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Good Afternoon Messages for Friends (2023)

Our Friends are special gifts that make our lives perfect, they come in different flavours of cool, naughty, funny and smart. They might not always be with us in person, but their hearts are always with us.

Afternoons are filled lots of activities and works which makes us very busy to acknowledge our sweet lives and friends. We need to take out time even in our busy day and schedule to assure our friends that we love and cherish our relationship with them.

Pick from the collection below to make that close sister, best friend and acquittance know how much you care about them even in your busy or free schedule.

Good Afternoon Wishes Quotes for Special Friends

Whether you’re planning to check on your best friend or make them feel special at noon, these good afternoon messages, wishes and quotes for special friends are all you need.

1. Trusting in you is unavoidable, and believing in you is inevitable, you’re awesome in all ways and I appreciate you, dear friend. Good afternoon sweets.

2. My PM doesn’t mean Post meridiem but Precious Moments to think about someone special like you. Good afternoon bestie!

3. Be Careful and be Happy, someone somewhere which is me cares so much about you. Good PM dear.

4. Feel the day booming into its fullness, feel the sun performing its duty and feel my best wishes coming to you this afternoon my special friend.

5. I cherish and adore the Aura of sweetness that you bring to me whenever I’m around you sweet friend and I hope your afternoon brings you more happiness. Good PM dear.

6. Thinking my day will go well without reaching out to you is seemingly looking impossible right now because you have a special place in my heart dear friend. Good afternoon dearie.

7. You’re a special person that deserves the best in life and I hope your day goes as you’ve expected. Good afternoon sweet.

8. The noon is breaking forth into a full day and I hope your day also unfolds into so much happiness, dear friend.

10. Hey cutie! I hope your day is as beautiful as your smile. Good afternoon dear.

11. It’s my heart desire that you wind up your day at work today with a feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment. Good afternoon dear.

12. May your mid-day be filled with enough happiness and joy as you dive into it. Good afternoon!

13. A good afternoon to me and you knowing that you are having fun and enjoying yourself outside your comfort zone sweetheart. I Love you, dear friend.

14. I hope your day is as beautiful as you’ve made my life since I’ve met you, dear friend. Have a great day today!

15. I hope you know that there’s someone who thinks and pray for you as the day goes on dear friend. Good afternoon dear.

16. Don’t you ever think of giving in to weariness and heaviness today? You’re special and you deserve the best. Good afternoon!

17. A good afternoon to my best friend forever, the one with the best smile ever. Loads of kisses and hugs to you dear.

18. Everything about work this afternoon reminds me of you and I cannot but pray that your day be as beautiful as the sweet memories we share dear.

19. It’s mid-day dear and I hope you have so much strength to achieve your proposed work for today. I love you, dear.

20. It’s my prayer that my love for you will never fade away even with the distance separating us dear friend. Have a blessed afternoon dear.

21. Hey bestie, my joy is that your afternoon be fruitful and filled with blessings much more than your expectations.

22. ‘I’ve seen far too many friends walk away and not come back’ I know and I’m convinced you’re not one of them dear because of how much you’ve stayed on for me. A Good afternoon to tell you that I cherish our friendship and I adore you.

23. Just as the river never runs dry, so as my love for you will never run dry dear friend. A Good afternoon to my BFF.

24. Hey, sugar! Just so you’ll know that you’re forever irreplaceable in my heart dear friend. Good afternoon!

25. I love you to the moon and back dear friend and I hope your afternoon brings you so much strength and peace.

26. This afternoon, you shall do exploits and do wonders with your hands dear one. Grace and peace be multiplied to you!

27. It’s beautiful having my sister as my best friend and I do not take you for granted dear. Good afternoon dear sis.

28. A Good afternoon to you and the best time to say thank you for staying strong for me, dear friend. I love you dear!

29. The rays of today’s sunshine remind me of the cute smile on your round cute face dear friend. Good afternoon and enjoy the rest the day.

30. Even in the business of my day, the thought of you crept up in my heart special one and I hope your day is as special as mine wherever you are. Enjoy your afternoon dear.

31. 6 hours to go and the day is over and I will be able to have you in my arms once more special one. Have a good day dear.

32. It’s a little past noon already and I hope you’re enjoying the beauty of the day? Have fun and enjoy yourself cutie.

33. May your afternoon be filled with beautiful positive experiences that will grant you strength to make your day productive. I love you, dear friend.

34. You’re an epitome of greatness and happiness to me and the world dear friend and I hope that the wo

35. You’re that special person who’s interested in how my day is going, my day is going awesome so you’ll know, and I hope you’re doing great too? A good afternoon to you dear one.

36. To my dearest friend: may your afternoon be filled with Love and peace as you begin to enjoy it.

37. Before evening comes, I just want you to know that there’s someone here thinking about you and that person is me. Good afternoon dear one.

38. Before your afternoon gets too busy, It’s my heart desire that your day be baptized with love and happiness.

39. Hey sweet! it’s noon already where everything gets soo busy, please take out time to rest and eat. Someone cares so much about you!

40. Brace up dear friend, it’s not yet over until it is over, the best is yet to come. A Good afternoon to tell you I care.

41. Every moment shared with you brings nothing but joy to my heart. Good afternoon to a special friend in deed and truth.

42. Sweet sister and best friend, I love to know what you’re doing great this afternoon just as I am, Get back to me very soon. I love you!

43. Taking out time this afternoon to enjoy the view of the sun up in the sky, I saw your smile is as bright and beautiful as the sun. Good afternoon to you sweets.

44. A great person like you is the justification for my awesome personality. Good afternoon to my good and special friend.

45. Every difficult situation, every tribulation and every storm is nothing to me as long I have you as my friend. Good afternoon dear one.

46. Life is beautiful with you dear and I pray I never lose someone special like you. Good afternoon dear.

47. Here’s someone wishing you Soo much happiness and so much joy this afternoon. Good PM beloved friend.

48. May your life be bright and shiny like the sun in the sky dear friend. Good afternoon and have a lovely evening.

49. To a special friend: I love you and I miss having you around. Good afternoon dear one and I hope to see you soon.

50. May you never know sorrow and may your life be as peaceful as the still waters. Good afternoon to a special friend.

51. This afternoon, may you never be troubled by the stress of work and may you have enough strength for the day. Good afternoon!

52. My dear friend, you’re strong, you are beautiful and you have great potentials deposited on the inside of you. Good afternoon and be strong for me.

53. This afternoon, I’m glad to have you as my best friend because you bring out the best in me. I love you dear!

54. Just as you’re stuck with me dear friend, I’m glad to have you as my dear one. Good afternoon to you sweets.

55. May your good heart and great personality take you places and bring you happiness. Good afternoon to my special friend.

56. Hey babes! So you’ll know, I will never let you go cos you mean so much to me and my life. Good afternoon dear!

57. A Good afternoon to say I miss your smile, I miss your laughter and I miss your hug dear friend.

58. It’s my heart desire that your strong shoulders and your helping hands will continue to be made stronger and stronger dear friend. I appreciate you this beautiful afternoon.

59. Though far apart, no one can do friendship more than you do dear. Good afternoon.

60. I miss the serenity you give me whenever I’m around you dear. Good afternoon dear.

61. May your afternoon be more bright than the rays of today’s sunshine and may you have a stress-free day. Good afternoon to you.

62. May we never have a cause of regret for the day we met. May we always have good moments to share together. Good afternoon dear.

63. Beautiful moments are best shared with someone dear to my heart. Good afternoon dear one and hope to see you soon.

64. It’s a little past noon and I wouldn’t let the day end telling you how much you mean to me. I love you, dear friend!

65. Though we have our differences and shortcomings, you’re still my best friend irrespective and I hope your afternoon brings you happiness. I love you, dear.

66. If a professor ever needs someone to depict a good friend, I bet you’ll fit as the perfect example. Good afternoon to you dear friend.

67. Over and over again, I don’t mind being your friend cos you make my life complete. A good afternoon to my perfect half.

68. This afternoon, in my thoughts, I was asked to pick a friend and you (name) came over and over again one million times. Good afternoon to you; my one and only true friend.

69. A great afternoon to my friend, my confidant and my leaning shoulders. May your day be more fruitful than ever. Cheers.

70. May your afternoon be filled with love and peace, grace and mercy. Good afternoon dear friend.

71. I pray that your day continues to more fruitful than your previous days. Have a great afternoon today.

72. May your afternoon be better than when you started your new day. Good afternoon sweetheart.

73. I’m sorry to announce that letting a friend like you go is not an option for me. Cheers to a great afternoon special friend.

74. My sweetheart and friend, I hope your afternoon is going smoothly? Hope to see you soon dear.

75. Happiness is a function of one’s personality, and you’re a full bundle of happiness to me. Good afternoon to my happiness and sunshine.

76. I pray that God bless you and keep you this afternoon for bringing so much happiness into my life. I love you, dear friend.

77. Don’t be afraid of the day’s work, you’re an achiever dear, face it and you shall overcome.

78. ‘Surely Love, mercy, peace and kindness’ fall on you this afternoon. Good afternoon to my best friend.

79. The best I can make for your afternoon lunch is to send you my best wishes of sweetness and greatness. Enjoy your afternoon dear one.

80. Afternoons are best moments to relax, so I hope you are relaxing your nerves from the week’s activities. Good afternoon sweetheart!

81. As the days go by I’m glad to have you as my best friend (name), you’re all round of joy to my life. Good afternoon and enjoy your day!

82. My friend my friend, I hope you enjoy your afternoon today and don’t forget my gist. Cheers!

83. Since I can’t send you lunch today, I send my heart to you dear and I hope you have a blessed afternoon.

84. Hey sweetie! I miss you more this afternoon and I’m sure you are missing me too. Cheers from your girlfriend!

85. May the afternoon brings Rays of sunshine into your heart that will open your heart and soul to be refreshed. Good afternoon dear.

86. Don’t get bothered dear, you’ll definitely overcome and conquer your fears. This is not the best time to give in. Cheers to a strong afternoon for you.

87. Hey, bestie! Here I am sending you my lunch in form of blessing, have it, enjoy it and gulp it down with joy. Good afternoon!

88. Afternoon is here, and I can’t wait to have you around my friend. But make sure you enjoy your afternoon before coming over. Cheers!

89. Before the afternoon runs out, I hope you’re having fun, dear friend? Lots of love and hugs from me to you.

90. Your ambience of maturity makes me appreciate your friendship more. Good afternoon dear to my special friend.

91. I’m proud of you dear, you’re just too awesomely awesome and that’s why I love you. Good afternoon!

92. Thank you for giving yourself to me as the sister I never had dear. Good afternoon sister!

93. I pray your afternoon is as splendid as the stars in the sky. I love you, dear friend!

94. Your smile doesn’t mean everything is fine, it just shows how strong you are on the inside. Good afternoon dear and don’t forget to smile all through.

95. To a special friend; don’t forget to smile, eat and rest before your day runs out. Good afternoon dearie.

96. I pray your afternoon is not filled with so much boredom and stress. I’ll always be here for you to make it lively. Good afternoon sweets.

97. Having in you in my life is the best gift over. I love you, dear friend. Good afternoon dear.

98. As the noon breaks forth into the day, I pray you’ll break forth into your blessings for today. Good afternoon dear.

99. Appreciate your company, your work and your colleague at work. They’re God’s gift to you. Good afternoon sweetheart and have a great day at work today.

100. I’m short of words but I’m not short of my love for you dear friend. Good afternoon and enjoy your day.

Make that friend know that you care, and they will definitely be awed and want to reciprocate the love, then the cycle continues and we have a group of happy friends every afternoon. Please don’t forget to share.

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