Sweet Text Messages to Make Her Smile

Sweet Text Messages to Make Her Smile

Sweet Texts to Make Her Smile? Whether you want to express your love for her in the morning, afternoon, or at night, here are the Sweet Text Messages to Make Her Smile, Laugh and Merry.

Let's face it: you want what to send through text messages to make her happy, feel so special, and Smile real good. So permit me to welcome you to this page on which you will have enough of them to your soul's delight. And, yes, you will love the collections of sweet things to say to make her smile and happy that she belongs to you.

Are you ready for the Big Treat? Then follow the Table of Contents below. Just Click on the section you will love to read and your browser swill jump there immediately.

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How to Write the Sweet Text Messages to Make Her Smile

Whether you're to write a short paragraph for her in the morning, the sweet paragraphs to say you love her, cute text messages for her to wake up to or the best of romantic love poems that can make her merry all day... one thing is important.. and that is mood. Yes, mood! That's not a typo.

When you know how to read her mood, the least of what you do would make her feel so special and loved. But when you are a learner in mood reading you'll do everything possible to make her feel loved and none would work other that you will feel like a world-class idiot in the end.

You're learned and mastered the mood thing? Then the next is timing.

Timing and Mood usually go together. And most time, if the mood is right, the timing will click.

What next? You have to choose your word rightly. Yes, you should not just copy any block of text online and send to her then expecting a a lifetime of appreciation.

You need to know what type of text message would make her smile. So to help you with that... just scroll through the text messages below and pick a choice - the one you know is capable of making her smile for real.

Sweet Text Messages to Say I Love You and Make Her Smile

1. My Future is Going to Be Blissful with You in It
When I pictured my future without you in it, I got a better definition of emptiness. Emptiness is me without you. I love you. 

2. Can I proof that I Love You? 
You know I love you, right? I asked your shadow to do everything you do as a proof. Watch that. I love you. 

3. You're Such a Virtuous Woman
When you ask me why I am merry, I would proudly say... What's a man without a woman of virtue! I love you.

4. A Letter to My Lovely Lover
Breaking news: the one who makes me smile is reading this text. Your love is so awesome. See how I love you! 

5. I Have Endless Reasons to Love You
Why do you keep giving me limitless reasons to love you, and leaving me with no other choice? Why and why? I love you so much. Thank you.

6. I Will Be All Yours Forever
Where were you when I needed the best of friends and a lover? I guess you were hiding! And now that I've got you? I won't let you go, never. I am clinging to you forever.

7. You Make Me Glad Always
You rock my world and you know it. You make my days and your shadow can tell. You're my timely merriment and my heart can testify. I love you.

8. You're a Secret Kept for Me
Now I have reasoned out the worth of your love and discovered I will have to break a bank to pay you back. Are you not super lovely? I love you, don't let your shadow know.

9. Your Love is My Daily Blessedness
Each time I see how blessed my life is, I can only imagine how it would have been without you. Can you just hug yourself for me over there? I love me in you.

10. Your are the Treasure that I Seek
Can you see how you turned out to be the treasure that I've ever sought for! My life is beautified by your love. I love all about you.

11. Your Love Has Done More than I Can Tell
Can you just see what you've done for me? Your love has set me on my feet, pulls my cheek so I could smile always. I love you for who you are to me now and always.

12. We are Just Awesome Together
I checked the dictionary only to discover that the definition of awesomeness is you plus me. I love you and me. And I love you and you.

13. Your Love is so Revolutionary
My life just got better, it feels so amazing... So amazing to have you so close to me. More than amazing to have my heart beating for you. I love you.

14. You're My Best of Best Gifts Ever 
I keep asking myself why heaven has blessed me with you as the most wonderful gift I ever got. Can I pull your cheeks? Smiles. I love you.

15. Like Seriously, You Light Up My World!
See, the moon knows that the stars know that the sun knows that my life is brightened by your unabashed love. I love you so very much. Hugs!

16. I Can't Explain How This Makes Me Feel
Hey, how is it so hard to describe the glamour that's inherent in your love and care? See, I give up describing you! I love you forever.

17. Your Love is Like a Lasting Spell
I heard how love makes better a good life. I bought a return ticket into yours and now I don't see myself leaving you. Can you see how hypnotizing your love is? 

18. I Love You and Me Together
Left, right, left.. We're taking it one step at a time, until we get all that love can give. I love us. I do.

19. Your Love is Beyond My Imagination
This feeling is high, this is love untold. The streaks are Impeccable and I wish they were foretold. Hey, just don't kill me with your love. Kisses, Mwah! 

20. Your Love is My Every Day Food
This love is delicious, but I keep losing my appetite! I've tried many laxatives, still none worked! Is this your way of making me salivate all my life?
Just came to say I love you. 

Sweet Text Messages to Say Good Morning and make her Smile

21. Your Love Wrought Wonders
I woke up today, trying to count my blessings. I Stopped when I couldn't count all your love has brought to me. Good morning. I love you.

22. You Always Make My Day
My nights have been sweet since a lady Angel started making my days worthwhile. You're more than sweet. Good morning my love. 

23. The Day is Brighter with Your Thoughts
With just some thoughts of my angel in the morning, I see the day appearing brighter. It's happening again! Good morning to you, and do have a great day ahead.

24. I Missed You in My Arms
I've enjoyed the embrace of my pillows until I had a monumental warmth from your hug. The whole of me misses you so much. But... Good morning still.

25. Your Love Makes Me Smile
I wake up every morning thinking how far we've come. I sigh, smile and smile because I know someone is there for me today, as always. Good morning.

26. I Appreciate Your Help to Make Me Better
To the one who always help in my bid to becoming a better version of myself, I've come to say Good Morning to You again. 
Enjoy your day. I love you.

27. Good Morning, Just Checking on You
I'm here, you there, it's a beautiful morning again. Another day with with limitless joy of love from me to you. You're okay right? Just saying good morning. 

28. It's a Brand New Day Again
The sun shining bright, the wind is blowing around, the leaves are waving their leaves as the birds are singing aloud... Altogether, they are reminding me of you. Good morning, I love you.

29. Hello to My One and Only Princess 
I wished you were part of my day yesterday. I wished you were in my dreams too. And here I am, wishing I'll see your face today again. Good morning, my princess. 

30. Can I be There for You Today? 
It might be hectic, it might be scorching, it might be tiresome... No matter how today is, would you let be there for you?
Good Morning, I love you. 

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