Text Messages to Make Him Fall in Love

2023 Sweet Text Messages to Make Him Fall in Love

Forget the fact that men like to be seen as macho and tough, with no time for romantic feelings and words of love. Men need to be loved too! Inside that tough exterior is a sweet male who wants to know that he is appreciated and loved by the woman in his life, and you can do that for him!

Is there a guy you have a serious crush on? Gone are the days when it was frowned upon for women to make the first move. With these sweet text messages to make him fall in love, you can let your crush know exactly how you feel about him. Do you have a loving boyfriend and you just don’t have the words to tell him that you love him? These heartfelt messages will let him know exactly how you feel.

What if you are married and you need to renew that spark that you had when you were still dating? These sweet messages are just the trick. Send your husband one of these in the morning before he leaves for work, another while he is still at work, and another just before he closes, and see his love for you rekindle and your romantic life come alive again! Just pick any of these and send them to that man you love, and please remember to share this post with others who need to read it. Thanks!

Romantic Love Text Messages to Make Him Fall in Love

Whether he’s your crush or boyfriend, these sweet romantic text messages are capable enough to make him fall in love with you like never before.

1. Your love makes me feel like flying, like soaring, like dancing. I love you.

2. Loving you can never be wrong. Even if it is, I will love you until it becomes right.

3. My love and my good luck charm, with you I can only succeed. I love you.

4. You support me, you strengthen me, and you care for me. There will never be anyone else but you for me.

5. The first time I saw you was the beginning of an experience so amazing, I am still breathless. My love, my heart, I am yours forever.

6. Every waking moment, I think of you. Every time I go to sleep, I dream of you. My heart, mind, and soul yearn for you, my love.

7.  Without you, there is no me.

8. I look forward to every time that I can see your face and hear your voice.

9. Can you feel the love I have for you? It is enough to make even the most hopeless of people believe the very best.

10. I have you: I will never want another one. I have you: everyone else pales in comparison. I have you: and that is enough for me. I love you.

11. You complete me, you complement me, you satisfy me. It is no wonder that I love you so much.

12. Every moment spent with you is a time filled with cherished memories. I pray these memorable memories last forever, my love.

13. We are right here, right now, and nothing can stop us. Our love makes us invincible, and no one can touch us. Let us seize this moment and run away together, and make these moments last forever.

14. When I see you, my love, my heart leaps for joy. You are my light and my happiness.

15. My thoughts and dreams have changed since I met you. You make me want to be better, to be more deserving of your love.

16. When you smile, I am happy. When you speak, I am overjoyed. When I see your eyes, everything seems brighter.

17. Loving you has been such an incredible journey. Loving you has taken me to places I can’t even dream of. Loving you has made my imaginations and daydreams a reality.

18. My world stands still, waiting on your love. My world revolves around you, my love.

19. Being with you is a wild, wild ride. I love you, my sweetness.

20. You make me feel strong and brave and courageous. I never want this feeling to stop, I love you.

21. I wish your love for me would go on and on till the end of time! I love you, my world.

22. I have never felt the way I feel when I am with you. Never stop loving me, my love.

23. My love, you are the best of the best! My heart is yours forever.

24. When I am sad, you make me laugh. When I am down, you make my day. I love you, baby.

25. How did I get blessed with such a funny, intelligent, and caring man? I thank God for giving you to me every day.

26. When you hold me, my worries and cares all fade away. In your arms I find rest and peace. I love you, baby.

27. I love the way you kiss me: the world just fades away until there is only you and I. My love for you will last till the end of time.

28. Your touch sends me into a state of total bliss. I love you with everything inside me.

29. When you’re not here, the world is a lonely place. I miss you, my love.

30. When will I see your face again? When will I hear you speak again? When are you coming back to me? I wish we could spend forever in each others’ arms.

31. There is a hole in my heart when I cannot be with you. Let us never be apart again, in this world or the next.

32. Being with you feels like a dream, and I never want to wake up.

33. When I go to sleep and when I wake up, the last thing and the first thing I want to see is your face.

34. For eternity, waking up next to you would be my greatest delight.

35. Your love is like a drug, and I am high on you.

36. God was thinking of me when He made you. Thank you for being in my life, my love.

37. You have given me your best and then some! I appreciate you, my love.

38. I will walk a thousand miles just to be with you, my love.

39. I will travel around the world in 80 days just to show you how much I love you.

40. As far as you’re concerned, the world is my plaything. What do you want, my love? Let me prove my love for you. Let me give you my world.

41. My life changed from the first day that I saw you. It became better, brighter, bigger. I love you, my love.

42. Life with you can only get better and better. Cheers to an eternity of love and romance with you, my love.

43. Because you love me, my thoughts have become lighter, and my nightmares have become pleasant dreams. You have changed my life, my love.

44. I am so lucky to have you: my life responds favourably to your love. Never stop loving me.

45. My life has turned around for the better since you came into it. I love you for making me a better woman.

46. To me, you are perfection. You make me whole, and I feel full of life when you are with me. You are the only one for me.

47. When I speak, you listen to me so attentively, as though my words are the difference between life and death. I love how well you pay attention to me.

48. You treat me like a queen, and I love for it, my king.

49. I am crazily in love with you, you are my personal addiction.

50. I crave your love the way a parched throat craves water. I love you more than life itself.

51. You make me feel like I am the only woman in the world, like I am perfect, like I am your all. I love you.

52. You are like a tough cookie on the outside, but a soft and gooey marshmallow on the inside, all cute and caring. Please don’t stop caring for me.

53. At first, I thought you were too good to be true, and I wondered at my good fortune in finding you. Every moment with you is a cherished dream.

54. Even when you are in the next room, it feels like you are across the world from me. I hate it when we are apart.

55. You had me at ‘hello’. I never want us to say ‘goodbye’.

56. When you are not around, you take a piece of my heart with you. Even though it hurts that you aren’t here, I always know that you will be mine.

57. Is it too early to start planning our life together? I want to plan for eternity with you.

58. Our love spans across lifetimes and across the worlds. Even if we were aliens on Mars, we would still be together.

59. How would I describe you? Like a cold glass of Coke with ice on a hot day.

60. When I say ‘you complete me’, I mean it.

61. I don’t believe in flattery or giving empty compliments to make you feel good about yourself. Every moment I say ‘I love you’, it’s from my heart.

62. All those times I thought I was lonely before I met you, I never knew I was missing you.

63. Like water fills up every space it occupies, that is how you fill up my heart.

64. Whenever I’m sad or alone, I just think of you, and my soul celebrates.

65. Your kindness and thoughtfulness have changed me into a better woman. I love you.

66. In this storm that is called life, you are my calm centre.

67. I want to grow old with you. For you and I, it is ride till we die.

68. Even when the children are here, I will always crave those stolen moments alone with you.

69. I love you, trust you, and believe in you completely. I am yours just as much as you are mine.

70. If someone were to ask me to define love, I wouldn’t have been able to. Now I’ve met you, and I still can’t define, but I know that what you make me feel, is love.

71. When I see you, I see love. When you speak, I hear love. When you walk into the room, I think, there is love.

72. You have convinced me to see myself the way you see me, and I see someone with potential, capable of anything. I love you for that.

73. My personal hype-man, you’re always in my corner, cheering me on. You deserve someone to cheer you on, my love. You deserve some accolades!

74. I wish I could communicate with birds: I would order them to compose a song for you and sing you awake every morning.

75. Whenever I think of you, I hear a symphony, a lovely tune that moves me to dance for love of you.

76. I would cross the scariest bridge ever built if it would get me to you. I would start and end wars and battles if it would make you feel my love.

77. If you were an ocean, I would set up permanent residence on a boat. If you were a mountain, I would live on the highest point. If you were a valley, I would build a cabin and live there, just to be where you are.

78. Your smile is like an eclipse at night: it blocks out all the darkness and lets the light shine into my life.

79. You are everything a woman could ever want, and more. The definition of ‘a good man’ is you.

80. Not all women are the same. If you have ever experienced heartbreak, let me fix it for you. Let me show you love, like a good woman should.

81. I haven’t known you for long, but I do know that my life is incomplete without you in it.

82. My prince charming, you pamper me like a princess. What a gentleman you are.

83. The rainy days are full of sunshine because you are mine.

84. Being with you has given me a wave of peace, such as I have never known.

85. You and I are like one and two. You and I are like two sides of the same coin. You and I are forever entwined together.

86. You came on the scene, breathtakingly handsome, and stole my heart. I haven’t stopped thinking of you since that first day.

87. How do you expect me to live without air? You the air I breathe: when we are far apart, I can’t breathe.

88. From the moment our eyes met, I knew you were special, and that you would become a big part of my life.

89. Hey handsome, good morning, I love you!

90. Have a great day ahead baby. I love you.

91. I was thinking of you today, and I wanted to let you know that you are the sweetest, most lovable man ever, and I love you.

92. You look at me like there is no one else in the room. It makes me feel so special. I love you, baby.

93. The way I feel for you, I can’t just ignore it. I love being in love with you.

94. The perfect time of day is when I am with you, cuddling and enjoying the moment together.

95. I wish you were here now: being in your arms would have been the perfect thing to do.

96. How can I ever stay angry at you? You make loving you so, so easy.

97. Even if I have nothing, I am satisfied knowing that I have you.

98. Hey baby, I know you forgot to text me today, but I will always remember for the both of us. I love you.

99. I have never felt this way about anyone before. I love you and adore you, and I am the luckiest woman alive because you are mine.

100. Loving you is the easiest thing in the world. You are like sweet honey, like cold water, like a filling meal. I can’t wait to see you today baby. I miss you and love you.

This collection of sweet text messages to make him fall in love is from the heart and enough to show him that you truly love him.

Post a comment about your favourite sweet test messages to make him fall in love, and don’t forget to share this post with others who love love and love showing it too.

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