asked many questions about life and each answer I got resonates around your care for me.
I’ve gotten reasons to smile and the peak of them all comes from the love and friendship you share with me.
And if life will make me choose a friend (or lover) to spend the rest of my life with, you already know I chose you!
Happy birthday to the man who makes me feel specially loved.
I love you.

2. Can I Say It Again?
Many people get surprised about the seven wonders of the world, my heart is left in awe at the rate with which it’s loved by you.
And the last time I checked, you have put me on a pedestal enough to perpetuate my heart in limitless merriment.
And when I say I love you so much, I want to go on the highest towers in the world to shout it with rhythms unrivaled.
So, I love you and love you and love you… But can I say it again?
Happy birthday to the man behind my smiles. I love you so much.

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