Inspirational Bible Quotes for Birthdays

2023 Inspirational Bible Quotes for Birthdays

Birthdays are special. They are unique even as stated in the scriptures.

Here are some of scriptural and inspiration quotes you can send to those special people on their special days.

Gracious Bible Quotes for Birthdays

Nothing can be more beautiful than digging out gracious words from the word of God to beautify and increase the grace of God over your life and loved ones lives.The whole work has been made easy through this carefully coined out post from the living word of God. So,here you have the best inspirational and gracious quotes for birthdays.

1. “The Lord has given you thrills with all He has done for you. He has kept watch over you from your formative years to now. Happy birthday to you. (Psalm 92:4)

2. “Safely HE brought you out of your mother’s womb. He has been your God and guides from the moment you were born. He will continue to keep you. Happy birthday. (Psalm 22:9,10)

3. “The Lord is your shepherd; He has all you need. He will shower you with overflowing blessings as you add another year today. Long life to you.”

4. “With bountiful harvest will he crown your years. Even your seeming hard pathways will overflow with blessings and abundance. Long life to you as you adds another to your years today.”

5. “The Lord who has been with you from your mother’s womb and who has cared for you from birth will give you reasons to praise him always. Happy birthday to you.”

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6. “He has made all the delicate part of your body and has knit you together from your mother’s womb. He will continue to care for you all the days of your life. Happy birthday.”

7. “Wonderfully, marvellously and fearfully has He made you? You are the complete work of His hand. The Lord is your strength always and forever. Happy birth anniversary.”

8. “Only the living can praise the Lord as you do today. He is the giver of life and good health. Celebrate Him today and always. Long life to you.”

9. “To the impartial and ever faithful God should all your praises go today. He gave you life and chose you completely. Let his name alone be praised. Happy returns to you.”

10. “Than the noonday, may your life be brighter? In Him, may you find peace and abundance always? Long life to you.”

11. “The Almighty bless and keep you safe today onwards. He has lifted you and you’ll remain lifted. Long life and prosperity to you.”

12. “More than the noon shall your light and life be brighter in Jesus name. Abundance of harvest will be your portion in this new year. Long life and prosperity to you.”

13. “Blessings from above, from the watery depths below, will the Almighty shower on you to follow and fill you from now till the end of your days. Happy birthday to you.”

14. “The days of your life shall be brighter than the noon and even your darkness will be as bright as the morning. Live long and prosper my dear.”

15. “You will live to enjoy your days and even your grandchildren. May the happiness of she who births you be as full as the oceans.

16. “Your food and wine you shall eat and drink with a happy heart as the Lord God has approved of it. Happy birthday to you.”

17. “Continually, the Lord God will guide you. He will give unto you water when you are dry and restore your strength. Just like the well-watered garden and the ever-flowing spring will you be all the days of your life.”

18. “Showers of blessings will follow you today and always. And has the Lord provides seed for the farmer so shall increase your resources.”

19. “In every way, you will be greatly enriched, you will prosper exceedingly. Happy birthday to you.”

20. “Today, you will be healthy in body and strengthened in spirit. The spirit of the Lord will abide with you forever. (3 John 1:2)

21. “As humans, we can only regenerate humans like ourselves. It is the Spirit of the Lord who births spiritual life. Today you will be rebirth in the Spirit all over. Happy birthday to you. (John 3:6)

22. “As the glorious power of the Father has raised Christ from the dead, may you also live a new and impactful life. Happy birthday to you (Romans 6:4)

23. “May your life and times always honour and please the Lord. May you know God better in this new year (Col 1:10). Long life to you dear.”

24. “We are His prized possession out of all creations. He birth us by giving us His true word (James 1:18). As today marks the beginning of another year for you, you will be held firmly in His hands. Long and life and prosperity.”

25. “As you celebrate your birth anniversary today, you have been born again to a new life that will last forever and not end quickly because it is eternal and from the living word of God. (1Peter 1:23) many happy returns of the day.”

26. “Your smile and not the tears count more in life. I hope all your wishes and dreams come true for you today. Long life to you.”

27. “Whatever you seek today you will find, wherever you knock the door will be opened for you. All your wishes will come true today. Happy birthday to you.”

28. “This new year, another great adventure of fun-filled pomp and splendour awaits you. Welcome this year with great excitement and watch as it all unfolds with ease. Happy birthday to you.”

29. “May the joys of the Lord which abounds plentifully and has spread from the past come back to you today and stay forever. I wish you a happy birthday.”

30. “This new year, your life will pick up speed and launch you into a great journey which you will be sure to enjoy. Have a beautiful birthday.”

31. “Surely, goodness and mercies will follow you today and all the rest of your life. And you will have joy unlimited forever. (Psalm 23:6). Long life and prosperity to you.”

32. “The peace of God which transcends all the understanding of man will be your portion today and always as you launch into another new year. Happy birthday to you.”

33. “Abundant of happiness and joy to move in your life’s journey for this new year is all I ask God of you. Long life and prosperity to you.”

34. “The sun will not hurt you by day or the moon by night. The Lord will watch you and you will come to no harm for the rest of your life. Happy birthday to you.”

35. “This new year of your life you will dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 90:1). Long may you live.”

36. “Both the high and low, the rich and poor, young and old will attest to what mighty works the Lord will wrought in your life (Psalm 49:2). Happy birthday to you dear.”

37. “Your trust in the Lord will never be moved. You will stand firm and shine brightly. Happy birthday my dear.”

38. “Your mouth will speak of wisdom and your heart will meditate from understanding from this day forward (Psalm 49:3). Happy happy birthday my friend.”

39. “The Lord will be merciful to you, bless you, and cause his face to shine upon you (Psalm 67:1). Many happy returns today. Happy birthday.”

40. “God bless and keep you safe in this new year. You will prosper, greatly. Happy birthday to you.”

41. “Wisdom, instructions, justice and understanding will be your portion as you add another year today (Proverbs 1:3). Long life to you.”

42. “This new year, wisdom will be found on your lips and understanding on your heart (Proverbs 10:13). Happy birthday to you.”

43. “Let your heart sing unto the Lord as he has done great and marvellous things in you (Isaiah 12:5). It is your birthday. Have a beautiful celebration.”

44. “Today, may the promise of fruitfulness and multiplication be fulfilled in your life. Long life and prosperity to you my friend.”

45. “The Lord will make your face strong against their face and your forehead strong against theirs (Ezekiel 3:9). Happy birthday to you.”

46. “Just like the house of Judah of old, the Lord will have mercy unto you and save you completely (Hosea 1:7). Happy birthday to you.”

47. “Your days shall be great and your works as mighty as you have the Lord God of Hosts at work in you. Many happy returns of today.”

48. “Afflictions will not come to you and yours today and always. Long life and all-around prosperity will be your portion always.”

49. “The Lord will be your stronghold in the day of trouble. He will hold your hand and lead your paths always. Happy birthday.”

50. “The lady luck will visit and stay with you now and ever as you celebrate the day you were born today. Long life to you my dear.”

51. “As you are a special person may today and all your days be amazing and colourful. Happy birthday to you.”

52. “Forget the past completely and look out to the future. Your best is here already. May your light shine brightly. Happy birthday.”

53. “A fresh start is what today all is about. New goals and levels, new heights and endeavours that should be the most important of your thoughts today. Happy birthday to you.”

54. “Another 365 days journey of fulfilment is here. You will soar above all obstacles today and always. Welcome to another phase of life.”

55. “With long life and good health will the good Lord satisfy you today as you celebrate the beginning of another phase of life. Long life and prosperity are all yours.”

56. “The Lord will break your yokes free off you and burst your bonds in asunder. You will enjoy His mercies all around. Happy birthday to you dear.”

57. “You will be multiplied and increased all over. The Lord your God will show unto you His mercies. Long life and prosperity to you always.”

58. “This new year the Lord will deliver you all round and give you rest on all sides. You will sing for great joy. Many happy returns of today to you.”

59. “Life is in stages and phases. A birth anniversary is a reminder that there should be a transition from one level of life to another. Hope today brings to you the fulfilment of your wishes. Happy birthday.”

60. “May you be a source of inspiration to others always. You are special. Happy birthday to you.”

61. “Everyone is born with endless opportunities. I hope you will realize yours and keep up with what you would do and not what you could do. Happy birthday.”

62. “Today may you discover the ‘why’ you were born. May your light shine and never dim. Happy birthday.”

63. “You are a special gift to the earth. You are loved always and forever. Many happy returns of the day.”

64. “The Lord will cause His face to shine on you; He will shower you with all that makes your life beautiful on this day. Happy birthday to you.”

65. “Be thankful for your day which is today. A happy heart will be granted to you in addition to all your desires. Happy birthday to you.”

66. “This new year of your life, go in and possess all that is yours. You will rule and reign. Happy birthday.”

67. “More than anything, wisdom is essential in the walk of life. May you be blessed with it today on this special occasion. Many happy returns of today to you.”

68. “May you be led to the path of what is right. You will move above all odds. Long life and prosperity to you. Happy birthday to you.”

69. “And your latter will definitely be greater than your former. You will sing out more for joy, that is what the promise of God to you is for this new stage of life. Many happy returns of the day to you.”

70. “Out of the abundance of the works of your hand, you will surely eat. The Lord will satisfy you with all that you desire. Happy birthday my dear.”

71. “He rises out of the dust and settles the kings on their throne. He is the Lord and He will settle you all-round. Long life and prosperity to you.”

72. “Every beast and animal of the forest is of the Lord’s. Everything belongs to Him and He does as He pleases. This new year, He will make you as you wish. Happy birthday to you.”

73. “You must not forget the Lord your God as this is the only way you can enjoy your life purpose. Keep this in mind today and have a fulfilling birthday celebration today. Long life to you.”

74. “On this day, you have to count your blessings and stay happy. Enjoy today. Happy birthday to you.”

75. “Of all the days, today is special to you. You are older and of course wiser. Do enjoy your day. Long life and prosperity to you all around.”

76. “The same energy invested at your birth is presented again today. So soar high, live right and enjoy the rest of the day. Long life and prosperity to you.”

77. “Always be thankful for being alive to witness another year. Do not complain about anything today. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.”

78. “Live your life with thanksgiving and never get tired of living it all over. Happy birthday to you.”

79. “I pray that this new year will bring with it, bundles of endless joy. You will be favoured on all sides. Long life to you.”

80. “Make your years and the days of your life count. Appreciate the gift of life by living it right. You are loved. Happy birthday.”

81. “Put your best forward always in this new year. It is all you can offer to mankind. Live life to the fullest. Fulfil purpose. Happy birthday to you.”

82. “The physical changes that are displayed as you grow older are the signs of what we have been through and who we want to be. Hearty cheers to you on your birthday today.”

83. “Your cry announced your arrival to the world, live life so that the world cries when you are gone. Have a fruitful life, my dear. Happy birthday to you.”

84. “Birthdays are beautiful, spectacular, inevitable and very particular in our lives. Celebrate today as the Lord has given you reasons to laugh and be merry. Happy birthday to you.”

85. “Time flies fast when you are enjoying your moments. May this moment never pass you quickly. Happy birthday to you.”

86. “Every new year added to life as a means of changing and influencing even the simplest of daily routines. May your life be sweet and colourful. Many happy returns to you.”

87. “Be hopeful, kindly, cheerful and reverent as you add another day to your days today. Happy birthday to you.”

88. “The real ‘you’ is not determined by your age. Live your day to the best and celebrate the more. Long life and prosperity to you.”

89. “Celebrate your day today and look forward to the coming year as one for great grace and prosperity. Many happy returns to you dear.”

90. “We need birthdays more to celebrate past achievements. This is a way for keeping track of progress and improves where necessary.”

91. “Let today open your mind and give you more insights that are needed to move and push into another level of life. Happy birthday.”

92. “Reflect on the past year and hope for greater opportunities for another step in life’s journey. Long life and prosperity.”

93. “Let the awareness of the 1440 beautiful moments you spend for each year come to you today so that you can make the decisions to spend them wisely.”

94. “New life goals and decisions should be taken today as you celebrate another year of fulfilment of purpose. Long life to you my dear.”

95. “Seeing and appreciating nature is one of the beauties of life. May you never grow too old of seeing the beauty of nature around. Happy birthday to you.”

96. “Birthdays are worth celebrating no matter what may. May today bring loads of joy into your life journey this new year.”

97. “The best is not yet to come but right here already. Do have a purposeful celebration and year ahead.”

98. “As a child, birthdays always evoke plenty of joy and laughter. I wish that same childish enthusiasm never leave you. Long life and prosperity.”

99. “Birthdays come once as a year as you already know. Celebrate this one day with great cheer and ease of mind. Happy birthday to you.”

100. “A popular saying is that ‘you don’t get older but wiser’. May eternal wisdom seek you out and abide with you on today’s occasion. Long life to you my dear.”

101. “Even though thoughts and beliefs may change a bit year after year but my wish for you will always remain the same, and that’s long life and prosperity be yours always.”

102. “May your days be bright and colourful as you celebrate your birthday today. Long life to you.”

103. “May your life be better with each new year. You are loved always. Happy birthday to you.”

104. “I wish you complete that goal which you were sent to achieve in this new year you are going into. Long life and live well.”

105. “Cakes are special, birthdays are special and you are the most special of it all. Happy birthday to you my best friend.”

106. “Sometimes it is very safe to keep a journal for each year so that when we celebrate a birthday, we would tick out some significant progress. Long life to you my dear.”

107. “You don’t have to wait for birthdays to celebrate your life. Live like tomorrow is not yours. Be good to everyone. Happy birthday.”

108. “May you always find balance in life. Today greater doors, greater opportunities are opened to you. Long life and prosperity are all I wish you today and always.”

109. “May you live an equilibrium life. Have a beautiful celebration today. Many happy returns of the day.”

110. “As you go on the journey of another year, do not live to work, go easy on yourself and live a very healthy life. Happy birthday to you.”

111. “Happiness springs from within and not without. May your life be sweet and fulfilling. Happy birthday to you my friend.”

112. “Follow your dreams, strive hard, believe in yourself, work hard, enjoy life and make friends. These are the tips you should keep in mind and follow for the new year. Long life to you, happy birthday.”

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