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2023 Best Love Messages for Her from the Heart

If people ever told you that you can’t get the perfect text for your wife or girlfriend, you’re about to see how wrong they are.

On this page, you’ll find the best collection of love messages for her from the heart, and you’ll have no regrets if you use any of them.

So scroll through, select your favourite and add to the smiles and happiness already present on our beautiful earth.

Romantic Love Text Messages for Her from the Heart

Sweetest love messages for Your Wife or Girlfriend from the Heart.

1. From the depth of my heart, everything leading to you sing your name in my ear in the most melodious way. You give me more reasons to love you. I love you, baby.

2. If you are not the best in my life, then you are more than the best. Maybe I don’t know how else to declare how much you mean to me. I love you, sweetheart.

3. Looking at you is like reading children’s books — my favourite kind of books. Talking to you is when I feel like I’m making music because my voice sounds more interesting to me. I love you, babe.

4. How can I express how much I love you when I’m still human. You’re so amazing that I feel like it’s humanly impossible to talk about you completely. I love you, darling.

5. Some days can be nightmares, but with you in my life, I know that all will be well. You are a light to me, plus you lighten my mood. I love you madly, babe.

6. Every day around you is a day of bliss. You take no break from being amazing. I can type all I want but nothing I type may ever match how much I love you.

7. You are the best thing I have that’s of the earth right now. I’m sure even God is admiring your beauty and awesomeness. My love goes out to you, darling.

8. God must have created you on the day he rested because you are like a project who’s maker had a lot of time and energy to spare but still choose to use it to make his work more valuable. I love you, honey.

9. I can’t stop professing my love for you and that’s because it’s undying. As long as you live, I will love you, and that will continue when we meet in eternity. I love you madly, my sweetheart.

10. From work to games and even when I eat, there’s hardly any time I don’t have you on my mind. I love you now and forever and that is not going to change.

11. Some dreams come true, and you being in my life is the coming true of one of my biggest dreams, which is to have someone to love with all I have and a person who will love me the same way. I love you.

12. Any day you’re spending with me is a good day for me. I love you and love being around you too. We should have been tied together from our first year on earth.

13. Every time I think of you, I find it impossible to be angry or sad. One consolation I have in the face of terrible things is that I’m yours and you’re mine. I love you, baby.

14. I know the girl I have. That’s how I know that I have a beautiful and great person as a girlfriend. From my heart, I just want to say I love you.

15. If I send you messages of love every single second for the next year, I still will not do justice to how much I really want to say that I love you. I love you, honey.

16. How do you express how much you love a lady when words and actions cannot even express it enough? If you could read my thoughts, you’ll understand better. I love you, babe.

17. Until you came into my life, I had not known that I could love a human so much. All the way, I’m ready to love you, just like I should. I love you, baby.

18. Loving you is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s so fulfilling. I love you and it makes me know that I’m not loving the wrong person. I love you, darling.

19. All I can wish for you is that you find all you need to be all you want to be. My love for you grows with every passing day. You’re more than all I need, babe. I love you.

20. The only thing I want to say to you, for now, is that I love you and will never give up on you. No matter what you think of yourself, you mean the world to me. I love you.

21. You’re beautiful and it contributes to how amazing you are. I have tried to imagine the worst of you and I’ve seen that I’ll still love you at your worst. You’re my baby and I love you.

22. You have my heart in your hands like God has the earth. I’m ready to live with you forever. Every good thing I heard about you is true. I love you.

23. If beauty was human, it will surely be you. Every day gives me a new reason to love you and every night has me dreaming of how awesome you are. I love you very much, babe.

24. I will never let another break the bond we share. Without you, there’s a lot I won’t be and I’m very thankful to you. I love you madly, my sweetheart.

25. The sun cannot brighten the day the way you do. The moon is powerless when compared to you. If others disagree with these, I will not because that’s how you are to me. I love you, darling.

26. When I praise you, it’s not me letting my imagination have me; it’s me saying the truth about you. And praying that you get better. I love you, honey.

27. I doubt I’ll ever be able to express how much you mean to me in the language I know how to speak. I’ll rather just stay quiet because sometimes silence says it all. I love you, baby.

28. If I say I don’t doubt your humanity, I’m lying. You must be an angel, at least. But one thing I’m sure of, though, is that you are my angel. I love you.

29. I’m not disliking a thing when I say I like you more than it. I’m just trying to let you know how much I like you. And you know what? I mean it all the time. I love you, babe.

30. If there’s anything like mad, crazy, stupid, dirty, mad, mad love, then I think that’s how I love you. Or maybe it’s not even up to how much I love you, honey.

31. Together, we are strong. We may cry when tragedy strikes, but we know that it doesn’t make us weaker. Being with you is a big blessing. I love you, babe.

32. One thing I draw from you is strength. I realise that with you by my side, I can do more easily. What a blessing you are to me! I love you.

33. Everyone can do what they want, but it won’t make me see you as a monster. You are too awesome to be one. I love you madly, honey.

34. When I count my blessings, I count you more than once, because you are a big blessing to me. I wish you a perfect stay wherever you are. I love you, babe.

35. I don’t think there’s anywhere I want to go without you. I doubt there’s a life I want to have without you. I doubt there’s a day I won’t want to have you in. I love you madly, darling.

36. My life may have been going smoothly when you were not here, but that was because it wasn’t time for you to be in it. Now, God brought us together and I don’t want you out of my life. I love you, babe.

37. I don’t want my love for you to be medicine after death. I want it to act as prevention and not even first aid. I want my love for you to be timely. I love you, babe.

38. I love you so much and that’s not a show-off. I’ll always love you until Whitney is intimidated. My all of me loves all of you and it’s legendary. I love you.

39. Let’s be a model of true love to others by being how we’ve been for a while. I won’t talk about me, but you have been a great partner. I love you, honey.

40. You are so great in this relationship that if it were possible, I’ll buy you wings and force you into being an angel. But, I must confess, you’re awesome. I love you, honey.

41. Right now, I feel like I will be okay if there’s no one on earth apart from you because you are worth everyone in the world to me including yourself. I love you, honey.

42. Next to me is you, the sweetest, dearest and most pleasant person I’ve met on earth. I love you madly and will never replace you.

43. Love is the way you look at me, the way you talk to me, the things you do for me. I’ll don’t miss anyone as much as I miss you. But you’re here now, and all I want to say is that I love you.

44. No matter how much I do for her, I’ll never conclude that I’ve done enough to compensate for how much she loves me. Yeah, I know she loves me. And I love her too.

45. I’m here to love you and love the hell out of you. The love I have for you is as real as Jesus is. I don’t wanna brag, but you can bet your life on it. I love you, babe.

46. I want to say one thing I don’t love about you, but I’m not ready to spend years searching for this one thing. You’re just so great. I love you, darling.

47. I always wondered how much I can love a human. With you, I know I can love with all I am and all I have. You will always be my girl. I love you so much, my heart.

48. I must have missed something if I ever think you’re not enough for me. Life is complex and mysterious, but I know that I love you much, my baby.

49. Let someone — anyone — ask me how I know God’s good to me. I’ll point at you. With you, I know God cares about me. I love you madly, sweetheart.

50. In love with you, I have experienced a different shade of earth and a different style of beauty — a heaven on earth. You are sweet and I love you, my love.

51. I’m glad that there are people like you on earth. It gives me hope that relationships can be better. My love for you is great and I like it like that. I love you, honey.

52. We share a bond that’s beneficial to you and I’m loving every single part of it. If I have an offer for a potentially more beautiful relationship, I’ll reject it. I love you.

53. Only you can fill the space in my heart that I kept for the best friend. Try joining a set of triplets and I’ll still be able to fish you out because you are so mine. I love you much, honey.

54. My love for you is on a steady rise and from all indications — and in truth — it will never take a reverse. The worst is that it can only rise higher. I love you so much.

55. I gave up on relationships and concluded that I’ll be the only giver of good things in my next relationship. With you, I failed because there’s so much good you give me. I love you madly.

56. Tell God that I said he made us for each other and that I’m so sure of it that I won’t trade you for any other human. You’re more than an asset to me. Thank you for letting me love you, sweetheart.

57. If you’re here for my love, you have not missed your way, because I’ll love the hell out of you; I’ll love you until you forget what hate means. I love you, darling.

58. Hey, babe. I love you. Listen to every sound you can today — car horns, loudspeakers, baby cries, whatever — but let no sound drown out my voice saying I love you. Much love, babe.

59. Take it easy, babe, and enjoy my love as much as you can. I enjoy yours and that’s one thing that makes me a very happy person. I love you, babe.

60. I can boast of you and never get tired because there’s a lot in you that I’m proud of. My love for you grows like grass. I love you, sweetie.

61. Time will not make me change my mind about you because your awesomeness is not seasonal. If I’ve never told you, then know now that you’re the best woman earth has seen. I love you, dear.

62. I’ll have a great day planned, then you’ll just come from nowhere and make it greater. You’re so awesome that I need no other girl in my life. I love you.

63. For a while now, I have been with you and enjoyed every moment of it. The only things I’ve had to endure are the moments when you become too amazing, and I love it. Much love, dearie.

64. When I lose a friend — and I’ve lost a lot lately — I feel sad until I remember that I have you. You’re one friend I don’t wanna lose. I love you, my baby.

65. When I think of much love, my mind goes to you. I could swear I craved for only God’s love before, but God sent you with a love I also needed. I love you, darling.

66. I have judged the way you love me and found it more than satisfactory and impressive. I sentence you to a life filled with excess love from me. I love you much, dearie.

67. What message can I send to you that will express my love for you? Maybe it will just be one word: Love! Or just wait for my next text. I love you, honey.

68. From the heart that I possess, I declare my undying, unshakeable love for you. I cannot leave the amazing human that you are. I love you so much.

69. Sometimes, I wish your face was the first I saw when I was born. I’m not a person of signs and symbols, but I interpret a lot of good in the presence of your features. I love you forever, my heart.

70. There’s nothing better than the best and, of all the humans in my life, you’re the best. My love for you is deeper than oceans can ever be. I love you, darling.

71. I hope you never stop seeing the beauty of love and that I’ll always be what you want me to be. I love you and will not do otherwise.

72. One moment, life is presenting thorns to someone. Next moment, you step in and bring a high that never dies down. I love you madly.

73. Messages from my heart to you are too long to fit into a convention text, and emails won’t save the day either. I’ll just say I love you and save the longer talk for later.

74. Thanks for coming into my life and making me perfect for you, because I was made for you. One of the reasons my heart beats is for you. I love you much, sweetheart.

75. I love you, honey, and I’m not bothered if the world knows that. You are a component of the air I breathe and the food I eat. I love you so much, darling.

76. Your love makes me stand. You’re so great that I stand in love with you. I love you.

77. You did not only change my life at the beginning; you also make it better day after day. I love you, baby. Enjoy.

78. The worst I can do to you is to love you. I’m very sure that, with your awesomeness, I will be unable to not love you, no matter how hard I try. I love you, babe.

79. Any amount of growth in you after now is an extra advantage in my eyes. To me, you’re ready to receive the best of me and of the earth. I love you so much.

80. For her, I will walk the earth in search. For her, I will do things men never heard of. She is you and the best human in my life. I love her.

81. Even when things go worst, you have nothing to fear because nothing can make me consider living without you. I love you so much, honey.

82. I love who you are, and this person that you are brings love, peace and joy to my life. I always knew you were straight from God to me. I love you so much.

83. All my person is dedicated to loving you. I’m not lying when I say you hold a great share of my life. I’m loyal to you, honey. I love you, babe.

84. I can never fit in with any human as much as I do with you. I may be different for others, but perfect for you. I love you so much, darling.

85. Boredom with you us more fun than any other girl. You’re the girl I want and there’s no changing that. Even if the system did not plan for us, I don’t care. I love you.

86. The best way to love you is easy. I’ll never trade the love I have for you for anything. We were made to be one and I’ll do all I can to keep it that way. I love you.

87. Loving you is like loving God; there’s a reason to love you and there are benefits in loving you. I happily love you more now, my love.

88. When you live in a place like earth, you’ll know that finding a person like you is as hard as a rock. Or as a diamond. I love you madly, my heart.

89. Sweetheart, I really don’t blame you for your faults; I blame earth. Two things matter to me: loving you and doing other things. I love you, baby.

90. I feel covered knowing that you love me. I feel very excited when remember that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you too, honey.

91. One feeling I’ll never be able to control myself from having is love for you. I’m truly helplessly in love with you. Only God can help me, but he won’t. I love you much, baby.

92. Even if I spend everything I have on you, I won’t feel like I’ve expressed the fullness of my love for you. I’m madly in love with you and no psych can help.

93. Just to give you a little help, I love you so much that it won’t change if you decide to not reciprocate it. Now, rest in my love, dear.

94. The way I feel right now, even Superman can’t boast to have felt this way. The height you give me is the best I can get from man. I love you, babe.

95. There’s a lot I can get from different sources, but I don’t chase these sources because all the good I need is in you. I love you so much, honey.

96. Being with you is always better than being with anyone else. Being with you is one part of my life I don’t joke with. I love you so much, honey.

97. I love you so much and it’s even surprising to me how I love you more than any other human walking on earth right now. I love you for real.

98. Even in fiction, I cannot have anything outside of love for you. We’re stuck with love, so let’s enjoy the ride. I love you very much, love.

99. Take away my phone, video player and games from me, but just leave me with you, and I’ll be good. I love you so much, babe.

100. You’re hot. You’re pretty. You’re sweet. But even if you were none of this, I’ll still love you, because my love comes from the truth that we were made for each other. I love you.

101. There are a lot of beautiful things about you, but I’m sure I’ll still love you if they are taken away from you. Hope you’re doing good? I love you.

102. I won’t lie. Sometimes, I just wanna take a break from work so I’ll spend all the day with you. I wish it was possible. I love you very much, honey.

103. I laugh loudly anytime you speak negative at yourself because the words are so wrong that they become funny. To me, you’re all positive. I love you so much, baby.

104. Sometimes, I look back at a lot of rough times I’ve had and I conclude that they may not have been if you had been in my life earlier. I love you very much, though.

105. My heart beats hard when I feel like I’m going to wrong you, because, even though I know you won’t get mad, I just don’t want to hurt you. I think I need to work on my optimism. I love you, honey.

106. What being with you means is that I have a shoulder to lean on, that I have a guide to turn to and that I have a true friend. I love you forever, dear.

107. When I see you, like a dictionary with torn pages is how I run out of words. But even a dictionary with a the pages intact can’t, in my opinion, describe you well. I love you heavily.

108. I’m sure God looked at everyone on earth and selected me for you and did the same before he selected you for me. As for me, I love you.

109. If every part of me that you’re involved in grows positively, then you must be an angel. Be careful on earth, angel, humans can be haters. I love you, honey.

110. Babe, everyday I get to see you feels like another festive day. In fact, I feel like I’ll begin to mark anniversaries for the day I met you. I love you, darling.

111. If you ever see me learning foreign languages, then you can safely assume I’m doing it just so I can express my love in diverse tongues for you. I love you, heart.

112. All I need is you. In my own space, I’ll gladly take a tile while you occupy the whole room. I love you like I’ve never loved any human.

113. If I take you round the world, then to the moon, and even to the sun, I’ll still be unable to boldly say I’ve expressed my love to you in the best way. I love you, sweetheart.

114. You’re the sweet in the sweetheart. You’re the honey in the honeymoon. You’re the best thing to ever happen to earth, and to me. I love you madly.

115. I don’t think I have to be careful, even as my love for you is beginning to overwhelm me and everything I do. I’ll rather have it that way, though. I love you, honey.

116. Honey will never compare to how sweet you are and John Legend’s music is noise when compared to your voice. Even the word, beauty, doesn’t stand a chance against you. I love you, babe.

117. You’re more than every human put together, to me. I fear that one of these days I’ll not be able to stay a minute without you around. I love you, sweetie.

118. With the way I love you, I’m sure I already love you more than any human does. Enjoy my love, babe. It’s all yours.

119. The worst I can do to you is to love you. The best I can do to you is more than to love you like a superhuman. I love you very much, honey.

120. Without you, there’s a lot that will go wrong. It may not be the case in other relationships, but I know the beautiful things you’ve done for me and I appreciate them. I love you, baby.

121. No matter how old you get, I’ll still see your breasts as being full, your face as being pretty and you as a pillar. I love you so much, baby.

122. All I need to brag about being the happiest man in the world is you. Take you away and all that will change. I love you so much, sweetheart.

123. Sometimes, I look at you and wonder if God wanted to create another God when he created you. You are simply the best among all humans. I love you.

124. Anyone who wants to take your place in my life should first go and push down the walls of Jericho with her bare hands. I love you madly, honey.

125. I’ve been told that nothing on earth can bring me joy. But I have you and it gives me joy. I love you forever, honey.

126. They tried to make me feel I wasn’t good enough, but you took me as a man and that means that I’m the best man to ever walk the earth. I love you, sweetie.

127. When I remember how sweetly you treat me, I feel like I have a bad vocabulary because looking for words to describe it occupies my mind. I love you so much, honey.

128. They told me to get a girl that’s beautiful, romantic, strong and has a large heart and I’ll be good. I got you and now I’m good. I love you, babe.

129. Till the whole world knows about us, I’ll keep loving you. Every single moment from now till then will have me loving you. I love you so much, honey.

130. I’ll bring you joy as much as I can. When I want to update the way I express my love people, I think about how I express my love for you and I get an idea. I love you, my heart.

131. My love for you is so much that I believe it is the best love from a human. I’m sure even some supernatural beings can’t love as much as I love you.

132. The ways you make me real are too good for words to explain. I’ll always love you as long as I live, even if something tears us apart. I love you, baby.

133. Loving you is loving myself because I want the best for myself and loving you brings that. I love you very much, sweetheart.

134. You make me feel like a man made of chocolate. I plan to express my love for you in every way that’s possible. I love you, darling.

135. I and you are not equal to one, but one trillion, because together we are stronger than the whole world put together. I love you, my heart.

136. I like everyday spent with you. On such days, it’s very easy for me to be myself. There’s strength in me on such days too. I love you.

137. Everyday brings an opportunity to rise higher, but everyday with you brings an opportunity to do far more than that. I love you madly, baby.

138. I’m in love with you and in here looks like a world I dream of, and you know I only dream of great things. I love you so much, honey.

139. My darling, it’s a privilege to have you. You are a necessity to me, and I’ll do my best to never do anything that can make me lose you. I love you, honey.

140. People tell me that I treat you like you can do no wrong. They don’t know that I’m happily and blindly in love with you. I love you plenty, baby.

141. There’s more no force in the world that’s half as strong as the love I have for you. If you are a school, then I never wanna graduate from you. I love you, honey.

142. What you know is that I have a good share of wealth. What you may not have known yet is that I’ll give it all up to keep you. I love you, dear.

143. But, really, I’m beginning to feel like you can do no wrong. Everything you do is just fine, to me, or am I blinded by your love. I love you.

144. I pray to always remain in love with you, no matter the temptations that may come with it. I love that I love you, my sweetheart.

145. Have you ever been to a beautiful city like Dubai? Or seen an artwork so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off it? I’ll rather look at you than any of them. I love you.

146. I’m sure that even if you write random letters of the alphabets and send to me, I’ll be able to read a love note out of them. What is your love doing to me? I love you, though, my heart.

147. I’ll learn to love you better and one of the reasons is because I don’t have a choice. You’re the one for me and that’s it. I love you, baby.

148. For you, I’ll be a better version of me. I hope you accept every gesture of love I put to you. I love you so much, honey.

149. Right now, your love has so covered me that I attribute every good that happens around me to your love, like when crime rate dropped. I love you, honey.

150. At the end of the day, everyone that met us on earth will understand that the love we share is far better than any love they met on earth. I love you.

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