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40 Cute Rhyming Poems About Love

Are you here for the best of Rhyming Poems about Love? Then I must say you are much welcome. Feel free to copy any of the poems (not for commercial use!)… And share it with your friends so they can see what you like. Ready for the romantic ride? Follow me.

First of all, did you know this?

There is actually no limit to which you can impress your girl or lady in a relationship for as long as you want to. And no matter how worse a relationship has grown, the love that once was magical can be rekindled back. This process needs nothing but absolute readiness. And it’s worth your responsibility to make this happen. Yes or yes?

There is no gainsay that words can heal and at the same time hurt one’s love. It holds true then that, if you want the best out of your relationship, you give in your very best, starting from knowing how to use the right word at the right time.

Do you want lovely rhyming poems that will make your relationship enjoy the best of bliss and romantic streaks? Then look no further because these love rhymes and these Sweet Love Text Messages will perfectly help you to get that done. These collections can help impress your lady and really leave magical imprints of your love on her heart – forever!

Whenever you want to make her want you the more, or to keep remembering you all day long, these Sweet Messages are the loveliest you can Text to Her, Email to Her or Send to Her. It’s such through which you can proof your undying Love for Her. Send this whether in the morning, when she is at work or at night. Anytime is just perfect for these lovely messages. Thanks for coming.

But, See this…

These days, Relationships break at an alarming rate and people, even I keep wondering why a relationship a lady has used all her life to build would just crumble in the twinkling of an eye. She’s given her all: her love, her money, her time, her resources and some their bodies. Yet the guy comes one day and break the news. This hits my heart! I hope you are not the type, brother?

And if you are a lady, I hope you are not planning to leave him because he no longer gives the goodies.

I beg you to do your best to keep your relationship. You don’t really know the future. Don’t jilt her because she no longer meets your mental standard. You sure can still work more on her to be the best you seek. Help relationships around record another success through you. You should help share this if it inspires to you.

Hint: Adding “I miss you” to end any one of them would make a “Romantic Missing You Poems.”
You can also remove” I love you” and add “goodnight” or “good morning” to end any of them to make perfect good day poems.

Cute Rhyming Poems for the One You Love

1. I Am Ready to Go Everywhere with You

I’ll follow you even to the earth’s end
Staying closer to you as my best friend
Wherever you turn or go, there I’ll follow
Sticking with you until the day after tomorrow.
Love you so much.

2. I Will Live Larger for You

Much joy to enjoy, my love no sorrow
Much joy for you until there’s no tomorrow
Living large even for you, yet nothing to borrow
Doing this for your love is deep down my marrow.
I love you. Yes, you.

3. You Are My Favourite

You are a favourite song I will sing along
You are a special jewel and I’m your tagalong
Loving you all my life can never be wrong
For it’s your love that keeps me ever strong.
Don’t I love you so much!

4. I Will Give You All You Give Me

Like you ever love me, I do love you too
And it’s pure love and that which is true
We ever being one and never to be two
Is because you are my dream come true.
Yes, I love you very much.

5. You Are My One and Only Darling

You are my darling love and the only one
The one with whom our two become one
I’m made for just one and you are the one
There may be millions, but you my only one.
Well, I love you and you alone.

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6. Our Love Is Endless

My love for you is so unending, believe this from me
Even if why I love you sometimes make no sense to me
I love you like I’m senseless from the inside of me
The fool that I am for you this still surprise me
And going all the way for you even I can’t stop me.
I love you and me.

7. Just a Tip of an Iceberg

All I ever gave to you are tips of iceberg
For safety, all day long, I’m your airbag
My love not uncertainty, I’m not Heisenberg
I mean it from within me, I do not brag.
Yes, I love you – I can brag!

8. I Will Love You All My Life

To love you all my life I know I ever can
To love you forever that is sure the plan
To live without you, baby that I just can’t
For in my heart you are but an implant.
Yea, I love you!

9. I Will Always Be Here for You

I choose to always be there for you
To live for you, being best friend of you
Wherever you go, being here for you
Even in the hereafter, it’ll still be you.
Yes, I love you and you.

10. You Are My One in a Million

Among a million, it’s only you I cherish
Like a sumptuous dish, it’s you I relish
I’m yours always, your command, my wish
For I see this love lasting and won’t perish.
Loving you forever, a done wish!

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11. My Love for You Is Forever Real

Sweetheart what I feel for you is so real
My heart beating for you, that’s for real
Take me for my word, I’m in love for real
To be yours forever, now I sign the deal.

12. I Will Do You Just Right

Not even the brightness of the sunlight
Can ever compare with my love for you
My promise to you is to do you just right
Keeping my lovely self wholly, just for you.

13. Your Love Has Found Me

Lost was I but your love did find me
Many options you had, but you chose me
Still why you chose me is just beyond me
And to do my part, I’ll give you all of me.

14. The Day We Met Is Blessed

I sigh, and I bless the day we met
Safe in my memory, there it’s kept
I’ll stay lovely for you, never unkempt
My heart I give you, please do accept.

15. Why Do I Love You This Much?

I keep on loving you,
but don’t know why it’s this much
Yet, No matter how I love you,
it can never be too much
So priceless like a rare gem,
to me, you deserve this much
No matter how much I give to you,
It just can’t be too much.

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16. I Am at Your Service

I am ready to do all you want,
In life battles with you, to take front
In troubled times, to be your confidant
But to leave you for another, that I can’t!

17. Staying with You Forever

I will stay with you through the hardest of times
From the morning when you wake through your bedtimes.
My love for you will be from now through my lifetime….
And to flirt around, I would never have the time!

18. You Are Safe with Me

Your heart in love, I will make it super,
Saved and secure, than would a zipper.
Joyful ever to make you, and never a weeper…
And your love in my heart, that will daily go deeper.

19. I Want More of Your Love

Your love is sweet I want it more…
You face so lovely, I want it ever more
Your smile so lovely, I want it the more
But you being unhappy, that I want no more!

20. The Inseparable Lovers

My love for you is so unspeakable
The bond between us is sure unbreakable.
Forever with you, we are inseparable.
I will be yours forever – this is so unchangeable.

Does this Describe Your Lover?

“I remember it took me a while before I gave you my heart, even though you proved to not be a heartbreaker from the start of our relationship. My heart had once been broken against visible prove that it was never going to be broken…

I have more than once been heartbroken even with enough prove that it would never happen to me. My feeling then was nothing but an admixture of hurts and pains.  It was when you came that you turned my whole life around. You made me see that love still exist. You made me see love that’s beyond the perishables- love that lasts forever.

I just want to use this opportunity to say big thanks to you my dear. I love you so much.

Continue Reading…

21. I Will Care for You

I will take care of you more than you can guess,
To all that I have, receive the whole access,
For all your requests, expect my lovely Yes!
And if you care to know, my love for you will be ageless.

22. You Changed My Life Totally

With or without you, my life will never be the same again.
With you it will be better, and without you it’ll be bitter.
It’s sure more than a lifetime gain, if it’s better,
But if bitter, oh what a loss – what a lifetime in pain!

23. My Choice Among Many

In life, your love is the best I’ve ever seen,
Sweet to my marrow, is how it’s been.
I can see that when I’m old, I’ll look like sweet sixteen
So I am loyal, my king, while I remain your Queen.

24. As You Wish

Like a champion, baby you rock my world,
And I will love you forever, you have my word.
In my heart, all my life you are the landlord,
As your lordship pleases, I am yours my Lord.

25. Beyond Sweetness

Your love is so sweet, not just attraction,
It’s so full of strength and undying passion.
Living my life with you, is my tradition,
And I am ready to be yours no matter the condition!

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26. I Am Done Waiting

I Can’t Wait no More In waiting I want to wait no more
Being your own, is what I think the more.
I just want to be with you forever more,
And it’s not worth the waiting anymore.
I love you.

27. The Solid Foundation

Trust that Won’t Go into Oblivion,
And care that will provide outstanding union,
Is what our love is built upon.
I love my life with you, so carry on!
I love you.

28. Unfailing Devotion

Cute love full of truth and not fairy tales,
Such that will not fail in any way,
But will be with you all day,
Is what I have for you, my love.
I love u my cute love.

29. Endless Affection

I will give you pure love that is ceaseless,
Show you super care that is countless,
Even feelings that will make you speechless,
And I will do more and more and not less!
I love you.

30. Out of My Mind

With Your Love, I’m Like blown away,
Thinking of your care, I’m always carried away
I have fallen totally in love with you, is all I can say.
Anywhere you want to go, with you I am okay.

31. Your Love Is More Than Sweet

Your love is sumptuous like a dish I can’t resist
On the way this is taking me, I can’t sure desist.
Sweetness down to my bone, is what your love consist
To all your rules and wishes, I become conformist.
And to treat you bad, that is forever in my blacklist.

32. With Your Love, I Am More Than Wise

Your love came to me more than in a king-size
It’s so sure and long lasting, now I realize.
My dream, my dream how it did materialize!
Oh how it wiped longing tears from my weary eyes
And once I was a fool, but now your love made me wise!

33. I Will Stay with You Forever

I can’t prove why I should love you,
But I can prove why I shouldn’t be without you.
Being without you is like taking life from a living soul.
I love you, I really do.

34. With Your Love, I Am Ever Fit

Loving you is my destiny, my habit
Thinking about you, my heart jumps like rabbit…
Staying away from you, that I don’t want a bit,
Since nothing but your love keeps my heart fit.

35. Your Love Is the Best for Me

Of real lover, you’re the loveliest I ever met
This kind of feeling, the best I could ever get.
With your love, my past pains and hurts I forget
Your care, your love, more than best of amulet.

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36. I Will Always Give You More

Love that will always bring happiness
Make you gorgeous, and feel like Royal Highness
Love that will give more and more but not a less.
Is what I give you my love, my sweetness.

37. You Are My Perfect Match

For taste only you is sweet,
For my heart, only your heart is fit.
You are my joy and sure my help meet…
And the greatness of our love, none else will defeat.

38. I Will Always Protect Your Interest

All my life, your interests will I not forbear
But your burdens and pains, I will help you bear.
To all your request, I will give my ear,
And our love will last forever, not just a year.

39. I Will Love You as Long as I Am Breathing

As long as I keep living,
You I won’t stop loving.
As long as I keep having,
All to you I will be giving.
I love you.

40. My Love for You Is True and Undying

I love you so much I cannot deny
I trust you forever, I surely cannot lie
Our love is true and it will never die
And it’s such on which I can ever rely.

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