Heart Touching Lines for Love

150 Heart Touching Lines for Love in 2023

You have that special person you would love to send lines that will touch deep down their heart? I’m sure you do and that’s why you’re here. I have written the perfect “Heart Touching Lines for Love” that’ll do just fine for you.

Romantic Heart Touching Lines for Him or Her

Add sweetener to your relationship and rewrite your love story with the following Touching Love Line for Lovers. All you need to contribute to this post is to make your choice and send it to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Aren’t there occasions of offence? Don’t we sometimes get disappointed with each other? But our love transcends all that and I have vowed that no matter what I’ll always love you.

2. Of course we don’t always get along. But one thing is certain, I’ll love you always.

3. I may not be sure of many things, but this one thing I’m certain about, I’ll love you no matter what.

4. There’ll be disagreements, there’ll be quarrels, but I promise you one thing, I’ll never leave you. No matter what I’ll be here.

5. You can never push me away, no matter what you do. Can’t you see? I’ve made up my mind to love you always.

6. You will not always feel like you love me. It’s okay. I’ll always be here, loving you no matter what.

7.Some things you say and do really hurt. I know it’s not everything I say that get down well with you too. One thing though, my mind is made up, I’ll love you always.

8. Go to the ends of the earth, come back still. I’ll be here waiting. I’ll love you no matter what.

9. You and I, we’re bonded for life. No matter what I’ll always love you.

10. I’ll be here in your moments of doubt. I’ll be here when you’re sure. I’ll be here anytime. I’ll be here always.

11. When the going is good for you, when the tide turns against you, in times of plenty, in times of want, I’ll be here loving you no matter what.

12. I can’t possibility predict all that could happen in our relationship, one thing I’m however sure of, I’m in for the long haul. I’ll love you no matter what.

13. The way I feel for about you, I’m sure nothing can change it. I’ll love you always.

14. Though I want this love to be perfect, I know as humans we are bound to err. Nevertheless, I’ll love you no matter what.

15. There’ll be times we will fall short of each other’s expectations. But this underlying truth will always remain, I’ll love you always.

16. I don’t think I could get bored with this love. No matter what happens I’ll love you.

17. Whether rain or shine, I’ll be here loving you.

18. Whatever happens to you, I’ll stand by you. I’ll stick with you for better or worse. I’ll love you always.

19. Many things will come to test our love. But I assure you I’ll always love you.

20. When the chips are down, when you look around and you find no one, I’ll always be here loving you no matter what.

21. I will never give up on our love. I will be there to take care of you no matter what happens.

22. You are the one I’ll always love. When the world looks down on you, I will look up to you. No matter what comes to confront our love. I’ll always love you.

23. No matter what storm arises against our love,
I will stand firm for you.
I will be by your side always.

24. In sickness, in health, in joy, in sadness, we will be here, facing all together. I won’t leave you, no matter what.

25. Will that time come when you will no longer love me? I pray not, but I assure you even if such a time comes, I’ll still love you.

26. You’re my first and only love. You’re all I want in a partner and no matter what, I’ll always love you.

27. When we abound in plenty, in times of scarcity, whether health, whether sickness, I’d still choose you. I’ll love you, no matter what.

28. When life presents a million reasons not to love you, I’d still choose to love you. Love is the decision I have taken to have for you always.

29. I’m not saying we will never disagree. I’m not saying we will never fight. All I’m saying is that no matter what happens, I’ll always love you.

30. Though, you’re so angry now and won’t listen to me. Whatever decision you take, I want you to know that I’m that someone who will always be here, loving you, no matter what.

31.I’ll be that guy, holding your hand, standing by you, whatever happens.

32. There’s no other way for me than to keep loving you because loving you has been the greatest thing to happen to me.

33. Loving you has opened my eyes to the beauty in love. Life is splendid for me because of you. I’ll always love you.

34. Loving you has brought great improvement to my life. Loving you has shown me all the wonderful things I am capable of. I’ll love you always.

35.Because it was you who opened my heart to love, I’ll love you always.

36. You gave me hope when I had given up on life. I love you now, I’ll love you always.

37. Being with you makes me feel alive. I know I’ll always love you.

38. You made me believe in love, in joy, in friendship, I’ll love you always.

39. Every inch of me, every fibre in my being is alive with you. You give me joy and I promise to love you no matter what.

40. You give me hope that life will be better. You made me believe in myself. I’ll spend my lifetime loving you. I’ll love you always.

41. It is you who gives me the courage to forge on in the face of challenges. Thank you for standing by me. I’ll love you always.

42. You’ve always stood by me. Loving me no matter what. How will I not love you in return? I’ll love you always.

43. You’ve always given your best in spite of all the odds. More than you know I understand how much work you put into us. You’re too valuable to me. I couldn’t do without you.

44. You are too into me and I into you. I don’t want to love any other except you.

45. When people look at me, they see a beautiful, well tended garden. Only I know the work you put into making me this beautiful. I’ll always love you.

46. I love the stuff you’re made of. I love everything about you.

47. I treasure you and hide memories of us in a special corner of my heart so I’ll never forget you.

48. You own my heart, I’ll subscribe to you always.

49. You have become an integral part of me. A part I can’t do without. I’ll love you no matter what happens.

50. Loving you set me free. Free from all my fears. Free from every negativity. I love you much and will never let you go.

51. You’ve never placed any demands on me. Whatever I contributed to this relationship, I willingly gave. You always give of yourself so selflessly. I love you so much.

52. If this is what it feels like to be in love, then I want to love forever and it’s you or nobody.

53. Your love is a breath of fresh air. I can breathe, I can fly. Loving you is life.

54. No regrets with you. No dull moments. You’re my forever baby. I love you so much.

55. You’re my adventure. The lover I always want to explore. I can never get enough of you. I’ll love you till eternity.

56. You’re refreshing. You’re evergreen. With you, there’s always something to unravel. Love you totally.

57. Never quite figured you out. There’s no hurry anyway, we have a lifetime.

58. I’m so lost in you, in a way that’s refreshing. I don’t want to be ever found. I’ve found a home in you.

59. All my life, something had always been missing. When I met you, I knew you were all I’ve been searching for.

60. Loving you is health. Loving you is bliss. Loving you is a forever journey.

61. All my years of searching ended when I found you. Home is your heartbeat next to mine. I love you so much.

62. Years with you and yet it feels just like yesterday. You are refreshing. Unfolding each new day. I’ll love you in all situations.

63. This is my reality, loving you is a reality I cherish. A reality I don’t want to ever change.

64. Will you be here for me always? Will you love me no matter what? Will I find with you sweet unconditional love?

65. My love for you transcends time and space. I will always love you.

66. When one day you wake up and you decide I’m no longer the one for you, it will hurt much. It will break my heart. But I’ll let you go and keep memories of us in my heart.

67. I hope the day will never come when you will stop loving. I can’t imagine life without you.

68. I can’t imagine what life will be without you. I’m stuck with you and I’ll always love you.

69. Your love touches the deepest place in me. You are engraved permanently in my heart.

70. Love me tender, love me tough. Love me quietly, love me bold.

71. So much positive energy from you. So much love you have to give. I’ll spend my life showing you, you made the right choice.

72. Your quiet strength assures me always. This love will never end.

73. Your kindness convinces me you’re the best for me. I’ve found rest in your soothing love.

74. When I see the way you defend my interest, the way you watch out for me, I’m convinced I made the right choice to spend the rest of my life with you.

75. You’ve seen my strengths, you’ve seen my weaknesses and you love the totality of me, thank you.

76. I’ve seen the total package that is you. I’ve seen you at your best, I’ve seen you at your worse and I’ve made up my mind to love you no matter what.

77. The love I felt when I first met you has lasted this far and will last forever.

78. I’ve never met someone as loving as you. I’ll love you no matter what.

78. No demands, no deadlines, just pure unconditional love.

79. I will love you the way you choose to be loved. I will love you, selflessly and forever.

80. I promise you a love that will not choke you. I promise you fresh air.

81. No unnecessary expectations, no placing on a pedestal. I’ll give you pure, unadulterated loving.

82. Three most important persons to me, you, you and you!

83. After all, is said and done, what will matter is that I love you and you love me in return.

84. With you, I have found something I never thought existed. I’ll do all I can to keep you.

85. It’s a promise I made before and I’m reiterating, I’ll love you always, no matter what.

86. I really do think you are amazing. I want to love you forever.

87. This love is meant to be. Sanctioned in heaven, sealed on earth. We’ll be together, forever.

88. I love the smile on your face every time you see me. It makes me feel really special. I love the promise of forever in your eyes.

89. May I never be the cause of distress for you. May our love abound.

90. Loving you is a decision I intend to stick to, forever.

91. I don’t want to ever fall out of love with you. I’m going to love every minute detail of you forever.

92. We are meant for each other, can’t you see? No matter what happens, we can never be separated.

93 You don’t need to understand why I love you so much, I don’t understand it myself. All I know is I will always love you.

94. You’re my one and only love. I’ll treasure you always.

95. Don’t ever doubt what I feel for you. It’s the strongest and most beautiful of feelings.

96. Nothing can touch our love. After all, we’ve been through, we’re still waxing strong. I’m convinced nothing can touch us.

97. My love for you is blind to faults and deaf to gossip. No matter what, I’ll be here.

98. Though I hurt you, please forgive me. It’s important you know that my love for you is not fleeting. It’s solid, it’s deep.

99. It’s your love or nothing. I’ll give you my all, always.

100. Through the storm, through the rain, in sickness, in health, I’ll always love you.

101. Love isn’t finding the perfect person. It is finding an imperfect person that would love you perfectly.

102. Wherever I go I see your love only. I want to be with you forever.

103. You have eyes for good only. You see the good in everyone. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you but I thank my lucky stars.

104. Thank you for taking my issues so seriously. Thank you for treating me like I matter. Thank you for everything.

105. I love you because I know no matter what happens, you’ll always love me.

106. When you’re not here, it’s not the same. You are my joy, my everything and I’ll love you no matter what happens.

107. You’re mine, I’m yours. I smile all day because you give me so much peace. You’re my treasure, the one who lights up my days and no matter what happens I’ll always love you.

108. I wish you didn’t have so much power over me. But I am imprisoned by your love. Funny thing is I want it to remain this way forever. I love you and I’ll always do.

109. You’re my adorable guardian angel. My God sent. May I never lose you. May our survive everything that comes to test it.

110. In your eyes I see a promise of forever, I can hear the symphonies of your heart for me. May we never be forced apart because I intend to love you no matter what.

111. I see nothing but love in your eyes, I feel nothing but joy with you. I will never be lonely again because I’ll always have you by my side.

112. The way I feel when you’re not here is like a feeling of forlornness. I pray I’ll never have to live without you.

113. I could drown in that sea of love I see in your eyes. Your love draws me in, compelling me to give my all in return. I will never forget you and how you make me feel.

114. I am in love with someone. A special someone who has stolen my heart. A special someone I intend to love no matter what.

115. No one can compete for your space in my heart. I will never allow it because it’s you I love and you only.

116. You’re too much honey. You demonstrate true love always and loving you is heaven. If this is what heaven feels like, I don’t want to miss it for anything.

117. I am so lucky I found pure love, someone I intend for keeps.

118. You can’t make me stop loving you. Please stop trying to do so. I’m so stuck in your love and no matter what, I’ll always love you.

119. Don’t listen to gossips who don’t mean well for us. Don’t allow them to sow bitter seeds into our perfect love.

120. I see your face in the shining sun. I hear your voice in the cool, gentle breeze. You give so much peace, I’ll love you always.

121. What I feel about you is beyond this world. I need forever to be able to express it fully.

122. There is no doubt in love for you. There is no shame. I love you purely and truly.

123. You are my destination. No more searching, no more wandering for me. I found what I’ve been looking for in you.

124. No matter how you feel, no matter what you’re passing through, never shut me out. I’m here for you always.

125. I carry your matter in my head. I wear our love like s toga. Everyone who sees me knows I am in love with you.

126. You are my true love. My never-ending joy.

127. Let’s consummate this love with marriage, so we can be together forever.

128. Let’s keep this beautiful thing we have. It’s rare to find true love. I’ve found mine and I don’t intend to mess with it.

129. I promise never to let you down. I will do my best to love you the way you deserve.

130. I will never be the cause of your tears. I will always be here to wipe them away.

131. You’re the queen of my heart. Rule the way you want. I’m your loyal subject.

132. I have found a reason to be happy for the rest of my life because I’m in love with you!

133. I just wish you know how much you mean to me, then you will never doubt my love for you.

134. There’s no deceit in true love. It abides, it triumphs. True love is what I have for you.

135. When I let you down, it’s only because I’m human, it’ll never be for lack of love. You mean too much to me.

136. If I always want to be with you, if I always want to hear your voice, it’s not because I want to choke you. It’s because I love you.

137. Distance is never a barrier. Nothing can separate me from you. I’ll love you no matter what.

138. I give you my word, I will stand by you always.

139. You see this joy in me, you contribute so much to it. I’ll love you always darling.

140. Nothing will ever change between us, on my part, anyway. I’m so into you and I know deep within me, I’ll always love you.

141. My heartbeat, my melody. My joy, my peace, I’ll love you always.

142. This lifetime is not enough to express all the love I have for you. It flows from a deep boundless well within.

143. Since I fell in love with you, I knew I have found where I want to be forever. I’ll always love you.

144. I’ll show you, you made the best decision loving me. I’ll treat you right.

145. You’re an addiction I can’t get rid of. You’re an all encompassing passion. I’ll love you no matter what.

146. Your love keeps me going always. Your love is the hope I cling to. You’ve shown me selfless love and I’ll love you no matter what.

147. We belong together in the plane of love. We belong together in the realm of forever.

148. You’re a beautiful package. It’s a pleasure to unwrap you each morning and discover sweetness. I’ll love you always.

149. What have you done to my heart? only you can rescue me. I love you, love you, love you.

150. All my life, I’ve been searching for this thing I now share with you. I found it in no other human and that’s why I’ll never let you go. I’ll love you, no matter what.

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