Texts to Make Her Melt

100+ Texts to Make Her Melt in 2023

Women love sweet talks the most. They see it as their ego booster. If you want that woman in your life to have a very beautiful outlook of you then the thing to do is flatter her with sweet words.

Here are some words you can forward to her as texts.

Sweet Romantic Texts to Make Her Melt

Best collection of Sweet Romantic Texts to Make Her Melt. Sweet Romantic Texts to Make Your Girlfriend Melt.

1. Hey beautiful! I know I don’t have to ask you how you are doing because I am sure you are very fine. Have a very sweet day darling.

2. I kept looking at the time today at work. I wish the hours will just rush by as I cannot wait to see you again. How are you doing?

3. My darling. My true love. My everything. My woman. I just wanted to say hi nothing more. I miss you though.

4. You are the light that brightens up my days and the moon that watches me at night. Trust you are good baby? Be fine for me

5. You are the joy of my life, the beat of my heart, the love of my life. I love you now and ever.

6. You don’t have to ask me how I am doing. As long as you are fine then I am too. You are me and I am you already.

7. Even on cold days I would stay warm as your love in my heart burns and warms me up. I love you always my darling.

8. Your bright eyes, your sweet smile, your soft laughs, your beautiful body all makes you so perfect for me darling. Be mine, forever.

9. In this crazy world, you are the only thing that makes perfect sense too and completes me. I can’t even bear a day without you at all. I love you honeybunny.

10. I am fulfilled already as I have you in my life. You are the source of all sweetness to me. I love you more than you can imagine.

11. Hold me tight darling as I cannot imagine a world without you in it. Let me be lost in your love as I don’t want to be found at all. You are my love babe

12. I don’t need to dread the nights as I know I can always see you in my dreams even more than I do by day. I love you too much darling.

13. Change is constant in life, very true, but I don’t ever want to change from you. You are the best gift from life to me.

14. Apart from life, you are the most important thing to me. I hope you know that I can’t live my life without you.

15. Over and over I fall for you. What would my life be without you in it? You complete me, baby.

16. Your smile, your eyes and everything about you is just perfect. You are the right one for me.

17. Hey darling. You are the one that makes my heart beat so wildly and my thoughts run faster than me. I love you more than the stars in the sky.

18. You know you have found true love when you cannot get that person out of your mind. I love you so much and I hope you do too.

19. You’ve captured my mind, heart, body, soul and all. I don’t even want this feeling to end as it gives me thorough happiness.

20. I look forward to every new day as it gives me more reason to love you more. I can never get over you and I don’t even want to.

21. You are my heart beat by day, my fantasies at night. You make me see life as more beautiful. I love you, darling.

22. You came into my life and gave me more joy. You came into my heart and made it your home. You are my priceless gem, I love you so much.

23. The brightness of the sun cannot be compared to how I love you. the stillness of the night breeze cannot calm the excitement your love has planted in my heart.

24. You are a dream come true. You came into my life and made me complete. Thanks for being my angel.

25. Sweeter than honey, priceless than gold; that is what you are to me. I can never exchange you for anything in the wide world. You are my love.

26. I can only look forward to when you will be with me forever. You make my heart sing so much dear. You are my darling.

27. No matter how crazily busy my day may be, I will still find the chance to check on you, my beloved. Thanks for being my girl darling. Take care of yourself for me.

28. I want to see you right now and hold you tight. The hugs are for appreciating you for coming into my life.

29. My life has gotten a brand new and complete meaning since you came into it. You are my world sweetheart, my all.

30. Your smile brightens my day up, no matter how cloudy it might want to be. The thought of you is just what I need to spur me into the day’s activities. You mean so much to me.

31. Sometimes, out of nowhere a smile will form on my lips. Don’t worry baby, it’s the thought of you that’s making my heart merry.

32. Let me have your heart baby, I promise to keep it very safe as you will be too. I cannot stop loving you, dear.

33. My friends asked me the reason I stare for long and smile. How do I explain that you are the one always on my mind? You are my star baby

34. Ever since I met you, my dreams have always been so amazing. You are always there to hold me and make me fly high. I love you dear

35. I have learnt to love and live in this life, but more than anything you have shown me what real love is. I can’t live without you girl.

36. I don’t know this is how it feels to be in love. I float every day because you are always on my mind. Don’t ever go out of my heart.

37. You came into my mind and made it your corner; you came into my world and made it perfect. That is just who you are, my woman and my love.

38. I know I am not perfect, well you aren’t too. Let’s combine our imperfectness and be together to complement each other. I don’t want to live my life without you.

39. Time spent with you is always worth the while. You are my dream come true. I cannot live without you.

40. In your eyes, I see perfect love. In your touch, I feel great care. You are just everything I need to make my life complete.

41. Thinking of you, I can’t help but smile and say to myself how lucky I am of all men to call you mine. Be with me darling, you complete me.

42. I would give anything to be with you at night and watch you sleep as a baby in my arms till morning comes. You are special to me. You are my queen.

43. With you, all my worries are not anywhere around. Can you just stay with me forever then? So I can always have no worries.

44. Out of a million women, you are outstanding. Well, you are my woman so you have to be.

45. Jades, diamonds, rubies and gold all these cannot compare to you. you are priceless. You are beyond them all. I love you

46. I know you were born just for me. So thanks for being my woman. Now, you have to stay with me till the end of things.

47. I can never get tired of telling how much I love you, so get used to it because that is how it would be till my breath ceases.

48. I am in love with you. You are the life of me. Don’t leave me. It would kill me.

49. Hey beautiful, we really look good together. Can I be yours as I have made you mine already? I love you too much.

50. Distance, busy schedule, bad friends and tough economy all this can never keep us apart as you are always in my mind. I love you too much darling.

51. Seeing you confirm that you are not just a dream but the reality of the angle the heavens gave me. Stay with me baby as I will never let you go.

52. Most mornings find me lying lazily in bed reluctant to open my eyes and get up as that means the end of my sweet dreams of you. I can’t live without you baby.

53. Soon, I would prefer to have you around every minute instead of ordinary phone calls and text messages. I can’t wait for you to be completely mine.

54. I want to be with you every second of the minutes and hours of the days. You are the life that I live I hope you know.

55. Your love is the only thing that makes life meaningful. Without it, I don’t even want to fathom what would be of me.

56. Both night and day, you make them all beautiful. Your magical touch is what I need right now to make me complete.

57. I am just so lucky to have you to call mine. I will never trade you for anything else at all.

58. Sometimes, I imagine you here beside me holding and touching me. I can’t wait to see you again my love.

59. You brighten my moods and cheer my heart with your smile and voice. Don’t leave me, darling, I can’t live without you.

60. Sweetest of women that’s what you are baby. You are the beat that moves my mind when we are apart. You make my life complete.

61. Without your touch my body is cold, without your voice, my eyes are damp, without seeing you my days are lonely. I wish to see you soon sweetheart.

62. You are a lucky one as only you are my best friend, my partner, my woman, my life, my soul mate, my lover and my all. You complete me.

63. Love is what makes the world go round; thanks for filling my heart with it. I promise to love only you all my days.

64. More than anyone thinks of me always. I am doing that for you already.

65. I am the luckiest man on earth as you are mine. I love you endlessly darling.

66. Words alone are not enough to say what you are to me. Know that you are the love of my life, the woman for me.

67. More than anything and anyone, I love you baby. You know that already but then I have to say it over and again.

68. Would you be my lover so that you can stay with me forever? Make me complete as I can’t live without you baby.

69. My heart races at the sound of your voice. You have always been my lucky charm baby. I am so proud to call you mine.

70. The rays of the sunshine cannot be compared to the brightness of your eyes. My love that is what you are.

71. You are the happy thoughts on my mind that make my face glow. Falling in love with you is the best thing I have ever done.

72. Choosing you was my greatest and most beautiful of life’s decision. I will choose you over and again if I am given the chance.

73. Thanks for being my sunshine darling. You are my heart desire always and forever.

74. In the course of my life journey, I would forever be grateful for the day you came into the scene. You are a blessing from above. I love you endlessly.

75. An angel from above that is what you are. I am lucky to have you, darling. Welcome to my life.

76. You make my life so beautiful. You make my dreams meaningful. Can I live without you? I never can. You are mine forever.

77. What makes you different from other women is simple; you are YOU and you belong to me. I love you

78. With you every day is beautiful, it doesn’t matter what day it may be. That is the power you wield baby.

79. Thoughts of you are what I hold onto when I am lonely. My mind can think of nothing else without you.

80. Come to me and make me complete. You hold the key to my heart.

81. Just like the morning dew, your smiles are always etched fresh in my memory. You have made me as good as I can ever be with your love.

82. Our mornings will be so beautiful with kisses showered on you as you open your eyes to the new day. Yes, I plan to make you mine and spoil you completely.

83. Your love makes me cry out for joy at my lonely moments. You have turned me inside out completely. I love you, dear.

84. I am not perfect and you are just so right for me. I can’t wait to see and hold you forever.

85. Knowing you is the most interesting of my life adventure. Its reminder makes me shiver all over. I can’t get over you darling.

86. I just want to tell you that you are always on my mind and I love you till infinity. How are you, sweetheart?

87. If you had not come into my life, I am sure I would be a gloomy man by now. Thanks for coming to me and bringing with you absolute happiness.

88. If I had my way, I would always want to see you right here by my side every second. You are the air that I breathe.

89. You are more than enough happiness and joy to my heart. I want to always be with you.

90. Most beautiful of all women, that’s what you are. You are the fire that warms me on chilly days. I love you, baby.

91. My love that makes me happy. I have nothing to say than I Love You Now and Always.

92. You are the most special one to me on this earth; my favourite being that has all my heart in control. I love you.

93. Don’t tell me you don’t miss me. I value every moment spent with you.

94. You are the only one for me. I cannot live my life without you as it would be as boring as hell.

95. Every air that I breathe has a chant of “I love you” to it. It makes me always wish you are by my side.

96. I’ve been up, I’ve been down. I’ve fallen and raised but the best of them all is that I fell in love with you. Thanks for coming into my life.

97. Meeting you is the greatest of gifts nature gave me, who knew we would become inseparable today? You are the one I love baby.

98. You smile and those bright eyes are what I would never get over. I hope you give those to our children too?

99. Send me hugs that would make all my worries disappear, believe me, I wish you’re here. You are my darling.

100. Life without you is just going to be extremely meaningless. You are the light that shines through my gloom.

101. My heart belongs to you now, make it your home and never leave.

102. I love you. I chose you. You are mine, now and forever.

103. I am forever in your bondage; I don’t ever want to go as it would kill me. This love is what makes me happy every minute.

104. You are everything that makes me a complete man. You are my woman forever. I love you from now to the end of everything.

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