Samples of the Best Love Letters for Her

100+ Samples of the Best Love Letters for Her in 2023

Words are powerful and as such cannot be overruled in the court of love.

Since, anyone may be gifted to love, however, putting such an emotion into words may not be for everyone.

Hence, you may find it quite hard expressing your feelings on a regular basis to the one who ignites your world with light.

You need not to be puzzled. Because all you have to do is make a choice out of these lovely Samples of the Best Love Letters for Her and see how perfectly appropriate these are with your emotions.

Go ahead and read through.

The Best Love Letters for Her in 2023

Romantic Love Letters for Girlfriend and Wife. Express how deep and wide your love is for your wife or girlfriend with this Excellent Love Note and Letters to Her. Explaining how lovely she is and how you cannot do with her in your life.

1. Love Happened To Me
Life has happened to some. However, you happened to me and then, love came to get me. Meeting you was no mistake at all. Never would my heart have allowed it. Neither would it permit you to walk past me. Not when your eyes seem brighter than the stars and your smile makes humble the arrogance of the sun. I am well pleased to love you. And my heart jingles when it hears you say that, you love me too in return. I’ve tasted of your love and now I see, life can’t be any fairer. For you’re the justice my heart once sought. Make me a promise, my darling that, you’ll forever be the one to lay by my bedside. And with a kiss, you’ll send me to bed. Only your words matter, my love not the turbulence of the sea, nor the roar of the waters in the cloud. Take this token of my love and satisfy your soul, my darling.

2. With You, I’ve Lived Life To The Fullest
Many lonely nights when you were nowhere in sight. How cold my heart was when your warmth was neither by my side. Hence, I sought for that which I thought was missing. Thank God I found you waiting. Now, I’m living life to the fullest, with your love inside of me and your caresses gracing my masculine body. I’ve got you to call my own. And I’m proud of every second with you. I’m lost in love, but I know they can find me in the core of your heart. I know I’ve got it all even without the riches of this world, cause I hear you say that you’re mine and I am yours for a lifetime. If you take it slowly with me, I know we’ll love last and love best, my darling.

3. So Many Whys!
Why does my heart love you more than life? Why does it beat to the sound of your name? Why can’t I live without thinking of you? I wonder where you are and what you think of when I’m away from you. I spend my whole time wondering if I could love anyone else than you. My mind goes round and round about you. Why does my heart take pleasure in your thoughts? Why do my legs love it by your side? Why are kisses better tasted on your sweet lips? Could it be because I never loved like I do to you? And I do not need any more answers to these questions. For I know that it is love truly.

4. You’re Worth The Wait
I’m glad I demonstrated my love through patience and perseverance. Now, I’m here to say that, you’re worth the wait. And my time with you is worth all my sufferings in the past. I’ll do this again if I have to and I’ll not change a thing if I had the chance. I love it here with you. I’ll rather not take a walk. For the kisses of your lips are life to me and the breath of your lungs is healing to my soul. My heart knew it was you all along. Little wonder, it stood still when you asked to be left alone. And it watched so keenly when you looked away. You’re worth the wait my darling. For every moment with you is like heaven on earth. I’ll love you forever and your name will be the last word I’ll breathe when I die. I can’t stop loving you, not here nor in the life to come.

5. I Know You’re Meant For Me
When the breezes blow and the birds sing, I realise that I was made to rest by your side. When my heart pounds as I see you walk past by, my mind knows you were made for me. Only if I could cut corners, I’d have known you a long time ago. If I could make miracles happen, I would have crossed your path earlier than now. For loving you is the best thing that ever happened to a man like me. Do not away your love from me, my darling. Cause I’m more familiar to it than the breath of my body and more fascinated by it than the vanity of this world. I can’t love you less, my darling. It can only get more intense than it used to be. Forever yours, my love.

6. Your Smile Is Everything I Need To See
Your smile ignites my desire to see the dawn of a new day. It makes easy the weight of my burden hence, I wear my flaw with pride. The way you love me sends me into a world of no return. Where all I want to do is love till the stars cease to exist. I feel the power of your smile, for it changes my whole world in a split of a second. I feel the energy of your words, for they’re healings to my soul. I see how you look at me, it is a reflection of my love for you. Your love has changed me. It has remoulded me and saved me from whom I used to be. Now, I can’t see myself loving another. For it is you my heart will always know to love. May this love never go to rest. Cause it is the most pleasant feeling on earth.

7. How Easy It Is To Love You
Loving you isn’t the toughest thing to do. It is the easiest when I see the smile on your face. Your words are simply comforting when my troubled mind hears you say that you love me too. My love for you is like the appearance of the sun, for it comes so effortlessly in the morning. Just like the moon, it’ll never fail to show up at night. Loving you will remain my desire. And I’ll be there even when you don’t need me. I’ll love you with all of my strength. For it is the wisest thing decision as every second goes by. I’ll choose you over the others. For it is the only thing I can do better than anyone else.

8. I’ll Make Myself Pure For You
For you, I’ll make myself pure and refined like a crystal. I’ll make myself the best thing that ever happened to you. Never will you find me unappealing, cause for the rest of my life love will be the only thing that will lead us. I’m here for you; call on me at any hour of the day and I will harken to your call. You’re the first and foremost person in my life. Come what may, I’ll never turn my back against you. Let me be your king. Let me reign in your heart forever. I love you, till the earth vanishes. Your love has set me free like a bird.

9. I’m Ready To Be Yours Forever.
I no longer want to be in the world. I’m ready to be yours alone till forevermore. I’ll forgive you a million times until there’s no grudge left between us. I’ll love you until there’s no room for another in my heart. For the rest of my life, I’ll be the one to protect you and show you what true love truly means. My breath all belongs to you. I inhale your scent because there’s nothing else that gratifies my soul as much as that. Your aura is unforgettable. I’ll always be reminded of your beautiful smile that awakens every hair on my skin. I’m never going to leave you in the dark. My love will be a light that shines on your path until darkness is swept away. I love you truly, hon.

10. You Blow Me Away.
My queen, everything about you blows me away. Your hair makes me wonder how much of a beauty one human can possess. Your dentition makes your smile beautiful than that of the sun. True love brought peace to me. I no longer live in the fear of heartbreak, cause your love has given me confidence in love. I’m not afraid to let it all go just to love you alone. I promise to always stay faithful to you; never will you lost my love. Wherever you go is where I’ll make my home. I love you my, princess.

11. Love has no boundary. Hence, I’ll go all the way for you.

12. Mention what it is you expect of me, my darling. And I’ll be pleased to please you.

13. This feeling has no cure. It is called love because it lasts forever.

14. You’re the only one my heart matches with, my kisses fit and my caresses love. I love you, my one and only.

15. When we share a home, I promise to treat you right, honour you with my love all the days of my life.

16. Settle your love inside of me. Establish it in the deepest part of my heart.

17. Your enchanting eyes has trapped me in the centre of your heart. Now, I know not where else to go but inside of you.

18. I’ll cross the ocean for your sake. And drown in the deep blue sea to see you walk on dry land.

19. You make loving so easy with every wide smile you radiate at each moment of our lovemaking.

20. I’ll love you like none other and respect you like the rarest gem, for you’re the only woman who makes me feel this way.

21. Every night, I imagine what it’ll feel like to sleep right next to you in such a happy home.

22. May our kids look exactly like you.

23. Because of this love, I’m strengthened to fight for you till the end. I love you so passionately, my darling.

24. What else would I do with my heart if not to love you? Whose hands rather would I hold if not yours?

25. You’ll find the answers in my eyes. For I love you so much and it shows.

26. Your presence is as the light which drives away the misery of the dark. You make light my pain and heal me with every caress of your palm.

27. I wait upon that day, in which we’ll read aloud our vows to the admiration of the crowd.

28. I promise to be there for you with my hands, my legs, my hugs, my kisses and my possessions. I promise to be there for you, my love.

29. I confess that I can’t resist your charm and it makes my legs shake in admiration.

30. I love our love song, for it keeps me company at night when you’re away.

31. The stars we see may not be the same. However, our feelings will forever be mutual from afar and near.

32. My eyes have seen beauty, my heart knows to love because I met you, my darling.

33. I don’t want to break free from the claws of your heart. All I want to do is to live and thrive there.

34. Your kisses give life to my dry bones. Hence, I declare you as the greatest miracle of my life.

35. I’ve got a long way to go, but if you go with me, I’ll surely get to my destination, my love.

36. Your smile is the most exciting thing in the world. How contagious are the contours of your mouth.

37. I love you so much so, I cry when I’m alone without you.

38. Just watch as I love you silly. You’ll be amazed how much, love can make a man do for his woman.

39. You fix my heart like a potter and heal my wounds like a good medicine.

40. For the rest of my life, I’ll make you my number one. No one else will I put above you, my darling.

41. As we revolve around the sun, let my heart revolve around yours.

42. I know not how to love a woman better than how much I love you.

43. Stain me with the colors of your lipstick, rub me with the perfumes of your body. For I am well pleased with every part of you.

44. I just want to pour all my love inside of you until time ceases to exist.

45. The grandeur of the mountains is a clue to the magnanimity of my love for you, my darling.

46. Just one more kiss, just one more hug and plenty more loving, my darling.

47. You’re my addiction. I get restless without you, baby.

48. The most beautiful name that ever slipped out of my lips is yours, my love.

49. Finding love is a gift from the most high. I’m thankful I found you.

50. You can always count on me to be there. I’ll always give you my attention, my love.

51. I found you and I found peace. By your streams, I’ll seat forever.

52. I won’t give up on you, not now not ever, my darling.

53. My body I’ll give to you alone till I become immortal.

54. It’s our love against the world. Together with our hands, we’ll win the war, my darling.

55. We won’t have to make up cause we’ll never break up. I promise you that, my darling.

56. I look forward to seeing you every day I breathe, cause each moment of my life is enlivened by your presence.

57. Your smile wins my affection. Your words heal my soul and your love mended my broken heart. Sweety, everything about is a blessing to me.

58. I’m on earth to walk this journey with you. I do not mind waiting just to prove the strength and courage of my love for you.

59. You’re like a gentle breeze that calms my soul. A kiss from you is like a hot fire that sets a house ablaze, but this time my heart. I love you, baby.

60. I can never compare my love for you to anything else in this world, cause what I feel for you has an unfathomable depth.

61. My heart is surrounded by your love. As I sleep, the only dream I have is all about you. I simply can’t wait to live forever with you.

62. What is your cross? I’m willing to carry it with you. Kiss your burdens goodbye, cause I’m here to make them my responsibilities. Baby, you’re mine to love.

63. I’ll never deny you my love and affection and you know what else? My gratitude. I love you, my princess.

64. When my heart was torn apart by Jezebel, you became the Juliet that mended it together. For this reason, I’m yours forever.

65. Your love has taken me to a place of no return. My only wish is to spend forever with you, my baby.

66. All the days of my life, I’ll always make you count in my life. You’re my precious jewel.

67. Loving you has kept me strong, the reason why I’m standing here to confess my love for you without the fear of been heart broken.

68. The most beautiful place you can ever take me to is your heart. I want to be there with you. I love you, hon.

69. I’ve never had a girl like you in my life. You’re unique than the sun in the midst of other stars.

70. Words are incapable of conveying my feelings for you. Only my eyes can tell what my mouth fails to. I hope you look into my eyes for the rest of your life.

71. Today I can confidently say that love is what quenches my thirst. It is what fills me up when I’m hungry. The place of love in my life cannot be denied.

72. You’re a star of wonder. You remind me of the sun, cause you shine so bright just like the summer sun.

73. My baby, with you, I only have magical moments to savor. I love you so much, I cannot tell it all.

74. You’re the reason I want to love with my whole heart. You’re the one I want to sacrifice everything for, cause you’re the woman of my dream.

75. If you want me to be more to you, don’t hesitate to ask. I want to be the man of your dream, baby.

76. Hold my hand like an anchor. Look into my eyes like you saw a beautiful dream. I love you truly.

77. You’re the one for me. You make me feel complete and on top of the world. Without you in my life, I’ll be a man without love.

78. I’m charmed by your smile and by the love that emits from your kind heart. You’re the light of the night and of my life. I love you, my woman.

79. When I see you, I know it’s the time to celebrate and to love. You give me every reason to live.

80. I just want to bond with you for as long as I live, cause all I want for my life is indeed you.

81. I drew the woman of my dream, but you’re so much than what I ever envisioned. You’re more than my dream come true. I never saw you being mine, yet you are.

82. I want to be able to call you my own for the rest of my life. Baby, please don’t ever drop my hand, otherwise, you’ll be cutting my life short.

83. I’ll serenade you with undiscovered love songs, cause your beauty is beyond the gaze of the eyes, it can only be captured by the heart. I love you.

84. It’s time for me to confess to you how much I love you, cause I simply can’t wait any longer. I love you, my lady.

85. You’re the bride that walks gracefully into my dream with a veil that emanates so many sparks than that of the heavenly bride.

86. I can’t wait to address you as my wife. I want to die in your hands when I’m old enough to bid you a sweet emotional goodbye.

87. My love for you is enough to last you a lifetime. So trust me when I say, “I have an everlasting feeling for you, baby.”

88. I will not fail to do what you want me to do, and gladly, I’ll do it all over again.

89. Let me sip from the cup of your love. I’m thirsty for you.

90. You don’t have to impress me, I’m just here to love you for who you are.

91. Just say it, and it will be yours. I’ll go any length to fulfill your needs, my baby.

92. I’m the luckiest person on earth, cause I found a lady who loves me the way I want to be loved.

93. Keep sashaying into my dream every night. It makes me hasten to make you mine forever.

94. Your eyes are my greatest weakness, cause they make me see an irresistible beauty in you.

95. If I don’t love you, my soul wouldn’t be as happy as this. My love for you is true, hon.

96. I want to be the man to fight all your battles. I want to be the reason you’ll remain happy and have no reason to shed a tear.

97. “There’s no woman I’ll be able to sacrifice my life for,” so I said until you came into my life and changed everything. I’m a sheep waiting to be sacrificed for you.

98. Let me have a seat next to you just to watch you time after time. Let me be the eyes that guide your path and the heart that beats for you.

99. I’m right here for you. I have nowhere else to be in the world than beside you.

100. I am sunk in the flames of love. As long as you love me, I’ll keep burning in love. Don’t stop, my lady.

Now, go to your love with words capable of sparking a new flame of love.

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