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Best Happy Birthday Status for Wife on Whatsapp or Facebook

Marriage is a beautiful thing and having a good wife is a blessing that makes marriage a fulfilment. Yours is one of such fulfilled one, I know!

A wife becomes the mother of your kids, takes care of the home and complements you in every way possible. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to make her feel special on her birthday?

Here you have sweet happy birthday status for wife to make your beautiful wife smile and feel fulfilled on her birthday. Send as text, use as status in WhatsApp, Facebook or wherever you so choose. Remember to share. And thank me later.

Happy Birthday Wishes Status for Wife

Every wife is unique and plays a crucial role in the life of every husband. Just as the head cannot sit without the neck, so also a husband cannot be complete without the wife. Therefore, every wife deserves to be honoured and celebrated on her special day. The Birthday of your wife cannot be blissful until you send her romantic wife birthday wishes status. Here are sweet and romantic happy birthday quotes you can use as your status and also send to your beautiful wife to make her feel special and loved.

1. You are the best thing that happened to me. I can’t but celebrate the woman you are. Happy Birthday my dear wife!

2. Sunshine, you make my life so beautiful and I can get down on my knees to propose a million times just to have you close to me. I celebrate you, my sweet wife!

3. Smile my heartbeat, for today a rare gift was presented to your parents just because of me. Happy Birthday my wife!

4. You have made our journey together with the best I can ever imagine. Thank you for being a good wife. Happy Birthday, dear!

5. You see, I can write a million words today, but I might end up writing a lie. So let’s make it brief and wish the best woman on earth a beautiful birthday!

6. You are still my best choice and no one can love and support me like you do. Happy Birthday My Wife!

7. Those days when we have our spree of misunderstanding, I always feel like my heart is bleeding, but each time we get back together, I don’t know how you do it and make me feel different. You will always be the best wife on earth. Happy Birthday, Dear!

8. Happy Birthday Pretty Queen! Keep being a royalty that you are. I celebrate you!

9. Daily I understand why my life is beautiful. I just have to look at you and that’s all. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

10. It’s your special day, celebrate it like the queen you are. I love you, my sweet wife. Happy Birthday!

11. A wife cares, she loves, she adores and she fills into every space I couldn’t have filled into. I celebrate you, my sweet wife. Happy Birthday!

12. No matter how hard we disagree, you will always be the best for me. Happy Birthday my wife!

13. You redefined the word “marriage” and made it all shades of interesting. I will always love you my dearest wife. Now let’s celebrate your birthday!

14. I do not regret choosing this woman as my life partner. You will excel in all your ways. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

15. I could tell the whole world to write for you today because you are that special to me. Happy Birthday sweet wife.

16. God bless our home and keep it beautiful as you age. I celebrate your new age dear.

17. Life makes so much sense when you are one with the right fellow. You are so amazing and I wish you all the best in your new age, my sweet wife. Happy Birthday!

18. For all, you had to go through just for me and for letting go of that young part of you, I say thank you! I wish you a life filled with wonders as you celebrate. Happy Birthday my wife!

19. Happy Birthday to the luckiest wife on planet earth. You are so wonderful!

20. You know how much your presence in my life has made the difference, God will crown your new age with blessings. Happy Birthday to you my wife!

21. Sweet friend, you are to me. My sweetness and everything, I wish you sound health in prosperity. Happy Birthday, dear!

22. My Queen, my sunshine forever, I celebrate this unique day of yours. Have a beautiful birthday celebration sweetheart!

23. My dear, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I could not imagine my life any different. Happy Birthday dear wife!

24. An epitome of beauty, gorgeous personality, I celebrate the day I met you. Happy Birthday my Queen!

25. You know that I always wish you the very best this world has to offer? Today won’t be different have a wonderful birthday!

26. Your days will be filled with goodness. Happy Birthday to the best wife on earth.

27. For the rest of your days, it will be joy and success all the way. Happy Birthday my sweet wife.

28. The desires of your heart will be met in due season. You will never lack anything good. I celebrate you my sunshine!

29. Better days are here dear. Relax, celebrate and enjoy the moment! Happy Birthday sweet wife!

30. Our hearts beat as one, thank you for making it worth it. Happy Birthday, dear!

31. A celebration will be heard from you at all times. God bless your new age sunshine! Happy Birthday!

32. Your birthday is my birthday too so I have every reason to be happy. Happy Birthday my sweet wife!

33. I’m celebrating the joy of having you in my life. Happy birthday dear!

34. You are more than a wife; you are my best friend and my partner for life! Best Birthday wishes from me to you dear wife!

35. Thank you for being my wife, it has been a wonderful journey with you. Happy Birthday, dear!

36. My lovely wife, every day spent with you makes my life worth living. I celebrate the woman you are.

37. I want to treasure every moment with you. I love you forever. A wonderful birthday my Joy!

38. Let’s celebrate this special moment like there’s no tomorrow. Happy Birthday sweet wife!

39. Best birthday, my love. Our relationship is all about looking forward together to our beautiful years in the future. Happy Birthday my Queen!

40. You are the only person I can imagine spending the rest of my life with, have a wonderful birthday, Honey.

41. You are all things wonderful, all things meaningful and all things possible. I am blessed to have a perfect wife. Happy Birthday, dear!

42. I can give you all the precious gift in the world, but that wouldn’t be enough to express my love for you. I celebrate my wonder woman. Happy Birthday sweet wife!

43. Isn’t it amazing how someone can cause you much trouble and still be the reason for your joy? You are a unique dear wife, do have a fantastic birthday!

44. Dear wife, loving you is my desire and I celebrate the woman you are. Happy Birthday, dear!

45. Honey, your life will be a blessing and you will always be the joy of many generations. Happy Birthday to you!

46. If I had not met you, it would have been the greatest mistake of my life. Happy Birthday to my precious Queen!

47. You are the reason I feel so alive and grateful and happy. May you always have happiness in all you do. Happy Birthday, dear!

48. How do I live without you, honey? I don’t want to imagine it! God bless the day you were born. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

49. Nothing can match your sweetness and uniqueness. Not even the costliest pieces of jewellery. I celebrate you, dear wife. Have a birthday filled with love and fun!

50. My baby, I celebrate the woman in you and I want you to be happy always. Happy Birthday dear wife!

51. No one believes in me as much as you do. No one supports me as steadfastly as you do. No one loves me as deeply as you do. You fill in so much vacuum for me. Happy Birthday dear wife!

52. Happy Birthday to the mother of our kids. Keep radiating in love. I celebrate you dear!

53. When I look into your eyes, I see hope and I’m reassured that life is truly beautiful. Happy Birthday dear wife!

54. You see that smile, it has always captivated my heart. I pray your birthday will give you more reasons to smile. Happy Birthday, dear!

55. Queen of my heart, I look back today and I appreciate how far we have come. God bless you for being a good wife. Happy Birthday!

56. We share something uncommon and so real. You have made life so beautiful. Happy Birthday my sweet wife!

57. When I look around at my achievement, I want to give praises to myself, then I remember my backbone, my wife and love. God bless your new age dear! Happy Birthday!

58. I always bless the day I met you, but I bless the day you were born the more. God bless your day my wife. Happy Birthday to you!

59. Your understanding is beyond measure. You are amazing and unique. Happy Birthday, dear!

60. Happy Birthday my sweet sister and friend. I know you are more than a wife to me and I appreciate who you are. Happy Birthday, dear!

61. Thank you, honey, for making my life sweeter, more adventurous, more fulfilling and more colourful. Happy Birthday to the best wife on earth!

62. You still look as radiant and beautiful as the first time I saw you. You always bring me joy. Happy Birthday dear wife!

63. I still can’t believe I’m married to the woman of my dreams. You are unique and I am the luckiest man alive! I celebrate you dear!

64. Your arms have always been my home. Your eyes are beaming light that reminds me of hope. You are so wonderful, dear. Happy Birthday!

65. Your heart is my life and I can’t wish for anything less than for you to be happy. Best Birthday to my dear wife!

66. Happy birthday to the most precious and most loving wife in the world. Our relationship taught me a lot about love, patience, forgiveness, fidelity and faith. You are the reason why I am a better man. Happy Birthday, dear!

67. You make life so beautiful and make things seem easy. You are just so wonderful. Happy Birthday, dear!

68. Thank you for your support and all that you have been to me. I love you dear sweet wife. Happy Birthday!

69. People say a lot of negative things about marriage, but you made the difference and you stand out among them all. Happy Birthday, dear!

70. Having a wife like you is the best gift any man can desire. Happy Birthday, dear!

71. Thank you for being my eyes were necessary. Love is truly a beautiful thing. Happy Birthday, dear!

72. You are unique and beautiful. Nothing much has changed about your physique since I married you. I love you dearly! Happy Birthday!

73. Happy Birthday my sweet wife. It will always get better and better as you age. Happy Birthday, dear!

74. When I chose to marry you, I didn’t make the wrong choice. It was the best thing I could think of. Happy Birthday my dear wife!

75. Isn’t she beautiful? My princess that has always captivated my heart. I wish you all the best dear. Happy Birthday!

76. I owe you accumulated debts of undying love and unshakable commitment. You are always blessed, my dear. I celebrate you dear!

77. I promise I’ll forever be there for you as long as I live. Even when I’m far, just know I’m near. I love you dear! Happy Birthday!

78. Happy Birthday to the woman who stole my heart and soul and has been taking good care of it ever since I love you dear!

79. I promise to do more for you, my sweet baby. You will always be my baby till death do us part and that, not soon. Happy Birthday dear wife!

80. I will give my best to make you the happiest woman on earth. Happy Birthday, dear!

81. The woman who taught life vital lessons in a lovely way. I love you forever dear! Happy Birthday!

82. A wonderful birthday to the woman who changed my life and made a difference by loving me. I bless God in your life babe! Happy Birthday to you!

83. Thank you for seeing the good in me when life didn’t make sense. Happy Birthday, dear!

84. Dear wife, you are not just the woman in my life, you are my everything and knowing you have been a gift I’ll forever cherish! Happy Birthday to my precious Queen!

85. My love is a year older and yet pretty today. I love you forever dear. Happy Birthday!

86. Those eyes sparkle like a diamond. You are just so wonderful. Happy Birthday, dear!

87. Tell me why I should stop loving her when loving her made the difference? I will cherish you forever dear! Happy Birthday!

88. Thank you for taking up everything about me as your own. I appreciate you for seen me as one with you. You are my everything! Happy Birthday dear wife!

89. I love you with all my heart and our kids too. Thank you for giving me the best family. Happy Birthday, dear!

90. Now, it is another day added to my princess life. You are blessed and lifted dear. Happy Birthday!

91. Living with you every day has been the best part of my life. You don’t know how much I’ll forever cherish you, but I’ll remind you today and always that I love you! Happy Birthday, dear!

92. Even if you age and wrinkles take over, to me your beauty is everlasting. Best Birthday to my timeless and lovely wife!

93. As you wake up to a new age today, know that we are going to write another chapter together. I can’t wait to have more beautiful moments with you! Happy Birthday, Honey!

94. From the first day we met until this moment, you have been the best and will always be. Happy Birthday dear wife!

95. Thank you for being the best mother to our children. You are such a blessing! Happy Birthday to you dear!

96. Today I feel special because my Queen is a year older. Thank you for your support all through the years. Happy Birthday to you dear!

97. The reason I feel special always is because I am loved by a woman so special. Best birthday wishes my dear wife!

98. Difficult, sad or tormenting no matter what situation, all I need is to look into your beautiful eyes and I can overcome anything. Thank you, my love. Happy Birthday, dear!

99. Because of you, not just birthdays, but all days are worth celebrating with you. Happy Birthday, dear!

100. How I feel fulfilled because you are my wife. God bless your new age sunshine. Happy Birthday, dear!

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