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2023 Top Happy Birthday Christian Quotes

A birthday is one of the most important days in one’s life, and a yearly celebration of it is an opportunity to thank God for the gift of life (The years lived, and the ones to come).

It is important to be a part of your loved one’s special day by speaking life and blessings upon them, wishing them the very best in the new year.

I’m sure they will definitely appreciate and be happy to receive hope giving messages inspired by the living word of God on their birthdays.

Any of the Happy Birthday Christian Quotes below will be perfect to wish them a very happy and blessed birthday.

Happy Birthday Christian Messages

Here is the trending Happy Birthday Christian Messages. The best collection of Top Happy Birthday Christian Quotes.

1. As you become a year older today, I want you to know you’re a beloved child of God, and that means you’re entitled to get a special gift from your father. May God grant your deepest desires and give you the best birthday gift ever. Enjoy.

2. May heaven bath you with showers of blessing on this special day of yours. Happy birthday, beloved. Live long and prosper.

3. May the goodness and mercies of the “most high” God follow, and be upon you this day and always. May it also usher you into all things good and lovely. Happy birthday to you.

4. I pray this new year unleashes every potential and gifts God deposited within you when he made you. Do have a great birthday celebration and a prosperous new year.

5. I wish above all things that you grow in grace, and knowledge of all the treasures God has placed inside of you. Have a blessed birthday dearie.

6. As you become a year older today, I want to implore you to take your walk with God more seriously, because he alone is able to help you get to the peak of all the greats plans he has for you. Happy Birthday, dear.

7. May this be a new year filled with abundant blessings, peace and joy. Have a happy birthday celebration.

8. The windows of heaven have been specially opened today because it’s your birthday. So, get ready to be drenched in the rain of abundance. Happy birthday, darling.

9. May God’s face shine upon you especially today, to illuminate your life and all that pertains to you. Happy birthday.

10. May your years be long as the Lord satisfies you with prosperity and all things good and lasting. Have a great birthday celebration darling friend.

11. You’ve been a great source of blessing to me and all around you. I pray that you reap the fruits of your kindness and benevolence in hundred folds, this new year and beyond. Happy Birthday, darling.

12. As you grow older, may you be borne on eagle’s wings, and carried high above every valley and storm of life. A happy birthday to you as you come up higher.

13. Every battle of life has been fought on your behalf. So, enter this new year with peace of mind and assurance of your victory in Christ. Happy birthday, ma.

14. I welcome you to the beginning of the best years of your life. God has gone before you to make your path straight, and all your ways prosperous. Have a super birthday dear.

15. I want you to always remember that God has great plans for you, and everything in your life shall work together for your good. Have a purposeful new year.

16. It’s not the years in our life, but the life in our years, that really matter. May you learn to number your days accordingly this year and beyond. Have a blessed birthday and new year.

17. Take time to commit your way this new year to God’s hands, trusting not in your own understanding but acknowledging him as your Lord and guide. I pray you walk circumspectly this new year and beyond.

18. This is a new year, a new opportunity to make better choices and walk according to purpose. Forget the mistakes of your past, and don’t let them hold you back from achieving greatness this year. Stay lifted dearie, happy birthday.

19. No matter the circumstance we are in, it’s important to thank God, knowing we are alive because of him, and as long as there’s life, there’s hope. Make sure you enjoy yourself today, because it’s your day, and trust that all things shall fall into place this year.

20. I pray you make the best of decisions this new year and be led rightly on the path of purpose. The Lord is your strength, and may his strength be made perfect in your weaknesses. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

21. May you receive a special birthday gift exceeding abundantly above all you’ve ever thought of, or asked from God today. Enjoy sweets.

22. The glory of the latter is always greater than the former for the children of God. This birthday and new year shall definitely be the best you’ve had so far. God bless you especially today, dear. Happy birthday to you.

23. I want you to know that nothing that happens to you is a coincidence because your steps are ordered by the “most high”. Pay attention to everything that happens this new year, and make sure you learn as many positive lessons as possible. Happy Birthday.

24. I’m grateful to God for how far he has brought you in this journey of life. As you enter this new year, I believe he’ll continually uphold you, and take you to heights beyond your imagination. Happy birthday, dearie.

25. As you increase in age today, I also pray you increase in every other area of your life. Have a super celebration.

26. It is popularly said that the two most important days in a person’s life, are: “The day one is born”, and “The day one finds out why”. On your birthday today, I pray you an understanding of all you were made to be, and grace to pursue and fulfil your life’s purpose. Happy birthday, baby.

27. I wish you more wisdom, knowledge, understanding, favour, joy, peace and love as you enter this new year. Happy birthday, sis.

28. May the peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind on this special day of yours, all through this new year, and forever. Happy birthday, dearie.

29. As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray you prosper and be in health in every area of your life. Happy birthday, dear. Do have a new year full of bliss.

30. Ask whatever you want today and it shall be granted because it’s your birthday. I pray God grants your heart desires and causes you to abound in all things good and beautiful. Happy birthday, darling.

31. Happy birthday, honey. I want to inform you that angels have been deployed to deliver wonderful gifts of joy, happiness, perfect health, and prosperity to you this blessed morning. Enjoy your day.

32. As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray things of joy and glad tidings shall never cease in your life and home. God bless you abundantly today and always.

33. May God, who gives seed to the sower, and bread to the eater, supply all your needs according to the glory of his riches in Christ. Happy birthday to you, as you bask in God’s blessings.

34. I declare concerning you, in this new year, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. The Lord shall protect and guide you in all your way. Happy birthday to you.

35. As you step into this new year, everything you lay your hands on shall prosper, and nothing shall be difficult for you to achieve. Happy birthday dear, long life and prosperity.

36. I thank God for your life today, and for keeping you to see this new age. I pray you’ll continually enjoy his goodness and mercy all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

37. May the Lord perfect all that concerns you today and cause you and yours to be for signs and wonders, and praises to his name. Have a happy birthday.

38. Everything contrary to the will of God for your life shall not enter this new year with you. May only God’s will stand in your life, and prosper in your hands. Happy birthday dear friend.

39. May you experience an overflow of blessing and great success in every area of your life, henceforth. Happy birthday to you.

40. I pray you speed in all areas of your life this new year. Happy birthday.

41. The bouquet of long life, prosperity, good health, favour, success, and great achievement has been prepared for you on this special day of yours. Sit back and enjoy dear, happy birthday.

42. May every lost treasure and opportunity be restored to you this day, and all year round. Cheers to a year of recovery. Happy birthday, dear.

43. May you be strengthened with might from above as you grow stronger and stronger. Happy birthday.

44. The Lord shall order your steps to take giant strides this new year and beyond. Happy birthday.

45. I declare blessings upon you and yours. You are blessed in your going out and coming in. Blessed men call you blessed. Happy birthday.

46. Happy birthday to my beautiful and wonderfully made baby. It’s your best year yet, as God causes all things to work in your favour this year. Have fun.

47. I declare that lines are falling unto you in pleasant places this day and year. Happy birthday, dear. Long life and prosperity.

48. You shall live long to celebrate many more birthdays like this on earth. I’m sure of this because God has satisfied you with long life in Christ. Happy birthday, it is well with you.

49. Happy birthday dear. May God’s ever abiding presence continually dwell and abide with you, all the days of your life. Have a great one.

50. As you increase in age today, I pray you’ll also grow in the knowledge and understanding of who God has called you to be. Happy Birthday.

51. May the gifts and calling of God upon your life begin to find manifestation in your life, today and forever. Happy birthday to you.

52. May you receive the best of presents as you celebrate your birthday today, but above all, may God’s sweet presence abide with you all through your life. Happy birthday.

53. Happy birthday, dearie. I pray God’s word shall be a lamp unto your feet, and light to your path this new year and always.

54. May the everlasting grace and mercy of God be multiplied unto you, today and forever. Have a very happy birthday.

55. Happy birthday and new year to you dear. Your lot shall be preserved and this year, you’ll experience a restoration in all areas of your life.

56. Abundant blessings, nothing missing, nothing broken. This shall be your testimony at the end of this new year you’re beginning today. Happy birthday.

57. May ever sadness in your heart be turned to joy, every pain turned to gain, as you step into a new season of joy and laughter. You deserve a happy birthday.

58. I speak the favour of God upon you today. May tongues rise to defend you in places where your name is discussed, and may men go out of their ways to please you. This is your appointed year for favour and victory. Happy birthday, cheers!

59. Nothing is too hard for God to do, and nothing is impossible to the man who believes in God. On this birthday of yours and this new year, may your faith be strengthened to achieve and receive all you desire. Happy birthday.

60. Happy birthday, dear. I pray you an experience of divine protection and provision all through the days of this year and beyond. Enjoy.

61. I have good news for you today. You and yours have been designed for signs and wonders unto the praise of God. Go into this year and begin to manifest. Happy birthday sir.

62. In this new year, the sun shall not smite you by day, nor the moon by night. Everything works together to bless and benefit you. Happy birthday.

63. I want you to go into this new year in confidence that no harm shall befall you. The God of angel armies has gone before you; fear not. Happy birthday, dear.

64. God has given his angels charge over you, to protect and ensure you’re safe. Enjoy the protection from above all through this year and beyond. Long life and prosperity as you celebrate another birthday.

65. You shall call one, a thousand shall answer. All things shall answer to you this new year, nothing shall be hard for you. Have a blessed birthday.

66. The earth is the Lord’s and all it’s fullness thereof. May you receive abundant blessings out of that fullness today, in overflowing measures. Have fun.

67. As you celebrate your birthday today, you continually have reasons to celebrate, and none to mourn this year. Have a great year.

68. I wish I could be there to celebrate today with you. But I believe God is with you, and his presence shall comfort you and fill you with exceeding joy and gladness. Happy birthday, darling.

69. Happy birthday to you. Take time to count God’s blessings in your life, and you’ll realise he has been faithful. May his love and blessings never cease in your life dear. Enjoy your day.

70. The peace and joy of the Holy Spirit shall fill and consume your heart and entire being today and always. Have a joyful birthday celebration, this shall be your best year yet.

71. You deserve a truly happy birthday, for you’ve lived a good life, and God has been faithful to you. Take time to give thanks to him today, even as you expect him to bless you much more this year.

72. In this new year, the eyes of evil shall not see you, nor their power, overshadow you. The Lord shall raise a standard against every work of darkness in your life. Happy birthday, dear.

73. May the Lord work in you both to will and to do his perfect will today, this year, and all the days of your life. Happy birthday, sweets. Stay lifted.

74. May every good thing purposed for you come your way today, as you draw out from the well of salvation, with joy in your heart on your birthday. Cheers.

75. When people are complaining of a casting down, your testimony shall be of a lifting up. This is because you’re the beloved of the “most high” God, and he’s always with you. Happy birthday.

76. It’s your birthday darling, my prayer for you is that the Lord shall arise for your sake and cause you to triumph in all areas of your life. God bless you greatly, happy birthday to you.

77. May the Lord hear and grant every of your heart desires speedily and especially as you call out to him today. Happy birthday to you.

78. May the good Lord bare you up on eagle’s wings and cause you to fly high and above every situation of life. Have a super birthday.

79. Get ready darling, for kings are coming to your rising this year. God is causing you to stand before kings and queen, and not mere men. Happy birthday.

80. It’s your birthday darling. Let out songs of praises to God, and dance like David did, as you step into your season of victory. I wish you long life in health and wealth. Much love.

81. A very happy birthday to you dear friend. I pray you empowerment from above to overcome and withstand all that comes your way this new year.

82. Happy birthday, dearie. As you put God first today, thanking him for the gift of life, may he grant you a supply of your every needs and desire. Enjoy your day.

83. I declare you blessed in your going out and coming in, all the days of this new year, and beyond. Happy birthday to you. Your endeavours are greatly blessed.

84. As you celebrate today, everything that’s not of God and contrary to his will shall be eliminated from your life in Jesus name. Happy birthday, beloved.

85. It’s a new day, a new year, a new age for you. May all old and negative things nit meant to be in your life pass away and give way for the new to come. Enjoy your season of newness.

86. Since I was young, and bow that I’m older, I’ve never seen God’s children beg for bread. My God shall surely supply all your needs this year, and beyond, according to his riches in glory in Christ. Enjoy supernatural abundance dear. Happy birthday.

87. The Lord is making a way where there was no way, and opening every previously shut door for you this year. Have a happy birthday, rejoicing, for the Lord shall be especially good to you this year.

88. May the Lord be for you and yours, a shield and strong tower, this year and forever. Happy birthday to you.

89. Happy birthday, love. Your world awaits the manifestation of the king within you. Grow in grace as you become all God has created you to be.

90. May the grace of God that has appeared to all men, remain and abide with you all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

91. Happy birthday, dear. May your light continually shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect the perfect day of our Lord. Stay blessed.

92. As you celebrate today, may those around you always have cause to celebrate with you, and to celebrate God’s faithfulness in your life. Happy birthday, dearie.

93. It’s your season of newness and possibilities. May your steps be directed to all God has in store for you. Happy birthday.

94. Trust in God with all your heart, and acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will direct and make your path prosperous this year and always. Happy birthday.

95. I wish you all the best of God in this new year, and for the rest of your life. Happy birthday.

96. As you grow older today, I pray you also grow in the knowledge and understanding of the hidden treasures embedded in you for greatness. Cheers to you on your birthday.

97. Always remember that you are greatly loved by the “Most High” God, and he has made provisions for all you’ll ever need in life. Happy birthday.

98. The joy of the Lord shall continually be your strength, as you excel in every life’s circumstance by the power of his Spirit in you. Happy birthday.

99. I want you to know that you’re always at an advantage, and never at a disadvantage. Because you carry God on your inside, success is inevitable for you this year and beyond. Happy birthday to you.

100. God shall cause you to have good success in all you commit your heart and hands to, this year and beyond. Happy birthday to you.

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