good morning poems for her

50 Romantic Good Morning Poems for Her – Girlfriend in 2023

It is no news that poems convey the thoughts of the heart in a beautiful way, its expressions are exquisitely interwoven and married by words that when the ears hear, they make the heart blossom with the required love and attention.

When your partner wakes up to poems greeting her heart in the morning, it warms every smile from her heart to her face. Words have a way of sinking deep into the soul of the reader.

Good Morning Love Poems for Girlfriend

Want some sweet romantic good morning love poems for girlfriend? Romantic Good morning Poems for Her (Goodmorning Poems for Your Girlfriend) can be found below for those who would like to send. That’s you, I can tell.

1. It’s Yet Another Journey With You
Mornings begin with the sun
It stretches its rays to touch everything of the earth
the flowers to blossom
the trees to bloom
the ground to wake.
My mornings always begin with you
awake to my thoughts.
You are like the sun
shining in my life
touching my heart to smile for you
touching my lips to sing for you.
Mornings for me is another journey with you.
Love me daily and I will be your moon.

2. My Love for You Remains
Today may have begun with the birds chirping
The cloud may have assumed its color
holding the ground to be still
to wait for the activities of the world to begin.
My love for you never travels to sleep
there is no day or night
it is only about you.
So when mornings come or they become noon
my love for you grows from room to room.
You inspire my world with your curves
you enchant my heart with your smile
always be my morning with your presence
wake me with your soothing absence
so I reach for you my star
My evermore dewdrop.

3. Good Morning to You
Good morning beautiful
Let me begin to whisper soft words to you.
You are my morning
always making me fall like the dew to you
waking my nostrils to your cologne that slept with me
I dreamt of our lips in unison
Talking in language they alone understand
While our bodies do the rest.
you happen to be a heaven to me
your breasts are the clouds I want to drink from
I want your body to be present in my waking
your eyes to be like the sun to me
Let it glow away my sadness and pain.
Please my darling, be my morning.

4. I Want You Daily
My dear morning star
The way you glistened in my darkness
To show me light
I want that essence daily.
Let me feel your soul in on my palms.
Let it be the rays that will heal my drowsiness
You are the daughter to the sun
Bringing light into my life.
You are the scepter of the moon
Helping to clear the path of hate.
I live you with my first breath.
The weakness that ties me
Is swallowed by the smile you make in my heart.
Whenever you sleep know you’re my sunshine
Whenever you wake, know you are my breath.
Whenever you lay know I will be in your thoughts
My dear morning star.

5. To the One
To the breaking of this day, I venerate at your love
The one who keeps me in her heart
To the breaking of this day, I savor our love
My moon and my sun
My fresh morning star
I want you to know you’re the cool wrinkle of hope
That woke me up today.
Our love grows to be a bond. Something stronger than a rock
May our love find us every day in the darkness of the night
May it be the morning
Dawning with fresh moist of the dew from heaven.
I love what you are doing to me, I love your eyes
The way it stares at my heart.
This morning I pray you wake to read this
With a soft laughter echoing from your smile.

6. Dear Morning Star
Dear Morning Star, the one up on my sky
I found you in my dreams when I lay
As I slept, your thoughts fell into my thoughts
Sunk into the bowels of my stomach.
I found crystals of you
Whenever I close my eyes, it’s you on my mind
I open to see the sun, it’s you I see
As your eyes have opened my morning
Know you are never asleep in my heart

7. Like Morning
Like the morning of my night
Like the evening of my sun.
I miss your body on mine alone.
For this moment I see your smile
Leafing through the pages of today
Your soft whisper
Bring fire into my mind
Allowing love to consume me.
Like the morning of my bed
Undress my mind with your laughter.

8. Dew Drops of Love
I send them to you in a basket of warmth
My love and my dreams
They always live for you
In the waking of my morning
And in the slumber of my night.
Every morning like this is a new love from me,
Each morning of such is a heart that beats for you
You are a resemblance of golden—
Falling into my life—
Keep still and beat my heart
Brew the cold like the dew of morning
Be like this morning you are to me
Breathe of love. Be my love.

9. From My Wall
I send this bricks of letters
To sink into your building life
Take them t heart and swallow
Like pills—
The ones that heal you from within
Like how love does to us
Whenever we kiss.
Whenever we kiss,
I find the moon in your mouth
Your breath is a morning
It reminds me of birds chirping.
Stretch out your heart for me,
Be like the sun and its rays.
Touch my world, touch my wall
Heal my flaws, heal my cracks.
Wake with love, breathe the sun.

10. For the Morning with Us
Abiding by our love,
I wake your essence to bloom the day.
Yesterday was done when we kissed, as I left into sleep.
I didn’t find sleep but you
You were into my dreams, thoughts, and heart.
I couldn’t wait for this morning
So I tell you how I feel.
How it itches me to love you more
To love you in the morning and at noon.
You become a path to wake in
A string of happy smiles that covers my face.
You are a sweet morning flavor
With colors that I want on my bed.
What time did we fall in love again?

11. Good Morning Baby
This fresh moist in the clear blue sky kisses the sun
Laying on the infinity of my wanting.
I want for my body to feel you
To breathe you by my side.
I, your angel and Man seeing you next to me
Filling with joy, breaking the urges free.
Right now is not enough for me to tell I miss you
And how I wish this bed would hold us two.
I want to feel your soft morning body
So I embrace it to pour my love in it.
Right now when your smile is near
Just know this is my good morning to you baby.

12. A Sun of You
Your lips is a journey that is sweet
Breathing is your heart, talking is your feet.
I am in a purified ocean of love’s state
Your thoughts are soft on my emotions or what I hate.
Oh you, my gentle doom
The creeping silence in my room
Do not follow the night and leave me astray
With the morning like this, I want you to stay
Be gentle to my love as your eyes flutter
And before your temple, my doors will not stutter
O missing angel that fell from that heaven
Let our halo shine my night and lead me into a haven.
Shall the skies choose to darken my way
Would you be my sun on a morning today?

13. While there are Mornings, There is You
When the morning has found me
Let it remember who I love
When the sun decides to be shy
May it remember I love you.

Whenever my thoughts think of the night
It ushers a jealous look saying you are dawn
If I become a shadow and look for light
Will you still remember; it is I who make you moan?

My hands have missed your nape
My lips wish to kiss you oh babe.
Tell me you are thinking of the love we made
While the morning whispers where we laid.

While there is a night, I found a moon
Even with the darkness, your love will bloom
While there is a morning there is you
One big sun in my sky streaming to my room.

14. Each Morning
Each time I turn in my bed
I find emptiness staring right back at me
Sometimes I heard loneliness was meant for the dead
But how does this cold night set me free?
My beautiful lady
Each morning without you is so much pain
Each pain digs into the heart and fall on me like rain.
Can you come closer when it is night?
So I don’t stare at the moon and wish for a light.
My beautiful lady
Each morning without you
Is an absence I wish to be few

15. Always on My Heart
You oh daughter of Eve
Lurks in the deep down coves of my heart
Revealing the true sense of love,
For each morning that comes with the sun
You love grows like a seed in my heart
It decays at sunrise
And becomes new by dawn.
Dreams are heavenly with you
With your smiles becoming a pillow for me.
You do lift my sorrows away
As how this morning carries the night.
Just know this that as for long as you breathe
And with mornings such as this
You will always be in my heart.

16. Mornings with You
The Nightingale has stopped it songs
This morning has come with no wrong
Sinking into my lips
Are your lips down to your hips?

For this morning with you
Is a worry travelled and joy on cue?
I like how you’re like the ray of the sun
Stretching into my night to become dawn.

Mornings like this are forever wishes
That leaves love on my face like blemishes
I love the memory this bed has of us
You come like a tingle of wind in a dust.

Don’t forget to open your heart like the sky
Pour out your love like rain from up high
Let the world know you’re my butterfly
The only angel from morning, noon that gets me high.

17. Some Promises for You
I made some promise when I woke up
A promise to wake always by your side
A promise to find the sun for your night
A promise to write words of love
A promise to be your moon when there’s no sun
A promise to tell the world your worth and love
A promise to look into your eyes when I am weak
A promise to help your dreams come true
A promise to be a pillow for your tears
A promise to whisper beauty to the most beautiful
A promise to wipe tears out of your sorrows
A promise that this bed will always hold us
A promise my heart will be tied to only yours
A promise that you will never know pain.
But this morning my heart said something else
It said it out loud that I love you.

18. Morning that Makes You Smile
I want your mornings to be like this
A cup of coffee mixed with my kiss
A hot or warm shower that carries my hug
A lipstick that has my lips stained
A shirt to cover you like my cologne
An umbrella to shade you like my love.
I want your mornings to have birds chirping my love songs
Telling your heart, I will always be there
To love you endlessly.
I want your mornings to begin with the sun
Caressing your back like my hands always do
Touching you sensitively to speak
To speak into the wind desires of your heart.
Open up and let me hear your confessions
On mornings like this,
But first of all I have a gift that will make you smile.
Read my lips out loud my sweetness
I love you babe.

19. Beautiful
To the one who opens up my sky
I call forth your heart by its name
Not even a night is enough for a goodbye
Because you are the one that shines my fame.

To the one who slips into my dreams at night
You occupy a very delicate space in my world
You have always been glowing very bright
Even the four walls of my room have also heard

To the one who secures my burning fire
Passionately pouring her pain in my secrets.
Let this morning roll on smiling tires
That I call you beautiful, I truly admit.

20. Breathtaking Mornings
Shall I wake to the sound of the moon
I will know my love has sunk in this room.
I pray that today our love burns soon
In every way, and in the bedroom.

Breathtaking moments reside with just us
Especially from the heart that will never fuss.
I remember yesterday was burning my lips
When your heart met mine and caused an eclipse.

Mornings when you wake without me by you
Will come with time, just only few.
Nights of passion will make the day run
So with this morning, don’t think our love is done.

Beautiful girl, the queen reading this
I love just your love that knows not abyss.
Keep healing me like how mornings do
And make my sky blue, so I call you my boo.

21. I Am Still Here
For you today, I am still here
Whispering the content written on my heart
Telling your mind, we will never be apart
For you are the one, who is full of care

Today my darling is a Morning uproar
Beating rhythm to my heart, waking sleeping feet.
I will always live with my heart playing your beat
Singing notes of you, the one that makes me roar.

Beautiful are you, Queen on my throne
I like how you are by my side close to my eyes
Whenever I see you my face defrost into a smile at home
It reminds me of goodness, love that has no price.

I am still here to remind you of our vow
Whenever I’m lost you become the sun at dawn
I love you dearly, its why I can bow
My head to count the tears of emotions that I almost drowned.

22. Frost of You
Whenever I choose a side beside the night
My hands reach for the one who has my heart
I wake with a surge of love upon my lips
But let my heart talk
For it is the only one you listen to.
Nights have become a longer journey
Frozen to leave me still to your thoughts.
I see you at dawn accompanying the sun
Holding beautiful clouds that compete with your skin
Fair and loved, longing for my reign.
No matter the dew
Your face is a memory that is never few
As it digs into the lukewarm morning and tickles my fantasy.
Frost of you melts my eyes
Leaving me to pick my introverted sheet
To cover my shame of you not by my side.
Can I swear that it’s your love I wake for?
Would you believe my heart or stick to becoming the horror at night?

23. Mornings of You, Us and Love
To the one I call forth like sun
Shine on into this day with I
Let forth our hearts look eye to eye
And the bed be a playground to have fun

Mornings of you I seek to come
Memories of us, I wish to grow
Love for only you, my heart will sow
I and you will make a love that won’t roam.

Ours is to wake and giggle at what we have
Our niche of love, laughter we shall also carve
Maybe I will forget to say I love you
Don’t think I did, my heart always beats for you.

Mornings of you will wake me like this
To bless you in my thoughts so your face is one I wake to kiss
For you oh sweet angel, may we lay side by side
So you calm storm and hold strong my tide.

24. Long Nights
Long Nights travelled through with the moon
And took you along not co come back soon.

Oh dear babe, please come with the morn
Come and stitch my heart that is torn

Rain fell yesterday and wet my pillows
Letting me wallow in thick dark sorrows

Today I wish for us to hold closer
Our bodies talking tight, our love growing further.

Wet my lips with yours, with morning that pours
Let the sun tell of our fun, in beds with blanket furs

Beautiful angel, show me your wings
And I will tickle your breast and do you some things.

Long nights may come, but it will surely go
Our love will bond no matter what comes as slow.

I love those mountains hiding on your chest
Let me suck on your moon, let me be your best.

25. Rhythm of Stars
So shall you begin this day thinking of me
Because beside you are wishes, so I’m set free
To breathe into your breath, to just let us be.
Sweeter than honey your taste is like the Queen Bee
Hiving was a love I shattered to find like debris.
Whenever you say ‘I love you’, I never disagree.

Stars have symbols, but you are mine
Stars shine bright, but yours definitely aligns
Stars have a meaning, but you I can’t define

I grew into your mornings to be divine
As immaculate as your smile, with love it combines.
How can I say you are not the best design?

You are a marriage of stars
You are the strength of many suns
You alone are brightness, not what is of the moon.

26. Perfect is not just Love
If I woke every morning
To think love was to be defined,
This is what I would make from loving the one with my heart—
A time always with you
A pain that will never ever come
Tears that will pour for my love of you in a metaphor
A moment that exist in the infinity of time with you alone
A kiss every moment your lips comes on my mind
Your body talking with my hands for the love I want to share.

If I woke every morning and defined my love
It will be three children as beautiful as stars
A mother as lovely and homely as the moon
A heart as soft and understanding as the morning
It would be a beautiful sky with your name as the cloud

If I woke every morning and defined, you
The morning would never come
It will ache with jealousy

If I woke every morning to define love
It would be as perfect as you.

27. Our Love is a Rainbow
Darling Rainbow
Do you still have the color of my tears,
The one I poured when there was a night without her?
I missed her so much and you alone saw what it looked like
Darling Rainbow
You do have the color of her heart
So you tell her mine and hers are all alike
Paint a picture of those broken dreams
That wish for a brand new day with her.

Darling Rainbow,
The artist of my affections, say it
Tell of the emotions that are buried deep in the gorges of the heart.
Relate it with this morning I woke to see her by my side.
Darling Rainbow,
Rhyme, rhyme with your colors and stain our hearts.
I know who you really are for coming in this beautiful way.
Darling Rainbow, I know you are everything – love.

28. Lady of the Morning
Queen of the morning
You are pearls and priceless
Like the ray of the golden sun.
You occupy every inch of love to be poured
And dwell I the valley of satisfaction
Your colors of yellow make up the morning
When I would have woken up sad without you.
You are such a beautiful story,
A being I will regard as heavenly
An angel-like heart with crystals of diamond on it.

Lady of the morning
Take me into your warmth,
Open your heart, legs and your lips
Swallow my emotions of love into you.
Always wake me into your arms
So my dreams are soft as clouds.
And when my eyes finally open
The morning would have come as you.

29. My Morning Cloud
I may have written to you daily about the moon
Whispered you, tales of the sun.
I may have sung like a chirping bird
Know I have never told you of the morning cloud

You may have heard of how my heart beats
Or learnt the path my feet hurry to home.
I am sure you know legend of the lover
But have no idea who is the morning cloud

Did you wake to the dreams of an ailing heart,
Coughing out words to mend it broken walls?
Did today hold the ray of a warm sun
And you still don’t know who is the Morning Cloud?

Yes! My morning cloud has always been you
Bringing a soft rain of love with the sun of love
You have always been my song in the morning,
It is just how much you mean to me.

30. Follow Me into Beautiful Mornings
Let this path travel with both our feet,
Talking to the ground about planting our shadows
Let us love like how night and morning did
Like how everything good loved and made you.
Let us go into such mornings
Where the sun was in our hands,
And the moon was beside our bed
Telling us about butterflies and honey.
Let us travel to unravel another love
That ended with both of us
Sailing into kisses, misses, hugs and I in you.
Follow this morning to my heart
Use the highway and don’t stop for hate
It will only make you come home late.
Carry your body and wake my dreams
Let your lips convince of my heart
That you are the one always, always for my love.

31. A Morning Knock
The night may have taken a step into hiding you
Hurled my fears in a storm that comes few.
You know you’re my morning with a sky too blue
Sinking into the emotion of love that comes on a cue.

My hands find to knock upon your very door
To open the love from the source from which it will pour
To let you know I love you with so much more
As you know the reason for which I live, my heart and core.

I want you to know you are more like liberation
My love I will give to you earnestly with no caution
I will heed forth like the sun shining in action
Do these words on rhythm draw about your attention?

Dawn has come in a morning with my love it knocks
I’m like a building needing every love from its blocks.
Open your door, this comes with good luck
Your sun I want; your moon I want to also suck.

32. Fairy who shines the Dark

You who is a thousand brightness in my life
I forever will let love of you stab my heart with its knife.
I have loved you from morning to morning
Always wanted us to have more than this morning.
To you; fairy who shines in the dark

I want you more than the cloud and rain
I will love you to every edge and no pain.
Love me daily sink in me with your weakness
So I will be totaled to your love, a sweet mess.
To you; fairy, who shines in my dark

I dreamt of your eyes holding images of me
I saw your arms touching my inners to break me free.
No night knows what you are capable of
That is why the morning tightens our love to be tough
For you are my fairy, the one shining in the dark

33. Hearts on Fire
I enjoy burning in your passion
Drinking from what pours from your heart.
Sipping a cup of your breast
Building up stories with closed eyes and soft whispers.
I love when the morning is a lot of moaning
Holding deep breaths in between our lips.

Our hearts are talking
Just be still, I love to listen
I love to listen to the rhythm when your thoughts race with mine
Holding seraphic tunes of your voice.
Nights do not exist in here
For you are a definition of a good morning
A perfect curve of the sun
Always burning love to burn
Endlessly with our stories.
I am its candle and so are you
Let us burn into the depths of love.

34. Daughter of the Lilies
A fine flower did I find the day I was in the fields
One planted to be seen with the eye of good deeds

She had a fine stem shiny like a mamba skin
A root that dug deep into the ground with a grin.

She had petals that held the beauty of her
Little drops of tears touched her like fur.

I asked after her name and it was the most beautiful name I heard
Something brave, exquisite, elementary sweet, I wasn’t scared.

She talked of the Earth
And I saw love trying to rebirth.

When I returned home to find my eyes closed
She wouldn’t leave my thoughts like myth I was dosed.

I still remember her name; my heart still agrees.
Daughter of beauty, daughter of the lilies.

35. A Melancholic Drug of Love
She envelopes the pain whenever I feel drained
Down in the bottles where I find solitude.
Sometimes when illness found my heart
It ached it into tiny pieces
I broke and shattered
You found me, you stitched me
You healed me and became a daily dose
A dose I want to swallow
I want you to grow in me to make me happy.
I was broken, you came as a morning
I was in the dark, you became dawn
I want you on an everyday cloud
To sabotage my heart and let me talk of you.

36. Always Sweeter than Mornings
Of course, you direct the course of my sun
Dear Butterfly
With your smile, it will always be fun
You make my heart always fly.

I know you’re a perfect eclipse to outshine the night
To put in me your light.
I love our beginnings with awesome ends
You are a beautiful rose, one out of the trends.

I can uplift my sorrows by only talking to you
Whenever my heart feels weary for skies not blue
I want you to wake in every morning
And feel the warmness of my love that comes dawning.

37. Stream of My Joy
A river of love flows deep down my veins
Beginning from a sea where your heart flows with it.
It stretches beyond the horizon of my doubts
Waking the soul of the night
To see the glory of a morning
That exalts with you.
This river lies on the bed we also lie
Staining the sheet of how well we want to love.
I talk about each drop that wets my pillow
The ones you never know
Because mornings like this always bring you
Closer and closer to drown with me
In this stream of Joy
Holding the rainbow of love—
Colors of beauty,
Colors of us.

38. Flowers by My Window
Every morning I am woken to these smell of flowers
They live outside my house
Behind the door where the sun does not touch.
They look unannounced
But there’s something about their petals
It has tiny crystals of water that sits like a diamond
Their stem shoots so smooth to hold the root
I have never seen the roots.

Every morning I am woken by the feeling I am loved,
By someone outside the confines of my staring room.
Behind the doors I always miss her
Only the four corners of my room will tell better.
She is like the flower
The one I see from my window
With her eyes that look like diamonds.
Her skin is so soft, shiny and everything of a wish.
I only wish I could see her eyes to my heart
She will know how much I feel for her

39. Grow in My Heart, Grow!
I have grown a lot of emotions
Some days it may be just pure like happiness
Some days it may be blue like beautiful
Other days it is just you.

I have grown a lot of moods
Some days I am your writer
Some other days, I am a silent tears on the heart
Other days I am thinking of you

I have grown with a feeling in the past few weeks
It has metamorphosed into a tree from a seed
Some days like this I want you to always know
That you grow in my heart
That I love you for you
That I want to be with you

40. Portions of You
I tried to think of the best dreams in the night
When your thoughts were like a cloud
It was soft to have landed on
There was a sun, but it was jealous of you
It came with the moon who soon sat to listen to tales
Tales told you.
You became a poem to their ears
To their hearts it was music and relieving.
It was such a beautiful scene
One I always wished would be my dream.
I have drunk potions of you in a kiss
Sipped who your heart belonged to when our lips touched.
I sure want your morning to be of great essence
So I’m sending a cup of me
For you to drink and have me in your thoughts.

41. That Face of a Morning
Shall the morning come with a face?
I want it to be yours, my heart says
Whenever the dark takes away its hurt
I want your face to be for me to flirt.

Shall morning be soft with the sun?
I want you to come so we have fun
Wherever the ray of the sun will touch
Let it be my only my fingers as such

Shall my heart seek for a sweetened music?
Let it be your thoughts coming very quick.
I want us to be rooted deep into love as one
So when our bed is over, our love won’t look done.

42. Time lives for us
There are moments beyond definition
Carrying a string of moments
Hugging and kissing
Loving and wishing.
Time is only gone with you
Into the night,
I am left with sour mornings
I want to tell time to stop and stare at you
To see the beauty that lurks in your heart
To see the reason why it shouldn’t run
It should catch its breath for us
So we explore love
So we dig to its roots
So we touch the walls of the beginning.
I want to sit with time
Look it in the eyes
And tell it to live for us
So we leave past and love
Love into eternity
And multiple infinities.

43. Angel
Of course that is what I call you
An angel whose halo is only seen with a lovable eye,
One whose wings touch me in sinful ways

Of course I say you are from heaven
A seraph with the morning sound
Holding sweet sensations of the evening sun .

Of course you are the one close to God
Telling him how lonely I was and you would come
To heal my broken heart and teach me love

Of course I know you’re far from ordinary
One whose skin is the sun and moon.
One whose lips is clouds and rain
Love me tenderly with your thunder.

44. The Morning Road to your Heart
No matter the sun that has scorched my feet
No matter the cold eating my grinding teeth.
I will not stop finding the path to your heart,
Not been without you is a journey I can’t start.

No matter the thorns laid on the road for my walk
No matter the echoes that resonate from their talk.
You will forever be an angel I will go to
When love let me be exhume as I come through.

No matter what time the future will take me
No matter the burdens of the past that won’t let free.
I will always remember your smile, body and heart
as a thin string that will never be broken apart.

No matter what songs may say of us
No matter the rain I may receive as a curse.
You will be mine, forever so true
My love for you will always be full.

45. Temptations of our Mornings
Meeting you is a story I forever will say
whether the world is tired to listen to its rhythm.
Even when nights find the cozy part of my heart
It’s what keeps me going until morning comes like this.
Your sensitive body talking to mine
in the language of the bed,
sensuous lips calling my name
in an emotion of laughter mixed with pain.
I want every night and morning
to tempt me into your arms.
So your love I may imbibe
as I give mine to you in many language of the heart.
Love also my tenders
for they may be as musical as my heart
sometimes imperfect but always temperate
when we make love by the darkness of our mornings.
I may travel many rainbows to moons
but nothing about how I feel will change.

46. Seeking Your Counsel
O sweet and fair one who was not in my dreams
Only laying close to me in my present and true.
Night has a way of showing its colors
Especially when my thoughts have sunk in loneliness.

I seek your counsel to shine on me
Your love and desire in passions of true.
Love me plentifully, love me more at night
So we grow into a page
A couple for the stage.

47. The Morning Breeze
During the warmth of a cold night
I woke to the tales of my heart
One has a rhythm and one has a sound
Twinkling toes of you and I

During the morning I saw your sun
It shone your ray striking my heart.
Shall we never be apart for love that has us?
I saw no more night when you came so close.

I want your morning to lift away my night.
I want no night without your lips
I want a morning breeze within our dawn
So our flaws together we will trim the lawn.

48. All of My Dawn
This wind that travelled from your window to mine
Makes me want to eat your lips when evening come so we dine
Our love will grow pure so we be divine
Inviting our halos so it shines what we have.

All of my dawn it has been you and I
Putting hearts together to breathe some love.

49. Believer of Mornings
Here I sat in the middle of the night
asking my heart what was Joy without you.
Everything I know never was a lie but true
that my many love was bound just for you.

Mornings have become a feather of hope
When you are the thought of the day.
Mornings has made me become a believer
for you have taught my heart what love is.

50. Ending Sun
Certain curtains fall to cover pain
sometime in the evening of the sun
I venerate you to be my moon
to shine me into the morning
to open the carcasses of my deaden heart,
Let love spring forth
Like the rose and the lilies.
I love stories that are the brightest
and yours even shines more in the morning.
Like the one that begins with the ending sun.

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