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2023 It’s My Birthday Post (Birthday Posts for Yourself)

It is not enough to shower birthday prayers and wishes on the occasion of other people birth anniversary. Just as it is good to show attention to others when they are celebrating, it is also best to show yourself that you care for you more than anyone can.

It is absolutely ok to make yourself a priority at a time, and one of the very rare occasions where you can show yourself that you care is on your birthday. Those sweet words you send across to others can also be personalized for yourself.

Here are some compilations of those sweet and unique words you can make use of on your birthday.

For a Facebook post, Whatsapp status, a tweet on twitter and other social media platform, you can find the right words to make yourself feel special and at the same time, let the world know that you are celebrating your birthday.

Cute It’s My Birthday Post

Birthdays comes once a year, it is a season when joy floods your heart like pools of water. Beautiful plans are made to see to the great success of your big day. Add more seasoning to it even with any of these beautiful and cute it’s my birthday post.

First of it all, happy birthday to you from me…

1. It is another anniversary of my birth. Today I deserve just the best. I wish me a long life with the fulfilment of all that I desire. Happy birthday to me.

2. Blessings and favour, these and more I ask for today and for the journey of the next 365 days of my life. Happy birthday to me.

3. More than anything today, I really thank God for the gift of life and health. I am nothing without God. A happy birthday to me.

4. Officially, I am plus one today. I am wiser and cooler than I could ever be. Happy birthday to me.

It's My Birthday Post

5. More than, money I pay for grace. More than wealth I pray for mercy. Favour and long life are my wishes today and forever. Happy birthday to me.

6. Despite the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the rough and smooth, the sweet and sour, the push and the pull that life has shown me, I will still have a reason to wish me a happy birthday. Yes, it’s my day. Long life to me.

7. Today is special, today is blessed. Today is glorious, today is for rest. Happy birthday to me as I celebrate another year of God’s faithfulness.

8. Life gave me several reasons to frown and cry, but God gave me a big reason to smile and laugh. The journey has not been too smooth but I can boldly say: “God has been good”. It’s my birthday today. Long life to me

9. Today will be as colourful as the rainbow and I will not let the troubles of life weigh me down. You know why? It is my birthday. Showers of blessings on me today.

10. I am alive today. I am existing. I am living. It is more than I asked for. Happy birthday to me.

11. Many times have passed, many tears dried, many smiles frozen, much laughter come and gone, but I am alive. It’s my birthday, please celebrate with me.

12. The candles, the juices, the drinks, the cakes, the gifts, the calls, all these do not make a birthday. Appreciation to the Maker of all for keeping me. Happy birthday to me.

It's My Birthday Post

13. Today I celebrate life, goodness, happiness and peace. I may not be where I want to be, I am still grateful for grace. Happy birthday to me.

14. Thanking God for adding to my years on earth. I may not look older, but I am definitely a year wiser and smarter. Long life to me is all I wish for today.

15. I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be celebrated, I deserve to eat and eat the whole of today away. Yea, it’s my birthday. I am plus one.

16. To an awesome, beautiful, enigmatic, sweet, and interesting individual, I say a Happy Birthday. Long life in prosperity is all I ask for myself today.

17. On this special day years ago, an angel was sent to earth. To all the smiles I have given out and the tears I have dried up I raise a toast and cheer myself into the journey of another 365 days. Happy birthday to me.

18. Birthdays are very special. Ever considered the thought that if you were not born, then there definitely is not gonna be anyone like you. Well, I am special, and I know. Happy birth anniversary to me.

19. To the happiest, sweetest, priceless, and most wonderful me, I raise a toast as I celebrate the beginning of another year journey. Happy birthday to me.

20. The journey so far as being worthwhile, the beginning and every aspect as being God’s grace and nothing more. To the strong one I have become, I say cheers to another year of greatness. Long life and prosperity to me.

21. I am smart. I am beautiful/handsome. I am strong. I am a super me. And of course, it is my birthday. Long life and prosperity are my wishes today.

22. It is the most important day of my year today. It is the anniversary of the day of my birth. I am a year older and stronger. Happy birthday to me, I and myself.

23. What makes a man unique is how he spends his days, whether fruitful or fruitless. I am what makes some people smile and wish for new things. Happy birthday to me today.

It's My Birthday Post

24. To the best and the most unique version of me; I say a Happy birthday. Long life and prosperity are my heart desires.

25. I am alive. I am ME. I am strong. I am unique. I am happy, well it’s my birthday.

26. A grateful heart is a great mind. I am nothing if I do not show appreciation to the creator of all things. This is why I would say a big thanks to God for creating me and giving me a happy life. Happy birthday to me.

27. A celebration is in place today. A happy birthday to me. Long life is all I ask for.

28. Freedom to all my house chores today. Free meal for me too. Free transport? Well, if I have my car that is sure. Happy birthday to me!

29. Most esteemed will I be above my peers. Great things I will do. Greater heights I will attain. It’s my birthday. Say a wish for me.

30. To the great ME, I promise to do more than I have ever done, in goodness and great deeds though. Happy birthday to the best Me on earth.

31. My life, a great story of God’s mercy. All I can do is appreciate God for sending me to earth. I was born on this day. Happy birthday to me.

32. For good health, sound mind, peace of mind, happiness and most importantly the gift of life; I say a prayer of thanks to God today. Happy birthday to myself.

33. Today, I pray for more happiness, unlimited peace, everlasting prosperity, abundant grace and unmerited favour. It is the anniversary of my birth. And yes I am happy. Cheers to another year journey.

It's My Birthday Post

34. The greatest gift a man can ever show is to appreciate life and goodness. Even though the way has been rough and tough, ‘it can only get better’ is what keeps me going. A happy birthday to me.

35. Before the traffic becomes heavy and the wishes, uncountable, let me wish ME a happy birthday with more blessings and money. Long life and prosperity as I mark another year.

36. The fact that I am alive is more than enough reason to celebrate. Even if it seems rough and tough, I will still say “Happy Birthday to ME”.

37. Pure, raw and undiluted happiness is at the top of the list of my prayers and wishes. Happy birthday to me.

38. For blessings seen and unseen. For favours unmerited. For life and all its gifts, I say “thank you” to the One who made me. Long life and prosperity to me all my days. Happy birthday to myself.

39. Today comes just once every year. I am rare. I am exceptional. I am unique and above all I am ME. Happy birthday to me, me and me.

40. What does not kill a man will definitely make him strong. This is what has kept me all through life. I am what makes me, ME. Long life and the desires of my heart are all I pray for today.

41. For everyone who has been a blessing to my path, I cannot but be grateful. You have been a great part of my life history and today on my birthday, I say thank you again and again. Happy birthday to me.

42. My days are blessed. My life will be fulfilled. I will not be disgraced. I will flourish. Pray for me guys, it’s my birth anniversary today.

43. My life has been a testimony, to me and everyone around. I am grateful for where I am today and what my prospects are. Long life to me as I had another year today.

It's My Birthday Post

44. No talks, no murmurs, just praises and honour to the Maker of all things, who has made me witness another birth anniversary. Happy birthday to me.

45. Appreciation is in place; to God Almighty, my maker. The parents who birth me. Friends who stayed by me. All; who helped me up. Thanks for making me who I am today. It’s my birthday.

46. Before the clock strikes 12, let me appreciate me by wishing me a happy birth anniversary.

47. I cannot keep calm, yea, I’m a year older, stronger, wiser and in fact, ME-er. Prayers will be appreciated.

48. Let me shout, allow me to scream, leave me to dance, let me sing. I can’t hold it in. I’m happy. It’s my birthday. Long life to me.

49. You think you love me? Well, I love me more than even me. That is why today, I will spoil myself and have fun like no other. Yea, it’s my birthday, wish me well.

50. I have nothing to say than to appreciate God for life. It has not been easy but here I am. Stronger, wiser and older. Happy birthday to me.

51. It is my private holiday and of course, I deserve the day off. It’s my day of birth anniversary. Long life to me.

52. I am the bests and only version of me. You want to dispute it? Well, some other day maybe because today, I am plus 1.

53. I have been roughened and sharpened, tested and trusted, felled and raised, but I am strong in spite of it all. It’s my birthday, long life to me.

It's My Birthday Post

54. I wish ME happy returns of the day. It is my official cake day. Long life to me.

55. Today I stand on firmer grounds. I make a new resolve and break what may seem like boundaries. Happy birthday to me.

56. Who would have thought I would be alive today? Thanks to the Maker of all things, here I am celebrating another birth anniversary. Long life and prosperity are all I pray for.

57. My life, my joy, my trials, my achievements; all these forms to make me have to celebrate. It’s my birthday, wish me well.

58. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, BOOM! I was born on this day! Happy birthday to a rare and unique gem. Long life to me.

59. Every day is special but today is more unique. Congratulations to my parents for being my parents. Congratulations to me for another year-long journey. Many happy returns of the day.

60. Cakes, candles, wine, parties, fun, holiday, rest, eat, sleep and what else? Don’t be alarmed. It’s my birthday, my special day and I am planning MY treat. Long life to me.

61. Many things I wish for, many requests have I prayed for but above all; I am thankful. It’s my great day. Happy birthday to me.

62. I am plus 1 today and I am excited. No one like me. Long life to me

63. Every new age is a step closer to the grave. Well, I won’t be deterred as I will celebrate this day always. Long may I live.

It's My Birthday Post

64. Promises and requests, I will choose this day to remind God of them all. As I am a year older so will my blessing and desires be multiplied and fulfilled.

65. I wish to sing and dance, have fun and take the day off. Yea it is my birthday, my private holiday. Long life to me.

66. Every birth is an occasion for great joy, so should every anniversary be. I am mightily blessed, I am a year older.

67. The good Lord bless me and increase me abundantly, this is my prayer today and always. Happy birthday to me.

68. Today is the greatest of the days in this year. It’s my day of fun and great celebration. Long life and prosperity to me.

69. Renewed, reborn, strengthened, enlarged and above all multiplied; that is what I am today and every other day of my life. Happy birthday to me.

70. It’s my cake day, come have fun with me, let’s take the whole day as a holiday. I am excited. Happy birthday to me.

71. Fun, fun and more fun that is my state of mind right now. Don’t blame me, it’s my birth anniversary. Many happy returns to me.

72. I could stand on the tallest building and scream out in excitement. It’s my day and I am ecstatic. Long life to me.

73. Today, many years ago I was born. Happy birthday to me. Celebrate with me guys.

It's My Birthday Post

74. This day is so blessed and lucky. It has a special significance because on this day I was born.

75. I woke today gay, happy light-hearted and fulfilled. It’s my birthday.

76. I would do nothing except eat, sleep, dance and have enough fun today. It’s my birthday yea.

77. So each day I grow bigger, older and wiser. Today is however special. I am plus one.

78. I am grateful for life and posterity. I am blessed in many ways. I am happy it’s my birthday.

79. Another 365 days of fun and happiness is here. I wish me long life in good health.

80. I am not just a year older, I am more graced. Happy birthday to me.

81. My parents are to be honoured. They deserve special awards for giving birth to me. It’s my birthday today. Cheers to my new age.

82. Wealth, grace, long life, prosperity and another year of fulfilment, this and many more I wish myself today. Happy birthday to me.

83. May I use this opportunity to tell you that today is my birthday? You are welcome. Let the gifts roll in.

It's My Birthday Post

84. Each new day is a new book. Each new phase adventure not yet explored. The journey of this New Year will be great for me. Happy birthday to me.

85. A new day has dawn, the beginning of my greatness. Long life to me.

86. More than anything, I wish that my heart desires are fulfilled. It is my golden day. Cheers to me.

87. To the father of all things and the maker of all, I am grateful for grace and life. Happy birthday to me.

88. Many things that I wish to say, many prayers to be said but above all, I am thankful for a new age. It’s my birthday.

89. The first or second and in fact the third anniversary of my birth might not be too significant to me. But today, I celebrate myself and the person I have become. Happy birthday to me.

90. No chores, no work, no anger, no stress today. The reason is: it is my birthday.

91. No long posts, no epic stories, just counting of my blessings and appreciation of life. Long may I live.

92. Today is a reminder of God’s faithfulness in my life journey. I am grateful for this opportunity. It is not just Monday today; it’s my birthday happy birth anniversary to me.

93. It is here again. The anniversary of my birth. If I had not been born then who would be your friend? Well, appreciate me, man, it’s my birthday.

It's My Birthday Post

94. Prayers, praises, and appreciation! All I can say is thanks to God. No long epistles and talks, it’s my birthday.

95. Can you take the day off? You say it’s not a holiday? Well, it is my birthday. That’s enough reason for a holiday. Long life to me.

96. I know you don’t know, but I will tell you, what are friends for? It’s my birthday so can the gifts start rolling in already? Long life to me by the way.

97. I am just honoured, not worthy at all. All I can say is thanks to the Most High. Happy birth anniversary to me.

98. No man is as happy as the one celebrating his birthday. I want to smash things am I permitted? It’s my birthday, the day I was born. Long life to me.

99. Life and living is a gift and a privilege. This is why I would not take today for granted. It has been God all the way. Happy birthday to me.

100. It’s my birthday. The day I was born. The day I came to this earth. Thanks to the Heavens for giving me to you all, else who would have been troubling you now? Anyways, happy birthday to me. Let the gifts roll in, thank you.

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