2019 Trending Sweet Messages for Husband or Wife

Sweet Cute Love Messages for Husband or Wife, Sweet Romantic Love Messages for your Hubby, your Boo, your Guy or your Lady. Sweet Cute Romantic Love Messages for your Spouse or Partner.  Whether you need to say Good morning, Good night, I am missing you, I miss you or I love you to your husband or wife, these are perfect text messages for such occasions.

Sweet Messages for Your Husband or Wife 1

Spice up your love relationship with this first collection of romantic and sweet messages for your husband of wife.

Few years back you said "Yes I do"

And today that comes to me more than real!

Forever I promise to make you happy you made that choice.

So help me gracious and merciful God. Amen.

I love you till death do us part.

My True life began when with you I walked down the aisle...

And how this love have been this great make me go high...

You love me so gorgeous, and I keep asking why.

Now I am ready to stay with you, even until I die.

As kings rule gorgeously in palaces

And lions rule royally in the forest,

Your love will forever rule in my heart,

And we will be together forever but won't depart.

I love you my crown.

May God guide your paths

May God lead you in your ways

May all you plans culminate in success

May you live as mine forever. Amen.

I love you.

Without light, man will struggle in the dark,

Without tyres, cars will meander on the road,

Without you, I would have been a failure all my life!

I love the thought of me being yours. I love you.              

Sweet Messages for Your Husband or Wife 2

Here is the second collection of romantic and sweet messages for your husband of wife.

Our love won't be for a day

But it will be forever and ever

And I don't mind what anyone may say

My love, I just want to be with you forever.

I truly love you.

The oceans may cease to flow

Or the sun may cease to shine

Many things could go out of kilter,

But my love for you will ever stand sure.

I love you so much.

Good Night Love Text Messages for Husband or Wife

Without a touch of your thought,

There's nothing like gladness

Without a portion of your guidance,

There is nothing like a safe journey.

Even without you in my dreams,

There is nothing like a good night.

I love you and no other!

Sweet Messages for Your Husband or Wife 3

Also available here, is the third collection of romantic and sweet messages for your husband of wife.

I live you into the hands of God,

Wherein I pray your desires are met.

I pray grace towards all your plans

And God will surely make them succeed.

All we have started, in success we will end it.

Gracious God, our needs will He meet.

Morning, night and noon we will stay strong.

For God will help us and nothing will go wrong.

I love you my love.

The God that brought us together will never live us

The love that binds us together will not separate us.

No matter how difficult things may prove to be,

Stronger and stronger in love forever we shall be.

I love you my king, you rock my world.

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