40th Birthday Wishes for Husband 1

40th Birthday Wishes for Husband (2023)

Attaining the age of 40 is worth celebrating. It shows how youthful the person has been and the realm of adulthood he’s walking into.

So make sure it’s well celebrated to remind the person how far he has come and more places he will go in life.

And when wishing your husband a happy 40th birth anniversary, it’s very important to choose your words carefully and ensure he understands that as he’s getting older, he’s still young to his special one which is me – his darling wife.

Here are some sweet, funny and loving 40th birthday messages that would make your husband feel loved and appreciated.

Happy 40th Birthday Messages, Wishes and Quotes for Your Husband

It’s another feat, another joy and another layer of gratitude for a life well spent. Overall, it’s deserving of accolades, right? High five!
Next? Get a copy of these happy 40th birthday wishes, messages quotes with prayers for your husband as he celebrates his fortieth birthday.

1. My friend, confidant and father to our children, I wish you a fortified grace with fortified blessings. Happy 40fied year my love.

2. Today is all about my life partner, husband, babies’ daddy and special gift. Happy birthday, honey. 40 looks good on you.

3. The everyday love I get from you is more than the wealth of this world. 40 looks 14 on you. I love you deeply. Happy 40th birthday baby.

4. I 40fied you into the strong wall of my heart where no one can take you away. Happy 40th birthday sweetheart.

5. In the Roman language, XL stands for 40. In the love language of ours, X stands for hugs while L is Love. As you celebrate your XL, I promise you lots of hugs and love for the rest of our lives. Happy Cakeday, my king.

6. A fine young caring and loving man is what I see in you everyday of my life. Happy 40th birthday heartbeat.

7. The decision to create a lifetime partnership with you is the best I have made in my life. Happy birthday, my support system.

8. I told God not to stop making you great as you have been a great husband, father, brother and friend to me and everyone. Guess what? God stamped my request. Continue to be greatly great my king. Happy 40th sunshine

9. Jesus fasted for 40 days, the great flood lasted for 40 days, one of God’s creation is 40 years today, that shows that you have stepped into the league of honours and rest. Have an honour filled year my Love.

10. On this day, I pray God will continue to protect you. You are fortified darling. Rock your 40, baby.

11. My greatest Gift Of All Time is Forty today. Happy 40 GOAT.

12. To an amazing husband, happy celebration honey. I hope your 40 will be as wonderful as you are my love.

13. A wise man continues to excel at forty and that is who you are my forever boo. Enjoy your 40 honey.

14. For I know the thought I have for you which is of peace to give you everlasting love and joy which you deserve. Happy 40th my hero.

15. What is forty? 40 is you, my darling husband. Happy 40th birthday my ride and ride boo.

16. You are the definition of For Our Ruby Turns Younger. Happy 40th birthday honey.

17. Blow the candles, make a wish and know that it will come to reality since everyone knows you are a fortified child of God. Happy 40th darling.

18. As you are getting older, may you continue to be the gentle guy to all and the wild beast in bed to me alone. Enjoy your 40, baby.

19. The CEO of my life and family. The best daddy to our angelic children, the best chef of all time. Happy forever young 40th birthday sweetheart.

20. Wow, I cannot believe the handsome dude I met 14 years ago is 40 today still looking handsome just like the first day. Happy birthday my 40 looking 14, sweetheart. You know I love you with all my heart.

21. With you, 40 is always a new beginning in our lives. I wish you the best your forties want to offer. Happy birthday, honey.

22. When God was creating you, He was smiling all through the process because He knows you are a special being designed for special greatness and past 40 years of your creation, you have not disappointed Him. Happy 40th darling.

23. 40 is for a forever fortified being like you. Enjoy it, baby.

24. Just as the number of wrinkles taking over your face increases, may you continue to have uncountable blessings. Happy 40th birthday honey.

25. May you continue to drive me crazy with your love and cuddling baby. Have a blast 40 darling.

26. Touching people’s lives positively as been your forte, may it never end in your Forties. Happy 40th birthday my chocolate.

27. Happy duper birthday to my fart mate. May we continue to shamelessly fart and not be shy my love. Enjoy your 40.

28. I call you “my young shall young” since you have refused to look your age. Happy 40th my baby face. Love you.

29. With those little grey on your hair, you are still the most handsome 40 the world has ever seen. Happy birthday my love.

30. The best story is not written by William Shakespeare but by us, because we love genuinely, cry and pray together and above all celebrate your 40 together. Happy 40th celebration babe

31. No one can be the happiest person on earth than me because it’s my baby 40th birthday. Love you, honey.

32. The moment when you enter the store and bought the most expensive wine just to celebrate the man who made you the most precious woman is now. Happy 40 my world.

33. Your world is spherical, my world is this man that chose me to be his queen. Happy 40th baby.

34. I would have been an ingrate if I had wished for someone better. You are perfect for me. Enjoy your 40 honey.

35. My heartfelt prayer as you walk into your forties is that Heavens walk with you all the days of your life. Happy 40th Birth Anniversary baby.

36. Here is to another beautiful year with more success darling. You are the real 40 coz it looks good on you. Happy Birthday, dearest.

37. I apologize for loving you, but if loving is a crime, let the law jailed me in your heart forever. You’re simply the best. Happy 40 darling husband.

38. Even though you are forty today and getting older, I know our bed will remain fiercely the same. Enjoy your 40, babe.

39. To my best man, my biggest fan and my best friend, happy 40th Birth Celebration. Continue to be my source of joy.

40. Thank you for loving me for the past 13 years when you were just 27years till now.Happy 40th love.

41. Happy Birthday, honey. Forever is just the beginning. Enjoy your 40.

42. I prayed for a good man, God gave me an angel who loves me deeply. Congrats on stepping into the palace of 40. Happy Birthday Angel.

43. Happy birthday, baby. Don’t worry about becoming old, I promise to grow old with you. Enjoy your 40 honey.

44. The shelter you gave me and our children is so strong that we call you our Rock. Happy 40th birthday, my Rock.

45. For the 40 years you have spent in this world, you have been a blessing to it. The world celebrates an icon like you. Enjoy your blessed 40, darling husband.

46. The sun forces itself out of the cloudy sky just to wish you a happy duper 40 coz you are sunshine to this generation. Enjoy your shinning 40, baby.

47. Continue to stay sexy and foxy even at age 40. Enjoy your day darling.

48. Hey handsome, how old are you? Forty! I’m so lucky to have you as my man. Happy 40th birthday baby.

49. It’s your 40th birth anniversary my love, be loud and proud about it. Happy Cakeday, my heartbeat.

50. Happy 40th baby, continue to stay young at heart and in bed. I love you boo.

51. I pray that you have 40 reasons to be happy of being 40 today. Love you my 40-year-old prince charming.

52. How can you be forty when my heart still skips at your presence and goosebumps at your touch. Continue to look not your age darling. Happy Birthday hot stuff.

53. At 40, you are not just loving but a groundbreaker and hard worker. Continue to break grounds into success.

54. Lie in bed and command us to do your wishes because it’s your 40, baby. We are at your service. Enjoy your day.

55. As you celebrate your 40, may you always remember how precious you are to me. 40 is just the beginning baby so enjoy it.

56. Forty is the old age of youth, so continue to stay energetic and hardworking. 40 is just the start, forever to go honey. Happy birthday.

57. Just like the ruby is a gemstone, you are a special treasure to me. 40 looks perfect for you.

58. Life they say begins at 40, so I am wishing you a happy brand new life filled with love, greatness and success. Enjoy your 40, my baby.

59. Thank you for being strong even in the face of impossibility. Thank you for working hard so that the kids and I will have something to fill our stomach. Thank you for being 40 and still looking out for us. Love you always baby. Have a blessed 40.

60. To a fine young handsome man who loves me with my flaws and still calls me his rose. Happy 40th handsome.

61. May the peace, grace and goodness from Heaven never depart from you as you clock 40 today. You deserve the best darling husband.

62. I am a rose today because you have been the florist who waters me to flourish. Happy 40th my florist and king.

63. Allow me to crush on my ever young husband as he opens the Fortieth door of success. Happy Birthday Prince Charming.

64. Am dedicating this song to you, please enjoy ‘Happy Forty to you, Happy Forty to you, heartbeat, Happy Forty to you’.

65. My love for you is just like your Forty; pure and beautiful. Happy 40th birthday darling.

66. Since you have refused to look forty, I guess I should wish you a Happy Thirty and Ten birthday. Continue to look young and sexy baby.

67. Don’t you wish your boo is hot like mine? Don’t you. Happy 40th hot stuff.

68. When I count my blessings, I count you. Thank you for being YOU. 40 is the real deal boo. Happy birthday, darling.

69. You have contracted me with happiness and joy. Thank you for always making me fall in love with you every day. Happy 40th Birth Anniversary, Sunshine.

70. Loving a wonder like you makes the world worth living. Happy Strong 40 my husband.

71. Happy Birthday, my love, may your positive vibes continue to shine like the morning sun. 40 looks elegant on you.

72. To the most thoughtful and honest husband alive. Happy 40th honey. You make loving you so easy.

73. Kind-hearted, wonderful, intelligent, strong and extremely handsome are words to describe my husband. Have a superb 40 baby.

74. My reasons for loving you keep updating itself as I am always getting new reasons. Happy 40th birthday, my lucky charm.

75. Here is to my virgin husband who has become naive to what people say about us. Have a superb 40th birthday honey. The children and I love you deeply.

76. I just want to celebrate your forty with you under this cool evening in your arms and feel the power of 40. Happy Birthday, genius.

77. A big birthday shout-out to the strongest man I know. Ever agile and active. Hope your 40 brings you more reasons to stay fit. I love you, Pumpkin.

78. It’s so amazing after many years spent together, you are still my mentor. Always learning from you every day. Happy Birthday, honey. With you, 40 is a new age.

79. Hurray! It’s my hero’s birth anniversary, I am short of words at the same time full of love and joy. Happy 40th birthday, honey. You are the perfect man for 40 this year, so flaunt it.

80. 40 is the age of wisdom, as you step into it baby, may it favours you forever. Happy birthday, honey.

81. You are more than just a man, you are the best husband and father I could ever wish for. Forty is the new age baby. Happy 40.

82. I am happy I signed forever with you my confidant. Happy 40th Birth Anniversary my love. More success.

83. Every day of my life, I thank the Heavens for giving me a man like you. You are what I ever wish and hope for. Happy 40 baby.

84. I am seen as the happiest woman on earth because you have been my support system and biggest fan.continue to be amazing honey. Happy duper 40, baby.

85. On your 40th birthday, I want to let you know that the love I have for you is not ‘hide & seek’ but genuine. May your 40 be same as my love for you. Happy Cake day sweetheart.

86. My love for you is like ABC, very simple but unbreakable. May your 40 be as simple as you are baby. Happy Birthday, darling.

87. You are just like honey- natural and sweet, no diabetes in your sweet love, everything about you comes naturally. I love you and enjoy your 40 honey.

88. It has never been hard growing older with you because you have always lead us into the right path. Continue to lead and I will follow. Happy 40th best leader, father and husband.

89. To the only man who can hack into my heart and gain access to my life without report, I rejoice your 40 with you. The key to my heart is not going to leave your hand honey. Happy birthday, heart hacker.

90. I want to love you more, hold your hands, grow old with you and if possible, die with you. Happy birthday, honey. 40 looks perfect on you.

91. On this day baby, I wish to let you and the whole world know that you are my dream come true. Happy 40 darling husband.

92. The day I said ‘I Do’, the doors to my heart are shut to other guys and the keys are thrown away because my heart belongs to you who deeply love and cherish me. May all your wishes come true on your birthday my love. 40 is the brand new start baby.

93. If you have not loved me and accepted my flaws, we would not have stayed together. Have the most unique birthday of the year. You are the true 40 handsome.

94. My prayer, as you clock a special year, is to be the best among your age group because to me, you are the best. Happy 40th birthday darling husband.

95. This year will not be easily forgotten because many things will happen in this your fortieth years that will keep you surprisingly happy. Enjoy your 40 boo.

96. Forty to some is just a number, but your own forty is a new chapter of success. Welcome to the 40 billion gang baby.

97. Happy birthday my heartbeat, continue to give me your smile, calmness and love. These make you 40 years younger. Enjoy your 40, handsome husband.

98. Even after all these years together, I still fall each time I set my eyes on you. This makes me believe that I cannot stop falling in love with you. Happy 40th birthday baby boo.

99. Your kindness, humility, passion towards people have made you the best man alive and I know forty is just the first step into greatness. Never stop being this man, I love you baby. Enjoy your 40, my big baby.

100. My prayer warrior a bnd, my number 5 on the field of defence. Happy 40th boo. Thank you for always getting my back. You are one in a zillion. This lady loves you always. Happy 40th honey.

Seen and loved all the messages? go ahead and send them to your husband and be sure you’ve won another soft space in his heart.

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